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I had been married for about seven years to Mark, who I met shortly after I graduated from college. We dated for a couple of years, then got married and moved to Fulton, a small town outside of Syracuse, in upstate New York, where Mark worked as an executive for a software company.

I had married well….my husband made quite a bit of money….so much that I didn’t have to work, and I loved the financial comfort and independence that afforded me.

About a week after my 30th birthday, I was shopping at the local mall on a typical Monday. Mark had left that morning on a business trip to Boston, and wouldn’t be returning until the following Saturday, so I was just enjoying a leisurely shopping day….walking through the expensive stores and occasionally buying things I just couldn’t live without.

I wasn’t paying enough attention as I was leaving Nordstrom with my latest purchase, and I ran smack into a guy who was walking past the store entrance at the same time I was exiting. He reached out and caught my arm, which, thankfully, kept me from falling over, and I started apologizing even before I looked up into his face.

As our eyes met we both were taken aback in surprise.

Still holding onto my arm, he said, “Gina? Wow, what are the chances that I’d literally run into you after all these years?”

“Cameron?? Is that really you? Wow….I wasn’t even paying attention, so….thanks for not trampling me to death.”

Cameron had been my boyfriend through most of our time at Syracuse University. He had been a lot of fun, both in and out of the sack, during our time in college….but we had headed in different directions shortly after graduation, eventually losing touch.

Cameron laughed and said, “No problem….I think I’ve trampled my quota of ex-girlfriends for the week.”

I laughed at his quip and we embraced in a big, comfortable hug that immediately brought back warm and erotic memories from over nine years ago….especially when Cameron reached down and squeezed both of my ass cheeks….something he used to do whenever we hugged back when we were a couple.

We remained in our embrace for quite a while, and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed having his hands on my ass again. I finally pulled away, looked up into his eyes and we shared a warm kiss that felt reminiscent of the days when we were dating.

When our kiss ended, I said, “Hey, I was just about to grab lunch….you want to join me?”

He held me at arm’s length, looked me up and down….his eyes eventually coming to rest on my heavy breasts and obvious nipple bumps….and said, “Absolutely….I’d Kayaşehir Escort love to.”

I smiled as I noted that his eyes kept glancing at my boobs….he had always been a tit-man, and when we dated in college he absolutely loved my big, natural, 35DD breasts. I was wearing a tight-fitting tube top that day, which left my heavy tits unfettered and wobbling inside the stretchy material, so I wasn’t surprised that he couldn’t take his eyes off my chest.

We made our way to a Mexican restaurant inside the mall and, over a meal of guacamole and tacos, Cameron told me he was in town until Thursday, attending an A/C symposium being presented by Carrier in downtown Syracuse. We spent the next hour eating and reminiscing about our time together in college, then caught up with everything that we’d been up to since college. Throughout lunch, Cameron’s eyes rarely left my tits, and I would change positions occasionally to make them jiggle, knowing how much he enjoyed the show. As we talked, he would periodically touch my arm, or bump his knee against mine under the table, and I found myself getting completely turned on. By the end of lunch, my pussy was wet, and my nipples were even stiffer than usual.

After lunch we walked out to the parking garage together, still telling stories about our times as a couple, and trying to remember where we parked our cars. We found mine first, and as Cameron leaned in for a ‘goodbye’ hug, he again grabbed my ass with both hands, and this time we ended up locked in a tongue-filled kiss that seemed to last forever.

I couldn’t help myself….I reached between us and squeezed his cock through his pants, running my fingers along the outline of his shaft. Feeling his cock respond to the kneading of my hand reminded me just how big his dick was….a little over 10” when fully erect….and how much I loved having it shoved inside my pussy every chance we got.

As the kiss continued, Cameron released my ass cheeks, then reached up and pulled my tube top down to my waist, allowing my heavy breasts to spring free and sway back and forth in front of me. He wrapped his hands around both tits, rubbing his thumb over both of my rock hard nipples, and began grinding his prick into my hand between his legs. He lowered his head and sucked a nipple into his mouth, flicking his tongue over the hard flesh for a few seconds….then released it with a ‘plop’, and did the same with the other nipple.

“Oh my God, that feels good,” I murmured into his ear, as he caressed my boobs and toyed with my nipples.

Still rubbing his shaft through his pants, Escort Bayan I added, “I’d forgotten how big your cock is….holy fuck, I missed this….”

Cameron pulled his mouth away from my breasts, looked into my face and said, “And I missed these….my God, you have the best tits I’ve ever seen.”

Without saying anything more, Cameron released my tits, spun me around and bent me over the trunk of my car….my big boobs swinging beneath me as I put my hands out to support myself. We weren’t entirely out of sight from others in the garage, but we were mostly hidden, and I don’t think either of us would’ve stopped at that point, regardless.

He flipped the hem of my skirt up over my lower back and pulled my thong panties down to the middle of my thighs, pushing my legs apart with his knees. Then, with one hand on my ass, he used his other hand to unzip his pants and pull out his thick shaft, stroking it a few times with his hand. He pulled my ass cheeks apart to gain better access to my dripping wet vagina, then positioned the head of his erection at my pussy opening, and shoved it into me with one massive jolt. I was so wet by then that he slid in easily….all the way inside….until his dangling nut sack slapped against my clitoris.

“Holy shit, Gina…you feel as good as I remember….” Cameron moaned, as he began pumping his rigid pole in and out of my cunt like a piston, forcing me to grunt from the force of his thrusts.

I closed my eyes and pushed my ass back into every one of his forward stabs, relishing how full my cunt felt with his huge boner hammering in and out of it. He was hitting all the right spots inside me, and I began moaning with pleasure. He reached around and grabbed my swinging tits….squeezing the flesh and pinching my nipples, as he continued pounding me from behind.

My breath caught, and I let out a guttural moan as a delicious, tingly orgasm erupted between my legs.

“Holy fuck, Cam….keep going….yeah, just like that….oh, yeah….yeah….I’m cumming….ah….ah….aaaaaahhhhhhh….. aaaaahhhhhhh…..my God, that feels great…..yeah…..hmmmmmm….fuck, yeah…..aaaaaahhhhhh…..”

My orgasm seemed to excite Cameron, as I could sense him picking up the pace….pumping away from behind me, with his nutsack slapping against my clit, and his hands squeezing my bouncing tits.

After several more thrusts, I heard Cameron gasp….then he grabbed both boobs hard, and muttered, “Oh, shit, Gina….I’m gonna cum….uhn…uhn…yeah…yeah…aaaaahhhhhhh…..aaaaaahhhhhh…..aaaahhhhhhh….fuck, that feels good…… aaaahhhhh…..”

After he finished cumming, he kept sliding istanbul Escort his stiff dick in and out of my pussy, as we both enjoyed our ebbing orgasms. I could feel some of his semen leaking out from the sides of his shaft, and dripping down the inside of my thighs. Cameron leaned on my back….his hands still gently fondling my swaying boobs….as he shoved his prick as deep as it would go inside me, and held it there, while we waited for our breathing to return to normal.

About this time two women walked past us in the parking garage, glancing over at us to see what all the commotion was. I looked over at them and our eyes met….they stopped and watched us for a few seconds, then smiled at each other, nodded their silent approval, and continued looking for their car.

Once we’d caught our breath, I grabbed a tissue from the console in my car and cleaned up between my legs before pulling up my panties, adjusting my skirt, and pulling my tube top back up over my wobbling tits. Cameron shoved his still hard cock back into his slacks and pulled up the zipper.

Still somewhat dazed, I glanced down at Cameron’s bulge in his pants, then smiled up at him and offered to drive him to where he’d parked his car. He accepted, so we both jumped into my car and I drove us over to his section of the parking garage. When we found his car, I pulled up behind it and we sat there looking at each other for a few seconds before he opened the door and started to climb out of the car.

Unable to keep the smile off my face, I said, “Hey, Cam….my husband’s on a business trip for the rest of the week, so why don’t you come by the house and we can catch up some more…. nine years is a long time.”

Still struggling to keep his eyes off the nipple bumps in my tube top, he said, “That sounds great, Gina…it’ll be great to talk about old times some more. But, I haven’t checked into my hotel yet, so I should probably do that first.”

I glanced down at the outline of his shaft through his pants….flaccid now, but still obvious….and a wry smile creased my face. “Why don’t you just stay at my place while you’re in town? My husband won’t be home until Saturday, so you’d be able to stay all three days, until you leave on Thursday. You can drive downtown to your conference every morning….it’s only 20 minutes away.”

Cameron laughed and said, “I like the way you think, Gina….OK, I’ll do it.”

With that, he got out of my car, climbed into his, and followed me home. Cameron parked behind me in the driveway, then followed me up the porch steps to the front door. As I stood there fitting my key into the lock, I could feel his hands on my hips as he subtly pressed his groin up against my ass.

I smiled to myself, knowing that the next three days were going to be a delicious trip down memory lane.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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