Business Sex Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 – Fuck My Tits

Roxy slept well that night. She wasn’t even sure how she had gotten home. But then she rolled over and looked at the bedside lamp. Her stomach did a somersault – it wasn’t hers.

Fuck, what had she done? She rolled the other way and felt a pang of relief when she found the bed empty of any other parties. Or maybe it was regret that tickled her belly now, she mused as the night came back to her.

Willyam! The perfect man. She sighed and touched herself as she recalled him groping her nipples. Then shook her head, she was not going to masturbate in her bestie’s guest bedroom! Though…

God, it had been good. The way he went to his knees, and then he had stood up and filled her; really filled her. She touched a tender spot and smiled. And caressed. Tegan, be damned! It was her fault anyway, so she can damn well let me have some play time, she figured.

No panties, he had said, well she would see about that! She was not going to slut herself out, that was for sure. But the thought of it sent a thrill through her already throbbing clit. Roxy touched, just to make sure. And to dream, she admitted to herself as she drew a lazy circle that tightened until she was frigging her button.

She backed off, not yet, she thought. First, I need a plan for this fantasy come true. Roxy spread her legs wide, then closed them. Open, close, and then a little shimmy as she pinched a nipple. She sighed. Plan girl, plan, she admonished.

For dinner with a businessman, I should look – professional. So, a blouse and skirt. White and black of course. White cotton blouse, a tight one so he is distracted from the get-go and talking to her tits. A spark of energy coursed through her body and she chased it with feather-light fingertips.

And that longish black pleated leather skirt. It would be perfect. Or would it? I would sweat if the room wasn’t cold and the food was hot. And that wouldn’t be for good later, right? No one likes a hot sweaty box, do they now?

Though if I am telling him what and how, mmm. This time she slipped her fingers inside and diddled a little as she imagined Willyam on his knees, again, but licking hot sweaty skin, not pussy scented cotton. No panties indeed, it would serve him right!

No, that was never going to work. Professional, remember – not sluttish. Scratch the skirt and blouse. She pressed her palms against her breasts and ran her fingers down to her pussy to say goodbye to that plan. Her clit protested, and she tweaked it by way of apology.

The snug, grey, pencil dress, that was it. While it wouldn’t show off her nipples like a cotton blouse would, it did have a zipper down the front of the bodice for quick access. Besides, its bold black borders accentuated her body parts nicely and made her look slimmer at the same time.

And she could always drop the zipper a little to give him some cleavage to fantasize on if required. Win, win. She plunged her fingers deep and hard into her pussy while thinking of Willyam’s face between her tits. Yes, the pencil dress for sure.

Underneath though, that was the real dilemma. She wouldn’t need a bra, that was a given. Her tits may be old, but they were still perky and held their own. She pinched each nipple in turn with her free hand while the other moved from her slit and back to frigging her clit. Roxy held her breath, lest Tegan hear her panting through the walls.

A garter would be nice, with stockings, but then she wouldn’t be wearing panties, and that was not going to happen. Roxanne imagined Willyam pushing her dress up to her waist, following the stockings with his tongue. Inhaling her scent as he gazed at her garter framed pussy.

Her fingers thrust deep inside as she imagined his tongue there instead. A tremble coursed through her body as a low whimper escaped her lips before she could stifle it. So, just a simple pair of knickers, she decided as another moan threatened. He would not be telling her what to do. No way. She was the director of this affair.

Fuck Tegan, she thought and let out her breath in a louder moan than intended. She giggled but didn’t pause. It was getting quite warm under the sheets now, so she rolled over onto her knees, letting the covers fall off her shoulders.

She stared at the pillow, picturing Willyam’s face there as she rode him at her pleasure. One hand between her legs, the other on his chest for support. She groaned and fingered faster. Hell, what was she doing? But the thought didn’t stop her though. She was to far gone, too close to her goal.

“Fuck!” she said out loud and collapsed back onto the pillow, sated. “That man won’t know what to do,” she mumbled further.

The knock on the door roused her. Had Tegan been knocking before? Before she came? How long rize escort ago was that? Embarrassment turned her face red and she jumped from the bed to pull on the robe Tegan had left for her.

Just in time too, she thought as the door swung open. Tegan just stood there, one hand on her hip, the other holding a glass of orange juice.

“Heard you were – ah, up. Figured you might like some OJ to get you moving, but,” and here she sniffed, “I can tell you already have been.” She shoved the glass into Roxy’s hand. “And in my daughter’s bedroom too. Such a slut!” she mock growled.

“Come on, I want all the details, now! You were too buzzed last night to say anything other than giggle – door banger and no panties. Lucky I’m your bestie!”

“Ah, mind if I shower first?” Roxy laughed, and then took a long gulp of juice. “This is good. Thanks.”


“Are you sure you don’t want me down in the cocktail bar tonight?” Tegan asked her friend later in the day as she showed off her come-fuck-me business dress.

“We have been through this Tegs. We know who, what he does and where he is staying. It’s safe, dear! I just think you are a little jealous that I am getting some,” she teased back.

“All right, I am a little. Okay, a lot! he is such a hunk, a stud. Where did you find him again?”

“Apricot Lane, he was ogling me” Roxy smiled and poked out her chest to show exactly what he was ogling at.

A horn honked out front. “That’s my Uber,” Roxy said. “Wish me luck!”

“Luck” Tegan replied kissing her friend goodbye and handing her a black clutch purse.

Once in the Uber, Roxy let her fears out for a quick run. She shook a little, took a long drink from the water the driver had offered and settled her nerves. Which wasn’t hard, once she started thinking of Willyam’s hard parts.

She ran a quick glance around the hotel lobby upon entering and was pleased to see Willyam waiting in one of the comfy lounge chairs. He rose and greeted her with a chaste kiss on the lips.

“Wow,” he said, looking from her tits down to her hips, and then up to her face. “You look amazing. Shall we go in, or would you like a drink first?”

“Actually,” she replied with a little smirk, “I have to go to the bathroom first.”

“Ah, over there. Here, take my room-card to get in,” he said, not fazed in the least.

She sauntered in the indicated direction, making sure Willyam got a good look at her ass as she went. On her return, he took her hand in his went straight into the restaurant, no longer offering the choice of a drink at the bar first.

The meal itself was amazing, or so she assumed as she didn’t taste much due to her focus on what was coming next. The bedroom activities. She felt like a school girl. A wet school girl, at that.

The three glasses of red wine may also have clouded some things, but she didn’t think so. What she couldn’t understand was Willyam’s sudden reluctance to trade innuendos, and that he had stopped looking at her tits.

From the moment he saw her, Willyam knew he was in trouble. He didn’t know where to look. Well her tits, of course, but the rest of the package deserved attention too. The dress was just perfect for the night. It spoke of business woman to any of his colleagues that might see him there, but to him it said, unzip and play!

And the way her ass moved as she sashayed to the restroom. Fuck, nothing but sex on legs, were his first and second thoughts. His third thought was for his dick and how it was twitching. He needed to sit down at a table – fast! When Roxy came back, he all but run to their table and was ever so glad he had tipped the maître d’ beforehand when organizing the table.

Once seated, he relaxed and enjoyed the view – and the conversation. Roxy was very knowledgeable about the local area and had plenty of sexually orientated anecdotes, which had him laughing in stitches.

They had both chosen the same entree, a delicious filet mignon, and every time he glanced up at her he would spend more and more time looking at her tits. The swell of her chest, the curve of the breast, the way the material hugged them as he wanted to.

He was tit obsessed, and from the way her nipples were trying to poke their way out from cover, he gathered she liked that about him too. He couldn’t wait to get his face in there and wondered how hard it would be to get her bra off. Always a problem for a man in a hurry, he thought.

With dessert came a return of his earlier problem. An embarrassing bulge in the pants. He had to work at softening the package. To that end, he paid careful attention to his chocolate mouse and cherry sorbet dessert as well as avoiding Roxy’s enticing chest view.

It was hard, but in the end, it made him soft. Which was a good thing, he thought, as he signed the check to his room.

They were joined in the elevator by a couple of others, so Roxanne had to settle for holding Willyam’s hand on the way up. And this time she made it beyond the room entrance and into the bedroom proper. It was a good size suite, with a separate lounge area from the bedroom. She was impressed, there was probably a view out the window too, but she never saw it.

Instead, she had Willyam sit on the couch while she stood and unzipped. She positioned herself in front of him, about two paces back with her legs spread wide as her pencil dress allowed. His eyes drank her in, from her shoes up to her tits and back down again. It sent a shudder through her body the way he looked at her. The sheer lust of it. God this was going to be good, she thought.

Willyam watched as she shimmied her hips and then started to tug the front zipper down. His bulge was back, but he no longer cared about that. Rox had felt it last night, and tonight she was going see more of it. A lot more of it as he fucked the shit out of her tits. Tits he was about to see in full for the first time. He couldn’t stay seated. Not for this.

He sprang to his feet and his hand met Roxy’s at the zipper. She smiled, and then acquiesced control to him, pushing her chest out at the same time. In one quick zippppp, it was done and both her magnificent tits popped out, much to his surprise. But he was quick to recover and had his face between them in an instant. Warm scented flesh engulfed his face.

No bra and no panties! The woman sure knew how to make a man happy. If he had have known that down in the restaurant they would have still been down there waiting for his erection to go down, he thought.

Willyam sucked on each nipple once, before stepping back to get a better, fuller view. He balanced each in his palms, weighing them – and thumbing the nipples. Roxy chuckled and stepped further away.

She turned sideways, giving him a different view, before showing him her back and gesturing towards the rear zipper. He was just as quick with that one but stopped at her bum. Roxy let the dress fall in half around her hips, then turned around to kiss him. She wanted some of his clothes off before she was starkers.

While he groped her tits and caressed her sides, she fumbled with his belt and fly. She walked him backward to the couch, pushing on his chest as he reached it. Willyam sat with a woof of air and she followed him down.

It was time for her to get a taste. Working with deft hands she soon had his pants and purple silk boxers down to his ankles. His feet were too big to tug his trousers off, so she made a show of taking his shoes off first.

Undoing his shoelaces and slipping each shoe off in turn, like the dutiful housewife that she never was. He patted her head, and something about both their actions stirred a primal urge within her.

She pulled his pants and boxers off, but instead of just tossing them aside as she had first intended, she rose, took them to the bedroom, folded the boxers and hung his trousers in the wardrobe. Kicking off her own shoes, Roxy peeked at the bed and briefly wondered what the significance of his dress ties made into a cross meant?

But all thoughts of silk-ties and crosses fled from her mind as she walked back to Willyam and saw his erect drooling cock standing proud and waiting. Roxy stole a quick glance at his eyes and was very pleased to see they were focused on her tits, her nipples. She felt them stiffen under his intense glare.

Standing between his knees, she stooped forward to kiss him. While she had been hanging his pants, he had unbuttoned his shirt. A quick learner, she thought, as she slid it off his shoulders, buttons still attached.

She would have taken his shirt and hung it in the wardrobe too, but Willyam was having none of that. He tossed it aside and grabbed her head.

It was obvious what he wanted and she obliged without a word being said. Her hands and lips were going to do all the talking. The head was shining; covered in a wreath of clear fluid, as was the shaft. She kissed the tip and tasted him for the first time. Wrapping both hands around his dick she was amazed by its girth, but more so by the amount of pre-cum; there sure was a lot of it.

In fact, she reckoned, his dick was wetter and slipperier than she was. And that was saying something because, at the moment, she felt like she could drown a sailor in her panties. Roxy was also very glad of her decision to wear panties, otherwise, she thought, pussy-drool would be running a river down her legs. She hadn’t felt this horny and ready for sex since prom night.

Opening her mouth wide, she swallowed him – right to his balls. No mucking around for her with licks and teases to ease the way, she went straight drown. He filled her mouth and stretched her throat, but she stayed on him for a good thirty seconds before coming up for a big breath. The air around his cock was redolent in the scent of man. She loved it and bobbed up and down on him before pausing to lick and suck at her new toy.

Once again, she was holding his shaft and moving it around so the tip circled her lips. Then she moved her mouth down the length of him, kissing the soft veins on her way to his balls. She sucked on each in turn as he had her nipples last night. Was it only last night, she wondered? It seemed like an eternity ago to her. His balls were salty with man sweat, not unpleasant, but also not her favorite taste of sex.

Returning to his cock for another lick and suck, she found it pumping clear fluid out like a slow leaking tap and she drank it down as she heard Willyam say, “Tits.”

Needing no other cue, Roxy took her mouth off his dick and kissed his bellybutton, then worked her way up his chest. Her hands pushed her boobs together, wrapping them around his shaft. He joined his hands to her as her chest rose and fell and he fucked her tits. His pubic hair scratched at her tits and she could feel individual strands touching her nipples. Each one sent a little spark right into her core.

But for Willyam, it wasn’t enough. He loved every touch, every move she made but he wanted more. He wanted her naked on the bed, spread eagle and completely in his power as he fucked those tits. “Let’s go to the bed,” he managed between gasps of pleasure.

Leading the way, he then sat on the edge before her. Hands on her hips, he smiled as he spoke to her nipples, “I want you naked. I want to see all of you first, the complete package, as such.” he chuckled.

Roxanne reached behind her and lowered the zipper on her dress. As she did, he peeled it off her hips to reveal her ordinary unsexy but very wet panties. He let her dress drop to the floor as he gazed at her knickers in mock shock. Or was it real? Was the businessman not used to his orders be ignored? Game on, she thought as she shoved her hips at his face.

Willyam growled. A short savage sound that conveyed more displeasure than the way he turned his face from her pussy. He swiveled and tossed her into the middle of the bed. “Don’t you trust me?” he asked with a smirk.

Roxanne was at a loss for words. She wanted to please him with all her heart, all her body and did not know how to explain her defiance. “I, I. Um, look, I am sorry, sir.” Sir? Where the fuck had that come from, she thought? “I do trust you!” her mouth continued on its own accord without consulting her brain.

“Good,” he replied with a welcome smile. “Now close your eyes. Tight, now. No peeking.”

Roxanne obeyed and felt him fumbling with her panties as he drew them down. Next, he spread her legs wide, very wide and she felt him wrapping something around each one before crawling up between her thighs. He kissed her pussy lips and a wave of ecstasy flowed through her. She knew with a certainty that he was going to mount her stomach and fuck her tits next.

“Keep em closed,” he admonished before she could sneak a peek.

He kissed her tits and sucked hard on each nipple as she gasped for breath. Then he straddled her as she had known he would. His hands traced a line of fire from her nipples to her armpits and then beyond to her elbows as he lay forward on her and stretched her arms to the edge of the bed. It was heaven. He wrapped something around her right wrist and her eyes flew open.

“What are you do…”

“Shh, trust me,” he said.

She turned her head as he took her left hand and secured it to the edge of the bed too. So that’s what the ties were for. The bastard had this planned in advance. The strange thing was that she didn’t complain. Didn’t think of shouting out let alone screaming. He had her. And she liked it, but she tested the bounds, just to make sure. Yup, tied down and at his mercy.

Her eyes went from her bonds to his eyes, and of course, he was not looking at her. Well, he was, just not her eyes. No, his gaze was fixed on her tits and her rock-hard pencil-poking traitorous fucking nipples. She sighed.

That got his attention and he looked up to her face. “I said, no panties. Did you not understand what that meant? Now what am I going to do with these?” he asked in a quiet voice as he displayed the sopping wet object of concern. “Open wide!”

“No!” she snapped back. “Not that, please?”

He sniffed them, then tossed them on top of her dress, which he had not bothered to hang of fold but had left laying crumpled on the floor.

“As you wish,” he chuckled. “This is supposed to be fun for both of us. Are you okay?”

“Shut up and fuck my tits, asshole” she replied with her own smirk, shocking even herself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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