Busted by Picture Vault

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Busted by Picture Vault

Like many, I enjoy the sensation of cumming, so I look for opportunities to indulge myself. You may not always have a partner to help you a long, but you can always help yourself. For me, these desires come in waves, where I get off several times in one day.

Stimulation usually comes in the form of porn pictures or videos; random pictures of women do not always do it for me. However, looking at the face of ladies I know always works, I use a photo editor GIMP to this end, as well as Picsart for special effects.

There is a young woman I know, Heather whose image is guaranteed to get my dick hard. Heather is thirty-five, blonde, super nice tits and round ass. I am fifty-five by the way, a lustful, horney, pussy eating male. For some strange reason Heather takes a kin to me, she will join me for drinks and dinner from time to time.

I have a collection of forty images of porn pics in an APP on my phone called Photo Vault, the APP is password protected, or so I thought. The assortment of images includes close ups of my own hard dick, Heather posing nude, with me cropped in, with her friends. Oh, also with Heather in interracial themes. Why I want to see this beautiful woman suck a BBC, I have no idea.

So it happens that I was in one of my waves, needing to get off multiple times in a day. I thought I could get Heather to drop by for wine, see her face to face, then jerk off after she left.

As luck would have it Heather said she was free for the evening and could use a glass of wine or two. I was happy to say the least.

Heather came by and looked great in a sun dress that featured her ample cleavage. She had a nice tan going, her skin looked very inviting.

“Hey, Robbie how are you, thanks for the invite. I could use a glass of wine after the workday I had,” Heather greeted me.

“Come on in little lady, glad you could make it. It has been a while,” I replied.

“Man, work was a bitch today. I could tell you I could really drink a few glasses of wine.” Heather said.

“You came to the right place, I have a nice cab. We will see if we could polish off, a few glasses or bottles.”

“So, what have you been up to, Robbie? Any hot women in your life?” Heather laughed.

“Ha ha. You are the only hottie I know. How about you? Anybody new in your life?” I asked.

“No, same fucking shit. Just guys wanting to chase me down for, a quickie.”

“Can’t say I blame them, babe.”

“Ha ha, you dicks are all alike. Always thinking with the little head.”

“The little head has a mind of its own, girl.”

We continue to chat. Drink wine, had some laughs, listen to tunes. We both had our iPhones on the coffee table and surprisingly, they were very much alike. As I got up to refill, our glasses. Heather picked up her phone, most likely to check for any messages.

“What the fuck? I cannot get my phone to open,” Heather complained.

“You have had too much wine, girl, because that is my phone you are holding,” I laughed.

“Oh shit, you are right, Robbie. Sorry. What is your password? I would like to see what apps you got on this thing.”

“1130,” I said without thinking. Knowing what I have on my phone, I got a little nervous.

Heather was swiping back and forth, looking at my various pages, checking out the apps that I had on my iPhone. I could not tell which apps she might be opening as her fingers were moving quickly.

“Hell, Robbie, I do not see anything new and unusual here. I have the same shit. Oh, what’s this one? The one with the little lock and key on it. You hiding something here, Robbie?”

“Oh, oh, oh. That is nothing. I think it is just a password storage app,” I said nervously.

Heather’s. Quick little fingers double tapped on the app icon and a password screen pops up. I will shit my pants if she gets into this app.

“Knowing you, Robbie, it’s probably the same password,” Heather laughed.

Before I could grab my phone, the app opens. And just like that, Heather is staring at forty, of my pornographic images. Oh fuck, I thought to myself. I was not sure what to do next. Elvankent Escort So, I just sat like a statue.

“What the fuck, Robbie? What am I looking at? I cannot fucking believe this. Look at all this shit.” Heather exclaimed. As she shifted through the icons.

She double taps on an icon showing a close up of my dick. My dick was hard as fuck. And now she is staring at it.

“Is this you?” Heather asked.

“Ah yes, that would be me, Heather.”

Heather uses her finger and thumb to spread the screen and enlarge the picture. Now the only thing on that screen is the head of my cock.

“My goodness, Robbie, that is a serious head there. And what the fuck are those little nubbies all around the edge?”

“They’re just little bumps that pop up once my dick gets hard. And believe me, women have told me they like them.”

“I could see that these might rub somebody’s’ clit a little bit, kinda like a French tickler.”

“Something like that,” I said, sheepishly.

I watched Heather tapping away on my screen. I’m not sure what she was doing. She was forwarding the image to herself.

“I will save this for later. What were you looking at when you were this hard? Pictures of me?” She asked.

“Yes, once again you are correct.”

Heather went back to the main screen showing the forty images. Slowly, she panned down through the icons, occasionally double tapping one to enlarge it. She looked long and hard at the images as they popped up on the screen.

“Robbie, this is some collection of pornographic shit. I should be mad as hell at you, but then again, I am flattered. Some of these are good likenesses of me. You must jack off an awful lot, friend.”

“Yes, I do my fair share, but sometimes I just cannot help myself. I need a good release and cumming on your pictures seems to satisfy me.” I said.

“So, when you said I am special to you, I guess that isn’t the same thing I was thinking.” Heather chuckled.

I was surprised that Heather had not stormed out of my house. In a fury of madness. I thought to myself, this isn’t all that bad, after all.

“So, what about these interracial pictures, Robbie? Do you think I fuck big black cocks?” She asked.

“No, I do not. It is just a fantasy of mine. If you look at enough porn. You are gonna come across some interracial crap. Seeing a black Dick penetrate that blonde pussy just does something for me.”

“You know darn well that my high school was about 50% blacks. And believe me, those guys wanted a chance at this white pussy. I will confess I’ve had a couple in my day, and yes, some are much bigger than others.”

I felt my dick getting harder and harder the longer Heather went on. Images of 10-inch black cocks fucking her pussy were just going through my head. I was already exposed and had nothing to lose, so I was gonna push forward.

“Well, Heather. You have seen my phone? How about if I look at yours?”

“Get the fuck outta here, Robbie. I do not have any kind of this shit on my phone.”

“Ha, everybody has got a little something to hide. Hand it over, girl.”

Heather picked up her phone. Entered the passcode and handed it over to me. She continued to go through the images on my phone. I was not sure how it was affecting her, hoping maybe it was. Making her wet.

I went through her various pages hoping I would see something that was a little bit odd. I knew there had to be a secret in here somewhere. If she was anything like me. She might have a folder buried down a few layers, making it hard to find. So, I started opening various folders hoping I would find a drill down.

I came across the folder labeled night owls. I thought that was odd. What could it be? I tried to tap it to open it, but it was password protected.

“So, Heather. What is this shit folder labeled night owls? What is the password?”

“Oh, that is nothing, Robbie. Nothing to see there.”

“Sounds like bullshit to me girl, password please.”

“Ok…ok. It is 0823. My fucking birthday.”

“Geez, how fucking stupid am I? I could have thought Beşevler Escort that one up.”

I entered the digits, and the folder opens. I hit the jackpot. The folder contained photographs. Most of them were nightlife scenes, people partying and dancing, drinking. I noticed a number of her friends in the pictures.

As I scrolled down, the pictures contained increased nudity. There were a white guys, there were black guys, there were all kinds of women. Women on their knees sucking black cocks? Sucking white cocks? They were just sucking.

Finally, there was Heather, on her hands and knees, naked as can be. Big black guy was positioned behind her, and I could tell he was pounding her pussy.

“Oh, this one’s interesting, and fuck, not like mine. This scene is real.”

“OK. I am busted too. Sometimes I have the urge for one of those black cocks. And believe me, I take it, sometimes I love the rough pounding, the ass slapping, the hair pulling. I am a regular slut, aren’t I, Robbie?”

I plugged a cable into Heather’s phone. In the images came up on my big screen TV. I went through the pictures one by one. It was apparent that this was a Bachelorette party. My cock was hard as it can be.

Without saying a word. I pulled my shirt off and threw it to the side. I unbuttoned my shorts and pulled my shorts and underwear to the floor. I am now sitting naked on the couch next to Heather. She could see my dick was hard as a rock. I did not care. I grabbed my cock and started to stroke it.

“Humm, not exactly what I was expecting,” Heather said.

“I would say I am sorry, but I’m not. Just cannot help myself. These images are just too much for me to take. I would understand if you ran out of here,” I laughed.

“Whoa…whoa there Robbie, not so fast. It is early yet you may want to make it last,” Heather giggled.

Heather reached for her purse and pulled out a small plastic box. She opened it, it contained an assortment of pills. She picked out two pink pills, she swallowed one and handed the second to me.

“Here take this, they for women, but it will work for you too. It is woman’s Viagra.” she stated.

I followed her direction and took the pill. Heather pulls my arm from the choke hold I had on my cock. She stood up and walked around the coffee table. She stood in front of the TV and pulled her sun dress off her shoulders. The dress fell to the ground, leaving her in a skimpy bra and panties.

She unclasped the bra and threw it at me. Her tits were everything I ever imagined, beautiful round melons with hard pointy nipples. Next, she inserted her thumbs under the elastic band on the panties. She bent over causing her tits to hang like ripe fruit. She pushed the panties down to reveal a clean shaven cunt. Oh, what a site to see, the girl of my dreams standing nude before me.

“Well Robbie do you think the real deal is better than you fake fucking picture?” Heather asked.

“100% better girl, I didn’t think my cock could get any harder but damn wrong again,” I groaned.

Heather walked back around the coffee table and stood in front of me. She spread her legs outside of my knees and leaned toward me, her hands grasped the back of the couch, and her tits brushed my face.

“How’s those melons Robbie, think you’d like to check them out?”

“Oh, fuck yes girl,” I replied as I took her tits in my hand. I gently fondled them; I could believe how incredible they felt. I pinched her nipples with my thumb and forefinger and rolled them back and forth.

“Oh, Robbie that feels so good. I guess you never knew you are special to me too,” she moaned.

I did not need any more words to encourage me. I grabbed Heather’s waist and pulled her on to my lab. My hard cock pressed against her stomach. I slid my hands down her ass and pulled her closer.

Heather lowered her face to mine and began to kiss me. Her tongue darted into my open mouth; I used my tongue too. As we continued to kiss my right hand founds it down the crack in Heather’s ass. My journey continued until I felt the moist lips of Heather’s Cebeci Escort labia. She was wet as could be and my finger found it is way inside her warm pussy.

“Fuck girl you sopping wet, feels so damn good,” I moaned as I worked my finger in and out of her cunt.

“Oh yes Robbie, wet as could be. I want to take a close look at that nubby head of yours. Assume that little pill has kick in for you. Hope your ready for a good roll,” She laughed.

Heather positioned herself next to me on the couch, she was on her knees and her hands resting on my thighs. She was staring dead ahead at my hard dick. She grabbed my shaft at the base and had her face two inches from my boner. She stroked my shaft up and down as she stared at the purple head of dick.

“Oh, is not this interesting, these nubbies look so inviting. Thinking they could be a real pussy pleaser, Robbie,” Heather giggled.

“Shit baby that pill has my dick throbbing for attention,” I groaned.

“Well…..maybe I can help, don’t want you coming too soon though Robbie,” Heather laughed.

“I think I’ll stay hard even if I cum, baby,” I replied.

Heather stuck the tip of her tongue out and licked the edge of my bulging head.

“Whoa……I can really feel those bumps, hoping it’s a new sensation for me,” She laughed.

Heather opened her mouth and sucked my cock right into her cavity. The underside of my dick felt the coarseness of her pallet. She bobbed her head up and down taking the full length of my cock in. Her saliva coated my manhood, it was incredible.

“Ok Robbie time for this girl to take a ride on the bone train. I think the curve of you cock will work best if I reverse cowgirl you, ok?” Heather said.

“Sure, baby any way you want it, that’s they way you’ll have it,” I laughed.

“That’s a Journey song you fuck stick,” Heather laughed as she mounted me.

My cock slid into that wet cunt like it was meant to be. Her legs straddled mine, spreading them far and wide. I rubbed her clit with my right hand and squeezed her tits with my left.

Heather bounced up and down slamming my cock deeper with each thrust. There was plenty of slurping and suction noise coming from out union. I wanted to pound Heather from behind doggie style, just like her black studs had done.

“Baby…. let’s take it to the carpet, I want to fuck your cunt doggie style, just like your black dudes?” I asked.

“Sure, Robbie I love doggie too, don’t like rug burns though,” she laughed.

Heather took to the plush rug right in front of the TV. She looked stunning on her hands and knees facing the TV images that were still rolling. I took my place behind her, nestled in between her legs I was pushing apart. I put my left hand on her back to steady myself and guided my cock into her vagina with my right hand.

I pushed my cock deep inside her and took pause. I watched a few pictures pass, in one she was getting it doggie from behind and had a big black cock in her mouth in the front.

“That’s interesting, two big black cocks at once. Man, those guys are huge too.” I said.

“I told you before I get the urge, just like you. I think I had at least four black guys that night. What turns you on about watching white chicks fucking black dues anyway, Robbie?” She asked.

“Wish I could explain it, Heather, it just seems so fucking hot to me. Maybe because it’s a bit taboo, or at least it use to be.” I replied.

“Wait, I think in another slide or so there is one of Bethany. Wait until you see this guy,” Heather giggled.

Sure, enough two slide down Bethany was on her knees staring down the barrel of the largest cock I have ever seen. Guy had his dick in his hand and Bethany’s face was cover in think cum.

“Holy fuck, Heather where did you find that guy? I have neve seen a dick that big. Did you fuck him too?”

“Fuck no, Robbie I know my limits. Bethany has pushed out a couple of kids you know,” Heather chuckled. “Are we going to watch slides or fuck, dick head.”

“As you wish my dear!” I replied.

I moved my hands to Heather’s hips and started ramming my cock in and out of her slick hole. She pushed back with her ass meeting my incoming dick with a vengeance. My balls slapped against her belly. This was not Heather’s first rodeo.

We continued fucking like dogs in heat until Heather came first. “Oh fuck….oh yeah….Robbie….fuck me,” She screamed.

Shortly after I dumped my load of cum into her sweet pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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