But Why Not

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But Why Not


New Comb City was a very small town but it had one of the country’s largest Kitchen Towel Roll making factory there and most of the younger population was almost 100 percent employed by them if they were not running their own small business or a shop whatever. Gloria was one of the residents there. Almost 45, she had a very pretty and beautiful young face with sharp blue eyes and sandy blond hair. Gloria lived next to Tyrone, 19 years old lived with his mother, because his father had left the family for a better woman. Tyrone was a high school graduate and because of having no resources and honestly, not being a good student and not winning any good scholarship; he could not attend the college. Gloria worked at the paints and hardware store at the other side of the town and preferred to travel on a small motor bike she had well recognized by the town people.

Tyrone’s mother worked at the 2nd shift of the factory and returned close to the midnight every day. Gloria, had agreed to prepare a modest but good home cooked meal for Tyrone, so he did not have to wait for his mother, coming home much later at night and prepare the food for herself and her son. She took something to eat at the factory cafeteria during her dinner break and the life was going on smooth, calm and fine.

On a Monday evening, it was almost 7:00 PM in the when Tyrone went to her place for a usual dinner time and found her busy with trying to repair the tire of her motorbike. She was very glad to see him and asked for his help while she went and prepared the spaghetti for the dinner. Tyrone agreed and she showed him all the tools needed before leaving. After some time getting done in the kitchen, she came back and Tyrone asked her to sit and watch if he did a good job of repairing her tire. Soon Tyrone was also done and he was about to slip the new tube in the tire, when she said that she was going to take a very quick shower and be ready for the dinner by the time Tyrone was done with the repair. He continued working and soon heard a very musical voice of Gloria, asking him to hand the towel, she had forgotten to bring with her to the bath room. Tyrone was done bolting the repaired tire onto the motorbike and he got up to walk into her bedroom to look for the towel in the bedroom.

With Sex hikayeleri the towel in his hand, Tyrone knocked on the bathroom door and opened it slowly, of course hoping to find her behind the smoky, foggy translucent glass door. Instead he saw the neighboring lady, totally naked in the tub. The door was open and she was all covered with the creamy soap. Her skin was almost shining but his eyes got attracted to her big brown and curvy tits covered in the soap suds. Her nipples looked swollen and almost teasing Tyrone to be coming to poke his eyes. Tyrone could not believe the beauty of her body at that age. Tyrone had seen the women on the streets of the town but had never thought to see a naked woman so up close. He was shocked when Gloria asked him to leave and go fix the tire. He had finished the tire work and after quickly closing the door came to the kitchen and sat on the corner chair of the dinette. His blood was gushing through his body and heart was thumping much faster and harder.

Soon Gloria came out of the bathroom, wearing a dark pink sleeping gown of a very thin and transparent fabric that showed the outline of her big nipples and the very small thongs like panties hardly covering her pussy and the ass globes. Tyrone swallowed hard as his penis got hard much quickly in his jeans. Seeing her bike tire all fixed nicely, she thanked Tyrone and he desired to go back home, saying that he was not feeling very hungry but Gloria told him to keep sitting as she had to show him something and talk about it. “We shall eat a bit later, when you are hungry”, she said and walked back to the bathroom and returned very soon with the bottle of baby oil in her hand. She asked him to come out of the corner chair and get on the floor closer to her legs and rub her calves. She claimed to be so tired, standing all day on her job. Tyrone hesitated a moment and then gently stood up, walked over to her and sat on the floor, between her legs. He poured some oil on his hand and began massaging the calves of the mature woman. Gloria looked in his eyes and smiled big with an appreciating remark of feeling very nice as his hands sped on her calves. She had spread her legs wider and he could see the crotch of her panties. “Do you like, what you see”? She asked Ty and even before getting Sikiş hikayeleri an answer, opened her legs very wide. He was a bit embarrassed to be caught but she sat there with her legs spread very wide and he looked up her crotch giving a full eye to her pussy in the panties. “I have never seen this part of a girl’s body”. Tyrone finally whispered.

“How come”? Gloria almost gasped. “You are such a handsome, young boy”, she said, “Why any young girl in the school, had not taken her pants off for you”? Tyrone only shook his shoulders and she shook her head, kind of not believing him and also feeling sympathy for him. “OK, dear”, she said, “I shall do you the favor” and with that her fingers got hooked inside her panties and pulled it down to first expose her clean shaved pubis and then her pussy. “Have you never seen a pussy like that”? She asked again and Ty refused by shaking his head.

“What would you like to do”? She asked as if she was a cock slut, whore from the street and Tyrone was a paying customer. Poor boy did not understand and sat there with his jaw open wide. “Would you like to touch it, baby”? She asked Tyrone, who still did not know, what to say. His stiff cock throbbing in his lap.

“Would you like to put your fingers inside me, baby”? She persisted and Tyrone agreed while Gloria gave a big smile, held his hand and guided it in her panties. Ty shivered as his fingers grazed against her soft pussy flaps and his knuckles slipped into her very wet and slippery hole. Gloria sighed and quickly closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation inside her cunt. Tyrone began moving his finger around inside her pussy hole as her moans exceeded. “Yeses that’s it. Do it harder”, she started coaching Tyrone, calling him, a dirty little boy. For some crazy reason, hearing her say those nasty words to him, Tyrone felt to be fully in charge of all that. He pulled his finger out of her cunt and ordered her to take the panties off her body. Gloria felt the urgency of the command and kicked the panties off her ankles while he removed his jeans as well taking his rigid cock out for her to grip and sit back in the chair. “This is amazing”. She said. “I really would love to suck it for you, please”!

This sounded fantastic. Tyron would have paid some slut to suck it for him Erotik hikaye and now his motherly neighbor lady was almost begging for the act. She had held his ass in her both hands and pulled his cock into her wet and warm mouth, sucking it very hard for about one minute. Ty was suddenly growing even harder and thicker and he moaned louder. Gloria stopped and asked, what he meant by doing it himself? “Do you want to fuck”?

Ty did not like the questioning and pushed her with her back on the chair, throwing her legs over his shoulders and her cunt right at the edge of the chair. “You bet, I am going to fuck you and fuck you very hard”. Tyron announced as she made herself comfortable on the chair with her pussy waiting for the cock.

“Yeah, shove it in me”. She demanded. Tyrone roared like a wild animal and buried his dick in her warm folds wedging it in and out as fast and hard as he could. They were both screaming nasties to one another. The sexual heat and violence flared out of control and she was crying as her sheathing was pulling out wrapped on his cock. Gloria stretched under him to get his thick penis dislodged from her dungeon and quickly got on the middle island of the kitchen on her belly. Her pussy was visible upside down now from behind and the thick gelatinous lube was dripping out of her. “Now put it in my ass and fuck my asshole as well”. She was sounding very sure. “I want you to do it for me”. With that she rubbed some oil down her ass crack and on the anal hole. “Right in this hole”, she said placing a finger on the tight little opening.

Slowly, Ty slid his cock in her asshole making her scream very loud and pushing her hips back against him, with her ass pushed out to him for fucking. With his cock fully buried in her anal opening, she started to flex and squeeze her anal muscles pulling Tyrone’s cock this way and that way; even sucking it inwards. Her rectal grip on the cock was awesome and there was no reason for Tyrone to pull out but even if he tried she won’t let it free. Soon he was fucking, pumping, plowing, and plunging much deeper and faster in her rectum. It was unbelievable to feel her ass gripping his fat cock. Hardly 10 minutes and Ty started Cumming in her rectum.

They enjoyed the climax until he was limp and dropped out of her anus when she told him to dress up, take something to eat from the kitchen and leave because it was almost time for his mother to be home.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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