Cabin Retreat Ch. 2

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We finally get to the cabin after what has seemed like an eternity of a drive.

After opening the door to the cabin you practically knock me over, leaping into my arms and kissing me like you have never done before. I tell you to relax, and look around. I have to get things unpacked first. This is done one because things needed to be unpacked but also to tease you just a little more.

I show you OUR room and go unload the car. When I come back inside I notice water running in the shower, and figure you just wanted to wash the day off of you. But by the time I bring the last of our things in I can still hear the water and figure I had better check things out. I slowly open the door to the bathroom; you are just sitting there. Not in the shower just sitting, with an evil grin.

You tell me “It took you long enough”‘ and proceed to strip my clothes off and drag me into the shower. The water is warm and feels good against my skin. But not as good as you do having finally made skin-to-skin contact. No clothes between us, just flesh on flesh.

We kiss. Letting the water run over us. Your hand moves between us and you wrap it around my hard cock making it throb. I reach up and izmit escort bayan lightly pinch and tease your nipples until they are hard. Leaning down I kiss you r neck and move down to your breasts and take your nipple in my mouth. You sigh waiting for the moment when we are together without interruption. Further down I kiss causing you to let go of my cock.

Kissing down your belly. I sit down in the bottom of the shower, pulling you towards me until you are standing inches from my face. I lean forward. Kissing your inner thigh, causing you to spread your legs slightly. I run my tongue further up you leg. Until I reach your trimmed pussy. You move forward straddling my face and sigh, as my tongue finds its mark.

Even through the running water I can smell your sweet sex. My tongue runs up your slit as you grab the back of my head pushing my face into you with urgency. I can tell you need to cum, and badly.

I let you determine the pace at which you do. As my fingers move up your thigh you start to grind your pussy into my face. My tongue flicking your hard clit as my fingers find your waiting hole. First I slide 1 then 2 fingers inside escort kızları you, your knees start to shake as the first orgasm hits you. Your juices distinctly flowing as I lap them up. I run my tongue the length of your wet slit trying to catch every drop. My fingers have moved to your tight asshole where I flick the tip of my finger against it causing you to jump. As the second wave of orgasm starts to hit you, I gently push the tip of my finger inside your tight ass. My other fingers rubbing your hard clit while I tongue fuck you, pushing inside you as deep as I can feel your pussy start to contract. I know you are close now. Your knees give way as you cum. You slide down the front of my wet body and stop just short of my hard cock. Your breath is rapid and just starts to slow down when, I move forward so the head of my cock just brushes the entrance to your tight pussy. You can’t wait any longer and reach behind you and wrap your hand around me and guide the head of my cock inside you. Anxiously and with trembling knees you lower yourself down my entire length until your pelvis rests on mine. I gasp, as your pussy is so tight and feels so good. You slowly gebze escort bayan start to move up and down, feeling every ridge of my cock rubbing you inside.

Faster you pick up the pace. Felling the need for release again you start fucking me. Not caring about anything but cumming. I don’t care and watch as you move up and down, my hands grabbing at your tits, pinching your nipples. Hearing you tell me how good it feels and how you want to fuck this way forever.

You start to cum and your pussy tightens and I feel you cum on my cock. You feel so good when you cum. I lift you off and put you on your hands and knees. With slow teasing motions I push the head of my dick inside you. Then pull out slowly then in a little harder until finally I am fucking you hard and fast. You reach under between your legs and rub your clit wanting to cum again. I feel my balls slapping you as I thrust in and out, your fingers stroking my balls now, trying to coax me into cumming.

I tell you I am about to cum and you fuck me back taking me all the way in as I start to cum you yell for me to fill you with my cum and I oblige you as I explode inside of you. You move away and turn around, taking me in your mouth, sucking the last drops of cum from me. All of sudden the water goes cold, and we haven’t even cleaned up yet. You step out and dry off and go to get dressed and all I can do is stare at your tight as move as you walk out of the bathroom, turn and blow me a kiss and say “I have just begun”

More later?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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