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Alt Babe

We enter a Log Cabin. Both freezing and cold. I ask you to light up a fire whilst I shower. I go to the bathroom, turn the shower on, undress and step under it. You start a fire and getting nosey you come to the bathroom. You open the door, loads of misty air comes towards you, because I am showering so hot. You can see me faintly; see the hot water pearl of my body. You harden instantly. You return to the living room.

I shout out to you “Darling, would you open a bottle of Champagne!”. You get a bottle out of the fridge and place it with two glasses next to the fur in front of the fire. I come out of the bathroom, still wet, with just a towel wrapped around me.

”Your turn” I say. You go into the bath to shower. I lay down on the fur, let my head drop back to dry my hair in front of the fire. You hurry with showering to get to me.

As you step out of the bathroom you see me lying there. I am propped up on my elbows and I am daydreaming. The towel has slipped to the side to reveal my full breasts. You start to harden, parting the towel around your hips. I am dreaming of you and lay down completely. My hands start caressing my breasts and my hard nipples. Slowly my hand wanders deeper. I spread my legs and the towel slips off completely. I start stroking myself between the legs. You are fully hard now. I moan as I slip a finger into me. You start stroking yourself. I start fingering myself with two fingers.

You sigh. I hear you and look over to you. A twinkle appears in my eyes as I see you.

“Come here” I say. You walk over to me and lay down beside me. I take my fingers out and hold them up for you to lick. You take them into your mouth and suck them clean. I start purring. Cebeci Escort Your hand starts stroking my pussy. You can feel how wet it is even though you haven’t entered me yet. I push up against your hand, begging for more. You start entering a finger slowly. I moan. You kiss me and I open my mouth for you. Your tongue enters me and I start sucking on it. You enter another finger into me. Your lips trace a path down my neck, over my breasts. Taking a break to suck on each hard nipple. Then carrying on to my bellybutton. My breath goes faster and faster. You reach my wet pussy and start licking the outer lips. I moan and push up my hips.

You take your fingers out and enter your tongue. Your finger goes up to play with my clit. I put a hand on top of your head pushing it deeper into me. Your tongue enters me and you start fucking me with it. I claw into your hair moaning loudly.

“Oh Baby…yes…right there…oh God…. I am cummin”, my creamy juices start flowing into your mouth and you lap them all up. I am still purring and you look up into my eyes.

“Let me drink the champagne of your body Darling” I say and you open the bottle. You lie down and I slowly start pouring the champagne down your neck. It is cold and your nipples harden. I lick it off, sucking at your nipples. I lick deeper and stop at your belly. The champagne collects there and I drink it up. I pour some champagne onto my hands and start massaging your cock with it. I lean over and slowly lick the head. You sigh. I suck your cock into my mouth. I can smell you, the manly smell mixed with champagne. I suck harder and start playing with your balls. You moan, putting Kolej Escort your hand on my head. You can feel my head bobbing as I give you a blowjob. I move my head up till just the tip is in my mouth. I let my tongue run through the slit in your head. My tongue runs down the length of your cock and I suck your balls into my mouth. My hand starts massaging your cock. I can feel your balls moving and your cock expanding.

“Swallow my cum” you say. I take a sip of champagne and suck you back in. You can feel the bubbles on your cock. You growl. I swallow the champagne as I feel you getting bigger. Your cum shoots out of your cock into my mouth. I swallow.

I look up into your eyes and smile.

“I am still hard baby. Want to play??” I nod and come up to lie beside you. You roll me over and spread my legs, sitting between them. Your cock is sitting at the entrance of my pussy. Slowly you push forward and the head enters me. I am so wet and creamy that you have no problem getting in. I beg you to enter me totally. You grin and push forward. Your whole cock enters me and your balls slap against my ass. I scream with joy. Pushing my body up and dropping my head back. You start moving in even strokes, making love to me. I wrap my legs around your back, holding you tightly to me. You move your hands around me and pull me up. Sitting back on your legs I come up on your cock. I can feel you so deep inside me. I move my hips and press my nipples forward into your mouth. You suck on them. I move faster. Rolling my hips on your cock.

“Mmmmmmmmmm….. take me like a Dog” I say. I move off your cock and turn around. You lick through my slit Rus Escort once. Then enter me again with your hard pole. Your hands on my hips you push deeply into me. I moan and purr. The faster you get the louder I moan. You place your thumb on my ass. Massaging slowly. I purrrrrrrr.

“May I fuck you there” you say. Pressing your thumb down.

“Please…please” I beg. You pull out of me and place your head at my ass. I lean down at the front. Slowly you push into my ass. I purrrrr. Gently you push into my ass. Moving slowly. It is driving me crazy. You can feel my tight ass around your cock.

I can feel it cummin again. You are so intense in my ass. My juices flow out of me. Dripping onto the fur. You reach under me and rub my wetness.

“Want it back there again baby???” you ask. I can’t do more than nod.

“Then ride me,” you say lying down. I straddle across you, taking your cock into my pussy again. My cum runs over your cock. I move up and down. My breasts are bobbing. You reach up and start playing with my nipples. I throw my head back and move faster as you push your hips up. You are so deep in me that I don’t how long I can take it. You start pushing up into me. I tighten my muscles inside. Grabbing your cock tightly.

You moan “Baby. I am cummin”. You grab my hips and push into me hard. I scream out as I cum a third time. You shoot your cum deep into me. Our cum mixes and runs out of me. Running down your cock. You start moving slower. Our breaths are going hard. I lay my head on your chest. You stroke my back slowly. Waiting for my breath to calm down. I cuddle up to you. Feeling me getting sleepy. After a while you can hear my breath going steady and you know that I am asleep. Slowly you move up taking me into your arms. You carry me to the bed. I moan.

“Please don’t go” I say.

You answer, “I will never leave you again. You belong to me now”. You lie down beside me, pulling me close. Knowing that you are there and that I am safe in your arms I fall asleep again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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