Calliope’s New Life

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Authors note: This new series is intended to continue the story of Calliope’s Daddy due to amount of requests I have received. This first chapter is more of a reintroduction of the characters and the following chapters will bring more to their story. I hope you enjoy it. Please leave comments of you like it. ~ellie


Following the party and her introduction to the family, Padraic and Calliope settled into their own routine. They discussed the rules and in an effort to keep his baby happy Padraic compromised on a few smaller issues and Callie learned to be cared for after so many years of having to look after herself.

The biggest concession came the day after the party, when they had gone to sign the contract with the amendments they had made to it. Callie had sat up on his lap and turned to him seriously, “Would it be okay if I called you Paddy sometimes, Daddy, it’s just still weird cause I never really had my real Dad around,” Calliope hesitated but carried on now she had started. “Beyond this contract and the probation I am on what we have is something amazing isn’t it, I mean, you look after me, and I try to be a good girl for you because we love each other, right. Not just because we have to? It just seems more like a game than a relationship when I call you Daddy all the time.”

Padraic was not happy about the idea, he was the Daddy, and she was the little one, end of story. He could see her point too and pursed his lips in thought, “You would still follow all of my rules and call me Daddy at family gatherings and when needed.” He stated it rather than asking her, looking deep into her eyes as she nodded and smiled.

“Of course, Paddy, you’re the boss,” she giggled and kissed his cheek. “Mr Lewis can still be grandpa too,” She nodded and grinned, “Its better than still thinking about him as my history teacher,” she pulled a face.

He didn’t like it much, but he wanted the relationship he was forging with this girl to work. He was asking her to change her whole way of life, her friends, and how she dealt with her real family, she had merely asked for a small change, and he could grant that small concession. He gripped her ass tightly as she squirmed on his lap that little ass would be the first step in her training he thought running a finger between her cheeks over the tight little rosebud there. Padraic smiled down into her face, it mattered not whether she called him Paddy or Daddy as long as she remained his baby.

In truth, Calliope was more than happy, she wanted for nothing, all she had to do was ask nicely, and she received anything she needed. He bathed her, dressed her, fed her, trained her both mentally and physically and showered her with praise and love. She had never felt so loved in her short life, and she loved Paddy in return, willing to do all that he asked just to see him smile. There were some set backs over the first few weeks, where the old Callie rose up and recoiled from something new, but that was to be expected.

It was Monday when they had gone to court and had the party, and during that first week, after the contract was signed and Calliope worked hard since then to learn the many rules Padraic insisted on. They were copied studiously into a new journal, she also spent time on her own personal journal which, at times, Padraic would be so pleased with he would scan the page into his computer, and place it on the website to show her talent and devotion to his lifestyle family and friends. It was during that first week that she had learned of the website and had been horrified.

She had begun to rant and rave at him, “You keep telling me how you bailed me out of jail and took me in and saved me from a life of prostitution and then you put me out on the internet like a whore anyway!”

Padraic had laughed, “Not just any whore. My whore. Only a few select people will see these Calliope now stop being silly,” his voice had lowered ominously. She was staring at the screen though in horror and disbelief at the photo’s Padraic had taken in Uncle Odin’s shop. While artfully contrived and positioned, she was still looked the epitome of a slutty nymphomaniac.

Humiliation turned to anger as she wheeled on him, “All this talk about being yours and being so proud of me and you put me out there like a porn star for any Jack, Dick, or Boner to wank over!” Tears formed in Calliope’s eyes, “Just when I thought I could trust a man, you turn into a wanker like all the others!”

It was too much for Padraic, and he stood dumping her from his lap to the floor, “You, little girl need to listen when I speak, not every horny cock wielding guy can access this site!” He roared at her.

She was in the middle of a full tantrum now though, and she screeched at him about the wankers who could and would, access the site. Padraic retrieved the small chest of toys he kept in his study and pulled out the cock shaped pacifier holding her down and capturing her hands beneath his knees, he forced it into her mouth before buckling it in place. He stripped Escort Kız of her loose summer dress and taking a soft strap he bound her hands as she continued to struggle not hearing anything he said to her.

Pulling her with him he returned to his chair and pushed her down over his lap, his hand landing hard and loudly on her ass. “Rule number one! Daddy knows best!” Padraic spanked her again with a mighty crash of his hand, her squeals around the gag were loud and full of venom. He spanked her until his hand was as red as her glowing ass. Picking her up, he then placed her in the corner as he had once before, kneeling facing the wall. “You deserve a time out baby until you are ready to listen to me properly.”

Padraic’s cock was hard as a rock, but he knew to use her now would undo the punishment he had just metred out, so he sat back at his desk and took deep breaths as he listened to her sob around the gag. She was a gorgeous girl, and she was his. Why wouldn’t he proudly display her, he would display her to the world rather than just the few allowed access to his site if there weren’t so many lunatics out there.

“Oh god,” Calliope sobbed to herself, she hated this corner, she hated the rubbery cock that filled her mouth from the baby pacifier style base. She sniffled in an effort to breathe properly and cried softly. She knew that he would not let her out of the corner until she had calmed down.

Padraic had heard her sniffle loudly and stood up gathering a few tissues in his hand. Calliope looked up as he stood beside her, and he helped her to her feet before holding the tissues to her nose, “Blow.” Not moving from the corner his eyes surveyed her, “Are you ready to listen to me now?” Calliope nodded forlornly.

“Good. The only people who have access to that website are the people you met the other night and a couple of others also in our lifestyle. It is not, and I repeat not, open to any man with a hard on to wank over as you so eloquently put,” Padraic voice was measured and held an edge as if daring her to challenge him again on the subject. “You are so sexy and amazing, of course I want to show off my baby and how proud I am of you.” He leaned down and kissed her forehead, “You are a little whore baby, but you are my little whore and I love you that way.”

Calliope stiffened, and tears leaked from her eyes as he called her a whore, and he continued, “If you weren’t a little whore I wouldn’t have had to bail you out of jail and we wouldn’t be here now.” Calliope had hoped after the court case that she could forget that part of her life, but it seemed to be something Padraic enjoyed tormenting her with, and she could not deny it, so she lowered her eyes and nodded.

“Calling me a wanker is very serious, Callie,” he looked at her sternly, “You need to stand here at least five more minutes if you sit back down it will be ten.” He moved away from her then and she sighed around the rubber cock still filling her mouth and faced the corner. Padraic watched her as he sat back at his desk and took out his camera. Callie had the cutest ass, high and round making her hips flare so gently while keeping her small girlish curves. He took several photos of her standing in the corner, her ass cheeks still glowing brightly from her spanking, and tried to distract himself from his need to use her by uploading the better ones to his website.

She heard the camera as she stood in the corner and consoled herself with the fact that the site had restricted access and Padraic actually was quite a good photographer. The pornographic pictures of took of her, as well as the usual family album stuff, all had good composition and looked more artsy than pornographic.

“You can come back now, Callie,” Padraic finally relented, and she turned padding softly across the carpet to his desk. He slowly unbound her wrists and pulled the pacifier from her mouth, “no more tantrums, baby, understand?”

Calliope nodded and pouted, “Sorry Paddy.” She climbed onto his lap and cuddled him kissing his cheek in apology and wriggling over his lap feeling his arousal. “Do the other girls have websites?”

“Yes,” he smiled down at her acceptance, he knew she still wasn’t entirely happy by the tone of her voice, but she was willing to look at it properly now. “Would you like me to show you one?”

“Only one?” Callie looked at him in mock horror.

Padraic chuckled and navigated to a new page. “Odin and Suzie have the biggest site. They have been together the longest.” Callie was a little overwhelmed by the scale of some of the other websites and a little embarrassed now that she had caused such a ruckus over her few photographs. Padraic reached into his toy chest and pulled out a bullet type toy as she read through pages from her new friends’ websites.

“Always so hot and wet for me aren’t you baby,” he growled into her ear as his hand cupped her sex his fingers delving in coating the toy with her slut slime. She widened her legs for his hands almost unconsciously as she gazed at the girl’s she knew in various poses of erotic bliss barely aware of him pushing the bullet toy within her. Clicking the remote he smirked and she jumped and looked up at him, and he smacked her cunt lightly, “Pay attention!”

As aroused as Calliope, Padraic had loosened his pants and pushed her to the floor in front of his chair whispering hoarsely, “Take my cock out and play with it, Baby,” and watched entranced, and she grinned up at him and lifted her small hands to manoeuvre his cock out of his pants. He stood up and let her lower his pants as one of her hands stroked him gently, and she moved her head beneath his cock to lap at his balls. “Oh yesssssss,” he hissed his pleasure at the tantalising tongue dancing over the sensitive skin.

Padraic sat back down in his chair and let her transfer her attentions to his cock, he held her pigtails in each hand and forced her head down to take him further into her mouth and throat, enjoying the sound of her gagging and gulping as she worked to take him all. She was such a hot slut, and she knew now exactly how he liked to be blown. He was nearing climax too fast, and he reached down roughly picking her up and laying her over the desk he sat at.

Calliope was whimpering as he retrieved the toy from her sodden cunt and fed it to her eager mouth to clean, the fingers of his other hand still fucking her roughly as her hips rocked. Discarding the toy he leaned over her, loving the panting face that looked up at him, his deep voice low and thick with desire, “Tell me what you need, little girl.”

This answer she knew, he needed to hear her beg every time he had taken her, “Fuck me Paddy please. Fuck me like only you can.”

He pulled his fingers from her dripping hole and pushed into her unrelentingly until he was totally embedded. He pulled her feet up to his shoulders and bent forward almost doubling her over as he growled, “Yeah I know how you like it, baby, hard and deep and just like this.” He thrust hard angling up into her battering the front wall of her cunt hitting her G spot.

Reaching forward he mauled at her small breasts pinching the nipples as he pounded into her. Pulling from her suddenly he flipped her over handling her like a rag doll, the still reddened ass meeting his eyes as she entered her again on a different angle. Picking up the discarded toy he pulled his cock out of her again rolling the toy in the slimy girl juices that gushed from her. Entering her roughly again, he found the sound of her cry was music to his ears. “My little whore loves being fucked, doesn’t she?”

“Yes. Oh Yes. Fuck me Paddy, Fuck me!” Callie could feel all the butterflies filling her tummy as her legs began to shake.

Padraic watched her, his lust urging him on, her words making him impossibly harder as he parted her ass cheeks and pressed the small toy to her tight puckering hole. She lifted her head and howled like a bitch as he forced it into her, “Yes even your ass is mine, dirty girl,” he smacked her already pink ass and roared “Cum” at her, “Cum on my hard, fat cock.”

She toppled over the edge of the abyss, his pain and pleasure sending her where he wanted. Her pussy clenched and clamped around his cock in spasms milking at him as he came with her roaring out his desire. He collapsed over her breathing raggedly. “You are such a fucking hot sexy bitch, my baby. I can’t get enough of you.”

He stood still breathing hoarsely, his cock remaining embedded inside her. He reached out to the chest and took a small butt plug from it. “It’s time to start training this little ass properly,” he said in a low desire filled voice and smacked her again. Rolling the plug around the edge of his cock and beneath her, where their mixed cum was gathering, he pulled the small bullet toy from her and replaced it with the small plug. It was slightly larger than the toy, and Callie whimpered loudly as he inserted it slowly his eyes avidly watching it stretch her tight muscled hole.

Finally pulling from her he sat back in his chair and welcomed her lips again as she cleaned his cock, balls and thighs of every trace of their cum. When he was satisfied he announced, “I’m starving lets go have some lunch,” and retrieved his discarded pants. Calliope picked up her dress, it had been torn in the earlier struggle, and she looked at it sadly, it had been a favourite for lounging around in, its soft thin material caressed her body in a way she liked.

“That’s what happens when a little girl’s don’t listen to their Daddy and obey the rules,” Padraic said gruffly reminding her of what had caused the dress to be ruined. Taking her by the hand he took her to their shared bathroom and sat her on the bench softly and lovingly cleaning her messy cunt with a soft flannel and retrieving a new dress for her.

“Umm, Paddy,” Calliope said quietly, “Didn’t you forget something?” She touched her ass meaningfully.

“No,” he replied, “I want you to wear that for a little while,” Calliope looked up at him confused. Padraic gathered her in his arms and lifted her from the bench she sat on, “Every little part of you belongs to me now, and we need to start getting that tiny little hole prepared to be owned and used.” His fingers had pressed on the plug as he said the last and she squeaked wide eyed making him chuckle with genuine amusement. Calliope had squirmed in her stool as she watched Padraic make lunch the plug feeling uncomfortable and reminding her how much more she would have to learn and endure for him.

>center/center< On the Thursday of their first week, Padraic had sighed happily as she squirmed down his body just after the radio alarm clock went off and he felt her lips wrap around his cock. This was her first task of the day and began their morning routine. For him, there was no better way to wake up. He raised his hips, his hand moving to the back of her head encouraging her as she worked for the reward of his cum, the first thing she would taste on any given day. He had groaned as he came feeling her sucking hard to drain all of his cum, her tongue fluttering around the head as she swallowed every drop before kissing his cock and saying sweetly, “Good morning, Paddy.” “Good morning, Baby,” he pulled her up into his arms and cuddled her close his fingers teasing her swollen clit rubbing at it as she trembled in his arms, “How’s my beautiful girl this morning?” Calliope was breathless as she humped against the fingers he offered her whimpering, “Please, I need to…, Oh I need, please Paddy.” Padraic smiled as he watched her try to form the words she needed and rolled her clit under his fingers feeling her hips rock against him, “So needy baby, cum for me, show me how needy you really are.” Calliope arched and cried out feeling the flow of cum between her thighs as she bucked against his teasing fingers. They had both cum quickly that morning by Padraic’s design. They needed to be up and out of the house early as they had appointments to attend. He had held her until she had calmed down and then led her to the bathroom. They showered together, a rare treat for Calliope, who had grown used to his preference for bathing her, and she giggled as he tickled her with soap and soft sponges and she washed him in return. Padraic took a strange looking squeeze bottle from the top shelf and filled it with warm water from the shower, he looked into her curious slightly alarmed eyes, “This is a douche baby, we need to make sure your all clean and beautiful for your first full exam by the doctor today, inside and out,” he said meaningfully as he screwed the cap onto the bottle and she saw the long flexible nozzle. Calliope had started to protest softly shaking her head. Padraic stroked her cheek softly, “Trust me baby, this won’t hurt. You might even like it.” He lowered the bottle between her legs and kissed her as he inserted it gently but deeply before squeezing the bottle and she felt the water rush back out of her, cleaning away the remnants of the mornings climax. “See that wasn’t so bad was it?” Padraic asked. Calliope shook her head but was still looking a little wild eyed and Padraic considered repeating the process, he enjoyed the control and power she gave him over her body. “It is not something we will have to do everyday baby, but you know how much I like everything to be perfect, that includes your pretty little cunt.” He smirked thinking ‘and ass’ to himself. “Fridays will be our normal big cleaning days for you, baby.” He had said out loud instead. Her eyes widened, “There is more?” “Oh yes, much more. I will always make sure you are kept sparkling clean and healthy inside and out,” He said without elaborating and shut off the shower water. Towelling her dry, he sat her on his oversized bed and pulled on his boxers before they went to the kitchen for breakfast. She was amazed at times how quickly she had become accustomed to being left naked so often, and she climbed up onto a stool as he took out two bowls and filled them with cereal and milk. Calliope had found over the last couple of days as she began to sleep with Padraic each night and wake him up as he liked in the morning that she had started to like breakfast. She had begun to eat her cereal without complaint as well as a piece of toast or whatever Padraic had decided to cook. On Sundays, he liked a big, hot breakfast, but Sunday breakfast was later in the morning than week days, and once as a treat he had made pancakes. She was sure he would make them again, and she reminded herself she had been with him for such a short time it was hard to know all his habits and preferences yet. She cleaned the kitchen while he went and got dressed wandering into the bedroom when she was done. Not finding Padraic she walked through the adjoining bathroom to her room and found him in her closet. He selected a blue halter neck dress, once again with a retro 50’s feel to it like most of her good going out clothes, it seemed. She smiled at the sweet heart bust line and slightly flared skirt as he handed her matching low heel pumps. Padraic gave her some matching panties and helped her get dressed.

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