Campground Tour

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I wanted to do something a little different the other night, so I decided to go somewhere I’d never gone as Karyn before. We have a resort area with several campgrounds not too far away, so I decided to take a late night stroll through one of them.

I dressed down just a little – spiked stilettos were a little much for a campground! I wore a simple grey shirt with a short denim skirt, bare legs with carefully pedicured toes in a pair of 2″ open toed platform slides, and my long blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail. I painted my fingernails to match my dark red toes, and slicked on some pink lip gloss and mascara. The end result was very feminine, but definitely toned down from my usual look.

I parked my car in the hotel parking lot of the resort, and crossed the street to the campground. There were still some people around their campfires, although many had already gone to bed for the night. I walked around the whole roadway – occasionally acıbadem escort somebody would say hello and I answered back, but nothing more than that.

I had to take a pee, so I wandered over to a nearby bathroom. It was deserted, so I got my business done, tucked myself back away in my panties, checked my makeup, and decided I’d head back to the car and maybe try another campground.

When I got outside, though, a voice from the shadows said “Hello”, and then a man stepped out into the light from the bathroom. He introduced himself as Richard, and said he’d seen me walking by. He said that he wanted to make sure that I got back safely to my campsite since it looked like I was walking alone.

I admitted to him that I was alone, and had just stopped at the camp to use the restroom and that I really wasn’t camped there at all. He then said that as long as I was there I might as well camp for a little while at atalar escort least, and invited me back to his site. With my heart pounding, I agreed, and he took my hand and led me to his campsite at the edge of the campground near a little creek.

We sat on his folding chairs next to the creek in the moonlight, and as we chatted he moved closer and said that he found me very attractive. He put his arm around me and pulled me close for a kiss. Our lips met, and my tongue explored his mouth as his did mine.

I felt a familiar hardness in my panties as we kissed, and decided that I’d better do something to distract him before he started feeling around down there. I told him that I didn’t have sex with strangers, but that I could please him in other ways if he wanted, and asked him to turn his chair towards mine and take out his cock.

I slipped off my slides and brought my bare feet to his cock. He was dark skinned, and aydınlı escort my lily white feet with the dark red toes caressing his cock and stroking it looked totally hot. I let him fuck my sexy bare soles as he got nice and hard – I love to feel a cock getting hard between my pretty bare feet.

Once he was nice and hard, I slid down on my knees in the dirt in front of him. I gently kissed the tip of his cock, then licked all around the head and up and down the shaft before taking him in my hot little mouth. My lipsticked lips felt so good wrapped around his cock that he started to moan as he fucked my face. I felt like such a slutty cocksucker that I thought I’d cum in my panties right then and there. I looked up into his eyes and asked if he liked fucking my mouth, and he just grunted yes and pulled my head back into his crotch. I licked and sucked for all I was worth, and then I felt him twitch and he started cumming. He pulled back and shot his cum all over my face and hair, and some ran down my neck into my top.

He offered to return the favor, and said he wanted to fuck me after he was hard again, but I told him that I had to go. I needed to get away before he found out the hard truth…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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