Camping with Tristen

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Camping with Tristen

Tristen and John lived in Colorado, not too far outside of Denver. They were good friends that had known each other for 4-5 years through high school and afterward. John was originally friends with Tristen’s sister, and got to know Tristen when he hung out with her sister. John was 3 years older that Tristen who was just a few weeks older than 18. John and Tristen would play volleyball together at the park with some other friends occasionally and they would also play video games some. They could talk about anything and John was amazed at what Tristen would tell him that she did with some of her boyfriends. John had dated a girl for several years that he started dating in college and they were pretty serious so nothing got sexual between them besides some inappropriate sexual jokes. John had recently broken up with his girlfriend and it was a week before his college spring break. His plans with his girlfriend had been washed away. One night he and Tristen were talking and they decided that they would get a group together and go camping in the national park that was close by for the weekend.

As the weekend grew closer several of their friends dropped out for various reasons and the fun weekend trip didn’t look as fun anymore. Talking on the phone with Tristen John was hell bent on getting out of town for the weekend no matter who went even if he went by himself. Tristen said that she would go too and it didn’t matter to her who was there she loved camping and hadn’t been in a long time.

Friday came and John picked Tristen up in his truck and they headed out of the city for the 10,000 acre park that was a few hours away. The drive to the park was just beautiful as the trees and flowers were just blooming and covering the mountain side with color. After a few hours they pulled into the park and checked in at the office and located their camping site that was deep into the park and secluded well by their surroundings. They grabbed their equipment from the back of the truck and found a nice flat spot to setup their tent. There was a creek that flowed down the mountain that was just a stone’s throw from their spot and the trees opened in a spot leaving a clear view of the mile high mountains in the distance.

After they set up camp John took out a portable grill and cooked some hotdogs for them and sat and watched him as they talked about life. If felt good to get away from the city and from school and to feel the crisp cool air all around them. After supper they decided to go take a walk down by the creek and check it out closer. There were several large boulders in the creek which was about 10-12 feet wide and Tristen enjoyed jumping from rock to another crossing back and forth over the creek. John followed her as she led the way.

Without expecting it Tristen lost her footing on a rock that was wet and slippery and she fell forward into the creek that was only about a foot deep. She put her arms out to keep herself from taking a full bath, but the front of her shirt and shorts got soaked pretty bad. “Shit!” she said as she recovered from her spill. “Are you okay?” John asked her as he checked her over for cuts or bruises. “Yeah, just soaking wet” she replied. John helped her up carefully and she smiled at him with a little embarrassment.
They made their way back to their camp and Tristen when into the tent to change into some dry clothes. John cleaned up the remaining food from supper and began to get some supplies out to make s’mores over the fire as the sun went down. He couldn’t find the clothes hangers that he had brought from home to cook them with and then he remembered he left them in his bag in the tent. He asked Tristen if it was okay to come in the tent where she was and she said it was fine. As John opened the door to the tent he saw the last move of Tristen pulling down a new shirt over her full chested D cup bra. The shirt was a little skin tight and it took her a few seconds to pull it down completely over her chest.

John paused at the sight of her nice full chest in front of him as he said “Sorry I thought you were through.” “Haha, I thought I was too” Tristen said with a smile. John glanced down and saw Tristen’s wet clothes on the floor of the tent with a very sexy bright neon yellow thong next to her bra and other clothes. For just a few seconds John’s mind went to a place where it at had never been before. He always thought Tristen was pretty, but seeing her without being chained to his girlfriend he thought that she was pretty hot.

They got the supplies and walked out to the fire and roasted a few marshmallows over the fire sitting next to each other talking about where they would like to go hiking and explore tomorrow. Tristen had her full of the marshmallows and said “I don’t even know why I’m cooking another one, I’m full from supper still.” She took it off the hanger and offered it to John who had his hands full with the other supplies and so he leaned in and she popped it in his mouth. John closed his lips around the whole marshmallow and then felt Tristen’s finger pushing it in all the way. “Don’t eat my finger John” she said to him jokingly. John smiled and after he swallowed his kocaeli escort bayan hot treat he said “Well, I’m a guy and I eat anything you put into my mouth.” They both laughed it off and John thought to himself how naughty it sounded, but he figured Tristen was used to his dirty mind.
They played a few card games around the fire and then decided it was getting cool and they better head into the tent for the night to stay warm. The tent that John brought was big enough for 4-6 people but it was the only tent he had. Tristen had her air mattress and sleeping bag on one side and John had his on the other side. They talked for a while more and played a few more rounds of cards until they got bored enough to decide to go to sleep for the night.

After about two hours the temperature dropped and the heat from the fire waned as it was no longer being stoked with new wood. “Oh my god, it’s getting cold” Tristen said quietly wondering if John was still awake. “Yeah it is” a voice came from inside the sleeping back. “I didn’t think it would be this cold this weekend” John added. “I’m gonna put my jacket on” Tristen said as she quickly grabbed it and put it around her and then quickly back into her sleeping back. The chattering of teeth came from booth of them. Tristen said “I wish I had brought more clothes.” John agreed and then he said “I have a suggestion, if you are willing to do it” he explained. “What?” Tristen asked excitedly. “We could share our body heat and keep each other warm, as long as you behave!” John added as a joke. “OK” Tristen agreed “but you have to behave too.” “Just don’t put anything in my mouth!” John added. They both laughed and Tristen got her sleeping bag and brought over next to John. She started laying down next to John and then John said “If you share my sleeping bag and put yours on top of mine it will give us more warmth.” Tristen agreed and crawled right in the sleeping bag that John held open for her after she laid her bag across the top of his.

Tristen laid in front of John spooning him closely in the very tight sleeping bag that was not meant for two. “This is better already” she commented as she settled in to get comfortable. “Yeah” John said as he thought in his mind it was really almost too nice. Tristen’s ass was pressed against his shorts and their closeness couldn’t help but stimulate his cock a little bit from their tight quarters. Tristen fidgeted around a little more and they tried to accommodate each other. Tristen felt John’s warn breath on her neck and shoulder as he was behind her. “Sorry” Tristen apologized as she moved around “I can’t get comfy.” “It’s okay” John said back to her. “Can I put my arm over your shoulder?” John asked her. “Sure” she said back to him. “At least we are warn now” he said. “Yeah almost too warm” she added. “Now that you are comfy, do you want to take your jacket off?” he laughed. “Yes, actually, and my socks too” she added. Tristen took off her jacket off and she only had a
They finally settled back down into their place again and John placed his arm over the top of her arm and shoulder. It hung down over her front and rested just over the top of her chest. John worried that with all the movement Tristen would feel his hard cock pressed against her ass and get freaked out. They got quiet and started to head back to sleep. After about 10 minutes Tristen shifted around trying to get comfortable again but this time she accidently pressed her ass harder into John and she noticed what he had been hoping to conceal. John noticed it too but he just laid silently still pretending to be a sleep.
After another minute went by Tristen carefully reached back behind her ass and felt around the front of his athletic shorts with her hand. John noticed and wondered what she was doing. She finally found the proper way to feel it and then grabbed the shaft of his dick with her hand. “Damn” John thought he had been busted. But to his surprise she continued to feel it moving her hand all around it trying to gage its size. “Mmm” John accidently let out a moan in pleasure as she felt him up. “I’m sorry” Tristen said as she quickly moved her hand back around front. “I felt something and I didn’t know what it was” she added. “That’s okay” John offered to calm her down. “I didn’t mind” he added a second later. Tristen turned her head and looked at him and smiled and laughed. “I bet” she touted him. “I didn’t mind earlier when I got a little peep show either” he said with a sly grin on his face.

“How long have we been friends” John asked her changing the subject quickly. “I don’t know I guess about four or five years” Tristen added. “Why, do ask?” Tristen said trying to see where he was going with the conversation. “I was just wondering how I never saw how beautiful you were” he replied. “Aww thanks” she said to his complement. “You probably had your head too far up your girlfriend’s ass to notice me” she added teasing him a bit. “Probably so” John agreed with her. “Well not anymore” he added.

A few seconds of silence went by that felt like a few minutes. John finally broke the silence again and said “I’m really glad you came up here with me…, I would izmit escort have been really cold without you” he said to her in a playful way. “But you could have masturbated all night long if you were by yourself” she teased him while she pressed her ass hard into his dick teasing him. “Hey watch it now, if you keep doing that it’s not going to go down anytime soon” he told her. “Keep doing what?” she asked as she pressed her ass into him again and again. “Oh my god Tristen you are so bad. You better stop or else I might do something to you.” “Like what?” she questioned him. “I don’t know, but you might not want me to do it” he said. “Maybe I do” she said as she pressed back into him and held herself there. She could John’s long dick lined up perfectly with her crack and sandwiched between her cheeks.

John decided he would tease her back with a taste of her own medicine and he grabbed held of her top breast and gave it as squeeze over the top of her tank top. He also pressed his cock against her ass more. “Mmm, that feels good” she said as she turned and looked at him in the eyes. John continued to caress her breast with his hand and he felt her nipple pressed to the palm of his hand though her thin tank top, she had taken her bra off to sleep. John took his fingers and gently pinched her nipple with his fingers. “Oh god, yes” Tristen said. “It’s been too long” she said since I’ve had some fun. “Me too, I haven’t had any fun since Laura and I broke up.”

John leaned down and kissed Tristen on the lips and then pulled back. “Is that okay” he asked her. “Yes, don’t worry, I tell you if somethings not okay” she silenced his worries. He leaned down to kiss her again but with more passion and he continued to pleasure her chest. Tristen opened her mouth and kissed John more and help his bottom lip between her lips and thrust her tongue gently into John’s mouth.

Tristen leaned back and was laying on her back. John moved back to let her fall into position. He slipped his arm under her neck and continued kissing her. He took her bottom lip and sucked it into his mouth and held it there. Her lips tasted sweet, John could faintly taste the marshmallows on her lips from earlier. Tristen moved her hand up to John’s chest and squeezed it softly. John could feel her nails through his t-shirt.

John moved his hand down at Tristen’s stomach and put his hand underneath her shirt on her bare skin. It was so soft to the touch and he walked his fingers up toward her chest until he final felt a handful of her naked breast in the palm of his hand. He caressed her and then flipped her shirt up over her breasts. He stared down at this young beautiful girl and was captivated by her lovely breasts. John knelt his head down and began to kiss and lick all over her tits. Her nipples were mature and her areolas were about as big as quarters, the perfect size for him to take into his mouth. He covered one of her nipples with his entire mouth and sucked on it for several minutes. “Oh god yes, that feels amazing” she said.

Tristen reached down with her hand and began to grab at his cock outside his shorts and then she went inside his shorts and boxers finding a handful of his cock. She began to stroke him off and said “you like that?” “Yes Tristen” he urged her to continue. They loosened the sleeping back around them and unzipped it for more room to play. Tristen lifted up her ass and with some team work she and John pulled her shorts down and off her legs.

John’s hands went immediately down her tummy and slipped between her legs. He felt her moist pussy lips and carefully unfolded them open clearing access for his fingers to her clit and pussy. He inserted his fingers into her and started finger fucking her pussy as she went back to stroking his cock. John evened the clothing count and took his shorts off too. “Fuck yes, that feels so good John” Tristen encouraged him to keep it up. He would pull his fingers out and make circles around her clit and then slide them back in.

Tristen turned on her side facing John and scooted up where her breasts were right at John’s face. He wrapped his arms around her and began to kiss and flick her nipples with his tongue while his hands reached around and squeezed her ass cheeks and pressed her body next to his. His fingers slid down between her crack and played with the opening of her pussy. He pressed his fingers against her asshole too and teased her with some ass play. “So do you eat anything that’s put in your mouth?” Tristen asked him remembering what he said when she feed him the marshmallow. John smiled at her and said “yeah anything.”

John laid on his back and Tristen got up and flipped upside down and with her legs she straddled John’s face putting her pussy right at John’s mouth. John wrapped his arms around her legs and then up on to her ass cheeks. He pulled her ass apart and then dove right in with his tongue and lips. Her lips were small, but the perfect size to play around with his tongue.

Tristen took hold of his dick and began to stroke it slow and play with his balls with her finger tips. John couldn’t see what she was doing but all at once her felt her mouth escort bayan clamp around the head of his dick and began to give back some oral pleasure. John continued to work her pussy and pressed his tongue against her clit and would suck her lips into his mouth running his tongue on the inside of them.

While he savored ever last inch of her pussy he went back to playing with her ass again fingering it and pressing against it. He grew more turned on and then started licking up and down her crack and then stopping over he anus and licked it and pressed his tongue an inch or so inside. “Fuck yes!” Tristen said as she released his dick from her mouth. “If you stretch me open and get me wet I’ll let you fuck me in the ass” she said. John had been just issued a challenge that he would not back down on. He continued working her ass and fingering it with two fingers and burying his tongue as deep inside that he could.

John was rock hard from Tristen serving his cock with her mouth and from eating her pussy. He couldn’t believe that they went from really close friends to fucking all in the period of about 1 day. “Fuck my pussy for a little bit and then you can have my tight virgin ass” she said. Tristen flipped down and turned to face John and she raised her pussy over his dick that was standing up at in attention. John grabbed her legs and she grabbed the shaft of his prick and lowered herself down onto his dick. “Ohhh god yes!” John said as he felt her vagina slip comfortably down around his dick. A few thrusts and his dick was all the deep inside her pussy. Tristen began to bounce up and down faster riding John inside their little love tent. John’s hands went from her ass, to her tits, and back to her legs as he enjoyed watching her ride him and her tits giggled with her motion.
Tristen pulled herself off his dick and then moved to her hands and knees and turned to invite John to enter her pussy again. He popped up and positioned himself behind her and thrusted his pole inside again. He spanked her ass playfully and Tristen responded telling him to spank her harder. He spanked her hard and over and over again leaving her ass cheek a little red. The sound of her sopping wet pussy was turning them on more and more. Every time he would slam into her ass his balls would swing up and hit her in between the legs.

John would reach around with his hands and caress her tits while he fucked her and then he remembered her ass and moved his thumb down as her asshole and began to press on it and slide his thumb in side her ass. “Mmmm, oh god yes, you want my ass baby?” Tristen moaned as she rocked her hips back and forth with his motion. “Yes baby, I want to feel how tight it is!” John pulled his dick out and put his hand in the middle of Tristen’s back gentle pushing her down where her ass would stick up more. She grabbed one side of her ass with one hand and John grabbed the other and they pulled her cheeks apart exposing her ass that was gaping open a little from the foreplay.

John put his dick right at the entrance of her ass and pressed it slowly inside her until all of his head disappeared in it. “Mmmm, Oh shit” she said as she felt his cock begin to open her up. John stayed still for a few seconds and began to push more of his thick cock inside her. After half his cock was buried inside her ass he begin to pump in and out of her going deeper with every push. Tristen was very vocal and enjoying every minute of her first go at anal sex. Every time that John would push deep she would let out a moan or whimper in pleasure.

John couldn’t believe how tight her ass felt around his dick. He knew it wouldn’t be too long before he was blowing his load inside Tristen. Tristen felt John’s hands go between her legs and start rubbing her clit. John pressed on it hard trying to help her explode with passion when she came. “I’m getting ready to cum” John announced. “Me too” Tristen responded in between taking breaths panting from her anal thrashing. John starting going fast and faster as he anticipated that it wouldn’t be long for both of them. They both were getting loud but didn’t’ worry because they had the whole park and forest for themselves.

“Ahhhh god yessss!” Tristen said as she slammed her ass all the back into John. The base of his cock was all the way at the entrance of her ass. John felt a shiver go down his spine as he knew Tristen was exploding in delight which sent him into cumming. He jolted her as she was motionless as he shot several loads of cum deep inside her ass. Tristen turned and smiled at him and watched him fill her ass up with his cum. “Oh god, yes!” John said as he pressed his cock as deep as he could squeezing out every last drop of his cum into her.

John slowly pulled his dick out of Tristen’s ass and watched as a stream of cum cling to the tip of his dick and was connected to Tristen’s ass. After a few seconds John watched as his cum came dripping out of her gapping open ass and down over her pussy lips that were soaked in her own cum. After they recovered they cleaned up and put their shirts and socks back on but slide back into John’s sleeping bag with no panties or boxers. They cuddled together and kissed a good amount more before Tristen fell asleep laying on John’s shoulder on her side with her leg draped across his body. John rubbed her back and shoulders as they faded off to sleep together.

(to be continued…)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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