Candy’s Fashion House Ch. 04

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Thanks to Charlie again for his editorial skill, support and encouragement.


Alecia, what the fuck was she doing here???

I turned to look at Lauren; she was talking to Maddison who was in turn pointing over at me!

I got up and walked over, “Hi Lauren I was just wondering if you wanted to get lunch somewhere?”

She hugged and kissed me, “Sorry baby I am flat out today, but I would love to take a rain check!”

I mumbled hesitantly. “Yeah no worries Lauren, I will see you tonight.” At least she acknowledged me this time.

For the rest of the day I struggled trying to think of a logical explanation for why Alecia would have been in Laurens office.

That night I got home early and prepared a nice dinner. I got out the massage table thinking I would get Lauren in the mood and maybe work Alecia into the conversation.

Well part of the plan worked, I gave Lauren her massage and yes she was in the mood, but we got so carried away that dinner burnt and we exhausted ourselves making wild passionate love.

As things got back on track between Lauren and I, she wanted to get back to the dress up routine. She got up with me every morning and as I walked out of the shower there she was twirling the panties around on her fingers like before, and her pleading imploring voice was more than I could take. “Please Michael, just wear them for me, I promise no one else will know, just you and me OK?”

I relented, as always Lauren always gets her way. It’s impossible for me to stay mad at her.

Every day Lauren tried to get me to go a little further, but every time she pushed I rebuffed her. “No Lauren I said no and I meant it.”

All that did was to start another fight and she became increasingly angry with me. I made the decision that if she continued to disrespect my boundaries I would push back on everything including the panties.

The following days I could see the level of frustration growing by the day.

Things sort of eased over the weekend, we went out for a nice lunch on Saturday and Lauren dragged me around the shops with her. As we looked in dress shop windows Lauren would comment wow that would look so good on you, she slipped in remarks about how sexy I would look in this or that. I simply ignored her, trying hard not to spoil what had been a nice day.

Monday morning Lauren got up in the morning with me and again tried the panties, it had been such a pleasant weekend I didn’t wasn’t to lose the magic, so I relented and pulled on the panties. It wasn’t that I didn’t like wearing the panties, in truth I did enjoy the silky feel and the feelings they evoked in me was growing on me. I just wanted Lauren to understand she couldn’t disrespect me like that. Over the next couple of weeks Lauren ramped it up a little more every day, first she brought the stockings back and then it was stockings and suspenders, then the next she added the corset until finally during the weekends it was back to the whole makeup thing.

Every time Lauren did my makeup she got better and better at it, by the end of the month even I was stunned at the transformation. I would sit for ages just looking in the mirror, who was this sexy looking chick staring back at me.

That weekend after another marathon session of the hottest sex ever, Lauren asked if we could go shopping the next day.

On Saturday morning I got up early, I took special care to wash off all of the remnants of the previous night. I almost scrubbed myself raw. I was dressed and downstairs before Lauren appeared. She looked at me with a disappointed look in her eyes. “Mikey why did you get dressed, I wanted us to have a girls day out today. I wanted to go out shopping with my girlfriend!”

I just about choked on my muesli, “Girlfriend! Lauren, there’s no way I would go out dressed as a woman in public. Jesus Christ what the hell are you thinking!”

She wouldn’t let it go. “Baby you are gorgeous and sexy. Nobody would guess and it would be so much fun. Some of my clothes will fit you really well and while we are out we can get you your own!”

Bloody hell the disregard of my feelings on this was amazing. “Fuck off Lauren, I told you it’s not happening so don’t even think about it.”

“Oh come on Mikey don’t tell me you aren’t wondering what other people would say? I watch you every night looking in the mirror; surely you want the world to see the real you?”

“Lauren this dressing up thing is something for us to share here at home. It will have to stay here at home if you aren’t happy with that then maybe we should just put a stop to it altogether. I could never stand it if people knew. The fact that you threw me under the bus with Karla means I don’t feel that I can trust you, so I’m not giving you another chance!”

We did end up going shopping and Lauren being Lauren rushed from shop to shop but she wasn’t shopping for herself she was trying to buy things for me, but every time she would get me to go and look çekmeköy escort at something she would try to hold it up against me. It was pissing me off. So I pretty much left her to her own devices and disappeared to do my own thing. That is until she called me on my phone asking to meet at the shoe shop. Reluctantly I walked in and she was sitting down with a couple of pairs of heels. She patted the seat beside her. She put her head on my shoulder. “Baby I need you to try these on.”

“I laughed fuck Lauren you don’t listen do you baby. The answer is no OK!”

She picked my foot up and held a pair of high heels beside my foot, trying to measure and compare. A sales girl came over asking if she could help.

Lauren smiled “Yes we are trying to figure out sizes.” I gave Lauren a push as she tried to hold my leg. I stood up and walked off. Fuck I should have known she just wouldn’t listen. She can be like a bulldozer when she sets her mind on something.

We drove home in stony silence.

Later that night as I did some work in the study, there was a gentle tap on the door, it was Lauren.

She apologised but as always she tried to lay the blame on me complaining if I had just gone along with her it would have all been OK. She was pissed because she couldn’t choose the shoes without my help.

I grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her, not violently but firmly so she understood. “Lauren this isn’t something I want OK, this is your little fantasy world. You are treating me like a Barbie Doll and you are playing dress up with me. Lauren please remember it’s you who wants this not me. I have tried to tell you I don’t want anyone else to know what we have been doing and I would be as embarrassed as hell if somebody realised.”

Lauren got all upset and long in the mouth, she stormed off. “You are such an idiot Michael, nobody would ever guess. Even your own mother wouldn’t recognise you.”

“Yeah well what about today at the she shop? Did you see the smirk on that assistant? Christ Lauren I was mortified.”

“Michael this isn’t the dark ages. People’s sexuality is accepted today. There are millions of gender fluid people all over the world. She wouldn’t have cared less. She only laughed at your behaviour.”

So that’s how it went Lauren got all huffy, and I got all defensive and we struggled to find any common ground. Lauren kept the pressure on me over the next month or so and it got back to the stage where I spent more time dressed as a woman than as a man.

We had been getting on great but it was too good to last. Lauren would not accept that I didn’t want to go public. She tried every weekend to get me to go with her dressed up. But I couldn’t do it; it scared the living hell out of me. Then one Sunday after Lauren had spent ages getting me dressed up, and she had done a stellar job. Even I was impressed with her efforts. As I admired my reflection in the mirror I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed. It was getting harder and harder to push this sexy alter ego into the dark recesses of the closet. As I was posing and smiling at my reflection Lauren walked in and caught me. She giggled, “See baby you do like it. Look at you; you are like a little girl. You are so damn pretty Mikey, so very, very pretty.”

Anyway we were sort of relaxing although it was hard for me to relax dressed, I just never felt comfortable. I was always afraid someone would turn up so I always locked the doors. I was physically uncomfortable as well I didn’t know how to sit with my privates tucked up out of the way.

Well about two thirty in the afternoon my worst nightmare happened there was a knock on the door. Lauren jumped up fast to get it; I freaked and ran for the stairs locking myself in the study.

It turned out to be Karla, I prised open the door just enough to hear what was being said. Karla was giggling along with Lauren, and it was then that I realised Lauren had set it up because I heard Karla laughing, “Well where is she then I can’t wait to see.”

Lauren came bounding up the stairs; I locked the door as I realised she was headed my way.

She knocked on the door, “Baby its only Karla come on out and say hello.”

“Give me half an hour to get changed I hissed and I will be down.”

“No Michael don’t change, come down now as you are so Karla can see the real you. Please Mikey; let her see what I see.”

She kept rapping on the door, “Michael don’t be a sissy come on be brave!”

I’m not sure if she even realised what she had said, but it certainly turned my face red. Fuck that’s what I am; she’s turned me into a fucking sissy, dressed in girl’s clothes. What the fuck am I doing, it was a moment of clarity and a blinding realisation.

Lauren got sick of knocking and went back downstairs.

I took the chance to go into our bedroom locking the door behind me. I showered and scrubbed. I pulled on my normal men’s clothes and wandered down.

They were sitting in the lounge cevizli escort having a glass or two of wine. They were giggling as they heard me coming down the stairs.

The moment Lauren saw me she moaned “Oh for fuck sake Michael what the hell are you doing?”

Karla gave Lauren a confused look but didn’t say anything.

“Michael you are being a bloody sook, why didn’t you let Karla see the real you?”

“Lauren this is the real me, just like it has always been.”

“Christ Michael you are just being a fucking drama queen. Karla just wants to see you dressed wouldn’t you honey” she purred to Karla.

Karla could see the angry look on my face which Lauren was ignoring, “No Lauren maybe another day.”

Lauren was all huffy, “Oh poo Michael why do you always have to spoil everything.”

Karla looked uncomfortable caught in our conflict and got up to leave. Lauren walked with her to the door and they were standing together whispering at the door,

Lauren came back after seeing off Karla and started to lambast me for fucking up her little surprise. I let her rant until she ran out of breath and then I started.

“Lauren recently you have turned into a manipulative little bitch, you tricked me into getting dressed today knowing all the time that you had arranged for Karla to come over. You totally ignored my wishes for this to stay our secret. I told you I would never go out in public and I didn’t want anyone else to know.” I went up to bed but I didn’t go to our room I went straight to the study and locked myself in.

It was much later that Lauren came up, she knocked on the door, “Michael don’t be childish you can come to bed, I won’t fucking bite you.”

Over the next few weeks with the frustration levels rising Lauren slipped into her old ways. She came in one night, much later than normal and I was already in bed, she had been drinking so I wasn’t sure where she had been but she was frisky and wanted to play. She stripped of entirely before climbing into bed and jumped on me immediately and started to kiss and caress me, “Hey lover she was purring, do you want to play?”

I fucking did actually, I really did, but I was also pissed off and angry she had obviously been out somewhere with someone. I pushed her off me, “No thanks Lauren I don’t feel like sloppy seconds.”

She started to screech and slap me but I grabbed her arms and pushed her down on the bed “Stop it Lauren you are acting like a slut, so don’t be surprised if I treat you like one. You’ve been out with someone else tonight and I don’t want to be part of it. I don’t know who you have been fucking but you may as well go back because I don’t want any part of your cheating slutty ass.”

I got out of bed and headed for the study.

“Yeah fuck off you chicken shit little sissy. That’s typical of you Michael; you’re too scared to be who you really are. At least somebody likes me and wants to fuck me, not like you, you wimpy sissy little shit. Go on run away to your little hidey hole; at least I got laid tonight so suck on that.”

The next morning Lauren was in a sorry state obviously suffering a severe hangover. As we sat quietly across from each other I muttered softly but firmly. “Lauren I have had enough of your stupid childish games. You have spent the last few weeks torturing me. Then to cap it all off you go out and have sex with somebody else. That’s fine Lauren maybe you should move in with them, like you said at least somebody wants to fuck you. So don’t let me stand in your way Lauren.”

“Please baby don’t be like this, please we can work it out. Last night I just said those things to make you angry! I am so sorry baby. Please forgive me. Mikey I have been so frustrated lately, don’t you understand I want you to be comfortable enough to go out with me. I want a real girlfriend who can go out with me shopping and to the movies I want the world to see my sexy new girlfriend. I am proud of her; I want the world to know how lucky I am. Please don’t hide her away from the world it’s not fair she needs to breathe.”

Against my better judgement I made a concession. I agreed that I would go back to playing the dress up game at home by ourselves and that in the future if I could build up my confidence enough,maybe we could try going out somewhere, where nobody would know us.

They say makeup sex is the best, well I have to agree, the passion we shared that night was unbelievable, it was fierce, it was hot and steamy but it was loving as well.

So that’s how we made up and it didn’t take long for Lauren to be putting the pressure on me to dress up. The very next morning she was up out of bed when I got out of the shower getting ready for work. There she was with the two pairs of panties twirling around, one on either index finger. Of course there were the obligatory pink ones and another pair of powder blue ones that said princess across the bum. I walked over to her drawers and got another pair of black erenköy escort ones. She just smiled, kissed me, “Thank you baby.”

That night when I got home Lauren was home already and she had run a hot bath for me and as I slid into the hot bubbles she slithered in with a glass of champagne.

As I laid back drinking my champagne Lauren got out a razor and started to shave me. I had noticed a couple of things recently, my body and facial hair wasn’t growing back as quickly as it used to and it seemed soft and downy. I also noticed that I was getting fat, not around my tummy but my arse in particular was getting bigger. My jeans were getting tighter. Recently I was getting very moody and I would break into tears at the slightest problem or if something went wrong. It was just weird.

Lauren shaved my entire body and rinsed me off before disappearing down to get another drink for us. She sat me down at her makeup table and started to weave her magic. My hair was getting longer; I wasn’t growing it purposefully I just hadn’t had a chance to get to the barber recently or at least that’s what I was telling myself But with my hair being so long Lauren was able to feminise it without resorting to a wig. She spent an age getting my eyes right. She went for that smoky sexy eye look and it did look pretty sensuous. She used a lipstick that sort of plumped up my lips and made them look fuller. Fucking hell I looked pretty convincing when she was finished. Lauren was jumping up and down with delight. And she dragged out her phone and started taking lots of photos of just my head.

Then she went to work on my clothes. She went with a bustier and black seemed stockings. But she then pulled out a little black cocktail dress. Once I was dressed she shooed me away downstairs as she did her own makeup.

I ran around making us a quick chicken salad and I had just about finished when Lauren came downstairs, she looked stunning, she was dressed to kill wearing a little sequinned silver cocktail dress, it was so short it barely covered her bum. She had on the highest pair of heels I have ever seen, I actually felt a little jealous as I didn’t have any shoes to wear myself. It’s funny how the mind works.

The dinner was amazing Lauren kept complimenting me on my look, she took lots of photos and she took a couple of selfie styled photos with the pair of us together looking up with sexy pouts, she was right I don’t think anyone would recognise me, but I still wasn’t prepared to take that chance.

We danced that night like lovers do, our arms wrapped around each other. When our mouths met it was amazing, god I love that feel of the first kiss when I am wearing lipstick, it’s so wet and slippery it feels like liquid sex. This felt different sexier more intense the plumping lipstick made them even more sensitive. And as out tongues joined wetly together slithering sexily entwined in lust it was just the sexiest kiss.

My hands roamed down to Laurens bum and my hands cupped her sexy little cheeks and pulled her hard against my straining dick.

Laurens hands were doing their own version of roaming and her hands were caressing and squeezing my bum as well. Lauren let her hand slide up under the satin of my little dress and she slid it up until she was able to push it down into my panties until her finger was sliding up and down my bum crack. This was something we had never done before and it was new and a little scary for me as Laurens finger rubbed against the entrance of my bum. She was kissing me passionately and nibbling my ears and neck. I on the other hand was trying to wriggle away to stop her probing finger finding a new home. She was insistent though, and the more I wriggled and writhed the more she tried to edge it into my arse.

I tried to shift her focus by kissing her and sliding my own hand into her knickers, she was wet and swollen and the heat from her pussy would have melted glass. I was able to slide a finger into her open folds working gently in and out. Fairs, fair I thought if she is going to try and slide a finger in my bum I would return the favour. So with that thought in my head I slid my finger out of her pussy and back to the entrance to her bum, where I used her juices to lubricate the way. As my finger slid in she let out a mighty moan and whispered in a campy sexy voice “Oh fuck yeah baby, fuck my sexy little ass.” I thought she would protest but strangely she was into it and as my finger slid in she was pressing back against it. She giggled into my ear, “Baby if you are taking mine then I am definitely taking yours.”

I giggled, “Sorry Lauren but that’s one treasure I’m not parting with” and I moved my hand back and moved hers away from my bum.

“She chuckled that’s not fair baby, I want you to have mine, why can’t I have yours. I want you to feel what I feel. Baby you will love it I promise.” Her lips crushed back against mine and as we kissed and I fucked her cute little derriere with my finger sliding in and out she moved her hand back until once again her finger was probing my butt hole, I pleaded with her, “Please Lauren don’t do that, I don’t like it.”

“How do you know you don’t like it? We have never even tried it, that is unless you tried it with someone else?”

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