Captive Audience Ch. 02

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It wasn’t shocking to me that the joint-efforts of Valerica, Bethany, and their fellow bridesmaid Carmen, plus the experience of licking Laila’s yummy ass (and it was one sweet derriere), had me stiff as before. The reality that I had probably seeded my step sister didn’t hurt at all. Bethany and I were always close, but I had wanted more from her than she seemed willing to give … well, until now. Apparently, I had assumed wrongly that she didn’t return my feelings. The blue pill probably aided things most of all, of course.

As Laila came so hard that she fell off my face and landed on my torso, she rolled over and staggered for a second to find her thigh harness and strap-on dildo. Meanwhile, Bethany tapped Carmen on the shoulder and winked at me while giving the cute Baja girl a steamy tongue kiss. Carmen looked the classic Latina, with her sultry brown skin and dark bedroom eyes. When she climbed upon my cock, her gorgeous, jet-black hair hit me in the face a few times while she rode my dick in the cowgirl position. Valerica continued to lick and suck my balls and taint, while Bethany started rimming Carmen, much to my delight … and Carmen’s.

Carmen kept riding me for probably a good half-hour, as it would take a while for me to recover from servicing three women so far. My dick was a little sore, but something told me that by the time that the wedding and reception were over, I would be back to normal and up to my usual tricks. In the meantime, I gave Carmen as much pleasure as I could and reveled in the warmth and wetness of her twat. She certainly gave back as good as she got, of course, much to my delight. My hands wandered all over her smooth, sweaty cheeks, getting goosebumps from her as I played with the outside of her asshole. Her lovely tits swung in my face repeatedly as she began moaning even harder and now squirted on my cock.

I now came like the thunder of Jove, my cock spurting out as much hot cum into Carmen’s hot, wet pussy as I could give her. She slumped on my torso and kissed my neck, followed by my shoulders and chest, whispering words of desire and affection to me in Spanish, most of which I didn’t catch the precise meaning of them, but the context and the way that she treated me told me volumes. When I heard the word, “papi,” my ears perked up for sure. I lay there with this cute mamacita in bed on top of me for a few minutes, until Laila returned with her strap-on dildo and thigh harness.

“Hey, bridegroom, care to feel what it’s like for the bride?” Laila snickered, just as my future mother-in-law joined her and Carmen finally got off me.

“Time to see what it’s like to bed the mother of the bride. In our family, it’s a tradition, dear. Sooner or later, the bridegroom must mount the mother of the bride and use her ass. Henri is fine with it, as he got to do the same with my mother, too. Bet that you didn’t know that Natalie’s grandmother was an anal slut for her father, did you? Of course, while he was plowing her, my father got to pound my ass, too.

“Another tradition will come true on the wedding night, just you wait. You get to try to knock me up. Henri knocked my mother up, in fact, so why should he object to you doing the same for me? The bridegroom always tries to give his bride the gift of a brother or sister. Yes, you will marry into one kinky family, ma cherie,” the mother of the bride told me abruptly as she sucked my cock to get it hard again for her ass.

“I like that tradition,” I admitted, growing hard again, as Laila started making out with me and Danielle, Natalie’s mother, lubed up both my cock and my sphincter.

“Maman, can you please lie down on your belly with your ass in the air, so Levi can enter you from behind while I plow his bottom?” Laila encouraged her, leading to one hell of a fine French cougar butt presented to me for my use.

I lubed Danielle up a good bit and eased into her booty, gradually going deeper with each stroke, while Laila did the same to me. We both had to let the one below us adapt. This was every bit as critical as the generous lube used for the wonderful act of sodomy now taking place. I definitely took a moment to catch my breath as I felt every thrust of that plastic dick inside my bunghole. Even so, it soon became quite pleasurable, especially once Laila hit my prostate regularly. The feeling of Danielle’s hot, slick tunnel on my cock was amazing, too. I was also excited at the implication that I would get to pound this booty on a regular basis now. I got the impression that Laila wanted to make the pegging a frequent thing, too, and by now, I didn’t object to the idea.

“Oh, damn, Levi, that sweet ass of yours … Oh, just wait until I get my mouth on that butt of yours again! I’m going to lick and kiss it like mad! I worship that booty! Damn, this feel-do helps make every stroke un-fucking-believable! Thank you for letting me peg you! Don’t worry … I’ll bend over for you whenever you want it!” Laila egged me on as she kocaeli escort pounded my tush.

I didn’t say anything, just kept letting my hips do the talking, as I moved them just right to ream Danielle hard while Laila did the same to me. Laila really planted lots of kisses on my back as I buggered Danielle, which prompted me to do exactly the same to my fiancee’s mother. Danielle moaned and cursed in French, her whole body reacting as she squirmed beneath me, welcoming me further inside her colon. I was later to learn that she had cleaned herself out ruthlessly to get her bottom ready for my dick. She really wanted my cock back there, apparently!

“Well, that is one way to get along with your mother-in-law,” Natalie’s eldest sister, Jacqueline, declared as she walked in on us, “Just make her your bitch. From what I’ve seen and heard of our family over the years, it’s definitely the best policy. Papa keeps her in line much the same way. I can’t wait to see how you treat your sisters-in-law and Paul. Charlotte is curious, too. She loves it rough, would you believe it? I should know, given that she’s also my lover. Yes, we’re more than just sisters. She’s my main squeeze, my soulmate, though Natalie’s delicious, too. We just need to breed with someone … you, Papa, and Paul are the prime candidates, of course, though we are open to others. You wouldn’t mind donating your seed to a lesbian incest couple, do you, my sweet brother-in-law?”

Just then, Danielle cursed in French one time too many, while her wet pussy made just enough of a scent, even as Laila hit my prostate once more. I had enough to overload any man, so I erupted inside her derriere, filling her with my spunk. I was convinced that Jacqueline did it deliberately, too. What stunned me, though, was when Laila knelt to suck my cock straight from Danielle’s asshole, while both Jacqueline and her sister Charlotte began lapping up my spunk from their own mother’s butt. Danielle just came all over again with that, making it evident just how kinky she really was … she enjoyed being rimmed by her own daughters!

“See, my love, my family really is into incest,” Natalie shocked me by walking into the room now, her skirt raised to show her father’s and brother’s jizz leaking from her pussy and ass.

Carmen and Valerica had their hands all over Natalie’s body, fondling her tits and her booty. Henri and Paul, my future father-in-law and brother-in-law, walked over to me and each slipped me some tongue … and then each other as well. Then Paul fell to his knees to join Laila in sucking my cock from his own mother’s butt. Henri instead found Bethany, who had been jilling off right then, and spread her thighs to start lapping at her twat, being careful to lick only the cum from the outside, rather than clean up the whole thing. He obviously understood that my step sister wanted to get pregnant to me and didn’t mind. He grew hard in a hurry, in fact, which gave me a great idea.

“Henri, add your seed to Bethany’s snatch, help me give her twins! Fuck my step sister silly!” I encouraged the father of the bride, who grinned as did Bethany when they heard this.

“Well, you heard my dear step brother, Papa. Stick it deep in me! Fill me with your sperm!” Bethany urged him, and being French, well, he had no trouble doing that (of course, he probably had something in his system to add to his stamina).

“What happened to not seeing the bride before the wedding?” I teased Natalie while her brother and maid of honor kept sucking my dick.

“Silly superstition, my stud! Now, just relax and let Laila and Paul get you ready to fuck Charlotte and Jacqueline! Your morning isn’t complete until you’ve properly fucked everyone here, so it’s best to get busy! I want to see your cock disappear into them as well as me! Of course, to let your dick rest, this time around, you should take the bottom role with both men. You’ll have plenty of chances to be the top, won’t you? I love the idea of my father’s and brother’s cum leaking from your asshole while we take our vows. Just wait until our honeymoon, when my whole family will be at your service. They’ve already agreed that if you went through with it, they’d be your sex slaves for the whole cruise. Any kinky thing that you want, they’ll do it gladly for you, as will I,” Natalie informed me as her sisters bent over for me.

“Yes, a whole vacation full of an entire French family and the friends of the bride, servicing you until you can’t stand it anymore. We have so many ideas of how to please, even surprise you, my sweet brother-in-law, just you wait,” Charlotte teased me as I went back and forth from her to Natalie to Jacqueline … I could only get it up but so many times, and this seemed to be the best way to manage it.

“Oui, slam it into my daughters, Levi! I expect you to treat all of my daughters well, especially Natalie, but not just her! I am their father, after all!” Henri told me as he pumped his cock in and out of Bethany’s kocaeli escort bayan messy slit.

“A pity we can’t all marry Levi,” Jacqueline teased us, as Natalie swatted her tush in response.

“You don’t need to marry him, sweet sister. You already have a bride, namely Charlotte. Besides, we’re sisters and sisters share EVERYTHING or they should, anyway. But actually, that’s kind of sexy. The idea of you becoming his other brides. Three brides for one man. As long as I get to marry both of you, too,” Natalie giggled as she changed her mind so abruptly.

“Well, I actually meant the entire family marrying Levi. We could all be his brides. If we want to, that is. Informally, of course. I think that it’s safe to say that we’re all attracted to Levi here, aren’t we?” Jacqueline suggested.

“As long as I’m his first and legal wife, that’s fine with me,” Natalie agreed, as I pulled out of her again and slid into Charlotte’s twat.

“Does that mean that I get to wear a nice, pretty dress and high heels?” Paul laughed, but given that he was now licking my ass while his father sucked my balls, I had to wonder if he was serious.

“Maybe. I wouldn’t mind it if you cross-dressed now and then. That could be fun. We could call you Pauline or simply Paula. You really do want to fuck him, don’t you?” Natalie taunted her brother.

“Yes, and to be fucked by him … Pretty please, may I fuck this ass?” Paul begged me now, as I enjoyed the slickness of Jacqueline’s slit yet again.

“Go for it. Laila already took my cherry,” I encouraged him.

Laila giggled at that, while lubing up my asshole for Paul’s hard cock. The next thing that I knew, my bride’s brother was balls deep in my butt, moving closer to my prostate with every push. His strokes indicated how much he enjoyed sodomizing me, but I was already getting into it now, so why not cooperate with him? From the sound of it, he would get his soon enough, from me and the others. While Paul buggered me, Laila took the strap-on to him, and this just made him even more excited now. It soon became quite the train indeed, with Laila using Paul’s ass while he used mine and I now fucked Natalie’s bottom.

“Mon Dieu! Oui! Deeper! Harder! Fuck my ass, Levi! Make me your butt-slut, too!” Natalie urged me as her mother now shoved her crack in my bride’s face and made her lick it clean.

“There, shut up and tongue my asshole!” Danielle instructed her daughter, “Lick your fiance’s cum up good from there!”

“Oui, maman! I love the taste of your bottom and his cum together!” Natalie said as she rimmed her mother enthusiastically.

“Good, and I will enjoy licking his jizz from your pretty ass, too!” Danielle encouraged her.

Meanwhile, Paul finished up in my asshole, shooting his load back there to flood my booty with his cum. He continued to take Laila’s strap-on up his sphincter as she pegged him hard, while Henri now eased into my butt with his own dick. Like his son, the father of the bride knew just how to pound my rump for the hell of it. His every thrust drove it home harder. In fact, just before his hard cock filled my ass with his spunk, mine exploded in Natalie’s butt, leaving a nice trail of hot jizz there from me, too.

“Wash up? I think that we all need a little freshening up. Not sure if you meant all of your wilder fantasies, but they really excited me for sure,” I chuckled as it was now 12:11 … past noon.

“What if we did? Hard to say for sure, mind you, but I wouldn’t rule them out. Would you? Anyway, we can talk about ideas for the wedding night and honeymoon as we shower, right? Did you enjoy my family, Levi, and my bridesmaids?” Natalie teased me as we hit the shower first.

“That I did. Did you enjoy sharing them?” I taunted her back as I cleaned her.

“Very much so. Any other fantasies or thoughts?” Natalie inquired.

“Oh, how to get some payback for the beginning of our little festivities. I was thinking a nice gang-bang, while you’re in some kind of restraints and unable to stop it. One groomsman after another, taking your pretty French pussy and ass. You deserve something for what you did, don’t you agree?” I winked at her.

“Well, I am yours to command now. Whatever you say goes. Strictly speaking, we arguably raped you, as I admitted on tape. You have all the evidence that you need to damn me … Oh, wait, that whole thing was recorded, wasn’t it?” Natalie blushed, “Oh, rats, there goes your leverage against me! I forgot to turn it off! Sorry. Well, you still have my tape where I confessed to a crime against you.”

“Doesn’t matter. You won’t try to avoid punishment, will you? All of you really should get punished. Your whole family. They were in on it, weren’t they? Your friends and family. They were in on it. Every last one of them,” I pointed out.

“All the more reason to claim us … all of us. Make us yours. Use our bodies for your pleasure whenever you want them. Bethany, too. Don’t leave izmit escort her out. She’s part of it as well. She wants it, too. You can tell. She wants in on the whole deal. Papa, Daddy, whatever you want to call him, who never bottoms for anyone, wants to bottom for you now and then, though he’ll gladly top you as well. Paul loves the idea of being taken by you, tied up, etc. I suspect that he would enjoy cross-dressing, too, from what I can tell of him. We’ll all do exactly as you tell us, lover … or should I call you, Master?” Natalie encouraged me as I caressed her buns during the shower.

“Then you’ll all get gang-banged, too. Every last one of you. My groomsmen will come over on our wedding night and any other night that I choose and you’ll all let them fuck you fifty ways to Sunday while being filmed for my own home porn movie. A handy thing that none of the bridesmaids has a husband or boyfriend and none of the groomsmen has a wife or girlfriend. Very rare, but handy. I might have to set them up in couples here or there. Not sure what I’ll do about Bruce, though. He’s as gay as they get. Maybe let him use Henri and Paul while the rest of them use you ladies. Yeah, that works,” I remarked as we finished.

“Maybe if we don’t mind cutting it close, we can bring them over now. Get it on tape, too. Granted, we’ll be behind on the wedding, but we can make up all kinds of excuses, and my family will take the blame, you know they will, gladly,” Natalie suggested, which made my cock nice and hard again, “I see that your little soldier down there is at attention. I think that he wants it, just as he wanted what happened this morning. Come one, my love … we can postpone everything by an hour. Nothing will be harmed by it. We’ll make it to the church on time. You know now that the priest is my bitch, anyway.”

“Whatever would my folks say?” I thought of my mother and stepfather (Bethany’s father), “Anyway, great idea. It’s our wedding, damn it! Unforeseen things happen, and as long as the wedding itself takes place at a reasonable hour, alongside the reception, what does it matter? Plus we need to get at least somewhat dirty again for the wedding, so we’ll have cum leaking from our holes again as we exchange our vows. Not to mention the smell of pussy or ass on my cock. Don’t you agree?”

Coming out of the shower, though we weren’t prepared for what happened next. My stepfather, Leroy, stood there, in total shock, seeing such a large group of naked people, including Bethany. The cat was out of the bag, but there was more to it than that, as it turned from the way that my stepfather looked rather uncomfortably at me. It was as if he had something to say, but didn’t quite know how to spill it out.

“Well … it seems that I’m not the only one with secrets, am I? Okay, try not to panic or get too angry, given the context, Levi … Bethany. I … decided that I’m a woman. There. I said it. I’m a woman. I’m trans, guys. I can’t hide it anymore. I’m tired of pretending to be a guy, a manly man. I told your mother, and I don’t know how she’ll take it. She said that she has to think a bit about this. Are we still welcome at your wedding? Both of us? I need to know if we’re still family,” Leroy shook as she, yes, she because I took her at her word when she announced that she was a woman, confessed the truth about herself.

“What’s your new name, Daddy … if I can still call you that?” Bethany reached out and embraced her father, only was she still a father or a second mother now?

“You have three mommies now, Bethany. Your biological mother, your stepmother, Esther, and me. Just call me Lena. That will make it easier. That’s my new name. Lena. I hope that you can both accept me as your mother or stepmother, if you will. Sorry, it’s just who I am. I fought it for years, but this whole wedding thing has made it real for me. I wished that I could be … could have been, the bride, not the groom, all this time. It’s just how I feel, what I know about myself,” Lena declared to us, just as the doorbell rang.

Paul ran to answer it and my mother, Esther, stepped through the door, looking pale as a ghost, especially once she saw our states of undress. Bear in mind that this was a proper, albeit Reform, Jewish wife and mother. She gave every indication that she fully intended to be a traditional, stereotypical Jewish grandma soon, too. She wasn’t overly thrilled that I was marrying a Catholic Frenchwoman in a wedding mass, either. I could only guess how she felt at age 46, learning that her husband of 15 years, her second husband no less, had come out of the trans closet that she didn’t know that he was in to begin with on her end.

“Well, I guess that the wife is really the last to know, as is the mother! Okay, I don’t even want to know yet what is going on with the lot of you! Some kind of orgy, I get that much! Porn, judging from the camcorder. Leroy, are you in on this, too? Is this some kind of sick joke to you guys?” Mom demanded to know.

“Mom, just listen to Lena. The only answers that you need right now are hers. She’s a woman. Just understand and accept that, please. She was never a man, not deep down where it counted,” Bethany urged her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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