Career Move

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Jenny had been working for the company for five years without any signs of a promotion coming her way. She was thirty years old, single no kids and on the verge of becoming a cat lady. She was feeling depressed with her lack of love life and stagnant career. She desperately needed her career to advance to the next level for some sense of self pride.

Finally her chance to prove herself came when her boss approached her with a chance to mentor a new-hire training class for the first time. Unfortunately the opportunity came with crappy night shift hours, but not willing to pass up the opportunity, she immediately agreed.

The change of shift going from 7am-5pm to 4pm-12am wasn’t as bad as she had imagined. It took about a week for her body to adjust to the new schedule and soon she spent her morning running errands, evenings at work training new employees and nights running on moonlit sidewalks with her dog.

Jenny wasn’t an unattractive woman by any means. A dirty blond with creamy light skin, bright green eyes, 5’0″, small wasted curvy woman with 36DD tits and a nice round ass. She never really thought of herself as attractive and rarely noticed when balıkesir escort guys would hit on her, that is, until she met Joey. He was a young handsome man with a charming smile and a very outgoing personality.

At the young age of 23 Jenny had never imagined he would have any interests her, but she couldn’t help but notice his frequent questions appeared more like attempts to get her to lean into the computer screen to gaze down her blouse. Over the course of a week she noticed he would intentionally move to rub against her as she assisted him with his work. Sexual tension was building and Jenny’s panties were often soaked at the end of each shift. She found herself distracted by the imagination of what it would be like to take his hard shaft inside her mouth with his cum dripping down her huge soft tits. She desperately wanted to feel him explode inside her, but also didn’t want to risk her career. Sexual frustrations aside Jenny tried her best to push the thoughts from her mind and focus on work.

Finally Friday came and went, she hopped in her car eager to get home quickly to manually relieve her pent up sexual frustration. As she rounded the corner into her subdivision she received a text from Joey

“Were you wet tonight?”

Unwilling to believe that he was referring to her now throbbing vagina she responded coyly “What do you mean.”

Joey quickly responded “If you want to fuck meet me”.

She couldn’t believe this was happening, unable to contain herself she agreed. She pulled up and before she knew it they were in the back seat of her car eagerly pulling each others clothes off. It felt so unreal, was this really happening? Yes. Yes it was.

He quickly had her pants off and went to work tongue fucking her pussy. God it felt so good. He eagerly lapped up her sweet juices.

Unable to contain herself she needed to feel him inside her, but he was reluctant to give up her sweet pussy. Grabbing her by the hips to pull her closer locking her throbbing snatch in place she was unable to fight it. Her orgasm came crashing down in fierce waves. “Fuck! Oh God!”

She trembled uncontrollably, her body spasming repeatedly from the intense orgasm.

His face now dripping he flipped her up and skillfully speared her on his hard cock. He felt her hot wet pussy slowly slide into his cock. “Fuck your tight!” he announced while gritting his teeth.

He could still feel her pussy pulsing from her orgasm. Not wanting to blow his load immediately he slowed his pace while she gently rocked in rhythm with his thrusts.

“Fuck I’m going to cum”

“Cum for me baby! Fill my tight pussy! I want to feel your cum dripping down my legs! Please!”

He couldn’t hold it any longer..she was begging for his seed. He gripped her hips while she rode him. Her tits bouncing as he furiously pounded her pussy until his load shot out like a rocket. She felt him cumming, his seed spurting out inside her.

She felt every inch of him inside her and couldn’t hold on any longer his pulsating cock threw her over the edge yet again.

“Fuck I’m cumming”

Her pussy clamped down on his cock as she rode him through the final waves of her orgasm not wanting to stop.

They collapsed exhausted holding each other and feeling each others heart beats pounding. Passionately kissing not wanting the moment to end.

The sun began to peek out over the treetops as they dressed.

“You never needed my help at work did you?” she asked.

He smiled as he kissed her goodbye.

The office will never be the same.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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