Caribbean Holiday Ch. 07

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At breakfast, Irina asked me what we were doing today. As of yet, we had no plans. Both of us felt good today. I was beginning to enjoy our morning breakfasts on the beach. Irina took her top off then moment we sat down at the table and would probably not put it back on for the entire day. There’s just something special about having breakfast on the beach with an almost naked woman.

Irina admitted to me last night that her pussy was sore and needed a rest. Jim’s big black cock had been too much for her. Irina’s poor little pussy was red and swollen. Jim fucked her once and I must have fucked her 3 times yesterday.

We checked out the “Activities Board.’ For this morning there was Volleyball competition, reef diving trip, Jamaican cooking class, fishing trip, sailing trip and a jungle excursion. We asked about the sailing trip and were disappointed it was full. The fishing trip was aboard a 50′ sport fishing boat and only accommodated 6 persons. There were two places left and we took them. It departed in 20 minutes and we hurried to grab a few items for the day and just made the boat. The captain met us on the dock as the boat was ready to pull away. He was around 30 years old and black. He quickly ushered us aboard. There were two guys with Irina and I in the stern as we pulled away from the dock. I thought their wives were in the cabin and was a little surprised when two other guys came out. Introductions were made and the guys said their wives got together and went shopping while they went fishing. They had attended university together and were having a reunion at the resort. They were all around 24 or 25. Irina was instantly the center of all four guys’ attention. She had on an old white T-shirt with no sleeves and it was cut off just below her tits. Semi-hard dark nipples were visible through the thin material and from the side a lot of her tan tits were showing where the sleeves had been cut away. If Irina raised her arms for any reason the bottom of her tits showed. She had on a little yellow bikini bottom that showed more ass than it covered. Her pussy mound and the indentation of her pussy lips showed.

We went out into the sea for almost an hour and then anchored over a deep reef to fish for Snapper and Grouper. The beers began to flow and everyone was having a good time. Irina was setting in the fighting chair in the center of the aft deck. When she Escort Bayan Gaziantep took a sip of her beer some of her tit showed through the missing sleeve hole. She was enjoying the attention of these four guys. The captain was setting above in the upper station enjoying looking at Irina also.

There was a strike on one of the lines and the guys made a big show of giving the fishing rod to Irina. She was standing at the boat rail holding the rod with both hands and every time she raised the rod to reel in some line her tits came out the bottom of her shirt. The four guys were all trying to help her. Her shirt finally stayed on top of her tits and everyone was looking at my wife’s tits in awe. Once the grouper was in the boat Irina sat down tired.

Irina was having a cold beer and was watching me. She was looking for my mood to this situation. We had often told each other our fantasies. One of hers was to fuck a football team. Right now I could see she was thinking a boat full of young guys would do. Everyone was a little drunk. I smiled at her and rubbed my hard cock. It was her decision. Five days ago we were at home in ultraconservative Mid-west America and now here Irina was on a boat with five completely strange men. And Irina loved it. Her nipples were hard and swollen. Irina came and sat next to me and asked me to put some sun tan oil on her shoulders. I finished her arms and shoulders and she said to put some on her back. All of the guys were watching Irina, I started at the small of her back and worked my way upward.

When I got to the bottom of cut-off shirt she pulled it up so I could continue. Her tits were completely showing and got some hearty cheers from the guys saying to take it off. I slipped my hands around and began putting oil on her tits, slowly working on her hard swollen nipples. Irina was breathing hard. She pulled her shirt over her head and was now only wearing a little yellow piece of cloth over her pussy. I pulled Irina up and took her over to the fighting chair in the middle of the deck. Looking at the guys, holding up the oil, I asked if anyone wanted to do her legs.

There were four guys surrounding Irina in a flash putting oil all over her. Two guys were working on her tits and the other two were taking off her bottoms and fingering her pussy. Soon we were all naked including the captain. One guy was rubbing his cock all over Irina’s face spreading pre-cum everywhere. She had a cock in each hand. I moved between Irina’s legs and started eating her pussy. It was too much for Irina and she started cuming in waves. My cock was leaking pre-cum as I stood up and with one trust pushed my cock all the way into Irina.

The inside of her pussy was hot. Irina’s was now earnestly sucking on one guy’s big cock. She was squeezing his big balls. Irina’s eyes were half closed and she was humping me wanting to be fucked. I came too quickly because I was watching a guy cum in Irina’s mouth and another all over her tits. The guys were moaning, unloading long streams of cum into Irina’s mouth and all over her body. Cum was running out the corners of her mouth. After I came I moved back and another guy took my place and rammed his hard cock into Irina. As soon as one guy would cum in her pussy another took his place fucking her. Cum was running out of Irina’s pussy. We had all fucked Irina except for the captain. I was fucking her for a second time when the captain stepped up and put the tip of his hard black cock up to Irina’s mouth and began rubbing it all over her lips. She opened her mouth and his black cock was in her mouth.

He kept forcing more and more of his black cock in her mouth till Irina’s nose was in his pubic hair. She was squeezing his big black balls. The four guys were standing around Irina with their cocks in their hands watching her suck the captains big black cock. Here was this beautiful blond Scandinavian girl with a big black cock in her mouth. He started moving his cock in and out of her mouth as Irina was stroking his cock and squeezing his balls. I was soon cuming again. The captain moaned and began shooting his hot cum into Irina’s mouth. Irina was swallowing as much as she could and cum was flowing from around his black cock.

Four white guys and me were standing around Irina with our hard cocks in our hands watching as the captain moved between her legs. With one hard lunge he buried his big cock to the hilt in her pussy. Irina cried out to “fuck me with your black cock” and that she “loves big black cocks.” He would pull his cock all the way out of Irina’s pussy and rub it back and forth on her hard clit, teasing her, till she begged for him to fuck her. Irina’s hips were jerking up and down wanting his cock in her pussy. He fucked her hard for a good twenty minutes till Irina was having multiple orgasms.

The captain began to rub the tip of his cock down the crack of Irina’s ass and over her cum covered asshole. To everyone’s surprise her pushed the tip of his huge black cock into her asshole. Irina’s eyes flew open and cried out no, too late, as the captain leaned forward with all his weight and his big cock was quickly buried in my wife’s once virgin ass. He was very still for a moment and then started slow moments as Irina was moaning noooo, nooooo. All of the guys and me were now stroking out cocks. Irina started to move her ass and moan, “fuck my ass” “cum in my ass.” Irina now had her eyes open watching the captain fuck her in the ass and looking at the five of us surrounding her with our cocks in out hands.

The captain quickened his strokes and started cuming in her asshole. Cum was running out with every stroke. He pulled his cock out of her asshole and I moved in and replace it with my hard cock. I pumped about five times and stared to cum in hard spasms. I pulled out and was replace by another guy’s hard cock. Irina was now sucking a cock and getting fucked in the ass.

Once, she was sitting in the captain’s lap with his black cock buried all the way in her blond pussy. She was fucking him as all of us watched, rubbing her big tits all over his chest, when one of the guys walked up behind Irina and shoved his hard cock up her asshole. She cried out and was yelling, “Oh God, Oh God, never stop, don’t stop.” The rest of us fucked her ass while she was fucking the captain.

During the following five hours Irina was naked and being used by all of the guys. Irina had been fucked be six guys too many times to count. I personally fucked her five times during the day and she sucked my cock twice. One of the guys said he had fucked Irina eight times and she had sucked his cock three times. The guys and I took photos of Irina naked with all of the guys and of her having sex with them.

By the time we arrived back at the dock everyone was exhausted. Two of the guys were actually fucking her as we were tying the boat up. I helped Irina across the road to the resort pool and we both jumped in. The cool water felt wonderful. Irina looked tired. Her tits were swollen and her nipples were dark and sore to the touch. Her pussy lips were red and raw and swollen to twice their normal size. She put her arms around me and told me “thank you” and that she felt fulfilled and satisfied for the first time in her life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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