Carla’s First Affair

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We are a happy and solid couple with a kinky side. Let me explain.

By the way my husband’s name is John, and my name is Carla. I know him since I was a tender and unripe sixteen years old girl. I married him at twenty-one and our marriage had been gratified by the born of two wonderful daughters.

I had been the most loving of moms and wives, very good looking and nice.

In the years our sexual drive begun to fasten and some revealing clothes appeared in my wardrobe.

I don’t know exactly how it started but we discovered a certain fun at exhibiting me. Not something totally blatant but a relevant braless attire under sport shirts or loose tops became our rules. Frequently I dared the topless in the back garden (but I was sure that nobody could catch me) and a few times being on a very secluded and not so crowded beach I went nude (this in the garden too).

A major excitement came from a vacation. Our room had a nice terrace where I sunbathed naked and John convinced me to show off for a waiter. I accepted and didn’t make a move to hide my boobs and my hairy pubes as the waiter put my cup of tea on the cabaret near my sunbed.

At home we added some spice to the play. In the winter being a sunny day, we did a walk to the beach. By us beaches are rocky and at certain moment we stopped walking seating with our backs against a rock. Sun was really hot and slowly I unbuttoned my blouse enjoying the warm weather. Being braless my boobs poked out and my husband encouraged me to leave my blouse off completely. I did it and remained in the sun with naked boobs for some twenty minutes. Not far from us was a fisherman. He realized I was topless and started ogle turning his head to me many times. I was flattered and commented the fisherman action with my husband. He said make his day so I stood topless showing my boobs blatantly to the fisherman and slowly I put my blouse on again. Then I took my husband by the arm and we came back passing very near the fisherman who looked at me intently once again.

Feeling confident I also started to go without panties and sometimes I flashed pussy getting off my husband’s car.

In the same period John discovered how exciting it was for him to fancy me in slutty and erotic situations. Not the same luscious threesome or the usual need to watch the wife being fucked that many husbands have, but something else. He began to imagine me getting ready for a date, to watch me making up, put on sexy clothes, then go out alone and come back after a night of lust. He kept this secret desire closed his mind for a while, but one day, explaining that he didn’t need to be directly involved in sex with other people but only wanted a hot story from me, he openly proposed to me to take a lover.

We were in bed playing and I called his bluff.

At the time my sister and my best girlfriend have had a lover (John knew it) and they claimed it was very good, so I was tempted to try.

With a hint of irony in my voice I asked him if he said that for real. He confirmed that thinking of me in someone else’s arms was really mind blowing for him. I had him swear he was serious. He did then I asked him to go on. He posed me questions and discussing the matter, I admitted to be teased by the idea to have a bit on the side too.

With his blessing I started to flirt discreetly at parties and two male friends tested the water, but I neglected the circumstances, and withdrew after a while. My first suitor was a married man (and I knew his wife Etiler escort very well) and the second didn’t interest me to do the real thing so I stopped going out with him after a boring first petting date.

Time passed by without any more news and one evening John brought home George, a guy from the sport club, with the intent to stir up my fantasy. At first I was bored as we haven’t planned to invite him and nothing was ready for supper, but my husband insisted.

“O Carla you will be glad to meet George because he is very well fit, single, about ten years younger than me, and taller too,” John said me at the phone having me smile and convincing me.

John had a very good nose. George showed an interest in me and the evening was fine. Jokingly I said that rarely I had a man as handsome as George around me, and invited him to our house again.

After that evening George became a constant presence in our house. Confidence grew and I flirted a bit with him under my husband’s eyes. I gave him generous crossing leg shows (with panties) and always put on slightly revealing dresses with the purpose to show off a bit. Once I allowed George an “innocent” little kiss on my bare shoulder saying him good-bye. I was braless under my shirt and baring the shoulder I undid a button more than it was necessary, showing him a lot of a naked breast.

Sometimes, if John was out clubbing and I was alone at home, I called George to relieve the boredom with small talks. Being sincere I informed my husband about such activities, adding coyly I was more attracted to speak with this handsome young man than the same older friends, aunties and mom.

John had nothing to say against as he saw in her conversations with George the outline of an affair. That was what he wanted and he was curious to know the matter of my talks with George.

At the phone George was rather formal and never the subject turned openly on sex, but an evening he asked me what I had on in that moment.

“Oh I have very little on with this scorcher,” I answered, “I have on a loose home dress, and nothing else.”

“What do you mean, nothing else, Carla?”

“I mean all naked under the dress, George,” I said and after a brief instant, I added “I expose a lot of flesh every move.”

“Mmmm… I want to see you in that dress, Carla.”

“You cannot, George.”

“Come on, Carla, I guess your prominent nipples are near to pierce the fabric and your tits bounce free under the dress. Why don’t you wear it next time I will be in your house?”

“No way, I expose too much flesh,” I giggled.

“Oh Carla, let me see that. It’s so exciting for me when you have revealing clothes on in my presence.” George said in a warm voice.

“No way, George. It’s true, I have no problem to wear a slightly revealing dress in your presence. Don’t you remember other Sunday? I had on a casual shirt and no bra. You noticed and looked at me all the afternoon. At end I bared a shoulder and a lot of cleavage. I did it on purpose to spice up our friendship. I know my nipples harden and my breasts sway when they are free, I am a little tease and I like to play with you, but with this dress on I expose much more than a bit of boobs bouncing,” I giggled again.

“You are killing me. Let me imagine how sexy you are in that dress, then, Carla.”

“Oh, you are audacious. Here you go, boy, it’s ok, pose some questions.”

“Is your dress buttoned on front?” George’s voice enquired from the Beşiktaş escort other end.

“Yes, my dress is buttoned on front, George,” she answered quietly

“And do you keep it open to refresh up yourself, isn’t it, Carla?”

“No, George. I keep it all buttoned,” I answered with the same tone


“No, no; it’s a cotton dress, not transparent at all.”

“Mmmmm… too bad. You won. I can’t imagine it. How can you expose your body from a buttoned cotton dress, Carla? Let me know, please,” he dared me.

“Ohmygod, George, you are a devil this evening.” I paused for an instant, then added,

“The dress is so low cut and loose under the arms that my breasts flaunt from the sides and…” I stopped.

“And…?!? Damn, Carla, you’re driving me crazy… too short lenght, maybe?” he asked.

“No again, George,” I answered with a sweet tone “it’s normal length but so deeply cut and open from the knee to the hip that you can see all my thighs and even my little beaver if I wear it without panties underneath as I do in this moment.”

“What a terrific sexy bomb you are, Carla, I dream of you every night.”

“Don’t say that, George; I’m nine year older than you, I could be your big sister… all the way you are very nice and, tell me, what happens in your dreams?”

“We are arms in arms, naked as the day we born, and I kiss all over your body.”

We said each other good-bye very well engrossed.

I told John about the conversation when he came back home and we had great sex.

Kissing my neck he repeated that he wanted me have sex with George.

“Mmm… I’ll do it, maybe”, I replied with a smile and turning to kiss him back, I added

“You are such a pervert thinking at me with George and it excites me”.

That was a wonderful erotic play and I teased our friend and my husband when the three of us were on my husband’s boat for a lazy summer day. I untied my top remaining on my stomach for a good half an hour reading a book then surprised my husband and George turning side. My sexy pendulous boobs squashed like jelly while I oiled them and my nipples stood hardening.

Later I confessed to my husband that showing our friend my boobs so openly was sexually arousing and since then I sunbathed topless in front of George in our garden. To add spice in my exhibitions I even bought a very small thong that revealed more than it concealed (a lot of my hairy pubes). I also became a bit more a flirt and asked George to oil my naked back at my husband’s presence. Complying my requests he oiled my legs, my ass buns (when I was in my little thong) and my boobs side also but his behaviour had been as friendly and familiar as usual.

At the end of the summer George called me offering himself as his friendly escort when my husband was out of town.

I discussed the possibility with John.

“Do you know next step could be the real thing?” I told him.

He hadn’t changed his mind and replied that it was good for him if I was ok. I admitted to be teased by the play with George so our friend became my regular escort.

Intimacy grew between us. I became totally uninhibited with him. I kept showing my boobs when he was by us and once I even came out the bathroom in the nude.

Some friends tattled about the “strange” friendship between George and me and I got a cougar fame, but nothing serious yet happened, no more than a few gropes and some mouthful kisses in the car. Taksim escort

During a longer absence of my husband I invited George at home as I never did when I was alone. Nothing special I said inviting him, only a pizza and a lot of television, but, after the pizza was delivered, and we ate it, I proposed to pass in my studio.

This is a large room with my library, my piano, my computer, my television set and a very comfy sofa, which I use as a bed for a quick sleep in the afternoon.

“I’m sure you are a gentleman and you don’t take undue advantage from the situation” I specified stretching on the sofa and inviting George to lay at my side. He did and we started quietly to watch at the television set but after a while I wanted to tease him and she approached his side searching a contact and telling him I was cold. He posed an arm on my shoulder snuggling me.

“I feel better, thank you,” I told him. We exchanged a wet kiss.

His hand started gently to rummage my chest cupping a boob.

“Are you braless, Carla? He asked me.

“Yes I am,” I answered.

“May I see your boobs?” He asked again, starting to unbutton my shirt.

“You can as you saw them sometimes,” I answered shifting the edges of the shirt by myself.

He played with my breasts shaking them kindly and pinching the nipples until they stood in all their length and their hardness. I had never been so permissive but he was so damned good at it. For the first time I consented our friend to grope my naked boobs.

“Do you like it, Carla?”

“Yes, George, your hands are very tender.”

We kissed again for a prolonged mouthful then George’s mouth went down on my breast. I felt something a butterfly’s wings fluttering on my nipples.

He unbuttoned my jeans. I opposed a light resistance at first then collaborated when he slipped the garment off my legs.

He undressed also and we kissed again covered only by our underwear.

“I would like to see your little beaver now,” he said me.

“Do you remember what I told you playing at the phone?” I said with a smile. “I use to call my pussy the little beaver for fun”.

George nodded and slipped off my panties uncovering my hairy patch. He posed a little kiss just there. The silence was heavy.

George pressed his hard on against my side.

“Do you feel it, Carla? That’s what your beauty does me,” he said.

I relaxed.

“Let me see it, George, I am just curious,” I said.

I shed his panties sporting his manhood.

“What do you think of it, Carla?” He asked.

I kept silent but my hand caressed his cock from head to the scrotum.

I stroked it for while then he stopped me and positioning himself between my legs placed the tip of his tool between my pussy lips and pushed.

I tried to stop him but he slot inside.

George pounded his cock for a while coaxing me to my first extramarital orgasm. I was on pill so he hadn’t to withdraw unloading his sperm in my pussy. I felt so slutty. We rested then he had me for the second time. Of course I told my husband what happened and we had nothing to object, so I started an affair with George.

I don’t need a daily sessions from him as sex is still good with my husband. All the way I date George when John is far from home for business, and my husband is a very busy man.

George is very kind with me and I like his elegant and varied conversation, and my husband is aware of it and contented. Of course I have sex with George also. His lovemaking is youthful and strong. He adores my body and I undress for him receiving all sorts of kisses and caresses. In a few occasions we left together for a two or three days trip where George made love to me without rest and he even took me anally.

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