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My real father died when I was little. My parents had two kids, with one on the way. My mother met a wonderful man who she later married. They since have added three more kids to the family.

Gary was six years younger than my mom was. It took her awhile to get used to dating someone that much younger than herself. He stayed with her throughout the rest of her pregnancy and they were finally married two years after Samantha was born.

I got up early just so I could take a long shower without anyone bothering me. I made a special effort not to wake anyone. In a family of six kids, it was always hard to get a shower with hot water. One had to be quick in order to get anything.

I was enjoying my shower when I heard the door open, and heard a familiar voice.

‘I just need to pee, Honey.’

I stepped back from the gushing water as I heard the sound of my dad’s bladder being emptied. Then the flushing sound of the toilet, quickly changing the temperature of the water.

I had seen his naked reflection through the glass doors of the shower. He was built very well for a thirty-three year old man. He stood over six feet and was well muscled. His short brown hair had no signs of gray. He had shaven his chest to make his muscles appear larger. When he turned away from the toilet, I could see his large cock. To my surprise, he had no pubic hair. The rod was partially erect, from either fucking mom; seeing my wet, naked body; or from dreaming of fucking some young, tight asshole or pussy.

Damn, I wanted to touch it. There were lots of times I would watch him as he worked in the yard or on the car and see a bulge in his pants. The times I used to sit on his lap I could fill his cock start to swell and he would go off into the bedroom for awhile, or go into the shower.

I opened the shower door. The water beading on my skin. My long blonde hair slicked back. My nipples were hard and erected, as was his cock.

I liked his reaction of seeing his naked daughter. His cock started to get harder and he tried to hide it with his hands. He looked me up and down, licking his lips. His brown eyes, bright with lust.

‘Need a shower, Daddy?’

I knew it was probably wrong to want him. Even though he wasn’t my biological father, he still adopted my brother, sister and me. That made him our legal father. But I was eighteen today and I wanted my daddy’s cock. I wanted him in my wet hole; to ram his rod into my cunt. I wanted to fill his creamy load shoot through me. I wanted to taste it and have him taste my sweet juices. I wanted him to fuck my ass because I knew he wanted it. I had known for some time that my mother didn’t enjoy such things and when he wanted it, he had to go find a whore that would give it to him. Today, I wanted to be that whore.

We would be discreet. He was off from work today and I was given permission to stay home since it was my birthday. My mom would be at work and my brothers and sisters would be at school. This would be a fantastic Antep Escort Bayan opportunity for this. I wanted him to fuck me. I needed that huge cock in me.

He was speechless. Still staring, I could see his throbbing rod starting to stand at attention.

‘I know you want it too, Daddy. I know that you like a tight ass. I want you to fuck my ass, Daddy. I want you to fuck me today. We have the whole day. Mom won’t be home until 5:30, Austin won’t be here until 7, and the others will not get home until 3. We have most of the day.’

I stepped out of the shower and knelt before him. Taking his ten inched fucking machine in both hands, I took my tongue and started making little circle motions on his cockhead. I stroked his shaft and started to suck on the swollen head. He put his hands on my head, gently pushing me away.

‘I can’t do this, Baby.’

‘But I want you, Daddy. I left the door unlocked for you.’

‘Dammit, Baby, I want you too. I wanted you for a long time. You drive me insane.’

I smiled up at him, thinking he would let me take his member into my mouth again. He gently but firmly pushed me aside and left the bathroom. I heard him as he relieved himself using my mother. I got him hot and he goes and fucks someone else.

I went to my room and locked my door. After drying off, I laid down on the bed and started masturbating, thinking of my daddy fucking me. I wasn’t a virgin and I was on the pill, but maybe he didn’t know that. That must be it, I thought. He thinks I’m still a virgin and I have no protection.

I was putting four fingers in and out of my wet cunt, dreaming of my daddy’s fine and beautiful cock. He must shave for mom, I figured. I wanted to feel his smooth gun ramming into me, and his cum-filled balls slapping me with each thrust.

I wanted him so bad that I didn’t even go downstairs for breakfast. I wanted to stay in my room and plan.

I went to his bedroom and got an old shirt of his and put it on. It was so big it came down to my knees. It was blue and faded and had a few buttons missing. I kept the top three buttons loose, showing my cleavage. I purposely didn’t put my panties on. I combed my long blonde hair into a high ponytail so that he could grab it while I sucked him.

I waited until everyone else had left, then went downstairs.

‘Daddy?’ I called out to him.

‘I’m in the kitchen, Honey.’

‘I’m hungry, Daddy.’

He looked up from the dishwasher and his jaw dropped. He looked me up and down. He quickly turned around when he realized his little friend was getting bigger and harder.

‘I’m hungry, Daddy.’

I knew he was getting frustrated. He didn’t want me to see his bulge. I was making him uncomfortable.

‘What do you want to eat?’ he asked. His voice was gruff and I could see his hands shaking.

‘I want to eat your cum, Daddy. It’s my birthday and I want to eat something special.’

He turned and looked at me. His cock was so swollen I thought it would break through the denim. Licking his lips and breathing heavy, he unzipped his jeans. To my delight, he released his beautiful cock from its prison.

‘You want this?’

‘Oh, yes,’ I cooed. ‘I want it so bad.’

Concern flashed across his face. I knew what he was thinking. I had been right: he thought I was a virgin. Why else would he be worried?

‘Don’t worry, Daddy. I know what I’m doing.’

‘You do?’ he asked, almost absentmindedly.

‘Yes, Daddy. I haven’t been a virgin since I was fifteen and I have sucked cock before. But I haven’t seen anything as beautiful as yours. I never saw a shaved cock before but I have seen shaved pussies.’

‘Shaved pussies?’

I had to laugh at his expression when he said that. He had been getting horny watching his little girl and now to find out that I wasn’t a pure, virginal maiden.

‘I have been with other girls before, Daddy. I’m not a kid anymore. You don’t have to worry about me, I’m protected.’

I moved closer to him, unbuttoning the shirt the rest of the way and dropping it to the floor. I let him take the sight in with his eyes. My breasts were a little bigger than average and had large pink nipples. They were as hard and erect as his rod. My pussy was shaven and he seemed to get off on the sight.

‘Oh, Baby, your body is so beautiful.’

‘Thank you, Daddy. I want you to have me today. I will do whatever you want.’

‘Anything, Baby?’ he asked with a sly smile on his face.

‘I’m your whore today, Daddy. You won’t have to pay anymore to fill your cock in a tight ass. You can do mine.’

I walked up to him, pressing my body firmly against his. He was nearly a foot taller and I had to stand on my toes to kiss him on his mouth. His lips parted and he stuck his tongue into my mouth. His hands were feeling my back, going down to my ass. He squeezed my ass cheeks and pulled me closer to him. I could feel his cock throbbing against me. He reached down and grabbed my leg. Bringing it up to the side of his waist, he entered me.

Lowering me to the kitchen floor, he spread my legs further apart. His hands were all over me. I put my arms around his neck and gave him little horny pecks. He grabbed my arms and held my hands above my head as he gazed down at me.

‘Are you my little horny slut?’ he asked, his voice hoarse.

‘Oh, yes, Daddy. Yes. Fuck your slut.’

‘You like it hard, Baby?’

‘Yes. Give it to me hard, Daddy.’

‘Do you want Daddy’s big cock in your little cunt, Baby? You want me to fuck you hard? Daddy is horny, little one. You make Daddy very horny, more than Mommy does. I always think of you when I fuck her.’

‘Fuck me Daddy. Fuck me hard.’

He started ramming his cock deep into me. His rhythm was fast. He squeezed my hands tightly with each thrust of his hips. His eyes rolled back as he started to push himself deeper into my cunt. His balls were slapping my ass cheeks.

I was almost about to cum when he pulled out completely. He climbed onto my chest and placed his cock into my mouth. I began to suck on it gratefully. This is what I had wanted to do.

‘Oh, Baby!’ he shouted as I swallowed his large cock.

‘Yes, Baby. Suck me.’

He sat up a little and grabbed the back of my head, pushing his wood deeper into my throat. I was nearly choking and could fill him getting bigger.

I don’t know how he did it but he was close to cumming when he pulled it out of my mouth. I was disappointed and confused. What the hell was he doing?

He got up quickly and pulled me up off the floor. Holding onto my legs with one arm, he was smacking my ass with his other hand. He ran upstairs, carrying me like a sack of potatoes.

When we got to his bedroom, he tossed me onto the bed. I was about to experience what he considered an overwhelming thrill: he was about to fuck his daughter in his bed, the same side of the bed where my mother sleeps.

‘I’m getting frustrated, Daddy. You get me so close to cumming and then you stop.’

‘I want you to fuck me, Baby. Ride me hard.’

He got onto the bed. His rock-hard cock sticking straight ahead. I mounted him and put his entire length into my already wet cunt. He moaned, as he must have felt the pressure of my pussy muscles contracting around his rod. He bent his knees and brought his legs up, allowing me to lean against them.

I rode fast and hard. Bouncing up and down his pole, I had to lean back against his legs. I was exhausted but I wanted to cum. I reached out and started to massage his chest. I bent over and kissed his nipples, which made him moan even louder. He also seemed to get closer to orgasm when I started to suck on the brown flesh. His chest was tight and muscular but his nipples seemed to be very sensitive.

Suddenly, without dislodging his wood, he turned me over and started pounding into me. He thrusted fast and hard. His breathing was deep and labored and its rhythm matched his thrusting. My breathing was short and labored, mixed with moans and sighs.

Tossing his head back and closing his eyes, he made a violent thrust. He shot his creamy bullets from his hot gun, leaving it inside me for a moment. He pulled his rod out of my wet and sore cunt and then with a final thrust, he rammed it hard into me as we both screamed from the orgasms.

He rolled off of me, exhausted as I was. I rested my head on his smooth, sweat covered chest. I noticed the clock on the night table. It said 2:55. I hadn’t realized how much time had gone by.

‘They will be home from school soon’, I said finally.

‘You were wonderful’, he smiled. ‘I would love to do this again. Maybe you could meet me for lunch.’

He kissed me on the lips before getting out of bed to take a shower. I stayed in bed just a little while longer before I got up to go into my room.

Later that evening during dinner, my mother was asking us all what special thing we did during the day. When it was my turn to speak I looked at my dad and we both smiled.

‘Oh, we just had a workout,’ I laughed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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