caught in the web

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Ball Busting

Jake Farspeed tried to remind himself why he had joined the Star Rangers as he made his way through the desolate canyons of the planet Eta Epsilon 5. He held his blaster ready, but so far he had encountered nothing more exciting than menacingly large, but entirely immobile boulders.

Jake had not joined the elite Ranger Corps to protect the worlds of the Stellar Federation or explore new alien worlds. He had joined because the white Star Ranger uniform with its green and purple piping looked really cool and caught the attention of women throughout galaxy which could open the way for exploration of more interesting and intimate alien vistas and curves.

Passing the exhaustive tests and exams to enter the Star Rangers had been easy for Jake. It had also helped that he was a bit taller than average with a steely jawline that the recruiters so liked to see.

The Star Ranger Academy had been a little more demanding, but the most difficult part for Jake had been getting used to keeping his dark hair in a short Star Ranger regulation cut. It was even harder than getting used to being required to be constantly clean shaven, not just in regards to his face, but in other areas that were much less obvious to the casual observer.

The physical training and DNA enhancements Jake had undergone at the Academy had toned his body better than any modified-grav health club, plus the enhancements had other, more personal physical benefits which Jake had really been looking forward to trying out with some of the more intriguing female cadets at the Academy.

Unfortunately, Jake had never had the chance to seek out and make contact with any curvaceous lifeforms of the female persuasion while he was under the watchful instructors at the Academy. Even more annoying, his first assignment straight out of the Academy had sent him to this barren ball of rock in the forsaken, but supposedly strategically important, Epsilon Sector, where there had been numerous, mysterious disappearances of scouts and explorers over the years.

Jake had thought things might be looking up when he met his sexy, provocative mission leader, Commander Bethany Briggs, but the tall, beautiful brunette proved to be as cordial as a fish stored in liquid nitrogen and she was far more concerned with having her first mission as a commander going off precisely by the numbers.

Which meant that Jake was stuck doing a mid-range perimeter search for any lifeforms which had somehow escaped the sensor sweeps.

It could have been worse, Jake mused. At least the planet had a comfortable if somewhat brisk climate and breathable atmosphere. But the only indigenous population appeared to be oversized rocks, and Jake would have given anything for a just a little excitement to break up the monotony.

A piercing and distinctly feminine scream broke through the air as Jake came near the entrance of a cave.

“That’ll do nicely,” Jake conceded and charged into the dark opening, his blaster before him.

“GAR! Report to base contact of possible civilian in need of rescue!” Jake exclaimed as he dove dramatically the cave, giving the order to the portable General-Automated-Remote computer system incorporated into his uniform’s belt.

“Unable to establish base contact,” responded the GAR’s synthesized voice as Jake came up in a kneeling pose, swinging his blaster around as he tried to look everywhere in the cave at once.

“Why the hell not?” demanded Jake while keeping his gun ready for any potential threats even though he had only seen blank, rocky walls in the cave so far.

“Local ionization of planet’s atmosphere interfering with com signals,” the GAR informed Jake.

“Eat me!” groused Jake. The phrase was one his favorite curses from his class in early Terran history, although none of his instructors or even the computer databases had been able to tell him exactly what those particular words had meant.

The curse felt appropriate in his present situation. Commander Briggs would certainly not deviate a millimeter from standard Star Ranger procedures, which meant she would wait the full standard hour after Jake had last checked in before she would send out any search parties. Gritting his teeth, Jake realized he was going to have to handle whatever he found in the cave with little chance of backup or rescue if things went wrong.

The cavern was very large and apparently empty of any hideous space monsters that might deserve blasting. The interior was well lit once Jake’s eyes adjusted from the outside, various openings near the ceiling let in light and also provided plenty of fresh air. The grayish stone walls rose up to the high roof of the cave, but Jake could not clearly see the top of the cavern because he suddenly realized there were wispy strands of a vast pale web stretching all across the upper part of the cavern.

“Star Ranger Scouting Rule
4 – ‘Giant webs are never a good thing’,” Jake muttered, quoting from the Academy’s Official Exploration manual. Then he noticed something a little farther back in the cavern, and Jake cautiously move deeper into the cave, acutely aware of the menacing web above.

Near the middle of the web and suspended high above the cavern floor was an unconscious, blue-skinned alien woman with dark crimson hair. She was dressed in a sort of flowing blue robe or gown that was loose in some places while being tight enough in others to outline the alluring, full curves of her body. Jake guessed she was somewhat older than him, perhaps ten years or so in standard human terms, but Jake was only in his twenties and the woman’s breathtaking loveliness was the kind that was only enhanced by her maturity.

“Oh ThankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouThankyou,” Jake murmured to himself in quiet jubilation. Not only would he get to rescue a fabulous alien babe, but Commander Briggs would certainly give him a commendation for making her first command more than just a simple survey mission.

The blue-skinned woman was stretched out and unmoving in the strands of the web, the eyes in her lovely, peaceful face were closed and her lush red lips slightly parted. Jake could tell by the rise of her ample chest that she was still breathing, and he did not think he should try to calling out to her since that might alert whatever repulsive spider-creature had made the web.

He wondered how the woman had gotten caught so high up in the giant web and then he saw that there was a rock outcropping a little bit above with an obvious path leading up to it.

Carefully, Jake went to the steeply sloping wall and started toward the outcropping, clambering up the sandy stones while his gray eyes searching the cavern for any signs of the sinister web’s owner making an unannounced appearance.

Jake could see the woman a little more clearly the higher he hiked up. Even asleep, she was truly stunning with a captivating face and the sort of figure which invited all sorts of imaginations of what it might look like underneath her long, flowing garment. The woman’s non-human coloring was nothing unusual to Jake – many humanoid species in the Stellar Federation looked much the same as she did, many races throughout the galaxy often looked almost exactly like humans with countless variations. The woman’s bluish skin and hair that was a little too crimson for a human only embellished her exotic allure.

Jake sincerely trusted that appearances were not the only thing the woman might have in common with Terrans like himself, including certain suggestions Jake might bring up for ways of expressing her gratitude for being rescued if she was so inclined.

The outcropping above the unconscious woman was covered in white sand and slanted downward. Jake decided he would try to make his way out onto it and attach a safety line to lower himself down so he could free the woman from the web with a minimum amount of noise.

The first step Jake placed on the slanted outcropping made the sand start to run under his boot. A sudden cascade started and the next thing Jake knew his feet were slipping underneath him and he was heading straight down the outcropping like a slide.

“Eat me!!” Jake shouted, flailing his arms to keep his balance even as he went over the edge, straight down toward the web. “Jet boots on!!” he ordered the instant before he landed into the strands of the web.

There was a jarring blast from the soles of his boots and a low roar as micro-fusion jets ignited and stopped Jake just inches from the gossamer web.

“Jet boots activated,” the GAR unit informed him pointlessly, but Jake was already scanning the cavern again. The noisy, plasma flame-expelling boosters had ruined his attempt at stealth and Jake prepared himself to meet exactly whatever grotesque space monster had made the web.

Jake heard a rustle behind him and spun around, his blaster leveled. It was the blue-skinned woman, she was awake now, sitting up in the web and staring at Jake with large eyes that were completely purple-colored without any white to them. She was even more stunning now that she was conscious, but she did not have any of the surprise or fear or relief Jake had expected to see in her expression. Instead she was gazing at Jake with a slightly annoyed frown on her lush lips.

“It’s all right, ma’am!” Jake informed her in Galacti-Speak, his eyes glancing around for the monster he still expected to show up at any minute. “I’m with the Space Rangers and I’m here to rescue you!”

The woman did not answer. She reached up with a slender hand and pulled at one of the thicker strands of webbing. The whole section of web around and rising above Jake and woman was suddenly pulled loose and Jake had only a second to look up and see an inescapable wall of gauzy webbing falling down toward him.

“What the-!!” Jake cried out, trying to take a few potshots at the webbing as it enveloped him, but the strands pulled him down and unbalanced his jet boots so he ended up spinning and becoming completely entangled in the web.

“Jet boots off!!” cursed Jake but it was too late. Just as he had feared, his mid-air acrobatics had entangled him completely. The webbing was incredibly sticky and amazingly strong for being so filmy. It held him firmly in place leaning his body back at a slight angle. The muzzle of his blaster had gotten caught at an angle that wouldn’t help him shoot himself free. Quickly, Jake looked around for the woman, afraid she might have fallen when the web collapsed.

She was still in the web not far from where Jake hung entangled. It took Jake a moment to realize a peculiar thing about her. She was -not- entangled in the gossamer webbing, her robe, her hair and her skin had not gotten stuck on any of the strands. In fact she was clinging to it while she gazed somberly at Jake.

“Uh oh,” Jake said in a sudden, anxious realization as the woman started to crawl across the web toward him on her bare hands and feet, moving easily over the sticky web.

She glided up to Jake, slowly sliding herself up along the entire length of his body, the soft curves underneath her flowing robe pressing against him. She pulled herself up until she was alongside Jake and wrapped her arms and legs around him. Jake’s worst fears were confirmed when he realized her embrace was made up of far too many limbs.

“Oh crap,” Jake groaned even as the woman crushed her Yenibosna Escort soft, full breasts and firm thighs tightly against him with a sigh. He strained to bring his blaster around, but the strands held his wrist in place.

The woman’s red lips parted moistly and Jake caught a glimpse of sharp, white fangs as she lowered herself down to Jake’s neck. She bit him, her teeth sinking into him like needles and Jake bit back a cry of pain even as he felt the woman’s burning saliva seeping into his blood like alien venom.

A feverish heat flowed down from his neck through his entire body, and Jake’s skin started to break out into a sweat.

“GAR! Quick, initiate a bio-scan and make an appropriate anti-venom!” Jake stammered, fighting against the dizziness that swooned over him. He could feel a warm almost soothing paralysis flowing over him and Jake suspected in a few moments he wouldn’t be able to move or even talk. “And send out an emergency SOS!”

“Bio-scan initiated,” came the GAR’s response. The med-unit inside Jake’s belt buckle could fabricate any drug or chemical compound from the basic molecules. Jake felt the tiny drug patches inside his uniform buzz to life, distributing anti-venom into his bloodstream and the paralysis faded, though his body was still flushed and feverish.

“SOS activated,” the GAR continued as it hummed to itself. “Ionization still preventing signal from reaching base.”

“Eat me,” groaned Jake as the woman pulled her mouth away from his searing neck and disentangled herself from her intimate hug. Jake could clearly see she had at least four arms and what appeared to be an extra pair of legs hidden under her robe as well.

“Boost power to the signal GAR!” Jake ordered, desperate to escape at this point.

The woman moved back onto the web until she was standing before Jake. Her beautiful face was frowning slightly, clearly confused that her victim was still able to move and speak, but she seemed unconcerned. Jake supposed her lack of worry was because he was still helplessly trapped inside her gauzy webbing, unable to get free or defend himself from whatever plans she had for him next. Jake did not have to wait long to learn exactly what those plans were.

The woman reached up with two of her arms to pull her robe down her shoulders. With a shrug, she undid the front of the robe and let it slide from her body, revealing that she wore absolutely nothing underneath.

“Um-Cancel that signal boost to the SOS signal, GAR,” Jake ordered, suddenly not nearly so desperate to leave.

The alien woman had an incredible body, her smooth skin was a light aquamarine in hue and her breasts were full with darker indigo nipples that jutted up toward Jake. Her hips curved generously out below her slim waist and her legs were very long and quite lovely, all four of them.

Jake could see that the woman did not have another pair of hip or shoulder joints to accommodate her extra limbs, rather her arms and legs appeared to phase together right at her joints. Phasing through solid matter was not that uncommon in certain races of the galaxy, but Jake had never seen a species which seemed to phase only certain sections of their bodies. The woman’s slim arms and perfect legs appeared to be solid everywhere else besides where they came together.

The beautiful alien woman ran two of her four hands through her thick, luxurious hair, obviously enjoying the freedom from her clothes while her other two hands ran sensually down her sides, making her squirm her hips. She used all four of her feet to cling to the webs around her, her position leaving her thighs quite open. Her silky pubis was an even deeper crimson that her hair and the tight slit of her vagina was extremely inviting.

Jake groaned as the nude, alluring woman caused a very intense stirring in his groin. There was still a feverish heat in his body from the remnant of woman’s bite which had not been countered by the first injection of anti-venom and all of that heat seemed to flow toward his crotch. Jake felt his penis start to swell and throb inside his pants.

“Listen, whoever you are, I’m going to hate myself for saying this, but I’m ordering you to let me go,” Jake forced himself to say even as part of him was wondering why he was opening his mouth. “Do you understand me?”

If the woman did comprehend him, her answer was very clear as she moved back up against Jake and started to undo his belt buckle. With four hands, she managed to pull open Jake’s uniform and pull down his pants with amazing speed, and the next thing Jake knew there were slender hands gliding over the shaved skin of his chest.

“Alert. Dermal sensors disengaged. Analysis for final dosage of anti-venom compromised,” the GAR unit informed him.

Biofeedback sensors in Star Ranger uniforms and in the more heavily armored battlesuits had to have direct contact on the skin, and that meant everywhere. It was why Jake and all other Star Rangers were required to shave their whole bodies except for their heads. Sonic razors were painless but they always left Jake feeling itchy. Now the feel of woman’s velvety touch over his bare, shaved skin was intoxicating.

The alien woman slid one of her hands steadily lower, her fingers gliding down to Jake’s hairless crotch just as his cock swelled up into a hard, nearly painful erection. The DNA enhancements Jake had received at the Academy had resulting in excessively enlarging his erections whenever he became aroused and right now with the nude alien woman stimulating him, Jake’s cock inflated up into a huge shaft, bigger and throbbing harder than any erection Jake had ever had.

Jake groaned as the woman’s long fingers enveloped his stiff, rigid organ, pulling it and guiding it toward her as she moved herself a little higher up his body. Her four legs spread wide to either side of him as she rose up and quickly lowered herself down, pressing her crimson-haired, glistening vagina onto the bulging end of his shaft.

“Ahhhhh,” the woman moaned as Jake’s cock was pushed into her and she let her body weight guide his penis into her willing twat. That delighted moan was the first real noise she had made and her sultry voice thrilled Jake’s nerves. Her blue-skinned form was warm and violently trembling as she slowly forced herself down onto Jake’s manhood, letting the engorged shaft go up into her until she had completely taken his entire length completely into her cunt.

“Oh man,” Jake gasped, trying not to let the wash of incredible pleasure make him forget this was an unknown and possibly hostile alien that had trapped him here against his will.

Or at least almost against his will, Jake admitted. He was unable to stop himself from lifting his hips up and pressing himself against the nude woman’s pussy and soft, inner thighs which she was pressing hard against him. The woman gasped in response to Jake’s movement and gave an ecstatic grinding to her pelvis that squirmed Jake’s cock even deeper into her crimson haired cunt.

All eight of the woman’s limbs were wrapped tightly around Jake’s body, hugging him very close with obvious pleasure as the hot, excited fluids from her vagina began to run out over his groin and thighs. Judging by her excessive wetness, she was obviously more than a little bit eager and impatient to have Jake’s manhood within her.

Not wanting to disappoint her, Jake began moving his hips, deliberately starting slow as he started to pump his cock the alien woman. She let out a surprised groan at the sensation, and Jake began to suspect that she was not used to having her partners able to move with her during sex.

When he shifted his hips to rub the base of his cock up against her clitoris, her startled, astonished cry confirmed Jake’s suspicions that her victims were paralyzed when she mated with them, so she was clearly not used to having them react to her. He continued to move his body against her, deeply enjoying the bewildered expression on her lovely face. She arched her spine back, her full lips parted as she gasped for air.

With two of her arms against his chest, she stared down at Jake, her stunning purple eyes full of surprise, she was unquestionably amazed and flustered at the unfamiliar sensations Jake was stirring within her excited cunt.

“AH!AAAAAAAA!!!” the woman cried out suddenly as Jake began rocking her with his hips. She flung her head back, her crimson hair whipping in the air and her heaving breasts lifting up to the ceiling as Jake bucked steadily harder at her, voluntarily doing all the work while he watched her and carefully gauged his motions for her benefit.

Jake desperately wished he could get his hands free, not for any purposes of escape, but so that he could seize the magnificent pair of blue-skinned breasts bouncing above his face and rub those erect, darkly indigo nipples to really give the woman something to moan about.

The flustered alien must have been really desperate and impatient because it took very little time at all for Jake to drive her into a climax.

“AAAHHHHH!!” she screamed loudly enough to pierce Jake’s ears as her whole naked body tensed uncontrollably, her two sets of hands clutching Jake’s shoulders and wrists while her thighs were wrapped both high around the ribs of his torso and down lower around his legs.

When the pleasure of her orgasm finally faded, the beautiful alien woman was left nuzzling her face into the nape of Jake’s neck. Then to Jake’s complete surprise, she started to softly whimper and cry against his skin.

*I am sorry*, a sultry voice spoke inside Jake’s mind.

Jake had gone through training with telepaths at the Star Ranger Academy in order to converse with races that used it as their main form of communication and he recognized the mental contact as coming from the sexy alien woman laying on top of him. The woman, on the other hand, obviously had not had any formal training and her emotions flooded into Jake’s mind in a serious breach of telepathic courtesy. Jake didn’t really care, the uninvited emotional contact made the pleasure of her curvaceous, naked body and her delightfully hugging cunt all that more intense.

With the alien emotions open to him, Jake sensed with some satisfaction that within the woman there was an aching, longing desire that was finally being satisfied by having his rearing cock lodged inside of her, though her overwhelming needs had not yet been completely fulfilled yet. But more than that, Jake sensed a profound, deep sadness and guilt, a terrible regret over something that Jake could not quite make out.

*Um, hi there,* Jake responded with the mental equivalent of a handshake which seemed rather redundant since their physical bodies were locked in a much more intimate form of greeting. *My name is Jake*, he said. It seemed polite manners to at least exchange names with the woman he had just driven to an orgasm while riding his cock.

*I am Acharia,* the woman answered dejectedly, the hard ‘k’ in her name clear even in the telepathic link. She lightly bit at Jake’s neck, running her tongue over his skin which still burned with her alien saliva, but it was pleasant sort of pain. She ran her searing tongue up to his face, sliding over his cheek and across lips as Jake realized the alien woman had no idea how to kiss. *I am so sorry, Escort Bayan Jake-lover/mate,* she repeated and there was that deep sense of guilt again as she buried her face into his shoulder

*Sorry for what? This is incredible,* Jake honestly told her. His face was nestled in her soft crimson hair which had a strange, almost spicy smell to it. *You’re absolutely beautiful and I really don’t have any problems having sex with you, trust me*

*Why did you have to be so wonderful?* Acharia moaned into his mind. *Why does your cock have to feel so incredibly good?*

*I’ll take that as a compliment,* Jake grinned mentally. *But why are you feeling so sad?*

*This won’t last, and then it will be over,*” Acharia weeped and Jake felt her tears running down his neck. She really was truly and extraordinarily sorrowful and Jake felt the instinct to comfort her miserable dejection even though he couldn’t understand it.

*Well, I might not be a Tri-vid porn star, but I think I can keep going long enough to make you pretty happy,* Jake promised her. *And if I don’t get it exactly right the first time, I don’t think I’ll have much trouble getting up to bat a second time with a babe like you*

*There won’t be a second time,* moaned Acharia piteously even as she began moving her wet, sticky thighs against Jake again. *You won’t be alive that long, Jake-lover/mate,* she cried into his shoulder.

*Uh-say that again?* Jake asked, suddenly feeling cold even though the remnants of Acharia’s venom kept his cock stiff and throbbing within her cunt.

*After we mate, I have to devour you,* Acharia said with a shudder of horror. *I don’t want to but it is part of the mating instincts of the Arachanians. I can’t control it. I want to mate with you more than just this once, Jake-lover/mate. I want to feel the way you have made me feel again and again. But I cannot stop myself. I am so sorry*

*You and me both, sister,* Jake said, a sick feeling welling up in his gut.

*Our species is so lonely,* Acharia sobbed. *We are doomed to never share the intimacy the females of other species of galaxy take for granted. I have two beautiful daughters, soon they will be old enough to come to the mating caves and they also experience the horrible guilt and torment I have felt everytime I have killed the hapless victims who have done nothing but given me pleasure.*

*They must have died happy,* Jake mentally mumbled, his eyes already searching around for some means of escape, trying his best not to be distracted by the soft pillows of Acharia’s naked breasts crushed against his chest and the warm embrace of her hips and twice as many human thighs.

*I wish it were not so, Jake-lover/mate. You were the best, by far the best lover/mate I have ever known. I so want to share this intimacy with you again,* She squirmed herself against his body, making Jake groan in spite of himself. *But I never will. There is nothing that I can do save share what pleasure I can with you* With a sorrowful whimper mixed with rising pleasure, Acharia began to moving her curving hips, clenching her sopping cunt around Jake’s cock as she began the finale of their mating with a moan of despair.

*We can work something out!* Jake stammered even as he groaned at the incredible sensations of Acharia sliding herself up and down on his shaft. *I can take back to the base camp and then to the Star Rangers Headquarters! They have the greatest scientific geniuses in the galaxy there. They can work out a solution! Oh God, that feels terrific!!*

Uncontrollably Jake let out that last mental exclamation as Acharia ignored him and started gyrating herself against his body, rubbing her ample tits against his chest and crushing the soft pillows of her globes against him while she nuzzled into the side of his head and ran the tip of her hot, exploring tongue along the outer curve of his ear.

Jake knew he had to fight against the arousal the alien woman was creating inside of himself, he had to keep himself from climaxing at all costs. But even as he tried, Jake realized it was too late. He could feel his pulsing cock already starting to swell up deep inside Acharia’s moist vaginal channel while his building load of cum inched toward the base of his shaft.

“Eatme!” Jake cursed outloud, futilely trying to stem the inevitable tide growing inside of him. The irony of the literal translation of his favorite curse and the fate Acharia had waiting for him was not lost to Jake, it just wasn’t something he really felt like appreciating at the moment.

“Uuhh!Oh!!AAAA!!” Acharia began to moan and cry outloud in uncontrollable ecstasy, obviously on the verge of another orgasm which sent her into a sudden frenzy of pumping hips which was the last thing Jake’s cock needed right now. The two of them swayed together in the webbing as the alien woman began heaving herself harder against Jake, her arms and legs flexing and squeezing him tight.

Trying to resist the intense delight of Acharia’s movements for just a few moments more, Jake struggled to free himself from her webs when his hand accidentally brushed against the grip of his blaster which was still caught in the webbing near his hand, still not at any angle that he could use to defend himself. Then inspiration either from desperate fear or from the incredible pleasure of Acharia’s hot cunt hit Jake just as he was pushed to the brink of his climax the same time as the beautiful alien woman astride him.

“GAR!Activateblasterauto-defensemodenow!AHHHH!!” Jake shouted as quickly as he could while he grabbed the grip of the blaster in his hand. Jake finished his command just as several things happened in the same split-second of time.

Acharia slammed herself down onto his shaft with a orgasmic cry of ecstasy. “AAAAAA!!!!!!” she practically shrieked into Jake’s ear, nearly deafening him as her climax stormed throughout her body in a wave of profound, heart-rending pleasure.

Jake’s cock swelled up inside Acharia’s cunt at the same moment and a huge fountain of his cum sprayed out from its tip, spurting deep into the alien woman’s eager channel and initiating the irresistible instincts within her to feed on her mate.

And at the same moment, Jake’s GAR unit send an electronic command to the circuitry of his blaster, telling the weapon to enter into a special safety mode that would send out powerful burst of electricity if anyone touched the grip.

Both Jake and Acharia’s shouts of pleasure turned into cries pain as they were both enveloped in the glowing electro-defense field generated by the blaster. Acharia was flung away from Jake’s body, her cunt being dragged free of his still spurting cock with a loud, wet slurp as she was thrown down into the webbing behind her.

Jake forced himself to keep his grip on the blaster, fighting against the agony coursing through him that warred with the incredibly wonderful ecstasy from his orgasm caused by Acharia and which was not yet finished. Even as he spurted out his last gushes of cum, his uniform began to smoke along with the ends of his hair as the electro-defense field illuminated the entire cavern with flashes of light.

But the strands of webbing wrapped around Jake’s body also began to blacken and burn, proving to be much more vulnerable to electricity than either Jake’s clothing or his skin. The gossamer strands curled up and pulled away from Jake’s agonized body until they released him, dropping him down several meters to the sand and dirt-covered floor.

Jake barely managed to hit the ground with his feet and roll to absorb some of the fall before he curled up into a tiny, little ball.

“Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww,” Jake groaned. He had released the grip of his blaster the second he had gotten free of the webbing, but he still felt like he had been turned into a Venusian microwave burrito.

Weakly, Jake forced himself up to his hands and knees, shaking his head as his wobbly nerves tried to recover from the staggering combination of intense pleasure and horrible anguish they had just been put through.

Remembering the source of that pleasure, Jake pushed himself back until he could look up into the webs overhead. Acharia was still there, unsteadily lifting her head up as well with soft, whimpering moans. Her purple eyes came into focus and she looked around, first finding her discarded robe hanging in the webs nearby. She pulled it toward her and clutched the garment in front of her stunning, naked body.

She then spotted Jake, free of her web and down on the cavern floor. The expression on her beautiful, disheveled face was unreadable as she reached out and took hold of one the thicker strands of the web. The length of webbing began to unravel and slowly started to lower the alien woman down toward Jake.

“Oh damn,” Jake muttered and grabbed for his blaster in panic.

And was rewarded with another painful shock because he hadn’t turned off the weapon’s defense mode off.

“Eat me! GAR de-activate this stupid blaster’s defense mode already!”

“Defense mode de-activated,” responded the GAR unit.

Jake lifted up the blaster just as Acharia’s slender feet touched the floor. Or rather as two of her feet touched the floor. Outside of her web, the usually graceful alien woman had problems standing, and Jake wondered if she had ever even left her webbings before in her whole life.

Acharia finally managed to balance herself on two feet but her other set of legs could not put themselves in the same place on the ground so she had to keep them lifted up and spread wide, the soles of her feet pressing against her standing legs to keep her balance.

She regarded Jake with a solemn look in her eyes, still holding her robe in front of her. Her eyes glanced down once and were suddenly fixated on Jake’s crotch.

“Oh yeah,” Jake muttered as he realized his jacket was still open and his pants were down by his knees. Somehow even through the torture of the electro-field, Jake’s penis had remained stiff and erect and his organ actually reared up higher as though it could sense Acharia’s purple eyes gazing at it. With only one hand, Jake swiftly hitched his pants back up and tried to buckle them closed, keeping his blaster pointed right between Acharia’s marvelous breasts.

*Stay back, Acharia,* Jake mentally warned her. *I don’t want to hurt you, but you’re not devouring anybody today. Especially not me*

*I know,* Acharia said and there was a relieved but also distinctly sad tone to her mental reply. *I did not want to hurt you, Jake-lover/mate. Please believe me. But when my species is drawn to the mating caves we cannot help ourselves. I suffer the horror and guilt of what I have done and I do not know how much more of it I can bear.*

*At least, I will never be drawn to the mating caves again.* Acharia explained in the equivalent of a somber, mental whisper. *If an Arachanian female cannot devour her lover/mate, she becomes barren. She must feed on sustenance with the same genetic match that was seeded into her or her metabolic process simply shut down. For that I must thank you, Jake-lover/mate. No more will I be driven to kill helpless victims caught in my webs*

*I do wish I might have had more daughters. But it is a terrible thing knowing the two daughters I have already had will istanbul Escort endure the same pain and loneliness as I, never knowing the joy of a lifemate’s touch and love.*

Acharia was crying openly now, sorrowful tears running down her cheeks. Jake could not believe how beautiful it made her look. Her violet eyes gazed at him, as though trying to burn his face into her memory so she could remember him in the long, forlorn years the alien woman felt she could not escape.

Jake, on the other hand, had escaped. He could walk away right now and there was nothing Acharia could do to stop him.

He turned around to do just that and he heard Acharia let out a fresh burst of sobs behind him. He looked back over his shoulder at the beautiful, still very naked, sobbing woman, he could not help feeling pity for her in spite of the horrors she had been unable to stop herself from committing.

“Oh Eat Me!” Jake cursed and turned back to face her.

I can’t leave you. Not like this,* he explained.

*Jake-lover/mate?* Acharia asked in confusion.

*If I had more time I might have been able to hide what happened here from that stuck-up bitch Briggs,* he told her. *But the rescue party is going to be on their way real soon from the base. And not only has the GAR unit has recorded our pretty intimate first contact but the telepathic download that’s the standard part of a scouting mission debriefing prevents the concealment of anything discovered on a mission. There’s no chance I can keep you or your race a secret, babe.*

*Why would you want to do that, Jake-lover/mate?*

*Because, the Star Rangers are certainly going to quarantine the whole planet once they learned about you and your species! Your daughters could very well turn out to be their last generation without any new males coming to planet to mate with your species! You might be sexual parasites and unwilling murderesses, but I can’t help feeling it would be a real loss to the galaxy to be robbed of a race of fantastic spider-babes like you. And the only way to make sure that doesn’t happen is to find a way to deal with those instincts of yours.*

Jake’s mind started work as all of the wits which he had used to con his way into the Star Rangers started to focus into seeking and analyzing for any possible solution. Something was tickling at his brain, some possible answer. Acharia was obviously part spider, mentally and physically. The urge to devour her mates was no doubt so uncontrollable since her species could no longer breed if she did not obey them. She had to feed upon him. Or maybe she only had to feed on something with his same genetic makeup.

*You should go, Jake-lover/mate,* Acharia said to him with something very close to physical pain in her mental contact. *Our race has caused so much death perhaps it is time we are finally extinguished.*

*Stop talking like that, Acharia! I may have an idea. When you said you have to devour me, did you mean you have to feed on me like an ordinary spider? By drinking blood?* Jake asked. *Or do you have to actually devour my body?*

Acharia looked at Jake curiously, wiping at the tears on her cheeks.

*Arachanians feed just as our small cousins do,* she replied. *We devour no flesh.*

Jake smiled, that was all he needed to know.

*I think I may have an idea* he told her.

“GAR! I have some very specific orders for you-” Jake said.


Commander Bethany Briggs was very pissed off. She strode through the canyons of Eta Epsilon 5, her athletic legs easily carrying her curvaceous body over the barren rocks and around the towering boulders as she followed KVY-38, a robotic Star Ranger with the sophisticated facilities to track her missing idiot.

If that stupid, insubordinate rookie Jake Farspeed had ended up getting himself killed or squashed under some giant behemoth’s foot, Bethany knew she could forget about being given command of any other mission for at least an entire year. It would be back to gathering intelligence data on a border outpost or conducting ship searches for contraband, and Bethany knew that sort of thing was a waste of time for someone of her remarkable abilities.

“How long before we find him, KVY?” Bethany demanded from the short, squat, humanoid robot which wore a custom-made, white Star Ranger uniform the same as Bethany did, although hers showed off her sleek, well-endowed body far better.

“I estimate Ranger Farspeed’s projected location is five minutes closer than the last time you asked, Commander. Which was five minutes ago,” the shiny silver robot said blandly. If Bethany had not known any better, she would have sworn KVY’s programmers had put more than the fair share of sarcasm subroutines into the robot’s personality core.

“Just tell me when we get near him, Ranger,” Bethany snapped back. She was still in command of this mission, and she made certain to constantly remind her subordinates of that fact.

“Oh, if that was what you wanted to know, Commander, then we are quite near,” KVY replied, pointing at a dark cave opening. “Ranger Farspeed is close enough now for me to detect him through the atmospheric ionization. He is inside that cave.”

“Why didn’t you say so?” Bethany growled, drawing out her blaster. “Is the idiot alive?”

“Yes, he’s bio-signs indicate that he is alive but the readings appear to indicate he is undergoing an extreme level of stress and exertion at the moment. And there is another unidentified, alien lifeform in there with him, Commander,” KVY said ominously.

“Dammit! Follow me, KVY!” Bethany shouted, drawing her blaster and rushing into the cave, the short robot clanking after her.

Farspeed was inside in the cave and there was an alien in the cavern with him. But the rookie Star Ranger was hardly being attacked at the moment. The alien was a nude, multi-limbed, blue-skinned woman who was down on her knees in front of Farspeed, her crimson-haired head buried in his crotch. Farspeed was leaning back against the cave wall, half-undressed with his jacket open and his pants pulled down his legs while the alien woman’s head pistoned up and down between his bare thighs as she let out a steady stream of muffled, sucking moans.

“It would appear that Ranger Farspeed has the situation well under control,” observed KVY drily, the twin omni-directional blaster rifles mounted on the robot’s shoulders retracted back into its body.

“What is going on here?!” Bethany demanded, ignoring the sardonic robot.

Farspeed opened his eyes and saw Bethany and KVY standing there watching him.

“Oh, hi there Commander Briggs! Hi Kevy! I’d come to attention and salute or something, but I’m kind of busy right now as you can see. How’re you two doing?”

“Not as well you, it seems,” KVY answered but Bethany cut him off.

“Farspeed, you better explain yourself! Who or what is that?”

“Her? Oh, her name’s Acharia. She’s from a race who call themselves Arachanians.”

“Arachanians?” KVY said in surprise. “There are records of an all-female race of spider-women from the days before the Stellar Federation was established.” The little robot’s database contained the combined knowledge of every civilization in the Stellar Federation. “They were said to have mated with and killed many males of numerous humanoid species before they were wiped out centuries ago.”

“Well, they weren’t completely wiped out,” Farspeed said and suddenly shuttered. “Oh boy, just a second,” he said as he reached down to take the blue-skinned woman’s moving head in his hands, leaning his head back against the stone wall as her four hands roamed over his body and her two sets of legs squirmed, sliding her feet over the sandy ground. Farspeed let out an abrupt cry and clenched his hands into the woman’s crimson hair, his whole body shaking and Bethany realized the man was having an orgasm right there in front of her.

“Oh wow. Ahem. Sorry about that,” Farspeed finally was able to gasp as the alien woman kneeling in front of him let out delighted moans and distinct swallowing sounds before she starting moving her head once more. “GAR, you better give me another dose.”

“Affirmative,” came the voice of his GAR unit.

“Wh-what do you think you’re doing, Farspeed?” Bethany repeated, hating herself for the deep, embarrassed blush she knew was reddening her face.

“Letting her feed,” he replied simply with a fond gaze down at the woman between his legs. “Acharia tells me there a small colony of Arachanian females on this planet. They’re the ones who have been responsible for the disappearances around here, not that any of those killed explorers and scouts were really their fault.”

“You can communicate with her?” KVY asked. “The records indicate all attempts at verbal and telepathic communication with the Arachanians failed.”

“I think they can only telepathically communicate with the alien males that they mate with, Kevy,” Farspeed explained. “And since those unfortunates never lasted past their first dates with their Arachanian partners, it explains why no one could talk to them before.”

“I would deduce from your statement that you have successfully mated with this Arachanian, but how did you survive the process?” KVY asked. “Such knowledge would be of great interest to the Galactic Science Foundation and the Science Division of the Star Rangers as well,” KVY said and Bethany’s ears perked up.

“Really?” She asked. “Just how much interest would this sort of thing generate, KVY?”

“An enormous amount, Commander,” KVY said. “And the commander who was in charge of the mission that discovered it would certainly be given appropriate honors.” The robotic Ranger might be sarcastic, but no one could ever accuse it of being stupid.

“You’re giving a full report when you get back, Farspeed,” Bethany stated, a deep smile spreading across her full, pouting lips.

“Sure Commander,” Farspeed returned the smile in a much too familiar manner, but Bethany was pleased enough to let it pass. “But I don’t think Acharia’s quite done feeding just yet-Oh yeah!” he went on between his gasps of pleasure. “I’m sure glad you two found me when you did. Acharia tells me that she finds-a little slower, baby-that human cum is a lot more, er, nourishing than blood, but she’s still be to ingest a fairly large quantity and my medi-unit is almost-Ah!-out of the compounds it needs to synthesize Rigellian Ultra-Viagra.”

“You’ll get whatever you need, Ranger,” Bethany told him, not even minding when he suddenly gasped and leaned back against the wall to climax once more into the alien woman’s working mouth. “If you’re report has as much critically important information as KVY thinks its will, I’ll even recommend you for a commendation.”

“The discovery of a hitherto, thought-to-be extinct race?” the short robot commented. “An answer which would allow the Arachanians to live peacefully with the Stellar Federation and possibly even join it? Such information is extremely valuable,” KVY stated confidently.

“And there’s more thing too, Kevy,” Farspeed grinned, wiping at the sweat running down his brow before he reached down to tenderly stroke the cheeks of the alien woman sucking his penis. Bethany could see the blue-skinned woman lift her head slightly to look up at Farspeed with her purple eyes, a happy smile forming around her cock-filled lips.

“What’s that?” Bethany and KVY both asked.

“Call the Galactic Lexicon archives. I’ve finally discovered the real meaning behind my favorite old twentieth century curse!”

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