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It was a small part on the popular soap opera ‘Yellow Rose Of Texas’, but after two seasons of playing Darla Dare, the well-tanned, 5’5″, absolutely gorgeous 24-year-old, with high cheekbones, big doe shaped baby-blue eyes, thick curly just below her shoulders length platinum-blonde hair, and an overripe 38EE-28-34 hourglass figure that her plaid cowboy shirt, skintight blue jeans and black cowboy boots hugged like a second skin, but Todd Waddle pulled off the role well and as far as everyone on the set was concerned he was starving actress Trixie LaRue. The pay for being a supporting actress was not great, but got him into television.

Darla was a waitress at the Moonlight Diner, which was owned and run by the main star, Ann Morgan, a 5’9″, very attractive, well-tanned, 45-year-old, with a slightly dimpled chin, big almond shaped golden-brown eyes, thick wavy to her shoulders brunette hair, and voluptuous 39EE-27-41 hourglass figure. At least once a week a good part of the show took place in the diner, it was where the main characters got together and Darla was the perfect eye candy for the male viewers, if they only knew the truth.

Since the plots usually revolved around the make believe town of Morganville and after twenty years on the show Ann had been married five times, and had a lot of friends and quite a few enemies, so about once a year she was either kidnapped, held hostage or someone tried to kill her, so when the escaped convicts decided to stop in the Moonlight Diner at closing time, during sweeps month, it was expected. It was also a chance for Darla Dare to shine as well.

Ann and Darla were grabbed by three desperate convicts and one was Ann’s third husband who wanted revenge and money to get to Bolivia with. The two buxom beauties were soon bound hand and booted feet with yards of rope and gagged with red bandanas. There were no real lines for the two captives, just a lot of muffled pleas for ‘Help!’, and struggling on camera. Darla made several efforts to get to the phone, only to be pulled away and slapped, a few good slaps on her tight denim clad derriere really got the male viewers going, the soap opera was the most popular amongst college students.

To keep the plot going poor Tracy Buxton, the 5’8″, very pretty, well-tanned, 22-year-old, actress, with a round face, big doe shaped blue-gray eyes, thick straight to the middle of her back honey-blonde hair, and a very firm, but shapely 38DD-24-38 hourglass figure her tight white riding breeches, shiny black riding boots, and red knit sweater hugged like a second skin walked in on the convicts early the next morning. She was soon bound and gagged on the diner floor next to Darla and Ann. To make things more interesting Tracy was married to the young police detective so the hostage situation got juicier.

The hostage scene an entire week plot, but the director, Derek Waters, the 6’2″, well-tanned, movie star handsome, 36-year-old, director/actor, with a strong chin, big hazel eyes, thick clean-cut dark brown hair and a chiseled 185 pound frame, his tight jeans, checkered shirt and brown cowboy boots hugged like a glove decided to film the diner scenes in one ten hour day, so the bondage would look more realistic, he was a stickler for such things. The three bound and gagged actresses tried to complain, but only garbled meows left their gagged mouths as the cameras rolled.

Darla and Ann soon became rather uncomfortable after six hours, and both had a big breakfast and three cups of coffee. Darla had another problem as well, it had been over three days since her last BM and she really needed to relive herself. She became more animated, which really pleased Derek. Ann soon blasted a few loud unladylike farts! Poor Tracy regretted taking a laxative that morning, but she had been backed up for four days!

Michael Valdez, the 5’7″, boyishly handsome, olive skinned, 25-year-old, with a smooth oval face, big kaynarca escort dark brown eyes, thick well-groomed black hair, and a very well-toned 150 pound frame that his tight red t-shirt, skintight white jeans, and black cowboy boots hugged almost obscenely, was on camera
and zoomed in on Tracy’s firm round riding breeches clad bottom. He felt his thick uncut 8″ cock get hard as the seat of the breeches turned a dark shade of chocolate-brown and the rancid odor filled the studio! He was ready to spurt man juice in his tight jeans as he got the smelly accident on film!

Tracy farted out a smelly, steamy, odorous, load of chocolate brown fudge, in her riding breeches! She wet herself with warm amber urine as the seat of her once snow white riding breeches ballooned out to the size of three eggplants! She had an uncontrolled series of orgasms as the last of her smelly fecal accident poured out of her once too full rectum! She wanted to crawl under a table and hide, but was too well bound and gagged.

Derek left Tracy in her messy state, for realism, although her loaded pants would not be shown on the final cut, but would certainly find its way to the homes of a few scat fans for money. He felt his thick circumcised 7″ penis struggle in his tight jeans as he looked at the attractive buxom blonde squirm with a huge load of crap in her riding breeches! He was certain that a few wealthy perverts would pay top dollar to see a future television star drop a huge smelly solid deposit in her pants. He planned to keep a copy of the accident for his own collection.

It took four takes to do the shootout, and by the third Darla soaked her tight jeans with warm yellow piss as she farted one time too many! She barely pushed out the very hot, smelly, 3″ in diameter, solid, shiny golden-brown, torpedo in her nude controltop pantyhose that she had to wear under her jeans, after all she had to conceal a very thick circumcised 9″ penis and pair of hairless plum sized balls! She had a climax as the warm pliable poop gathered between her balls and crept up her wide asscrack! The jeans were so tight the poop spread all over her buttcheeks and inner thighs and covered her throbbing cock! She swore she dumped five pounds of rancid smelling poops in her pants! The only good part about her big accident, and for a change it was a real accident, was that she didn’t have to worry about anyone seeing the outline of her erect cock in her jeans; it was buried under the huge deposit of feces!

Ann finally gave in; she knew Derek would keep shooting unless she had a nasty BM in her jeans. She grunted, pushed and farted out a very hot, smelly, very fat, semi-solid, load, of greenish-brown, fecal matter in her spandex jeans! She pissed in her stretchy jeans as more and more smelly poops gathered between her clean shaven vulva and wide upper asscrack! Unlike Darla who struggled with tight denim, Ann wore stretchy spandex jeans so the fecal deposit tented out to the size of five grapefruits as she had a series of intense climaxes! She acted up so Michael would get her on his camera, just as the police charged into the diner and captured the convicts!

The three actresses were finally released, and Tracy cursed up a storm! Ann quietly snuck into her private dressing room, while Darla grabbed her pocketbook and headed back to her studio apartment that was seven blocks away from the television studio. Trixie got so excited she had to stop along the way three times to climax and pee.

The sweeps ended and the ‘Yellow Rose of Texas’ was the top rated daytime soap opera for the third year in a row, which pleased the network and sponsors. The big surprise was how popular Trixie LaRue had become, especially with the college boys and truckers. The actress who played Ann Morgan wanted to take a few months to make a couple of made for TV movies and take a vacation, so the producers decided to have Trixie küçükyalı escort buy the diner from Ann and sent her on a long vacation.

Of course being a leading ‘Lady’ meant having a boyfriend, and not just any guy. Tracy’s boyfriend, Detective Buff Bullet, played by Terry Fontaine, the 5’8″, extremely, boyishly handsome, well-tanned, 25-year-old, soap star/ underwear model, with an oval face, big blue-gray eyes, thick wavy dirty-blonde hair and a smooth well-chiseled 155 pound frame his skintight jeans and t-shirts hugged almost obscenely, would be her man. That meant having an affair with a married man who had a jealous and suspicious wife. The actress who played Tracy was being written off of the show due to contract problems so they could have fun with this plot.

The plot started innocently enough, Darla called the police to investigate a burglary and soon after a cup of coffee and two donuts Buff put the moves on the busty, beautiful blonde. Darla felt Buff’s thick circumcised 8″ penis struggle in his tight white jeans, while her thick 9″ cock struggled between her controltop pantyhose clad legs! During the love scene Buff came in his tight jeans while kissing and hugging the very passable crossdresser, and like 99% of the people in the studio didn’t know actress Trixie LaRue was really Todd Waddle!

It got really dicey for Darla when he made stops at her apartment. She had to wear a nightgown and a very revealing one at that. She did some research and decided to surprise Derek the director with a very sexy leopard print baby doll nightie and a full-cut matching panty girdle and put a sanitary pad in front, since it was that time of month. The love scene was as intense as one could get for daytime TV and Buff again had a climax in his tight white bikini brief! Darla spurted in her panty girdle, but was lucky that the pad covered part of her male package and the semen stain was blamed on Buff, since he was behind her at the time!

Trixie was stunned that Terry asked her out to dinner. The producers were ecstatic when the news spread around the building. Terry was news already and a favorite in the gossip magazines, but Trixie was still a mystery actress, nothing was really known about her and with her about to date the writers had moved on from whether she had plastic surgery for her nose and boobs, they wanted to know where she was born, went to school and so on, and she wasn’t about to tell. The first three dates were anything but private or intimate. Terry was frustrated, but blamed the gossip writers and photographers for his lack of hitting a home run.

The romance got hot and heavy on the show and at the end of each episode; Ann would sit in her white Lexus and look at the silhouettes in Darla’s bedroom window.

Darla was about to get ready for work when Tracy ambushed her! The fight scene was short and nasty! Tracy shoved a balled up worn panty in Darla’s mouth and wrapped a pair of pantyhose over her full red lips. She tied the helpless buxom blonde’s well-manicured hands behind her back and her pencil thin ankles together with nude pantyhose that she grabbed from the dresser drawer, again Derek liked so-called realism on the show.

Like the last big hostage scene, Derek decided to do it in one day, and this plot was even longer, a seven episode bondage scene. He also took a few liberties with the coffee that some of the actors were drinking. He made sure Michael was on camera

Darla struggled on her bedroom floor bound and gagged in her red spandex leotard, nude tights, and white sneakers, with her hair pulled in a ponytail, she had just finished her exercises, Derek rewrote the exercise scene himself, it was better than her in a nightie, and one of his perverted friends paid for a big poop in a spandex leotard. Darla all of a sudden had to move her full bowels and pee, it had been over three days since her last BM and had sancaktepe escort a feeling she knew why the coffee had a chocolate taste! She screamed through her panty stuffed mouth in anger at Derek, while being filmed!

Tracy sat on the bed and talked to Buff on the phone, and looked down at her captive frequently, after all seeing a bound and gagged damsel on a soap opera spiked the ratings and the other network just had a murder so keeping the prettiest star of the show tied up and gagged on camera was a must!

Of course Derek needed more than one damsel to overtake a good murder, so had Ann stop by the apartment after a long run, to let Darla know she was back from vacation. The fact that both of her made for television movies tanked had a lot to do with the early return. Soon Tracy had Ann’s pretty mouth stuffed with a balled up leopard print panty girdle, a wide leopard print scarf was wrapped over her full pouty pink lips, her hands were secured behind her back with 3″ wide white medical tape, with her ankles secured with more wide white medical tape, she had on a black sports bra, yellow spandex pants and white sneakers. Ann agreed to do the scene only if she got part of the side money Derek would make selling the special scenes to his kinky friends, so had held in her full bowels for four days!

Like the last time, Derek became fussy and made Tracy and Buff do second and third takes, and had the heat turned up, so Ann and Darla would sweat and struggle on camera more, which they did. Michael got a lot of good close-ups.

Poor Darla soon surrendered and wet her leotard with warm yellow pee as she let loose one loud fart too many. A few members of the film crew giggled when they saw the hot, smelly, golden-brown mound grow in the seat of the red leotard! Darla could not seem to stop pooping as the warm pliable feces gathered between her tight hairless balls and wide upper asscrack! She climaxed intensely as the last of the basketball sized fecal deposit settled in her leotard and ruined pantyhose! She hoped her manhood stayed hidden in the pile of fresh hot odorous poops!

Buff showed up to rescue his new girlfriend! Derek made them do five takes to get the entrance right. Ann finally lost control and pissed in her yellow spandex pants and soon growled like a hungry bear! She pushed out a hot, thick, solid, pungent smelling, copper-brown, turd in between her clean shaven pelvic area to her wide upper asscrack! She really acted up so Michael would get a few good shots of her three overripe melon sized poopload! She had a few nice climaxes as the hot poop covered her quaking clit lips!

Buff finally burst into the apartment and Tracy tried to stab him with a kitchen knife only to fall out of the second floor window. Of course to cover the show’s bases Tracy’s body was not found, just in case they did come up with a contract later on.

Ann waddled to her dressing room, while Trixie a new star still didn’t have a private dressing area, she shared it with Tracy. It was very late, she had been bound and gagged for eleven hours and spent four of them with a load of smelly shit in her leotard. She accepted Michael’s offer to drive her home.

By the time they got to her apartment she was aroused and he was beyond excited. They kissed and necked in the apartment like a couple of young teenagers and when Michael felt her hard cock in her pooped in pantyhose he could even hotter! He inched down the sexy transvestite’s pantyhose and sucked her shitty hard cock! Trixie was in love and came in her lover’s willing mouth!

Michael stood in just his red bikini brief and pulled out his erect cock and let his new ‘girlfriend’ suck it as he relaxed his sphincter muscles and pooped! Trixie sucked even harder as the pile of soft, smelly, steamy, caramel colored, fudge poured out of his asshole and formed into a football sized pile between his smooth muscular legs! He had a wonderful orgasm in Trixie’s luscious mouth.

Trixie and Michael spent two days together in the studio apartment. Trixie turned back into Todd they still had sex together, both oral and anal. Michael was completely smitten with the soap opera star and Trixie was in love too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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