Change of Plans

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Big Tits

Today has been stressful and hectic at work. I am looking forward to date night with Barb. We decided to goto a nice local Italian restaurant-Piasans. All I have been thinking about is spending time at our usual table.

As I hurry out of work, I approach my car and my phone dings. It’s a text from Barb, “Front dr open, cum in”. Oh good she’s home and getting ready… I have been looking forward to seeing her, since she had been out of town for work. I’m an eyes and ass man. Killer eyes are so damn sexy, and sexy eyes are my kryptonite. Then her ass looks great in a pair of tight jeans or runners pants. Don’t get me wrong, Barb is the total package, awesome personality and a great well portioned body.

My car doesn’t seem to be going fast enough. As traffic becomes heavier, I have to slow way down. My mind is racing with thoughts of making love to her on the warm beach last month. Hearing her moans and heaving breathing, as the waves rolled onto the shore in the background.

Finally! I’m at Barb’s house. Quickly, I grab my bag with change of clothes and necessities. I open the door and yell, “Hi sweetheart! It’s just me!”

I hear noise in the kitchen. As I walk towards the kitchen, Barb yells, “I’m in the kitchen.”

Wow! She has a great outfit on that accents her best features-Tights and a low cut blouse. “I hope you don’t mind, I’m making us dinner instead.”

Her back was towards me and I stare at her sexy ass. I could stay and admire her all day. But I start to walk towards her to give her a kiss as she turns towards me.

“No, that is fine. I didn’t want you to have to make something since you have been out of town for work.”

She gave me that “stop it” look. Yes, the look. I said no more. As she stands over the kitchen sink draining the noodles for her notorious lasagna, my hands are on her hips wandering all around her thighs and ass. I whisper in her ear, “You are so damn sexy! I can’t wait to have you for dessert.” She chuckled.

My lips kiss her neck, hitting her most vulnerable spot that drives her crazy. In turn, she is wearing my favorite perfume that drives me crazy. I whisper in her ear, “Do you mind if I shower and change in the clothes I brought for date night?”

“No. Towels are in the linen closet. I will put the lasagna together while you shower. Dinner should be ready in a hour.”

“Ok, I will hurry.” Huh, ready in an hour? Subtle hint. Just enough for a little fun before dinner.

As I start the shower, I keep thinking about her standing in the kitchen. The shower is good and warm, so I quickly hop in and soap up. Then I remembered, I have a robe hanging in her room. Forget dressing up. I will surprise her. As I rinse off, I’m highly aroused. So, I stroke my hardness a few times under the hot shower.

I shut off the Kastamonu Escort shower and towel off. In my bag is her favorite cologne. I put some on as I stand in front of the mirror naked. I’m so glad I took the time to trim up last night. I go into her room to get my robe, I noticed her clothes she had on were on her bed. Could she be naked waiting for me?

Walking down the hallway, the flicker of candles are seen against the walls. I walk into the living room and she isn’t in there. Then I goto the kitchen and she is checking on the lasagna, wearing only an apron. Her ass is in plain view. I walk up to her as she shuts the oven door, and I wrap my arms around her from behind. “Hello Sexy. I hope I didn’t keep you waiting long.”

She lets out a moan as I kiss her neck and shoulders. Then I gently nibble on her ear. I reach down to untie her apron, sliding my hands under her apron, lightly touching her breasts. Her breathing is becoming heavier and deeper. “I missed you touching me.”, she can barely get out.

Turning Barb around, I look into her eyes filled with passion, “I missed you too. Now I’m going to show you just how much.”

I quickly lift her up on the kitchen island. Looking into her eyes, I take a foot and slowly kiss up her calf, thigh, and back down the inside of her thighs. Her eyes close. Her head falls back, as she sits up on her elbows. Taking her apron, I push it up on her. Fully exposing her glistening pussy lips. My tongue runs around her lips several times. Then I stop right above her clit and kiss her on her swollen mound. She barely gasps out, “Why did you stop?”

I say nothing, as I remove her apron totally off her body. Exposing her gorgeous naked body. Her nipples are so hard. I lightly run my fingertip over her hard nipple. Taking her ankles, I put her feet on my shoulders, as my swollen tip barely touches her lips, as I continue to tease both her nipples. Her head tilts back again.

I sternly ask her, “Open your eyes. I want you to look at me with your sexy, fuck me eyes.”

She looks into my eyes, but she can barely hold them open as I continue playing with her nipples and I rock my hips sliding my hardness over her lips and clit. Her breathing is very deep. She is enjoying me teasing her body. But then in one quick motion, I drop my face down to her very wet and warm pussy. My tongue dives deep into her. She lets out a loud gasp. I part her lips, so her fully engorged clit is exposed. I take her clit lightly between my lips. My tongue teases her clit. She starts to squirm and rock her hips with each flick of my tongue. As I continue teasing her with my tongue, I slide two fingers deep into her soaking pussy. Gasping louder and breathing deeper, she closes her legs on my head. Her pussy muscles tighten around my fingers Kastamonu Escort Bayan while I slide deeper into her. The groans are becoming louder. Her hips are rocking even more, and she has my head tight between her legs as I continue flicking her clit with my tongue.

She starts to cum loud and hard. Her hands grab my head and pushes me hard into her pussy. As she continues her orgasm, she pulls me by my hair to bring up to her mouth. Her lips lock onto my lips with deep passionate kisses, occasionally sliding in her tongue. Her hand reaches for my hard cock.

“Are you going to give me this, or continue to eat my pussy?”, she says in a throaty voice while she gives me a few strokes.

I don’t verbally respond, but I grab her hand to help her off the counter. Then I scoop her up in my arms and carry her into the bedroom.

She goes to grab my hard cock, and I stop her. “For you to get my hard cock, you must do a couple things for me.”

As she looks in disbelief at me, “What do you want?”

“Shut your eyes.” She shuts her eyes, as she folds her hands together on her lap.

I take the blindfold and place it over her eyes.

She says, “Oh! I like it so far.”

“There’s more.”

Her face beaming with a big smile. I tell her, “I’m going to help you to the middle of the bed, and you need to lay on your back.” Her big smile went to an inquisitive smile. As she lays back, I help her get in the right position.

“Ok, now what?”, in a curious tone.

I quickly hop off the bed to slide out the restraints I had placed between the mattress and box springs, before I showered. “I’m almost ready with the other part of the surprise.”

I grab the restraints for her wrists, and I slide them on. I look over her naked body in anticipation of me worshipping her body.

“Oh, baby! Please be good too me since you are holding me captive.”

I chuckle, “Don’t worry! I will and then some. Now, I’m taking your legs and I need them limp.”

A mischievous smile goes over her face. “Why don’t you let me see what you are going to do to me? I wont be able to go anywhere.”

“No. You need to experience this without knowing how I will be worshipping your naked body.” I place her ankles in the restraints.

“Now what? You have me all riled up and I’m very horny. I need to be fucked good!”

“I know you do. And I will very soon. But first I have to do something else for you.”

“Oh my god what? I’m going crazy already!”

I take the massage oil and pour some in my hands and rub them together to warm the oil. I bend over to whisper in her ear, “I’m taking control now, so relax and enjoy what I’m going to do to you.”

She swallows hard and barely squeaks out, “Ok.”

I slowly start to glide Escort Kastamonu my hands over her shoulders. Admiring her nakedness by the little light coming through the bedroom door from the hallway. Adding more oil to my hands, her breathing is becoming deeper. Then I glide my hands around her breasts, but I do not touch her erect nipples. I really want to take a nipple in my mouth, but I don’t just yet. Slowly I work my way down past her stomach, to her pubic area. She moans as I lightly past her pubic bone.

“You are driving me insane!”

“No, I am building up your anticipation, before I give you what you want.”

She lets out a long moan, as I lightly go over her pussy, just above her clit. Her legs start to slightly quiver. Her breathing quickens. My hands go further down her legs. I bend over to kiss her clit area, while I massage down her legs. Then I release her legs out of the restraints. She opens her legs wide. Her lips have a nice glisten. I go down to taste her and tease her clit. Her moaning and breathing is getting deeper and deeper.

I move between her legs and place her feet on my shoulders. She begs, “Yes! Please fuck me! Please!!”

Slowly I slide my tip inside her. “Yes! Please keep going!”

“Ok, you are just so damn sexy all tied up here.” I slide deeper and deeper inside her. I pull her legs close to my chest and her feet closer together. She feels so good. So warm. So wet. I start to thrust her harder and harder. Watching her body take each thrust. I see her try to move her arms. She wants to touch herself like she normally does.

“Please untie my hands.”

“No, you must take this fucking my way.”

I’m thrusting in her hard and she starts to tighten her pussy around my cock. Her moaning is louder and louder. As I thrust in her, I tease her clit with my finger. That puts her over the edge and she cums loudly and bucks her hips so she milks my cock with her hip movement. I pull out and watch her keep moving her orgasming body.

Quickly, I remove the restraints from her hands. She removes her blindfold and grabs my hard cock, “My turn to tease you!”

She has great oral skills. I can tell she is wanting more of my cock in her pussy. I pull from her mouth and I ask her, “How would you like to ride?”

There was no question about her response, she pointed for me to get on my back. Who am I to argue with a beautiful woman who knows what she wants.

Taking my cock, she watches as she slides me inside her. Fully taking me inside her, she looks into my eyes, “God I missed this!”

I barely can respond, “Me too!”

I enjoy watching her body rides and grind on me. The look of pleasure in her eyes, as she slides up and down my hard shaft. Her pussy is so wet, I feel her juices running down me. Then she starts bucking her hips violently. “God I love riding your cock!” She cums hard and breathlessly collapses on my chest. Still inside her, I can feel her pussy spasming around my hard cock.

Looking into my eyes, I have a surprise for you after dinner. Now she is making me wonder what is in her bag of tricks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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