Changing My Life with My Wife

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I was in my early 30’s and working as an analyst for a large corporation. The benefits of the job were good but the pay was average to below average. It allowed me to rent a home and buy a car but not much else. I was not what you would call “aggressive” when it came to career advancement. I was, and always have been, a laid back type of person.

In college I had a relationship with a girl for the first time and we were each virgins the first time we had sexual intercourse. We learned how to have sexual relations with the opposite sex together and we had lots of fun.

There was one piece of my sexual history I did not share with my college girlfriend. It was my love of wearing lingerie and dressing completely as a girl. I had started doing this by sneaking into my mom’s lingerie drawer when she was not at home and trying on the large variety of items that all 1960’s housewives had.

When I graduated from college, my girlfriend and I went our separate ways and I moved into my own apartment when I got a job straight out of college. Living alone and not having a steady girlfriend I decided I would buy my own set of lingerie and use it to satisfy my sexual urges. I purchased a dozen pair of full cut panties, several half-slips and camisoles, plus ten different full slips and ten bras of all the popular colors. They were all loaded with lace and all nylon. I purchased a dozen long nightgowns and three sexy baby doll outfits. I had a dresser that had nothing but lingerie in it.

As the years went by I became bolder and I started buying dresses and skirts along with coordinating blouses. Wigs, breast forms, and make-up followed and before I knew it I could dress myself from head to toe as a girl and look very, very pretty. I passed easily as a girl in public and was never afraid to appear in public as a girl.

This type of lifestyle continued for about six or seven years until I was assigned to work on a project that involved an investment bank that worked with our company. I was part of a team of analysists who had to interact with a small team of employees from the bank. It was during this assignment that I met my future wife. She was on the team of people at the bank assigned to work with our group.

When our groups first met I noticed this girl right away and she had the same attraction toward me. The project was expected to take 9 months to complete and after about two weeks the girl who would become my wife and I were seeing each other outside of work on a fairly regular basis. She was ten years younger than me as this was her first job out of college at age 23. I was 33 and the age difference never seemed to come between us. We engaged in sexual intercourse on our fourth date and never stopped having sex our whole dating life.

About a year after we met we were married. Married life was great. We had sex at least five times a week for the first six months. We experimented with different positions and various sex toys and generally enjoyed one another very much. My wife did not believe in birth control and even though I was ejaculating inside her just about every night she never became pregnant which was just fine for the both of us.

She was moving up at her job and I was making a decent, but not great, salary. We owned our own home and things were really quite nice. It was in our eighth month of marriage that our intercourse sessions began to drop off. We were down to four times a week for a couple of months and one year in we were down to three times a week. By the time we had been married a year and a half we were down to once a week. Three months later it was twice a month. On our second anniversary we were lucky to have sex once a month.

When we were first married we slept together in the nude. As the months went by my wife began wearing cotton pajamas that soon had the colors and look of male pajamas. It was not very appealing.

When we got down to once every other month I asked my wife if something was wrong as she was in her late 20’s and I was in my late 30’s. She assured me nothing was wrong and that the pressures of her work were taking a toll on her. She also said that while she enjoyed our fucking, she never had been a fan of the sex act itself. She felt pressure to cum and felt pressure to make me cum.

Another couple of months went by and after we had finished having an intercourse session where my wife did not cum, I apologized to her and she said:

“Why don’t we just stop trying to pretend, and just quit having sex.”

“We know we love one another and are faithful to each other. Getting fucked has never been a necessity for me and if we find we miss doing it we can always try again.”

I was a bit shocked, but I knew without my wife’s income life for me by myself would not be pleasant. I reluctantly agreed with her suggestion. And when it rains, it pours, as just two weeks later I was laid off at my job.

My wife was very supportive of my situation and told me to take plenty of time off before looking acıbadem escort for another job. Her salary could easily support the both of us.

Having a lot of time on my hands at home alone during the day and having no sexual outlet was not a good combination for me. As my mind wandered during the day it wandered back to my days of wearing lingerie and fully dressing as a girl. I had not told my wife about my hobby, but I had kept a trunk in the garage with my entire wardrobe cleaned and carefully folded inside. I didn’t make it more than three days before I was bringing the trunk into the bedroom when my wife was at work.

The first time I opened the lid I lost my breath looking at how pretty the nylon and lace was on my panties, bras, and slips. And my nightgowns were beautiful. I forgot how much I missed wearing everything. I felt chubby in my briefs and in less than a minute I had stripped completely nude. My penis is a bit smaller than normal, but adequate to please a woman. I looked down to see my cock straighten itself out from between my legs. I had ample pubic hair as the swollen head of my dick and a small portion of the shaft exposed themselves with my growing erection.

Since my wife and I were not having sexual intercourse, my mind began to race to what I could do by myself sexually. My first thought was to shave my entire body to remove all, and I do mean all, body hair. I knew I would need to sit in a very hot bathtub and use baby oil to avoid ingrown hairs so I quickly started to fill the bath. While this was happening I was going through the trunk and selecting a fully complete set of beautiful lingerie. Panties, bra, garter belt, nylons, slip. I was shaking as I selected a dress that had always fit me perfectly. I then picked out a shoulder length wig and pulled out my makeup kit with everything I needed.

The bathtub was just about full as I slid into the very hot water. I used some of my wife’s bath soap which softened my skin and I used her shaving cream on every part of my body with hair. I have very little upper body hair naturally so it was easy to clean off my chest and underarms. My legs were next as I had never shaved them before. The hair slid off my legs with the razor without effort. I have no natural hair on my ass so my pubic area was next. Having an erection kept my cock out of the way as I carefully and thoroughly shaved every last hair off my crotch. When I stepped from the tub I was completely smooth and hairless. My cock looked out of place and not as big as I thought, and as I finished up shaving my face smooth I lost my erection so completely the entire shaft of my dick pulled into my body. All that could be seen was the pink head and only the top half of it at that. I noticed a small drop or two of pre-cum oozing out of my cock slit. I rubbed baby oil over my entire body to prevent razor burn and it felt great. I could physically feel myself becoming a girl and I loved it!

I went into the bedroom and dressed myself completely in lingerie and was stunned at how wonderful my lingerie felt when I put it on. I was remembering what it was to be a girl and I wanted to be a girl more than ever. My nipples were fully erect in my training bra and I saw two wet spots on the front of my bra. My nipples were discharging liquid! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I had never felt as feminine as I did at this moment and I wanted to feel more.

My dress was next and my makeup complete with press-on colored fingernails. I had done my makeup many times before and I had not forgotten how to do it. I looked beautiful as I pulled my wig into position and combed it smooth. I gasped as I looked at myself in our full length mirror. I felt completely female. And to top it off I had no erection in my panties. My small ball sack also felt as though it had shrunk. This look and feeling for me was perfect.

I spent the rest of the day dressed as a girl as I did what my wife and I agreed would be my chores while I was home without work. I felt like a wife; and I looked like one too!

About an hour before my wife was to get home I laid back on our bed, lifted my dress and slip and slid my hands inside my panties to touch my little cock. The shaft was just a little bit out of my body as I pulled on myself to coax myself to erection. It took a few minutes, but pulling on my fully smooth body parts felt wonderful. All it took was my thumb and one finger to pull on my tiny dick and in less than a minute I ejaculated a full load into my panties. I kept pulling my cock and milking every last drop out as I felt the warm cum flow all over my cleanly shaved crotch. The release was perfect. I remembered why I like dressing as a girl so much and I decided I would do it on a daily basis.

My wife and I slept in a king size bed and we rarely if ever spooned together or touched because it was not comfortable for either of us and we got too hot to sleep comfortably. This presented an opportunity for me and I began to take full advantage of atalar escort it along with another idea I had for when my wife and I were at home in the evening.

Before my wife would get home I would be careful to take off all my makeup and outer female clothing, but I would not take off any of my lingerie. I would leave my bra and panties and slip on under my male clothing. I was the only one who knew I was wearing a full set of lingerie under my male clothing and that was exciting by itself. I also decided to wear my long nightgown to bed every night. I would conceal it under my male pajamas and when I was under the covers with the lights out I would quietly remove my male pajamas and sleep next to my wife all night dressed as a girl. She was not at all aware what I was doing. Or so I thought.

About a month after I had been wearing lingerie full time and fully dressing as a girl on a daily basis, my wife asked me one evening to take a look at a video she had. I was standing next to her at her computer when she played a video showing our bedroom and a clear picture of me performing my morning ritual of becoming a girl.

“Where did you get this?” I asked.

“I placed one of those undercover nanny cams on my side of the bed stand. I had a feeling that something strange was going on while I was gone. I thought you may be having another woman come into our home when I was at work. I was pretty surprised to see that you were the other woman.”

What could I say? She had me on video. All I could say was:

“I started doing this when I was very young and when we stopped having sexual intercourse I started doing this again to give me a sexual outlet.”

She said to me:

“Well this is some outlet! I never thought of my husband as a woman. Is there anything else you want to tell me?”

I told her I had been sleeping in bra, panties, and a nightgown every night and that I felt very sexually aroused when I was dressed as a girl.

She said:

“This is a lot to process. I think under the conditions I see here you might need to sleep in the guest bedroom. But since you find so much pleasure in wearing nightgowns there’s no need to hide it from me. When you get ready for bed just put on your girly things like you want to and I will tuck you in bed…in the other room.”

Knowing I needed to stay married to survive I agreed to this plan. After a few days she told me I might as well stay dressed as a girl full time. She would think of me as her “wife” and she said she would put all of my male clothing in storage to assure I would only wear female attire.

“I’m going to call you Tammy from now on and I expect you to do the laundry and the house cleaning and I want you to do the cooking for us every evening at dinner. And I want you to dress as a girl fulltime. No male clothing at all.”

I agreed to this as I really had little choice not to.

It was our fifth night of sleeping in separate rooms that I woke up in the middle of the night and I decided I would try to slide back into our main bed where my wife was. I quietly tiptoed into the room and slowly lifted the covers and gently got into bed. As I turned toward my sleeping wife I saw she was completely nude. She had gone back to sleeping naked when I was not in our bed! I reached out to touch her and she woke up with a start.

“What are you doing?!” She quickly asked.

“I’m coming back to our bed” I replied.

“Oh no you don’t. You are a girl now, and I don’t want to be naked in bed with another girl. You need to go back to your own bed.” She said sternly.

I got out of our bed and returned to the bed in the other room and went back to sleep.

The next evening when my wife came home she said she did not want a repeat of what happened the night before so she decided at night she would tie me in my bed to the bed posts spread eagle at my wrists and ankles. Every night when it was time for bed I could wear whatever nightgown I liked with bra and panties on underneath and she would make sure I was tied into my own bed. She made it a point to be fully clothed in her normal work clothes when she tied me to my bed. I was not to get out of bed until she untied me in the morning. Her power over me was kind of a turn on so I went along with her request.

It was in the summer and the nights were on the warm side so I had been sleeping in a short baby doll nightgown with large panties filled with lace most nights. My wife had finished tying me into bed for the night and she kissed me goodnight on the forehead. She turned out the light and went to her room and for whatever reason I became sexually aroused more than usual. My dick began to grow in my panties and I was helpless to touch it. I began to squirm in bed and I guess the noise I was making caught the attention of my wife who had not yet turned in.

As my wife came back into my room and turned on the light she saw my panties with my cock pushing them straight up in the middle. She was wearing aydınlı escort just her bra and panties as she said:

“Ohhh, does my little girl have a problem?”

“No problem,” I answered trying to shrink my erection. “Just a little restless in my panties tonight.”

“Well little girl” my wife replied. “What if I could offer you a little relief?”

“Would you do that?” I asked.

“Well, I’m not sure what I can really do, but let me try this.” She said.

With that she slowly removed her bra and her panties while standing at the foot of the bed. She then reached out to my panties and pulled them down as far as my spread eagle condition would allow. My cock sprang back and forth as it came out of my panties. I watched as she climbed onto my bed and crawled over me on her hands and knees. I noticed she was careful to stay just far enough above me so I could not touch her naked body.

I saw her tits above my face and her nipples were very engorged and standing out straight but I could not touch them with my tongue. She made sure of that. I felt something warm and wet drip onto my cock and as I looked down I saw that my wife’s pussy was dripping wet.

“You’re dripping on me honey” I said.

“I am?” she replied.

“Yes. Does that mean you want us to fuck?” I asked.

“I’m not sure” she said. “What if I just do this to you?”

And with that she started to lower her fully shaved pussy lips down to my throbbing cock, but she only barely let them touch the tip of my cock. I felt her warm juices and could very lightly feel the skin at the front of her cunt. As soon as she felt this too she quickly lifted her crotch up.

“I don’t think I can fuck a girl tonight” she said. “I do like to just let you lightly touch my cunt lips with your cock, so let’s try that again.”

Again she lowered herself to my cock and just barely touched the tip and again rose up. She did this several more times while I was getting harder and harder. She also lowered her breasts and nipples down to just above my mouth and as I stuck out my tongue to touch them she quickly pulled them up and away.

I was being teased and I was tied to the bed and could do nothing about it. Finally, in what was a surprise to me and to her, I gasped for breath and my cock shot out a stream of cum that I could not stop. It did this without being touched. My wife quickly pulled herself back to avoid getting squirted on as she laughed.

“Wow” she said.

“You are some kind of girl. I teased you to an orgasm and you didn’t need to be inside me to cum. I like this. It keeps me clean of your spunk but it turns me on and it obviously does you too. I’m going to finish myself to orgasm with my finger while you watch, then we can both get a good night’s sleep.”

She plunged her finger into her pussy and rubbed her clitoris very quickly and she came to loud groans in less than two minutes. When she came her pussy juices flowed freely off her hand and onto the sheets of my bed. She took a couple of minutes to catch her breath and then she pulled my panties back up on me and turned out the light and left to go to her room. It was an unusual but very exciting experience for us both.

The next night when my wife came home after I cleared off the dishes from dinner it was almost time for bed. I went upstairs and got into my baby doll and panties and told my wife I was ready for bed.

After she had tied me into bed securely she went into her bedroom and came back with a paper sack from a local sex shop. She pulled out something I had never seen before, a male chastity device that she had purchased that day. Still fully clothed, my wife said:

“After you shot your ejaculation last night without being touched, I decided I should get one of these for you.”

“What is that?” I asked.

“It’s a locking device for your cock.” She said.

“I’m going to be the only one who has the key to the lock. When I put it in place it will prevent you from having an erection. And if you try to get hard the pain will be too great to continue.” She smiled a sly smile.

“How will I pee?” I asked.

“There are several holes in the end. You’ll be able to pee easily. It just doesn’t come off until I let you out.” She continued.

“I’m going to pull your panties down and lock this device in place tonight and it’s going to stay locked on you until I remove it. I’m told if I unlock it once a week for the day you will be able to masturbate yourself to orgasm while I’m at work. When I get back home I’ll lock you back up which will keep your semen from getting on or in me.” She was very deliberate in her directions.

“I hope it doesn’t hurt.” I said.

“It won’t.” she said. “Now stay still while I lock you into chastity.”

The hard plastic ring went around the back of my small ball sack. On the top, a hard plastic hood was placed over my penis and locked to the ring. It was not coming off unless it was unlocked. My wife pulled my panties back up and I was tied in my bed and locked in chastity. My wife stood next to the bed and then kissed me on the forehead, pulled up the sheet, and turned out the light. I didn’t want to admit it, by my position in bed was sexually exciting. I drifted off to sleep fairly easily.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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