Chapter 03: Abby’s Anal Adventure

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Big Dicks

It was time for something different tonight, Noah decided. He enjoyed doing new and different things with his wife Abby’s body. They had been experimenting together a lot recently, ever since she informed him she had been feeling neglected. There was no way he was going to let her feel that way ever again!

There was one place they had never explored together, and Noah thought it was about time. Abby was free with her sexuality, but she had never wanted to have anal with him. Noah knew it was mostly due to the size of his cock, that Abby was afraid of how much it might hurt, but Noah was determined to try it tonight.

Abby was a beautiful woman. She had long black hair, hazel eyes, pouty lips, and pale skin. 46DD breasts topped an hourglass figure, with an extremely curvy ass that begged to be bitten like an apple. She liked to wear G-strings and thongs, the better to show it off for him when she dressed and undressed.

Noah was similar in appearance to his wife. He had long black hair, tan skin, hazel eyes, glasses, and a muscular chest with a fine dusting of hair. He was several inches taller than his wife, and knew his cock was a decent size. Eight inches long, and almost as thick around as Abby’s wrist.

Noah knew it was going to take some work to get his wife to the point where she would be ready to accept him in her ass, but he was prepared to do whatever it would take. He had purchased a large bottle of lubricant in preparation. For the moment, however, it was hidden in the bedside table drawer.

Noah quietly walked into the bathroom where Abby was showering. He could see her through the shower curtain, her eyes were closed, her head thrown back, and she was washing her hair. He could see the soap streaming down her front, the froth covering her nipples and sliding down between her legs, before going down the drain. Noah stripped off his clothes quickly, and joined his wife in the shower. Abby turned quickly in surprise, but smiled when she saw who it was.

“Hello gorgeous, fancy meeting you here!” Abby giggled as she leaned back against Noah, wiggling herself against him. She turned around, and began kissing him passionately, her tongue twining around his. She then began rubbing her warm, soapy breasts against his chest. Noah picked her up, holding her waist level with his, his cock sliding an inch inside of her. Abby gasped, and pumped her hips against him.

Abby dropped to her knees, sliding herself down the length of his body. She grasped his cock in her hand, and slowly ran her tongue over the tip. Noah felt his hips buck in response. She then began slowly running her tongue over and around his length, before slowly sucking it deeply into her mouth, Eryaman Escort caressing the tip with her tongue. She pumped the bottom of the shaft with her hand, rolling her tongue around and around the head. She sucked him deep inside her throat, and gently caressed his balls with her free hand.

Noah could feel his balls tighten, knowing that he was going to explode if Abby kept sucking him as hard as she could. He pulled on her hair gently, urging her to slow down, or to stop. When she looked at him questioningly, he raised her up and kissed her tenderly. He then picked her up again, sliding himself deeper inside of her again.

Noah backed her up against the wall of the shower, the water raining down on them as he pumped in and out of her tight, hot, wet pussy. Abby wrapped her legs around his waist, and licked his ear. Her teeth nipped at his shoulder, panting and squirming against him as Noah thrust in and out of her. He slowly drew the pad of his middle finger against her clit, feeling the shudders race through Abby’s body with each stroke.

Finally, after several more flicks, Abby began creaming for him, her wetness streaming over his balls and down his legs. Noah came hard and fast, moaning low in his throat. Abby shuddered, and drew herself off of him slowly. Noah turned the shower off, and carried her into the bedroom while slowly rubbing her dry with a large bath towel.

Placing Abby gently on the bed, Noah began kissing her all over. He could see his cum leaking slowly out of her pussy, around to the tight little bud of her ass. Flipping her over onto her stomach, Noah ran his tongue from her clit to her crinkled rose. Abby gasped, and tried to sit up as he gently slid his tongue past her sphincter. Noah pushed her back onto the bed, and placed one of his hands on the small of her back to keep her in place.

“Do I need to tie you down again?” He asked her. “I will if I need to, you know.”

Abby shook her head, and tried to lay still beneath him. Noah took some massage oil into his palm, warming it before slowly caressing her cheeks with it, dipping his finger slowly in and out of her crack. He drew Abby to her knees, and slid another finger around to the front, stroking her clit again as he slid a finger in and out of her ass. Abby moaned, and pushed back against him, begging for more with her body.

Noah flipped her back over, running his tongue over and over on her clit, wanting to get Abby as relaxed as possible before he attempted the anal penetration. Parting her labia with his fingers, he sucked her clit into his mouth, feeling her buck beneath him. Noah then slid a finger deep into her pussy. Sincan Escort She was incredibly tight, even after their escapades in the shower.

Noah began slowly sliding his finger over Abby’s clit, alternating with long, slow licks. He pressed a second finger deep inside her pussy as he switched the finger on her clit with his thumb, for ease of access. He could feel her pussy muscles contracting around him as his tongue swirled harder and harder over her clit. Her hips bucked upward harder and faster as the rhythm grew, seeking all the pleasure he could give her.

“Please, please!” Abby begged him for her release. Noah turned her back over onto her stomach, quietly drawing the lube out of the drawer, his finger still working her clit gently, wanting to draw her pleasure out until he was actually inside of her, and could feel her orgasm on his dick. He poured some of the lube down her crack, and felt Abby jump slightly beneath him.

“What are you doing back there?” She asked him.

“Do you trust me?” Noah asked.

“Of course, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to know what you are doing to my body,” Abby replied.

“Just give in to the pleasure, and let me take care of the rest tonight,” he assured her.

Noah poured a little more of the lube onto his index and middle fingers, and slowly slid them into Abby’s tight little ass. She shuddered hard, and bucked against him, whether in pleasure or protest, he wasn’t sure. Feeling her squirm as his finger continued working her clit, Noah slid his fingers out of her ass, in order to lubricate his cock. He poured even more of the liquid over his palm, gently stroking his dick. He pumped his cock in and out of his fist for a moment, squeezing gently.

Noah pulled a set of anal beads from the drawer. They ranged from a tiny pea-sized one at the bottom, to one as large as a golf ball. He slowly slid a lubricated finger inside of her again, then replaced it with the first bead. Abby gasped, and wriggled her hips enticingly.

Noah, taking this as a promising sign, slowly slid the second bead inside of her. When he attempted to insert the third one, Abby pushed back against him, beginning to enjoy the sensation. She could feel her body relaxing, content with the thought that this was as far as it was going to go. Noah slowly inserted the rest of the beads, though the biggest one proved difficult. Abby simply was not relaxed enough for all of them inside of her, it seemed.

Noah began slowly sliding the beads out, one by one. He kept pumping her clit as he did so, and just before he pulled the last bead out, she came apart in his arms, shaking and moaning her Etlik Escort pleasure. He could feel her orgasm moving throughout her entire body, little explosions that rocked her straight to the core. Her toes curled, and her hips bucked up and down for him.

Noah slowly slid forward, the tip of his cock pressed at the entrance to Abby’s tight little sphincter. She moaned, and tried to lean forward in attempt to escape. Noah was having no part of it, pressing himself against her a little harder, pushing the head of his cock deeper into her, feeling it pop past her sphincter. Abby cried out, and jerked in response. Noah stilled, wanting to give her the chance to recover before thrusting deeper inside.

He could feel his balls tighten in response, almost ready to cum at the feeling of how tight she was. Slowly, he began sinking further and further inside of her, feeling her muscles contract around him. He kept stroking his finger gently over her clit, feeling her tighten and release around him, milking his cock hard. When he was all the way in, his balls pressed hard against her pussy, Noah slowly drew himself out, until just the head remained. When he felt Abby was ready, he pushed forward again slowly.

Abby moaned low in her throat. The feelings her husband was causing deep inside of her were unlike anything she had ever experienced before. The invasion of her most private place was a little bit painful, but at the same time, it was extremely sexy! She could feel herself stretching completely wide open under the onslaught of Noah’s huge cock pumping in and out of her. With him working her clit at the same time, there was now only room for pleasure. The tiny bit of pain she felt had disappeared, now she could feel her body shaking, almost to the point of exploding.

Abby began to slowly work herself and off of Noah’s dick, feeling the suction of her ass tight around him. Noah stilled, letting Abby take the lead this time. He knew that their pleasure would be increased the more he let her take control. Abby began pumping herself faster and faster, the sensations assaulting her senses causing her head to spin in ecstasy.

Noah grasped her hips hard, and resumed his hard thrusts, knowing that they were both racing to the point of orgasm again. His fingers working at a fevered pace, a blur of motion strumming her clit hard. Abby was screaming loudly, no real words able to escape her throat, merely sounds of intense pleasure. Feeling the contractions start again as Abby reached her release, Noah tightened his grip, knowing he was most likely leaving bruises, but unable to help himself, and shouted out loud as he emptied his throbbing balls of all his hot cum deep into her bowels.

Abby came yet again as Noah slowly slid himself out of her ass, his cock soft now. She could feel all of the different juices dripping out of both of her holes. She smiled in pleasure, feeling used, but not abused. Like a certain famous woman would say, “It’s a good thing”, she thought to herself before slowly drifting off to sleep.

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