Charlene’s Tale

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A fellow Literotica reader enjoyed reading Traveling with Charlene, my two-part story about a co-worker whom I fantasized about for years. We finally consummated our relationship during my last business trip in Phoenix. He asked to hear about the adventure from Charlene’s point of view. This is her story. Stay tuned for part two that will be published soon.



My name is Charlene. I’ve had the pleasure of traveling all around the Western United States with my job as a Telecom Specialist for a major grocery chain in Northern California. I am sent to our stores to install or upgrade telecommunication systems. Since 2005, I have been traveling with the computer systems guru. His name is Rob. We meet many unique people and experience crazy adventures along the way. The travel is never dull with Rob. The one most obvious thing I can say about Rob, is that he loves big tits. He thinks he is being so coy when he meets a well-endowed lady, however, the truth is that he can never hide his true feelings. His eyes bug out, his face turns red and he stutters a lot. Whenever I am near, I just roll my eyes and shake my head.

I stand a diminutive five feet four inches and am blessed with large, round Double-D breasts. Some people would classify me as having a thick body, but if you ask my husband, I have love handles in all the right places and a nice wide bubble-butt just perfect for banging. We have a very active sex life and he loves for me to be on top or he takes me from behind

We make love several times during the week, so when I travel on the week-ends, I am well satisfied. If I do get super horny on the road, I have my nine-inch rabbit vibrator take care of my needs. I’ve nicknamed it Max, short for ‘Maximum Pleasure’. Max never lets me down; he knows exactly how to satisfy my needs. Of course, this is my dirty little secret. Only my husband knows about Max. Sometimes on the road, we’ll enjoy a little phone sex and I’ll have Max buried deep in my pussy, sending me over the edge.

Back to traveling with Rob, I know I shouldn’t encourage his obsession with big tits, but I just love to rev him up whenever we are together on the road. When we are away from work, I rarely wear a bra and will shake or jiggle my boobs in front of him. I know I get to him because I can tell when his cock is semi-erect or totally rigid, when we are together. I’ll constantly glance at his crotch looking for that distinctive bulge or I’ll catch Rob adjusting himself when he thinks I am not looking.

When at work we are all business. I would never put my career in jeopardy by flaunting my body, even for Rob. Secretly, I fantasize about his cock and how big he is and what he might be like in bed. These thoughts have fueled a few sessions with Max. You can’t blame me for thinking about Rob, since I spend just as much time with him as I do with my own husband. We are currently flying to Phoenix to upgrade a grocery store in Scottsdale. We’ll be working most of the day today and tomorrow morning. We must be onsite Monday to make sure everything is functioning properly. This weekend, we will have most of the day on Saturday and Sunday to enjoy some free time. This is a pretty typical schedule for Rob and me.

We have come to enjoy our free time together over these many years. Our travel always includes dining at nice restaurants and enjoying local events wherever we find ourselves. Rob has promised to take me to a Spring Training baseball game this weekend. Whenever we are out together, I do my best get his goat. Like I said, I don’t usually wear a bra when we go out. I’ll shake and shimmy my boobs in front of him just to see his reaction.

We are on our way to Phoenix. I see Rob at the airport counter where we drop our bags and receive our boarding passes. We pass through security and have time for breakfast before boarding the plane.

Rob asks, “What do you feel like eating this morning?”

“Oh, the usual, scrambled eggs and toast.”

Rob is wearing his regular business attire, tan khakis and a blue dress shirt. I have my satin green blouse with matching jacket. My top accentuates my breasts which gets his attention this early in the morning. We sit in a diner and order breakfast. Rob and I talk about the weather and upcoming store visit. We make tentative plans for Saturday and Sunday which includes a ball game.

“You look lovely as ever, Charlene.”

“Why thank you Rob, I am so looking forward to this trip. I am tired of the rain and tired of winter. I need sun. It’s supposed to be in the high 80s and low 90s while we are there. Will you take me out to the ballgame on Saturday? I packed my favorite jersey and cap.”

“That’s the plan, my dear. It may be hot in the sun, so you may not want to wear anything else under that jersey. I have lots of sun screen for us.”

I smile as we are served our meal. While we eat we talk about upgrading the computer and telecom systems in the store. We will put Travesti in a full day.

We finish breakfast and Rob pays the bill. Well, our company pays the bill. We walk over to the gate and wait to board. We compare our boarding numbers, whoever boards first always saves a seat for the other. This morning I have the magic number. Actually, with all the flying we do, we are always in the A group, so finding a seat up front is never a problem.

When the gate opens, and boarding begins, I am the first in line. I hand off my boarding pass and walk down the jet way. After I greet the flight attendants, I grab the center seat in row three. Rob soon follows and sits down in the aisle seat. Before he joined me, I unbuttoned the top three buttons of my blouse. I give him clear view of my black lace brassiere and a bit of the cleavage. I love to fluster him.

Rob whispers, “Starting early, are we?”

“I just thought I’d help you pass the time for the next ninety minutes. I know you get antsy when we fly.”

It’s not a full flight this morning, so Rob and I have the row to ourselves. We appear to be just another couple looking forward to a weekend getaway. After takeoff we settle back and relax. I can tell Rob is a bit on edge with flying, so I lean into him and let his eyes feast on my Double-D’s. I smile and adjust myself which causes my blouse to flutter open. I look down at his crotch and see a tell-tale bulge. The more I stare, the harder he becomes.

I look out the window and it appears we are flying over the Grand Canyon. My inquisitive nature takes over and I reach down and grab Rob’s thigh. He looks at me like he needs an explanation. I look around the cabin and see that no one is paying any attention to us. I wink at Rob and then ever so slowly move my hand over and rest my palm over his significant bulge. I think to myself oh my, he is hard. I feel his shaft pulse; I press my hand down on his cock. Wow, Rob is long and thick.

I lean over and whisper, “I think this weekend may be special.”

In a few minutes, the flight attendant announces that we are approaching the greater Phoenix area and for us to return tray tables to their upright and locked position. I remove my hand from Rob’s cock and look down to see a rather impressive bulge. Rob flexes his shaft and I see the actual outline of his glans. To think that I caused his condition excites me. I know he is moving his cock on purpose, so I look into his eyes and smile. As I feel the plane descend, I rearrange myself and button up my blouse.

We land at Sky Harbor airport right on time and walk to baggage claim. I return to business form and act as if nothing at all happened on the flight. Meanwhile my pussy is tingling at the thought of making love to Rob. We find our luggage in the carousel join the other travelers on the shuttle to the rental car garage.

The Scottsdale store is about a 20-minute drive from the airport and we arrive just before 10:00 AM. On the drive over, we discuss our work details for the data upgrade. I ride shotgun and listen to the GPS guide us to our destination. Every so often, I steal a glance at Rob’s cock wondering if he’ll be hard all-day long. My pussy continues to tingle.

Jim, the store manager greets us at the door and introduces us to several employees. I see him sneak a peek at my boobs, although my green jacket covers the girls completely. I pull out an agenda for the upgrade and hand it to him, as he escorts us to the back room. Once we are situated in the back office, I begin my work on the phone system. I let Rob do his thing. Every so often we touch base to compare notes.

The store manager provided sandwiches and snacks around 1:00 which allowed Rob and I to work until nearly 6:00 PM. I’m ready for a break and tell Rob we need to have dinner if we are going to work late into the evening. I made reservations at a favorite restaurant close by. I need to cajole Rob to take a break. Finally, I get him to complete his last task and grab his hand as I pull him over to the restaurant.

Rob gives our names to the hostess who promptly sits us in a back room high-back booth, just as I requested when I called earlier. He excuses himself to use the facilities. In his absence, I move to the center of the booth and move our table service together. I remove my green satin jacket and unbutton the top three buttons on my blouse. It’s time to tease Rob and see if I can get him hard again.

Rob slides into the booth and I tap the seat next to me. He takes the hint and slides up against me, our hips touch. He sits close and stares down at my cleavage. I casually look over my menu and pretend not to notice. When our waitress arrives, I promptly order a pepper flake ahi appetizer.

When the Ahi and drinks are brought to us, I whisper, “I love working with you and being here for dinner. I can’t believe how quickly the day flew by.”

Rob agrees as we enjoy our conversation and look around the room. We both love Antalya Travesti to people watch. While I survey the room, I move my hand and rest it upon his knee. With my other hand, I grab a piece of ahi and press it to his lips. He slurps the fish into his mouth along with my fingers.

Rob quizzes me, “What are you doing, you little minx?”

“Just playing and enjoying the company.”

He responds, “You know we have more work to do after dinner?”

“I know, but it will be just be you and me in the back office tonight. I hope we don’t get into any trouble.”

I move my hand up his leg and rub his inner thigh. Dinner is served, and I drag my palm across his cock before I take my plate. We talk about work and family and weekend plans as we eat. I catch him looking down my blouse every so often. I shake my breasts and listen to him stutter as we eat dinner. I love to tease this guy.

After we finish dinner, I excuse myself to the ladies’ room. I ask Rob to order ice cream. Once inside the restroom, I walk into the stall and unbutton the rest of my blouse. I remove my blouse and reach back to unsnap my black lace bra. Mmm, it feels good to unleash my boobs. I grab my tits and massage the flesh. I tweak my nipples and trace two fingers around my raspberry red aureole. If I didn’t have to get back to dessert, I’d take time to masturbate right now. Rob is waiting and I’m wanting to tease him some more, so I put my blouse back on and leave my top four buttons undone.

I return to the booth and slide in right next to Rob. I push my hip up against his.

“Hello handsome. Do you have some dessert for me?”

Just as the words leave my lips, our ice cream arrives. We dig in and I notice Rob blatantly staring at my boobs, I shake them for his benefit. I look at Rob with wide eyes and ask, “Is everything OK? How’s the ice cream?”

Rob almost chokes on his ice cream, poor boy. I move my shoulders together to create more of an opening down my blouse. I’m hoping to flash a bit of nipple for Rob. It’s too bad I can’t just take off my blouse and smear ice cream all over my boobs. It would be a nice treat for Rob, and me too.

We finish dessert and decide to head back to work. Rob helps me up from the booth, and I shake my tits one more time. I look down and can see my hard nipples poke against the satin material.

“Oops, I better button up before going back.”

Rob shakes his head, “Ya think?”

I smile as I button up and wrap my jacket around my shoulders. I take Rob’s hand as we exit the restaurant and walk back to the store.

“I like when you look at me and I hope you like the view. I don’t mean to tease you, I hope you are OK?”

Rob says he is OK and squeezes my hand. When we get back to the store it is alive with evening shoppers. We head to the back office and pick up where we were before dinner. It’s back to business for another few hours. By nine o’clock I am exhausted but feel good with all my accomplishments. Rob tells me he has completed his list. I smile as I realize we’ll have the whole weekend to ourselves.

“Whew, I’m exhausted. I think I’ll sleep well tonight. How about you, Rob?”

“Yes, a good night sleep will do us both good.”

We drive over to the hotel and check in. The hotel clerk gives us our separate room keys. Rob suggests a nightcap, but I feign being too tired, so I turn him down.

“I really am exhausted. I’m going straight to bed. I’ll see you in the morning; we have the entire weekend for us.”

I kiss Rob on the lips to give him something to think about and head upstairs to my room. I’m ready for a much-needed shower before bed; with the early flight, I was not able to take one this morning. Feeling a little grimy and a little horny, I turn on the bathroom light and strip down. The wrap around mirror allows me to check my body in detail. I inspect every inch, not bad for a 50-something gal. I naturally check out my best feature, my Double-D boobs and thumb-size nipples. I lift and massage each breast, looking for any imperfections. There really aren’t any. I love their shape and size. I love my raspberry red aureole that stretch four inches in diameter. They are the perfect size to cap my boobs.

As I gaze at my reflection, I think about the only area that I would change, if I could. It would be my tummy. It’s a bit too round, it could be flatter. My eyes drift lower to the full lips of my vulva. I love my puffy pussy lips and smooth skin. There is not a single hair in sight. I’m glad I kept my waxing appointment on Wednesday evening. My mound is silky smooth. I use my fingers to trace up and down my slit and rub around my mons. My touch is gentle and feels good on my smooth pussy. I wonder how Rob’s fingers would feel stroking me, and what he would think about my waxing. I hope he is not hoping to see a full bush.

These random thoughts are starting to make my pussy tingle. I use two fingers to trace up and down my slit again and push Bursa Travesti them in between my folds. All at once, I snap out of my trance and realize why I came into the bathroom. Aw, the shower. I reach into the stall and turn on the water. Once it warms up and a bit steam rises, I grab soap and a washcloth and step inside. The spray soothes my body and clears my mind. I adjust the water temperature to make it hotter. I run my hands up my round tummy and over my breasts before sliding them down over my thick bubble-butt and back around to my pussy. The hot spray feels so good.

I turn my back to the nozzle, soap up the washcloth and scrub my front. I rub the soft cloth all around my boobs and down between my thighs. I apply more soap and run circles around my belly before moving down to my labia. With my legs spread, I move the cloth back and forth, taking time to clean every crevice of my vagina. I move further up my butt crack and rub my little starfish several times. I love the feeling.

When I turn around into the spray, I continue scrubbing my shoulders, back and bottom. Feeling rejuvenated, I thoroughly rinse and shut off the water. I grab a couple of big, fluffy towels and dry my entire body. I move the soft fabric over my nipples several times and watch them become erect. The shower reawakens me and I devise another plan; one that includes my husband.

I grab a couple of fresh bath towels and pull Max out of my suitcase. Walking around the hotel room completely nude, gets my juices flowing. I pull down the bed covers and lay out the towels on the mattress, as I anticipate calling hubby for a little phone sex. I plan to get wet inside, so that my vibrator slides easily between my pink flesh. My cell phone is next to my head with the speaker turned on, as I lie down on my back with legs spread. I move my hands all around my body to warm up. My breasts feel good, my nipples begin to harden, I feel a warmth between my thighs as I anticipate the next thirty minutes.

I reach for my cell phone, dial home and then place it on the pillow next to my head. The phone chirps as it connects. I listen to it ring two times, three times and think Oh no, he’s not going to pick up. Finally, on the fourth ring a voice speaks up.


“Hi Sweetie, it’s me.”

“Oh, hi Charlene, I didn’t expect to hear from you tonight. Are you still working?”

“No, I’m back in my hotel room. We finished the whole conversion tonight and that means we have the whole weekend for fun.”

“That’s great. What’s on tap for the weekend? Are you still planning to go to a baseball game tomorrow?”

“I hope so, I brought my favorite jersey and cap with me.”

“Are you wearing them right now?”

“No silly, I’m lying in bed. I just had a nice, hot shower and I’m naked, talking to you.”

“Is Rob with you?”

“Oh, you are so bad. No, he is not? He’s in his own room, probably masturbating and thinking about my boobs.”

“Did you rev him up today? I bet you did. Well, is Max with you?”

“He is. Do you want to say ‘Hi”?

I grab my vibrator and flip the switch. Max comes alive and buzzes. I hold him next to the phone for a few seconds, before gliding him across my nipples and between my breasts. I love the sensations, my nipples become fully erect and stick out like tiny thumbs.

“It took you a while to answer. Are you in bed?”

“No sweetheart, I’m downstairs on the couch watching TV. I must have dozed a bit, but now I’m wide awake. So, you are naked in bed. What’s your plan?”

“I was hoping you might join me.”

“Really, but I’m eight hundred miles away.”

“You know what I mean.”

“Well, if I was with you and you are laying naked on your bed, my face would be buried between your thighs. I’d be licking and sucking on that sweet pussy of yours.”

“Oh my, that’s what I am talking about. I wish you were here, so I could stroke your nice, hard cock. Will you stroke your nice, hard cock for me?”

“I think I can do that. Give me a minute to get comfortable.”

While I wait, I move Max down my body and slide him around my puffy outer lips and then up and down my slit. I feel warm juices begin to form within my inner labia.

“OK, sweetheart, I’m back.”

“Oh good, are you naked on the couch? Is your cock hard, thinking about me?”

“I am, and it is. I’m rubbing a nice, hard cock just for you. Would you like to suck on it?”

“Oh yes. I’d wrap my lips around your shaft and move my head up and down. I’d lick your cock from side to side and suck on your balls. Did you shave your balls for me?”

“Gawd Charlene, you are a dirty girl. Yes, I shaved them just for you. You can lick and suck them all night long.”

As I listen to his words, I continue to stroke my pussy with my vibrator. I increase the speed one more notch and Max increases his buzz as I press him to my clit. My whole body begins to vibrate. Max splits my folds and dips between my pink flesh. I push him in a few inches and then pull him out. I lift him to my lips and get the first taste of my girl juice. Mmm.

“Max was just inside my pussy. He makes me feel so good, but not as good as the real thing. I miss your thick piece of meat.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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