Cheating is the Best Sex

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The early morning sun peeped through the windows upon her beautiful dark skin. The patterns from the curtain tattooed floral art on her buttocks. Her sleeping position shows enough to know she is totally nude. Her body knotted in peace with the pearly white sheets. She was in no hurry to recover from a night of restfulness after an earlier tangle between lovers left her tired and weary. Her pleased facial expression was snapped by the direct sunlight during her thick thighs’ unconscious tussle with the pillow between her legs.

The sunlight must have woken her and with a smile, she opened her eyes and saw him first thing.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” she asked him.

“Because I can’t remember ever seeing anything so beautiful,” he responded with a wide smile.

She smiled and snuggled with the pillow, rolled to one side of the bed exposing her glorious body parts to his awe. He smiled upon seeing this but didn’t move from the balcony where the view was best.

A shower was suggested. He leads her to the bathroom where the bath was foaming with sud. After she sat in the bath she realised that the bath is littered with white rose petals and smooth therapeutic stones. Her body submerged beneath the sud. He followed her in and settled behind her, cradling her body against his while kissing her neck softly. They played around in the bath and she was treated with a bath to remember before they left the bath.

Her Kastamonu Escort steaming transparent cup sat on the brownish bamboo tray at the foot of the bed. He stood at the balcony in his boxers admiring her beauty. He stopped for a while to gaze out on the streets stories below. He felt her body embracing his from behind. Her slender fingers played with the hair on his chest while tipping to observe the beauty of the intertwining hills and valleys amongst houses and other buildings in the distance.

Her tickling hands ran down his chest towards his navel and lower lingering at his pelvis. Her cold lips against his lower neck back prevented his sips.

“Why are you twitching?” she asked.

“I can’t remember ever being so hard,” he said. Finally being able to sip his chocolate-tea again.

She tickled his side causing him to drop the cup which was almost empty at the time. She ran off giggling and was caught from behind. They both fell to the floor in laughter.

Her warm body beneath him as he bestrode her against the carpet of fur-like softness and comfort.

“If there was no bed it would still be worth the room’s price to sleep on the floor,” he told her with a smile.

The fury carpet carries a great smell coupled with her fresh minty breath of kisses. Her hard nipples rub against his chest while she tried to escape his straddle.

“What are you doing?” he asked with Kastamonu Escort Bayan a bright smile.

“Nothing,” she responded whilst still trying to escape.

She could feel his anticipation pulsating between her legs. She relaxed her fight enough to get him to be relaxed as well before she rolled over atop him and screamed for victory.

With one hand she reached for his pulsating member. She massaged it and watched his facial expression with mischief sparkling on her face.

He was still when she decided to reverse. She turned while on her knees, exposing her ackee-like shaped pudendum to him. He marveled, ‘a cluster of satisfaction’ before he held her buttocks, a cheek in each hand, and positioned her on his pulsating shaft.

“Boom-boo-claat!” he expressed aloud. The soft-warm-moist cluster swallowed up his shaft like noodles to hungry mouth.

‘This feels like fellatio’ he thought to himself.

She rode him like a tricycle in the open atmosphere, without sensual care but with mastery flair and precision. He pulled the fur from the carpet without even noticing. He winced and moaned under pleasure more intense than the previous night when he was the aggressor. She went for the Clapper; slipped her feet under his buttocks again exposing that ‘ackee-like’ clump and went into a more detailed slow riding. He was in a better position to meet her halfway up causing the slapping of skin Escort Kastamonu and a renewed wave of excitement.

The both grew weary from the ordeal but neither wanted to stop. The Swing was introduced then the Straddle. She grinds slow and rhythmic to his and her excitement. She shuttled him down to a slow grind that didn’t help his moans. He found strength and flipped her into the mermaid position and she took over the sound effects.

She spoke tongues not know to the human race when she was helped into the Waterfall position. Her legs tighten around him. Her hands tremble under the pressure of her own weight hitting her head on the fury carpet.

After the fall they head out to the balcony for the fun of it. Her long hair blew in the wind as she hangs backward over the balcony in what takes shape of the Flame position. They didn’t care about who might see or hear them next door because they were too high up for anyone outside the hotel to see or hear them.

She convulsed. He tried to hold her still but failed as his body was overworked and climaxing as well. They were both sweaty. She started to slip. Her hands were hanging over the rail. He still tried to hold her sweaty body but failed. His massive body fluid spewed over the balcony and down towards the garden restaurant. She came to her knees and fell on the floor exhausted with excitement.

“Did you enjoy that as much as I did?”

“I’m more concerned about the woman about to eat my semen.”

“She should have ordered up.”

They laughed and chat in that position until they were ready to leave for the day. They were both still experiencing the after effect of the night and morning even on their way home to their respective spouses.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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