Chemistry Between Nerds and Sluts Ch. 06

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As Stef left school she looked for Cole. He brought his car now and he waited everyday to give her a ride home. She sort of dreaded the rest of the day. They were supposed to meet over at Michelle’s to study. She had told them all today to bring their swimsuits because they could go in the pool after studying. Stef was convinced it was just another ploy by Michelle to show off her big tits and try to get Cole into the sack again.

She found Cole talking to Kyle by Cole’s car in the parking lot. As she approached, they both saw her and watched her walk over. She was glad Cole and Kyle were friendly and able to talk together. It would make her desire to be with Kendall at the prom that much easier.

“Hi, Stef,” they both seemed to say in unison.

“Hi, Cole. Hi, Kyle. You two waiting for me?”

“Cole is. We were just talking more about the prom,” Kyle said. “We’re going to have a blast.”

“I think so too,” Stef agreed, wanting them both to be excited about the night.

After a little more prom discussion, Kyle left and Stef and Cole drove out of the parking lot. They talked about the night’s study session and Cole seemed excited about the chance to go swimming afterwards. Stef wasn’t sure his excitement was just about swimming. Rather more about seeing Michelle in the bikini she would most likely have on. She decided she would wear her new red bikini and give him something to think about too. Cole dropped Stef at her house. He would pick her up after dinner to head over to Michelle’s.

The study session was a critical one, as they worked on the final upcoming lab. This was a difficult lab assignment and would be an important part of their final grade. They stayed at it for close to two hours and it was after eight before they were finished.

Everyone except Michelle had their swimsuits on under their clothes. Stephanie had been swimming at Michelle’s before and Michelle suggested that Stef show them where to change in the cabana out back. Stef led the two guys outside as Michelle disappeared upstairs to change.

The pool lights were on as they emerged from the house. Steam rose off the hot tub. It looked inviting despite the cooling night air. The cabana was small and Stef changed in the bathroom while Cole and Mark stripped in the main room. They were already outside in the pool when she exited the bathroom. Stef grabbed towels from the linen closet and walked out to the pool. As she exited the cabana, both guys stopped shooting basketballs into the floating hoop, and watched her approach. By the looks on their faces, she achieved the affect she was going for. She noticed Michelle was not out yet, as she put the towels down on a lounge chair. They were staring at her gorgeous ass when she bent over. They ogled her body when she walked to the hot tub. Mark took another shot at the hoop, trying not to stare, but Cole was still watching his beautiful sexy prom date.

As soon as Stephanie had settled onto one of the seats in the hot tub, Cole swam over. He lifted himself over the side and settled into the tub opposite her.

“Feels good, huh,” Stef said.

“It sure does,” Cole agreed, with an, “ahh. The pool is pretty warm too but this is awesome.”

“I’ll go in there after a little while in here first,” Stef proposed.

“Good. We can shoot some baskets with Mark,” Cole stated.

They heard the back door open and everyone looked to see Michelle exiting the house. Michelle had on a brightly patterned bikini that looked fantastic on her. Her big tits bulged out of the too small cups of the bra. Stef wondered if her father approved of her suit. They were, after all, at home.

Both guys were watching Michelle approach the pool transfixed. Stef could swear she was looking more towards Cole in the hot tub for reaction than Mark in the pool. She decided to put on a little demonstration of her own. Stef stood up on the seat of the hot tub. Her nipples immediately reacted to the cooler night air and pushed out the top of her bikini. Cole noticed and averted his eyes from Michele even as she approached the hot tub. Next Stef turned around towards the approaching Michelle but with her cute butt nearly in Cole’s face.

“Nice suit,” Stef said to Michelle, like a good politician.

“Thanks,” Michelle answered and smiled back.

“Looks great on you.”

“Thanks. You too. I like red on you,” Michelle continued.

“Thanks,” Stef said.

She turned to face Cole. She smiled to him, but more inwardly to herself when she caught him staring at her ass as she turned. His eyes shot up to her face as she looked down, but they couldn’t resist a glance at her prominently distended nipples either.

“You ready to go in the pool?” Stef asked Cole, even as Michelle settled into the hot tub.

“Sure,” Cole agreed.

Stef dove over the side of the hot tub into the deep end of the pool.

“Leaving so soon?” Michelle asked, realizing she was about to be alone.

“Yeah. We said we’d go in the pool after the hot tub,” Cole explained.

He lingered a Ataşehir Escort little longer than necessary, casting a few looks at Michelle as she settled into the hot water. Her breasts seemed to float on the surface momentarily before she sat down on the seat. Cole dove over the side and swam towards Stef as she caught the ball from Mark. Mark had been looking between Michelle and Stef too. He seemed to appreciate the two spectacular bodies and their differences like Cole.

The three played in the pool for a while and Michelle joined them after but a few minutes in the hot tub. Mark was going to join her, but she claimed to want to get into the pool anyway. The four shot baskets and horsed around but kept it civil in case Michelle’s parents were looking out through a window.

Around nine-thirty Michelle’s Mom brought out sodas and popcorn on a tray. The four climbed out of the pool and each grabbed a towel from those Stephanie had brought. They sat at the table eating popcorn and drinking their soda. They were having a good time and the perceived competition between Stef and Michelle seemed to disappear. They all had their towels wrapped around them as it was still cool in the early May night.

The party broke up around ten-thirty with Friday still a school day. The visitors changed again in the cabana while Michelle ran upstairs. She was back down in a bathrobe before they left. Everyone said goodbye and Stef and Cole drove off in his car after saying thanks to Michelle and her mom. Mark left too in his car.

“Did you have fun?” Stef asked on the ride home.

“Definitely,” Cole replied.

“Michelle looked good in her bikini, didn’t she?”

“Yeah, but not as fantastic as you,” Cole stated with a smile.

“Oh, you thought so, huh? You like my red bikini?” Stef chided.

“Like! Like …you say. Love would be a better description,” Cole offered, still smiling.

“Well, thanks. You looked pretty hot too,” Stef claimed, smiling now as well.

“Hot? You were the hot one,” Cole vowed. “I thought I might embarrass myself with a stiff one when you stood up in the hot tub.”

“That would have been noticeable,” Stef agreed, referring to his big dick.

“Fortunately I followed you into the cooler pool before it got too bad,” Cole exclaimed.

“I would have liked to have seen that,” Stef said and giggled. “Michelle’s Mom might have too.”

“Yeah, right!” Cole agreed, but laughed too.

“Good thing those surfer trunks are baggy,” Stef claimed, still laughing.

“Baggier than your top is,” Cole kidded.

“What do you mean by that?” Stef said, acting all innocent.

“Your nipples were pretty obvious when you stood up,” Cole elaborated.

“You think Mark saw?” Stef said, still playing coy.

“I’d bet on it,” Cole replied.

“Oh, geez,” Stef stated, with false modesty.

“He was probably lucky to be in the pool too,” Cole explained.

As they got close to home Stef said, “Cole, it’s not even eleven. Want to stop in the park for a few minutes.”

“Sure,” Cole said, hoping Stef had more in mind than just talking.

He pulled into the deserted parking lot. Cole killed the engine facing towards the nearly full moon. The moonlight plus one lone streetlight illuminated the car with enough light for them to see reasonably. Cole unfastened his seat belt and swiveled to face Stef. She was already out of her belt and kneeling on the seat facing him. Her short skirt was only covering the upper third of her creamy white legs.

“I’d like to recreate the show that almost made you hard before,” Stephanie announced with a giggle in her voice.

“If anyone can, you can,” Cole responded and also smiled back.

“How about this?” Stef said as she lifted the front of her skirt.

Cole nearly gasped. She had not put her panties back on when she changed. Her gash with the small trimmed tuft of dark hair at the top was clearly visible in the light in the car.

“Oh, god!” Cole gasped. “That could definitely do it, Steffie.”

Stef chuckled. “You think that will do it?”

“I think that will,” Cole said, but watched as she started undoing the buttons of her shirt.

“You sure?” Stef queried mischievously.

“Well…what you’re doing now is also helping,” Cole admitted with a gulp.

Stef unbuttoned the last one and her shirt fell open exposing a thin tube top beneath. It was so thin her nipples clearly poked out the material and they weren’t even that distended yet. Cole thought he could distinguish the deeper pink of her aureoles versus the creamy white of her breasts through the sheer white fabric even in the dim light.

“Geez,” he groaned.

“How am I doing so far?” Stef asked, still giggling at his strained face.

“You’re definitely making progress,” Cole said as he shifted his eyes between her breasts and her pussy.

“Does this help?” Stef asked as she pulled down the tube top and Cole watched her nipples pop out in unison.

“Oh, god, yes,” Cole moaned.

Stef smiled Acıbadem Escort at him as she left the tube top bunched around her skirt waistband. The cool air and the excitement of teasing Cole was making her nipples fully distended. They stood out from her body like inviting candy treats. Cole groaned as his eyes took in all her treasures. ‘I’m the luckiest guy in the world,’ he was thinking, as Stef leaned over the console. Her arms pushed her tits together invitingly giving her much tighter cleavage and presenting her nipples like two twin morsels.

“How am I doing now?” Stef questioned jokingly.

“I think you have made excellent progress,” Cole stated with equal glee.

“Can I see?” Stef asked and moved her hand onto his left thigh.

“By all means,” Cole agreed.

Stephanie’s hand closed over the bulge running down his left pant leg. She gave it a little squeeze to gauge its arousal and stiffness. Cole gasped at the exquisite pressure. ‘He’s nearly there,’ Stef concluded. She leaned in further to kiss him as her fingers found the head of his cock through his pants and squeezed it. Cole moaned into her mouth as they kissed. Stef’s tongue sought his. Her hand was still busy but his left one managed to grasp and tease her left nipple. Now they both moaned into their heated kiss.

“Oh, god,” Cole gasped as they parted lips.

“Mmm,” Stef moaned too, as his hand teased and tweaked her stiff nipple.

Cole pushed her slightly back so his mouth could take in her right nipple. He sucked on the sensitive nubbin and still fondled the other. It was Stef’s turn to moan joyfully at the delicious pleasures to her hypersensitive nipples. As Cole feasted between her sweet pert tits, Stef’s hand sought his pants button. She was convinced he was hard now or at least uncomfortable enough to want his cock out.

Cole reluctantly left her breasts a second to help her open his pants. She had managed to get the button open and the zipper part way down. It took him leaning back though to allow her assess to finish the job. As Cole’s pants and boxers were pulled down to his knees, his cock popped out like a jack-in-the-box. It nearly hit Stef in the chin as she leaned over to pull his pants down. She giggled at his swaying phallus.

“What have we here?” Stef chided.

“Something you caused,” Cole accused mockingly.

“I’m so glad I did,” Stef proclaimed.

“Me too,” Cole said but then groaned as Stef’s soft fingers curled around his shaft.

He pulled her to him and her firm breasts pillowed against his face. ‘Oh, god,’ he thought, turning his head from side to side in the sweet smelling, soft flesh of her tits. Her stiff nipples teased his cheeks like bookends as he kissed the insides of her baseball sized mounds. Stef’s talented hand was now stroking his cock and fondling his balls. A clear drop of pre-cum glistened on the head in the light from the streetlamp in the parking lot. Stef saw it and used her thumb to rub it into the spongy head.

“Ahh,” Cole growled as her hand teased him to rock hard stiffness.

Stef pushed back and looked him briefly in the eyes. Her eyes twinkled with delight before she ducked her head into his lap. Cole had one hand on the steering wheel and the other across her back as he felt her lips kissing the head of his cock. His hand stole down her back and pulled her skirt up to expose her magnificent ass. His hand massaged the firm orbs before tracing down the crack.

Stef moaned as she engulfed his cockhead. His hand had traced over her rosebud and now ran the line of her cunt lips teasingly. Cole moaned too as he felt Stef’s lips press ever lower on his cock. Her right hand hefted and massaged his nutsack making the two balls inside jiggle around.

“Oh, geez,” Cole grunted. “That feels so good, Steffie.”

She loved it when he used her childhood name and sucked his cock to the back of her mouth, making it wet with her saliva. Stef tried to fit him into her throat but this wasn’t the best angle. Her throat protested her desire to take him deeper. She resigned herself to bobbing up and down on his cock. It was probably just as well because Cole’s balls were starting to tighten as his orgasm approached.

Cole’s fingers had worked over her delicate inner pussy lips for a while before seeking the entrance to her hole. As Stef bobbed on his dick, Cole sank his finger into her cunt to the first knuckle. He heard Stef moan around his cockhead. She slowed to prolong his pleasure and to take in the feelings of his finger in her hot tight hole. Cole’s one finger was soon joined by a second. Together they worked her opening and played in the slickness they found there, smearing it over the tender inner lips before plunging inside.

“Oh, fuck,” Stef growled as his fingers probed the opening of her cunt.

Cole teased his fingers along the soft inner walls of her tight cunt, relishing the heat and the wetness. Stef returned to sucking his cock as she felt Cole’s fingers opening her pussy wider. She almost bit the head of his cock İstanbul Escort off when he surprisingly pushed his thumb against her clit. ‘Mmm,’ she growled into the dick in her mouth. His probing digits in her cunt and his thumb teasing her clit were pushing her over the edge.

Stef groaned when his fingers suddenly were withdrawn. She eased her sucking and licking a little. She wanted to tease him more than get him off. She was wondering why he had stopped when his fingers came back in contact, but this time around her rear hole. One finger teased her tiny puckered anal passage making Stef moan. She had never let anyone do anything there accept one time Chris touched it like Cole was. Stef tensed a little when she felt his finger pressing the opening. She kissed his cockhead, wondering what he had in mind, as she felt his finger push a little against the puckered rosebud of her ass. It felt strangely good. It almost tickled.

Stef sat up a little, looking at Cole. “What’re you doing back there?” she asked.

“Just exploring,” Cole said, but chuckled.

“You really want to touch me back there?”

“Sure,” Cole answered smiling.

“Well, not tonight, okay? We better hurry. Maybe some other time, huh?”

“Okay,” Cole agreed.

“Does your seat go back more?”

“Yes,” Cole said reaching down and sliding it back another inch or two.

He also lowered the back part of the chair several degrees giving them even more room.

“That ought to work,” Stef said, coming across the console and settling into his lap.

Her firm cute breasts were right in his face as she tried to position herself over his cock. He tried to capture a nipple in his mouth as she moved. He succeeded just as she lined up his big cock with her entrance. Cole sucked her nipple as Stef eased her aroused pussy down his pole.

“Oh, god, you’re big,” Stef growled.

“You’re wonderfully tight too,” Cole gasped, as he momentarily let her tit go.

The wetness of Stef’s cunt and her highly aroused state gave her reason to want to impale herself on his cock hastily. She took half his length in with the first few movements and then let her legs go slack as she eased the rest of the way down.

“I love your cock,” Stef hissed between clenched teeth. “I feel so full of you.”

Cole felt like his cock had just entered a fiery tunnel too small for his intruder. Her inner muscles rippled along his shaft as they adjusted to his size. Stef stayed all the way down on him for a while before she started moving. Cole moaned as she withdrew and then plunged down again. The tight wet heat of her cunt drove him mad, as his fullness, rigidity, and depth did to her. Stef kissed him with her probing tongue as they slowly fucked.

Cole’s hands found her tits. They kneaded the ripe mounds and tweaked the turgid nipples. Stef groaned into his mouth as her tongue and his battled for who was the most ardent kisser. She loved it when he played with her tits as they fucked.

“Oh, god, Cole,” Stef gasped.


“Fuck me harder, Cole! Fuck me and make me cum.”

Cole groaned as he sped up the action as best he could, but it was really her in control. She began to piston up and down on his huge pole. Her thighs slapped against his and she could feel the outer lips of her cunt mashing down on his bloated balls on each downstroke. Both of them were getting close and their pace quickened with their desire. Stef threw her head back and groaned as Cole once again sucked half her right breast into his mouth.

“Fuck. Fuck me. Oh, fuck me good, Cole. Ahh…so good.”

Cole could feel Stephanie tighten and she arched her back stiffly. He knew she must be getting close. He also felt the need churning in his balls. He hoped she was going to cum soon as he didn’t know how much more he could stand. She rode him like a cowgirl on a wild stallion. Her hair and tits bounced sexily as she pounded up and down on his fabulous cock. Cole had his hands on her firm ass now helping guide her movements.

“Oh, god,” Cole gasped.

“Oh, shit!” Stef screamed. “Fuck…”

Her mind clouded over just before the complete detonation of her orgasm hit. When it broke loose, she put her head back and screamed. Waves of bliss coursed through her body. She contemplated it couldn’t get any better than this but then Cole erupted inside her. The white hot heat of his pent up cum boiled inside her, igniting an even bigger fire. It consumed Stef’s mind and body. She shook on top of him as if an earthquake was occurring at that moment. She then slumped against him as she rode out the exquisite pleasure of her climax.

Cole pumped up into her until he felt his cock release like a cannon going off. He howled as his cum rushed from his balls and shot in wads of thick sperm into Stef’s cunt. His hands slipped from her butt as his orgasm crashed in his mind. He tried to continue to fuck up into Stef but her tightly clenching cunt would give no quarter. She held him tight as a vise inside her as she too rode out her climax.

“Oh, shit,” Stef groaned as she began to relax.

She leaned back a bit too far and the car horn honked, scaring the two of them to death. They began to laugh even before they had the breath to do it. Panting wildly they gasped as they laughed at themselves.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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