Chris’s Creamy Cookies

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This is a story that just came to me one day as I was chomping on a lovely Dark Chocolate Brownie and my mind just began wandering…

There’s a lot of gay stuff here but also a bit of lesbian loving and plenty of plain fucking, not to mention enough humour to at least cheer you up, I hope!

Five guys (one queer) and three ladies!

And hopefully a successful story!


My family had been in the biscuit-making business for generations, our lineage disappearing into the distant past. We’d had our ups and downs and right now we were having a bit of a downer. Basically our biscuits or cookies had fallen out of favour but I guess that happens if you stick to the same formula for too long, which is what we’d done.

I’ll blame my parents actually – they’d got stuck in a rut and perhaps to get away from the problems they took a trip to somewhere in Africa – where they caught and succumbed to some disease, leaving just little me to continue to run the crumbling business.

Fair enough that it wasn’t their fault that they died, but they could have chosen somewhere closer to home. Instead, I now had the added financial burden of getting their bodies back to Britain for burial but I managed to get things done and eventually all there was left to do was to sort out the finances.

The only relief was that my parents had already safeguarded their little empire. As I was their only offspring, the whole lot was left to me; their house, the bakery and the business, such as it was and they’d had the foresight to put the whole lot in Trust for me some years ago, so instead of owing the Taxman a mint, he had to make do with a pittance. Considering the state of our business at the time, that was just as well.

So I was left to pick up the pieces; to keep the business going and to perhaps even find a way to begin to make a profit. It took a fair while for everything to settle down once more and it took me even longer to get used to being the head of the business…but there were some things that just didn’t change, thank heavens!

The first was an early morning meeting with our van driver and loader, whose workspace was out the back and who was responsible for ensuring that our produce was delivered in good condition and in good time. He also looked after our stock, our goods in and out and the delivery van and he kept the place clean and tidy too.

So it was he who I always saw first thing in the morning; he who always got my morning drink for me.

“Morning Chris,” Joe yelled across the car park as I pulled in on the dot of six, “All ready for you!”

I was always ready to him too and I waved cheerfully.

“You right then Joe?” I asked as usual and was greeted by his usual thumbs up signal.

“Sure thing!” he called back with a smile.

Soon I was mounting the steps to the loading bay and heading across the despatch room to his office.

“Fit and ready?” I asked as I entered his office and approached his desk and Joe nodded and smiled broadly.

Joe was all ready for me; that was for certain, as he stood there in front of his desk. He’d already undone his belt and trousers and as I approached him, his trousers and boxers fell to the ground revealing his rock-hard foreskin-free nine inch cock in all its shaven glory!

I sank to my knees before him, busily undoing my own trousers as I knelt, my spare hand coming at once to wrap around his rigid shaft; my mouth to settle over the firm purple knob.

“Oooooh that’s good,” moaned Joe as I worked on his penis, “Thank heavens you’re still here Chris – dunno what I’d do without you.”

“You’d have found someone else,” I said, lifting my mouth from his penis for a moment, “Can’t keep a good cock down!”

“Wouldn’t have been the same,” Joe replied, “You’ve got that touch; the way your lips hold my cock; the way your tongue excites me – hell, I don’t know of anyone else who can deep-throat me either!”

Actually I don’t know how I learned how to do that; just practice I guess, as I’d been sucking him off for the best part of five years now; pretty well ever since I left college at 19 to join my parents’ company.

“Do you want a deep-throat suck off then?” I asked and Joe rolled his eyes with pleasure so I set to work.

By now my own penis was rampant and throbbing as I wanked it; I’d be all ready to give Joe his morning drink too!

Joe’s cock was just the right shape for deep-throating; it had a slight downward curve in its eight inch length that just followed the line of my throat and now I let it into my depth for the first time today. His slick penis briefly locked against the back of my mouth before I got my breathing right and my throat ready and then he was in – sliding deeper and deeper.

“Oh fuck,” moaned Joe, “You’re so fucking good! Your throat’s so tight; let me move in and out a bit…oh God, yesssssss!”

Eventually I had to pull back and his long penis emerged from between my lips all slippery with my saliva and probably with a fair amount of his precum bursa otele gelen eskort too.

I took a few breaths before once again allowing his cock to invade my lips; lips that I now kept really tight around his cock until he was well embedded again.

Now I began to work on him in earnest, using my lips, tongue and one hand, until Joe put his hand on my shoulder to stop me.

“Getting close,” he moaned, “Do you want it in your drink or just in your mouth?”

“In my mouth today,” I said, redoubling my efforts to relieve him of his load, “You can have mine in your cuppa.”

“Ah cheers boss,” groaned Joe, then hissing his words, “I’m almost ready; won’t be long now!”

“Come on then, any time,” I replied just before I sank his cock back into my throat.

His impulsive thrusting threatened to completely impale me on his iron shaft but I kept his thrusts under control, despite the increasingly erratic and random jerks and quivers he was making.

“Ah, ahhhhh, cumming,” groaned Joe, “Get ready…here it issss!”

Seconds later his penis became ramrod stiff as it pumped a massive wad of spunk straight down into my stomach. I pulled back to allow his penis to empty the rest of its load in my mouth; so that I could really enjoy the mouthful of flavoursome sticky stuff.

He always gave me a good drink in the mornings and this was just what I needed today; a tasty bit of inspiration, perchance!

I stood up after I’d licked his penis clean, my own eight inch penis stiff, reddened and swollen and all set to unload.

“Was that ok, Joe?” I asked, as I always did and as usual Joe smiled happily as he tucked his cock back into his trousers.

“Fantastic, boss,” he said, “Just the job. Right – hang on, let me get my mug!”

With that he trotted to the staff tea stop as we called it, where there were all the necessities for a cuppa as and when needed and returned with his big pint mug.

“You hold it,” I said as I returned to tossing myself off, “You felt so good in my mouth today that I’m all worked up. Won’t be long before I’m there…”

Quickly I worked my hand up and down my cock, feeling the excited sensations shivering in my groin making my penis jump and ooze.

More rapid work with my hand and I was there!

“Bring it here, quick!” I groaned and Joe closed in and held his mug over the end of my cock as my last few strokes brought me to a climax.

I groaned and felt my first offering squirt into the mug; the second I actually heard splash there while the third and fourth eruptions continued to fill his mug.

Eventually I’d finished and Joe took his mug and looked in it.

“Not bad,” he said, “Good load – my chocolate’s going to be all creamy today! Thanks boss!”

“More than welcome Joe,” I said as I tucked my cock back in my trousers, “Swap over tomorrow, maybe?”

“Sure thing Chris,” Joe replied, “I’ll have a big load for your chocolate too, I hope.”

“Another tasty one too, I hope?” I said, licking my lips.

And then a thought entered my mind; the taste of his cum had been a bit different and even more tasty than usual.

“Hey Joe,” I asked, “What did you eat yesterday; anything special or different?”

“Now you come to mention it yes, we did,” he replied, “The missus bought us a lovely ripe pineapple at the market and we had a couple of slices each last night, well, I had more than a couple actually.”

“I wonder if that’s what made your spunk so tasty just now?” I asked but Joe didn’t have an answer.

“Could be,” he offered, “Could be…dunno what else…”

“Well don’t worry about it Joe,” I said, “You get on with your work and I’ll do the worrying.”

“Sounds good to me,” replied Joe, “Don’t care for having to worry too much.”

I left him to his chores while the thought drifted through my head, but then, having reached my office, the concerns of the business overtook such ruminations.

Mind you, sexual thoughts continued to stir my mind – I was incredibly fortunate that our workers were all so horny and all so sociable! Between us we made a damn good team; no-one ever got really jealous and we all swapped according to our desires; how often could even a husband and wife team say that?

Yes – we were a fucking good team – all of us fucked and sucked each other whenever sex raised its head, and I encouraged it!

It certainly did our bakery staff morale no harm at all!

Managing eventually to clear my mind, I settled down to deal with some supply problems and to compose some letters to potential customers and time flew by. Before I knew it, Mitch, my devoted secretary was there with my mid-morning tea.

“Ah cheers Mitch,” I said as I sipped at my nice hot cuppa, “Just the job. And how are you getting on these days?”

Mitch (Michelle) had split from her husband some months back and seemed to have her on and off days of late, but today she seemed fine.

“Much better,” she replied cheerfully, “All thanks bursa eve gelen escort bayan to the guys in the mixing room!”

Those guys were Barry; big butch Barry; little Simon, a rather subservient fellow and Tim, a full-time tosser if ever there was one!

“Oh, you’ve got in with them have you?” I asked, “That’s great – I bet they keep you busy!”

“Sure do!” she said cheerfully, “Anyway, better be getting back, it’s their break too and they’ll be missing me.”

Mitch closed the door behind her and I wearily stood up from my desk.

Had I got the energy to go and spread some bonhomie; to spend a bit of time with them? Oh come on – yes – why not! Anything better than just sitting behind this bloody desk!

And anyway it was break time; time to stretch my legs, I decided.

I left my office and wandered down the building to the room in the bakery wherein the mixer was housed; a huge open pan device some six feet across that ‘churned’ the biscuit mix to the right consistency. It had been there for generations; my dad always used to say it did the mixing better than any new machine could, although I thought it was simply a financial decision not to replace it.

But as I arrived at the mixing room, the mixer itself was far from my mind, because there were my workers, all keeping themselves very busy indeed.

Mitch had obviously moved quickly once she’d left my office because here she now was with her skirt raised over her back, her knickers missing and with Barry pounding her pussy from behind with his almost lethal weapon.

And on the other side of the room, Tim was being sucked off by Simon – I couldn’t even see his seven inch cock at all, it was embedded so far down Simon’s throat!

Barry’s cock was surely the biggest thing attached to a human body I’d ever come across; he must have been all of eleven inches long and enormously thick. He was circumcised, which only served to enhance his big plum-like knob and like all of us he was shaved clean.

No way did I want there to be any pubes in our biscuits!

“Hi Chris,” yelled Tony, causing everyone to look round, “Do you want a suck?”

“Not right now,” I called back, “Catch you later…just came down to see how Mitch was getting on.”

“I’m getting on fine!” said Mitch, her back end visibly pushing back against Barry’s thrusts, “Getting just what I needed!”

“Good, good,” I enthused, “Don’t let me stop you then.”

“Couldn’t stop me now,” moaned Mitch, “Oh God – definitely can’t stop nowwwww!”

And with that she was off on a knee-trembling orgasm that positively shook the mixer she was bent over as Barry’s powerful thighs and enormous prick stuffed her pussy completely.

“What about you Simon,” I called out, “How are you feeling? Have you recovered ok?”

Simon lifted his head from Tony’s cock and smiled at me.

“Yeah, I’m fine now, I can sit down quite easily,” he replied, lifting his face from Tony’s penis, “Barry was a bit on the large size even for me though.”

“Serves you right for being greedy!” I said laughing, “Stick to someone your own size.”

“Had to try him, didn’t I,” said Simon ruefully, “I couldn’t let Barry down, could I? Not when I’d promised him…”

At that moment there came a howl from the coupled pair at the mixer and I turned my eyes to see Barry getting into his final strokes. His hips were fairly hammering his massive penis into poor little Mitch’s pussy – she’d need a fair bit of tender care before she’d be able to take him again, I thought.

“Cummmming!” Barry roared and with one last thrust he froze, and I could tell even from where I stood that Mitch was getting well and truly loaded; filled to the very brim and overflowing!

And Mitch was off again, wailing through another wild and wonderful orgasm, all thoughts of her ex-husband well behind her now!

For a few minutes thereafter, silence descended before Tony began to huff and puff. I allowed my eyes to swivel back to the pair as Tony reached his climax.

“Ahhhh – yeahhh Simon, here it cums,” he grunted, “Ohhh fuck – yessssss!”

I saw Simon’s cheeks bulge with the generous outpouring of Tony’s hot cum; I saw a spurt of his spunk squeeze from the corner of Simon’s mouth as Tony overloaded his mouth and I saw Simon’s throat move as he swallowed the first mouthful. Then his hand started to move up and down Tony’s shaft to extract the last few drops of cum; delicious hot slippery cum that Tony was so good at producing so often.

“Good load?” I asked Simon and he stuck his thumb up to me and winked lasciviously.

“Always get a big load of cum from Tony, don’t I?” he said, his hand still around Tony’s prick, “And he’s so damn tasty!”

I watched my happy crew separate and troop off to the washroom – it was so good to see harmony and accord among my workers…if only some of their enthusiasm could be spread to our customers…

I left the now empty mixing room and walked down to the ovens where Sally bayan eskort bursa and Jan worked; the pair of them were stalwarts to me, great workers with real enthusiasm for their job and deep loyalty for my company, thank heavens. I’d be lost without such great workers, I realised.

And underneath, a thought had resurfaced.

‘Why is it that Tony was so tasty, according to Simon? Or is it just that he likes the taste of spunk?’ And why was Joe so fruity too?’ I wondered, almost aloud, but then my mind was captivated by the scene before me.

Sally and Janet were a pair of very comely twenty-something year old sisters who lived not far from the bakery; I’m sure they were here as many hours a week as I was. Mind you, getting away from their rather oppressive father was enough reason to be here, without any encouragement. But I don’t blame them wanting to be here anyway – I did my best to make the place feel ‘homely’ and friendly and these two were certainly making the most of those attributes and benefits.

They’d laid some cushions on the floor and they were there, lit by the glow from the oven and both completely naked in a wicked 69 position, Sally underneath and Jan on top; her head raised as if to howl like a wolf as Sally worked away on her pussy from below.

I felt my penis rising as I watched them pleasure each other; Jan now ducking her head between Sally’s widespread legs to settle her mouth over Sally’s beautifully bald pussy.

I heard Sally scream as Jan attacked her clit before Sally returned the compliment and fastened herself onto Jan’s pussy.

Finally they saw me and a couple of hands waved vaguely towards me as I ran my hand over my growing bulge.

“Hi Chris, feeling frisky?” said Sal and Jan laughed.

“You’ll have a job getting at Sal,” said Jan, “But my pussy’s right here for you if you like!”

Who was I to refuse such an offer and immediately I started to undo my trousers. A few moments later and I was stripped and settling in place; my knees just above Sal’s head, my eight inch erection thrusting forward as if searching for a home.

Sal lifted her head up and licked my balls before returning her lips and tongue to Jan’s pussy.

“I’ve made her nice and wet for you,” she said just before her mouth clamped onto Jan’s clit once more.

And she was wet and so slippery too and there was that fantastic aroma of a sexy well-aroused cunt rising to my nostrils; she smelled good enough to eat and for a moment I did indeed wonder if I should go down for a mouthful, but my penis had other ideas.

“Coming in,” I said to Jan, “You ready for me?”

“Always ready for you Chris,” she groaned, “Get him in me soon, I’ve got a big orgasm coming and your cock will be just the thing to help.”

I pushed my knob between her lips and allowed him to bathe in her juices before I leaned forward a little bit more, feeling my slippery flesh slide smoothly over her highly lubricated lips and into her hot little hole.

“Oooooh, Chris, yesssss,” moaned Jan as my length slid deeper and deeper into her, “Yeahhh, ooh Chris, you fill me perfectly!”

Without any more words I began to fuck her, steadily sliding in and out of her slippery tunnel, loving the feeling of her hot flesh gripping and sucking at my cock. Her vagina was all action; fingertips of muscles were pulsating and caressing my rod deep inside, sending waves of pleasure up and down my spine.

I upped the tempo, now beginning to slam my cock into her, while beneath us Sal, unable to keep her lips on Jan’s clit now, was strumming Jan’s clit and pussy with her fingers instead.

Jan was getting well into this now; her hips were thrusting back at me and she was letting out howls of pleasure from time to time until suddenly she shook all over.

“Oh my God – I’m cumming, cumming!” she cried and although I couldn’t see it happening, I really did hear her spraying Sal’s face with her girlie cum, squirt after squirt as I pounded my penis into her pussy.

“Oh nooooo, not again!” she cried as she spasmed again and I felt Sal’s head, up against the underside of my cock as she homed in to the source of Jan’s fluids, “Oh no – that’s too much! That’s wonderful – oooooh I’m still cummmmmming!”

And this time it was her whole body that was cumming as an enormous orgasm crackled through her, tearing her apart like lightning and she just fell to pieces!

Sal was making spluttering noises as she tried to breathe but right then Jan’s quivering legs collapsed, squashing her pussy down onto Sal’s face and I just about had the presence of mind to drop my hips and follow her down or my cock would have been unseated.

But as it was I was able to go with her and just as well as my own orgasm, probably triggered by Jan’s exciting responses, let go.

A few more wild thrusts and I was there; pumping vigorously into Jan’s depths, filling her pussy to overflowing with my contented spunk.

Sal was still spluttering beneath us, slapping at my thighs and groaning before I understood and lifted my hips somewhat.

“Sorry Sal, forgot you had to breathe!” I said, chuckling.

I looked down and Sal’s face appeared to one side; a face liberally covered in my spunk but equally soaked in Jan’s juices. She blinked her eyes and was able to shake her head enough to clear her eyes so she could see me. She was smiling happily as she licked her lips.

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