Christmas with the Count Pt. 03

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This is the third part of the second story following the exploits of Maggie, her friends, and the enigmatic and vicious Count Pyre. This story is mainly set in Romania. I only used this country because of the joking Count Dracula similarities. All of the people and places are purely imaginary, and if they bear any resemblance to real people that is unfortunate and unintended. If the story line upsets anyone from that great country I apologise unreservedly.

There are some old characters who make a reappearance, plus plenty of new ones that will hopefully keep you interested. The story contains elements of extreme BDSM that may upset some people. If that is the case with you, then please move on. Apart from that, there is something for everyone. Straight sex, lesbian, toys, lingerie, anal and group sex. I hope you enjoy it. Constructive criticism is always appreciated. If you hate it just leave a bad rating and move on. I am not a professional writer and just do this for a bit of fun. For me the main enjoyment I derive from writing these stories is in creating the characters. If you have strong feelings about any of the persons in the story and would like to read more, or less, about them please leave your remarks in the comments and I will try to accommodate your wishes when Maggie & co. come back for the third story. From the ratings I received for the first Maggie story I know that some of you like my stories, so I hope you like this one. As always, thanks for reading. I wish to emphasise that this is a pure work of fiction and I hold all rights to the work.


December 20th

The next few days passed quickly for the occupants of the mansion. Charlotte left every day before eight and rarely returned until after seven. Gabrielle was busy making everybody’s arrangements for the Christmas period. Maggie and Franky worked together to keep the big house in order, and have everything ready for the Count`s return.

Maggie, Charlotte, Gabrielle and Franky went shopping one day. They wanted to get new outfits for the trip, and Franky had told them there would be other guests joining them in Romania, but she wasn`t sure who they would be. The shopping trip was a great success. They all piled into the back of the Rolls, when Bert came to collect them, along with four or five large bags each, containing their purchases.

The 19th had been spent at the beauty parlour. Hair appointments and mani-pedis followed by sauna and massages. They were all now ready for their trip.

Maggie woke on the morning of the 20th with butterflies in her stomach. The Count was due home this evening, and dinner was planned for eight as usual. Maggie longed to see her Master again and judging from the conversations she had had with the others she was not alone.

All the house accounts were in order, suppliers had been paid and she had even made the reservation for Jeremy and Ingrid to enjoy Christmas dinner at the La Dolce Vita restaurant around the corner. Her suitcases were packed and stood in the corner next to the door. There really was nothing for her to do except wait now, and that was not really Maggie`s strong suit.

At nine thirty she got up, took a quick shower and then gazed out of the window wrapped in her large bath robe. The snow was thick on the ground, and Maggie hoped this wouldn`t interfere with their departure tomorrow evening. She giggled to herself as she watched James, Milo, Tristan and Raymond throwing snowballs at each other. They were supposed to be clearing the patio and paths, but that had now deteriorated into a mass flinging of snowballs.

James glanced up and saw her watching them. Maggie grinned at him as she pulled her robe aside and gave him a flash of her boobs. He was still staring as Tristan threw a snowball that hit him directly in the face. After he recovered and looked back up Maggie was gone.

Maggie liked James, spending more than a few hours with him in her bed during the Count`s absence. Maggie had tutored him to be a generous and caring lover, and she now reaped the benefit whenever he stayed with her. The other three guys were not jealous of her favouritism as Gabrielle and Charlotte had taken care of their needs, plus their own. Franky still sucked two of them off every night so the four young men couldn`t really complain. Their sex lives were probably twenty times better than any of their college friends.

Maggie shivered as she removed the warm robe and hastily donned jeans and a thick pullover. Pulling her long hair back into a ponytail, she left her room and sauntered down to the kitchen. The excitement of the Count`s return had seemed to affect everybody as the kitchen was full.

Ann was walking around and kissing everybody goodbye. She was wrapped in a thick winter coat as Bert would be taking her to the airport soon. Ann was leaving for Colombo today. Gabrielle had booked her a business class ticket on Sri Lankan Airlines at the Count`s insistence. Maggie knew the poor woman gaziantep eskort bayan had a shopping list in her massive handbag that was as long as her arm. Everybody it seemed had a request for tea among other things. The Paulo`s had given her a long list of their own for spices and other items to restock their kitchen. Ingrid would take over her duties in her absence.

Maggie kissed Ann as she headed out of the door with her small suitcase in her hand. Bert was already outside and cleaning the snow off the Rolls.

The four guys entered the kitchen accompanied by a gust of frigid air from the garden. Their noses were all red from the cold and they dripped icy water onto the floor. This earnt them a scolding from the Paulo`s, but it was all good spirited.

Maggie grabbed herself a cappuccino and sat at the table with her customary eggs on toast. Gabrielle appeared nervous so Maggie whispered, “What`s wrong? Everything OK?”

Gabrielle gave her a weak smile and then also whispered so the others couldn`t hear, “Yes Maggie. I think so. I am sure that I have done everything the Count asked me to do, but I just have a nagging feeling I forgot something. He has asked to see me before dinner to go over everything. I desperately don`t want to disappoint him after he was so kind as to take me in.”

“Do you have a list?” Maggie asked quietly

“Yes. I have been over it ten times and I cannot see what I have missed.” Gabrielle was nearly crying now.

“Then everything should be fine darling. Just don`t worry. If you have missed something I am sure it will not be such a massive thing that we cannot take care of it. Just relax.” Maggie comforted the distraught Italian girl.

Gabrielle gave Maggie a brief peck on the cheek, but Maggie could see her mind was whirling as she went over her things to do list.

Charlotte was in a super good mood from what Maggie could see. As usual her friend was the centre of attention and cracking jokes with all the others. Maggie gave her a quizzical look and Charlotte told her, “I`m finished. Not for ever obviously, but I now understand everything about the Count`s accounts. I can`t wait to do the briefing with him, as I have discovered so many things that I am sure he will want to rectify.” Then she smirked before adding, “If that doesn’t get me first crack with his magnificent cock then there is something wrong with the World!”

Maggie smiled at her friend, but the smile was tinged with a tiny bit of jealousy as she too was hoping to get the Count that evening.

The kitchen began to empty slowly. Gabrielle left to go through her list once more. The four guys left for the last day at college. They would be going home to their parents tomorrow. Franky left for the library and the Paulo`s closed the stove and cleaned the work tops before going to their rooms.

Jeremy and Ingrid left to do whatever they did all day, and this left just Charlotte and Maggie sitting drinking coffee in the warm kitchen. Maggie pulled her cigarette packet from her jeans pocket before lighting one, then blowing smoke rings towards the ceiling. Maggie knew she would have to get her nicotine fix in before the Count returned as he was very anti-smoking.

“Are you all packed for tomorrow?” Maggie asked

“No. I have to do that today, as I am sure I will be busy this evening!” Charlotte grinned at her.

“I´m done with everything too, I think it will be a long boring day. I was going to invite James for a fuck fest, but he has gone to college. When are you meeting the Count?”

Charlotte turned serious for once, “He told me to meet him in the library at five thirty. We will have around two hours together, then he has the meeting with Gabrielle before dinner.”

Maggie couldn`t think of anything to do, so she lit another cigarette. Charlotte went off to pack and Maggie was now alone. On the spur of the moment, she decided to go and do some Christmas shopping. It was the first year for a long time where she had the money to buy gifts. She ran upstairs, grabbed her purse and a thick coat and called an uber. Within twenty minutes she was on her way to the packed pavements of Oxford Street and Regents Street.

The shopping trip was not much fun. London just before Christmas was a nightmare, and the police even introduced a one-way system for pedestrians on the busy pavements. Maggie eventually arrived home at five with bags containing gifts for the Count, Franky, Gabrielle and Charlotte. They were not big items, as most of the people had everything they needed, but more personal, in the spirit of the season. Either way Maggie was satisfied with her productivity as she sat in her room and wrapped the gifts for all her friends and the Master.

Once she was done it was time to get ready for dinner. Although it had been fun eating in the kitchen dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt Maggie had missed dressing up for the Count. Maggie spent a long time in the bath before jumping in the shower to wash her hair and eskort bayan gaziantep shave her mons, legs and armpits. She contemplated giving herself an enema but then conceded that Charlotte would probably have first dibs on the Count`s cock if her bragging was to be believed. The little box remained unopened as Maggie stood before the big mirror and studied her nakedness.

Her body seemed firmer, her tits showed no evidence of sagging, and her hair was a lustrous jet black with not a sign of grey. She turned and looked at her taut buttocks in the mirror. Maggie thought she definitely looked better than when she had first entered the Count`s home, if not younger. Maggie laughed at her stupidity, but still congratulated herself on how good she looked.

Twenty minutes was spent brushing and drying her hair until it cascaded in small curls around her shoulders.

Her makeup case had seen a serious upgrade since her arrival, and now carried many famous brand names rather than the Boots the chemist stuff she had used before. Maggie sparingly applied the La Mer cream that Tony had given her and was dismayed to notice that the tubs and tubes were nearly empty. Thick red lip gloss was applied, then a pale grey eyeshadow that highlighted her gorgeous hazel eyes. A thick black eyeliner and expensive mascara improved the look even more.

Maggie checked her watch. Nearly seven, so perfectly on time. Next was her lingerie for the evening. She had got so used to wearing jeans and sweaters she had forgotten how good the feel of nylon on freshly shaved legs felt. Maggie selected a relatively new set. Thin bra with gauzy material covering her nipples. The panties a small triangle over her mons in a thong style, so her hard bum was left uncovered. The garter belt was of the thicker design with three straps for each leg. All in a green colour that could possibly be described as British Racing green.

The stockings she chose were powder grey with a seam of black running up the back. Maggie rolled them up her legs and spent many minutes adjusting them until the seam was perfectly straight. Maggie spent a minute looking at herself in the full-length mirror and decided that she looked good enough should the Count want her this evening.

She took a bright yellow dress from the rail and stepped into it before pulling up the tiny zipper in the side. She had bought the dress as it matched the Jimmy Choo shoes, she had bought on her first shopping day with Franky. It fell to mid-thigh. There was a small V neck with a gold chain that ran across just below her throat to keep the two sides together, although her cleavage was on full display inside the V. The back was cut-out in an oblong shape, another chain of gold running across the top. The gap in the back stopped just above the crack of her arse.

Putting on her yellow heels she twirled once more in the mirror before making her way downstairs. As she arrived in the foyer, she saw a naked James and Raymond leaving the lounge, their dicks looking small and drained. Maggie deduced that Franky was using the lounge as the Count was meeting Charlotte and Gabrielle in the library.

Maggie knocked softly and poked her head through the door. Franky was sitting on the brown leather sofa and drinking some wine to wash down her “medicine”. “Hi Franky,” Maggie said as she entered.

“Good evening, Maggie. You look stupendous.” Franky replied and waved an empty glass questioningly at Maggie

Maggie nodded and then asked the older woman with a smirk, “What are you going to do for medicine when we are away? None of the guys to keep you topped up.”

Franky`s delightful laugh filled the room, “Don’t worry about that Maggie. In Romania I have more choice………. a lot more choice!”

Maggie grinned at her boss then sat opposite her sipping her wine. The two chatted briefly about the house and various suppliers until they heard the clock chime three times. Quarter to eight. The two made their way to the dining room. Charlotte was already there, looking like the cat that got the cream.

As usual Charlotte looked stunning in a scarlet silk blouse and black leather miniskirt. The blouse had the top three buttons undone giving a glimpse of her lacy black bra beneath. Her long nylon covered legs stopped in black ankle boots with an impressive five-inch spike heel. Her long, straight blonde hair hung way past her shoulders and was clipped with a red barrette at the back. Her makeup was thickly applied but it looked fantastic and not at all cheap. Dark blue eyeshadow highlighted her glacier blue eyes, and her lips were a gash of post-box red.

As Maggie and Franky sat down opposite her the Count entered with Gabrielle. Maggie’s heart jumped at the sight of her Master. He had cut his hair short, and the thick black hair was now above his ears. The dark-blue suit was perfectly pressed, and the pristine white shirt had a bright red tie knotted tightly at the neck.

Gabrielle looked as if the weight of the gaziantep bayan eskort World had been lifted from her shoulders. She was giggling at something the Count had said as she took her place next to Charlotte.

The young Italian looked fantastic. Her black dress was very short. Maggie knew if she looked under the table, she would be able to see the tops of Gabrielle`s stockings as she sat opposite her. The dress had a high collar and no sleeves. Her green eyes shone out from the pale green eye shadow she wore, and her lips were coated with pale pink lip gloss.

The Count sat and then Maggie swooned as his deep baritone filled the room, “Good evening, ladies. You all look wonderful this evening and I must say it is great to be back home. I hope you missed me as much as I missed you.”

This was greeted by a “Yes Master,” from all at the table.

The Count smiled and announced, “Let`s eat!” and he rang the small silver bell.

Jeremy brought plates of roast lamb with mint sauce. There were carrots, peas and sauté potatoes. Maggie was famished and hungrily began to devour the exquisite food. Once they were all finished the Count took a sip of wine before he began to speak.

“Firstly, I want to congratulate you on the fantastic job you all did in my absence. Franky told me that you are now in full control of running the house here Maggie.”

“Yes Master. Thank you, Master,” Maggie whispered

“Gabrielle has organised Christmas to perfection, so thank you Gabrielle. Thank you also Maggie, for suggesting that I hire her.”

Maggie stayed silent as Gabrielle blushed and said, “Thank you Master.”

The Count turned to Charlotte, “And you, the beautiful Ms Collins, have exceeded my expectations. Your report as given me lots to contemplate. There is one point that needs to be rectified directly though.”

Charlotte was smiling, her white, straight teeth on full display as she murmured, “Thank you Master.”

The Count turned to Gabrielle, “Ms Cassoni. Unfortunately, the report from Ms Collins requires that I meet with Nadja Bankova urgently. I have invited her to Romania for two days before Christmas. She has accepted, so I need you to arrange a flight from Frankfurt on the twenty-second and back on the twenty-third. Please book business class to Bucharest, then contact my helicopter pilot to be available to meet her and bring her to the chateau.”

Gabrielle`s face fell, but she managed to say, “Yes Master.”

“Excellent,” The Count stated, obviously in a good mood. “Desert?” and he rang the bell.

Jeremy brought in homemade mince pies with whipped fresh cream. Maggie was starting to get a sweet tooth thanks to all the glorious sweets that the Paulo`s prepared. She gobbled down the delicate pastry with the sugary filling rapidly.

Jeremy came to remove the empty plates and Maggie could sense that all the women at the table were holding their breath, waiting to see who the Count would decide to fuck that night.

A sly smile crossed his face as the Count looked around the table. “Who will I choose?” he spoke quietly, as his eyes flicked from one stunning woman to the next. “Maybe all of you. Or maybe none of you.” Then he paused, Maggie found it excruriating aiting to see if she was to be chosen.

“Gabrielle,” he spoke softly. “Come to me. Use only your mouth and make me come, but first, please let me see what wonders you have hidden beneath that fantastic dress you are wearing.”

Gabrielle rose, her smile was like a million suns as she let the dress fall to the floor revealing a bright red panties and bra combination that Maggie remembered her buying at Luigi`s.

The Count pulled his trousers and pants down and perched on the edge of the table. Maggie licked her lips as his beautiful cock sprang into view. Maggie watched Gabrielle bend at the waist and lock her wrists behind her back so that she wouldn`t be tempted to use her hands. He had instructed her to use her mouth only, and there was no way she wasn`t going to comply. Maggie watched as the Count`s spongy head disappeared between Gabrielle`s lips.

Maggie thought that the Italian would spend time licking and sucking the head, but she was wrong. Gabrielle pushed forward as more and more of the Count`s penis vanished from view. The Count exhaled loudly as Gabrielle`s nose rested on his nest of pubic hair. She held him in her throat for five, then ten, then fifteen seconds before exploding backwards and dragging air into her deprived lungs.

Maggie watched with admiration as Gabrielle repeated the feat, this time holding him secured for nearly twenty seconds. The Count was breathing heavily as Gabrielle took his manhood into her throat a third time. His hand rested on her ebony hair. He pushed her head hard, holding her in place as he let out a snort and Maggie saw his sculpted buttocks tense as he ejaculated far down poor Gabrielle`s throat, causing her to gag and splutter. Her eyes were watering, and she was coughing when the Count released his grip, and she broke free enough to be able to breathe once more.

The Count stayed with his hard bum resting on the table as Gabrielle, still choking slightly, retook her place minus her dress. Menacingly the Count swung his eyes to Franky. He smirked as he told his wife, “Franky darling. I think I will need some stimulation in order to recover my erection. Please remove your dress and assume the position.”

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