Chubby Exhibitionist Let Him Watch

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Over the past few years I have become aware of my bi-sexual side and the pleasures of exhibitionism, especially for guys. My only outlet for this for a long time was the webcam; I am more than a little apprehensive about the “park bathroom”. Besides they smell. Most guys I have cammed for love the show and I really enjoy having them in my room. I drive for my job, not a big rig but a pickup. Sure allot easier to get in and out of parking lots. I love to get naked while I drive but have not worked up the nerve to flash truckers, some don’t appreciate it and I don’t want to end up upside down in a ditch dangling naked from my seat belt. Not a pleasant thing to explain to a trooper..

After a boring week of calls I was in my room playing on the websites for chubs and lovers of chubby guys’ sites, I met a guy who was looking for someone who would let him watch them jack off. I of course was interested in someone watching. A perfect storm. He lived in Parkville, MO which is near the KC airport. I told him that I loved to be seen and that I was driving through KC later that week. He wanted me to meet in a secluded area but I was a little reluctant to meet someone in a strange place but he suggested a rest area north of the airport off I 29. He told me that I could stay in my vehicle and that he would park on a road that runs behind the parking area of the rest stop. He said that the road was higher that the parking area and the backside of the lot is rarely used. He said he would be there between 10:30 and 11:00. He gave me his cell number and said to call when I arrive at the rest area. I agreed with anticipation of fulfilling my exhibitionist tendencies and left St. Louis around 6:30. It was already getting dark.

Driving nude is a little more risky for me since I drive a pick-up. Passenger cars cannot see in but all trucks can. I made the trips many times in the evening so at least I have the darkness and slightly tinted windows görükle escort on my side. It is not that I don’t want to be seen, I just don’t need to give a lawyer any of my money. I usually have my pants off before I cross the MO River in St Charles and by Wentzville, naked. I drive nude all the way to St Joe when I need to stop for gas. After gas as I am entering back onto I 29, I am stripping back down. By the time I get to Omaha, I have been driving naked for over 400 miles.

I use to put clothes on when I drove through Columbia because of all the overhead lights. That night I was enjoying my nakedness and a hard cock so much, in anticipation of my stop at the rest area that I decided I would risk driving through Columbia naked. The thrill was immense. Sitting back with my legs spread and my cock raging hard was a big turn on. I could not wait until I got to KC to do the same thing. The excitement of getting back into a well-lit city and then the rest area occupied my mind and right hand. Once there I drove alongside cars with men and women wishing I could just raise myself up a little so they could see my hard cock. I preferred it if the men could see more than the woman.

Along 1-435 I need to take leak so I pulled off of exit 45. The exit has long looping ramp and you can see a car exiting for a considerable distance. I got out of my truck naked and stood in the middle of the ramp to pee. It was pretty brisk fall night and the cool air against my naked ass was titillating. It was all I could do to keep from jacking off right there.

About 10 miles north of the KC airport was the rest area, just north of exit 25. As I counted down the mile post, the adrenaline was rushing so much that I lost my hard on. I also slipped on a shirt and pants just to be safe. I pulled into the rest area and went back to the car parking area. I noticed about 4 big trucks out front and a few cars karacabey escort in the back. It was a little after 11 and I was late.

As I drove back to the northeast side of the lot, there was no one parked there I think because there was a large light pole that lit up the area like daytime. I then saw a car parked on the road where he said he would be and the car fit the description. I got another huge rush of adrenaline and parked under the light so he could see in the front seat of my truck through the windshield. Because of my tinted rear and side windows, no one from behind could see me. All I could see in his car was the glow of his cigarette.

The cab of my truck was lit up like a stage and I felt like I was about to go on stage like a stripper. He rolled his window down and held out his cell phone so I called it. He thanked me for showing up and I asked what he would like. He said to put my phone on speaker and do what he asks. I was so excited I still had no hard on. He told me to take off my shirt and show him my nipples. I did and reclined my seat some. He wanted me to play with them so I did. He was telling me I had great tits and wanted to cum on them. I started to feel a little like a toy for him and liked it.

I know I am chubby and have a small cock and at times self-conscious but he said that he liked chubby guys. He then asked for me to take off my pants and show him my cock. I did and my cock had shrunk back like I just got out of a cold lake. He said I looked sexy and to lay back and spread my legs. I reclined the seat more and raised the middle arm rest always looking over my shoulder for anyone coming our way.

The rest area was still quiet. I took of my pants, turned a little to the side and placed a leg on the seat facing him. I was feeling incredibly sexy showing him an open crotch. He was saying how he loves a soft cock and asked me to play with mudanya escort it. I was in heaven. Completely naked, playing with my cock while someone watched and enjoyed me. I could feel the life coming back to my cock and as it got harder he said to jack off for him. I spread my legs more showing him my ass and rising up in the seat. He continued to tell me to do things and asked if I had a toy. I did not and I am sure if I did he would want me to use it. I probably would.

He continued to tell me to do things and I did them. I was in his complete control and was enjoying being a sub to him. He asked me to show him my ass so I reclined the seat all the way laid face down, He asked me to rub my ass, and I did. He asked to get on my knees and spread, and I did. I slid my hands all over my naked ass letting my fingers massage my sweet spot and dropped one of them inside. I was rock hard and wanted to jack off to completion but he said hold a little longer. I almost shot my load a couple times but held off until he released me to go ahead. I laid back in the seat and spread my legs again showing him my hard cock and bare ass cheeks. At this point I did not care if anyone saw me and wished for a larger audience.

I stroked my cock for a few minutes and then let the cum fly all over my stomach and chest. What a fantastic orgasm this was while someone watched. I laid there stroking catching my breath and he asked me to rub the cum all over my stomach which I did. He started his car, thanked me, and said I was a sexy guy, and then he drove off. I cleaned up and finished my drive. I travel allot and have my nights free but have not done anything like the rest area since. I think the anonymous aspect of this was a turn on. I webcam on occasion and don’t require them to be on cam, I just like to jack off for guys and they need to like the chubby small cock type. The other thing I want to try is to have someone come to my room while I show for them. I am working on that and hope to do this soon with the right guy. I would love it to be a guy around 18-20, chubby, and shaved but also not bound to that description. I think that would be hot if they took pictures. If you have an interest and a fantasy you want to share, contact me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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