Church of Swallowing: Preparing for Roxy

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It was one in the morning in an International House of Pancakes on a weekday. This meant that the flow of customers were actually almost a standstill. I sat with my cup of coffee and waited for Hanna to show up to talk about the little note I received.

Things were a bit different. My downtime let me finish my thesis. I had a teaching job lined up at a local high school starting with summer and continuing through the fall. I had put my notice in at the old job, to which Sarah, who was now the head of human resources, had taken. She seemed sad about it but understood that this wasn’t going to be a career for me. Cubicle life wasn’t for me.

I poured myself another cup of coffee and looked up for the waitress, but Hanna finally showed. She kept it comfortable with heels, jeans, and a hooded sweat jacket. Her tangled red hair was tied up in a bunch at the back of her head as she sat down. The waitress came and she ordered herself coffee too.

“Tracy filed for her divorce,” Hanna said and I raised my eyebrows. I figured that Tracy would have milked the rest of it, but I was wrong, “Why did she do that?” I asked.

”She actually found him banging his secretary. I know, what a cliché,” she said as she poured her coffee and thanked the waitress.

”Didn’t he try to get her for cheating on him?”

”Yeah, but her investigators were more competent,” Hanna simply said, “So, about Roxy…”

“Hanna, you do understand I’m quitting right?”

“Yes, and your schedule now opened up even more for when we need you,” she smirked devilishly, “Besides, you don’t walk around bragging. Everyone has picked someone to come through so we plan on wearing you out while you are teaching young minds.”

I looked into my coffee and contemplated.

”By the way, the offer that is on the table, well, I’m going to need to cash that in early, so I’ll working on an even better offer for you if you accept.”


”Yes, this is a full fledged booty call, so if you are done with your coffee, lets get out of here and head to my place.”

“You’re place?” I asked in disbelief.

”Yes. I have some things that I haven’t mentioned to anyone that I found out about myself about my husband,” she laughed, “It’s actually really funny.”
I just looked at her in silence.

”He’s gay. When he was taking viagra it was mostly to force himself to have an erection with me and do his husbandly duty. He only stopped because he had himself a piece of ass on the side. We’re still going to stay married, but he tends to spend the night over his friends house now. Basically now I’m just keeping up with appearances until his parents croak.”

It was my turn to laugh, “You’re shitting me?”

”I shit you not, now lets fucking stop talking about shitting and get to my place.”


So I’ll skip over the parts of the drive over in separate cars, and what her house looked like, which it looked like a house. She put her finger to her lips to let me know to be quiet as we entered and her lips immediately attacked mine. She started undoing buttons on my shirt and leading me back to her room as I unzipped her hoodie and helped her fight with it over her arms, tossing it to the side as we entered the room.

“What’s with all the silence,” I whispered as she attacked my pants with her hands.

”He’s here tonight and didn’t antep escort want to wake him or my daughter while entering, otherwise I would have taken you on the porch.”

She pulled down my pants and I reached down and pulled her shirt up over her head as her hand wrapped around my cock.

“When was the last time anyone was with you?” she asked.

“I don’t remember, maybe a week ago? I’m not sure.”

She purred in her throat and looked up at me, on her knees in heels, jeans, and just a bra as she took my hardening shaft into her mouth and started to swirl her tongue over the underside of my cock. I leaned against her door and groaned as her fingernails lightly scratched over my balls as her mouth started to bob up and down over my now rock hard cock. She twisted her head down the length of my shaft, taking me in her throat as she noisily took my cock repeatedly, the added noise applying added vibrations through my body. I pulled the pins that kept her hair up on the back of her head and then grabbed onto her curls as she fucked her face on my cock. I was pretty much holding on for dear life as I grunted and groaned. She unzipped her jeans and ran a hand down the front of her jeans to play with herself. She took her head almost completely off of my cock except for the head, lightly grazing her teeth over the upper rim of the head while swirling the tip of her tongue over the underside. She made a ring with her thumb and forefinger and started to jack the rest of my cock off. I felt my balls churning and flexing and tried hard not to shoot off until I was almost to the point of no return.

I felt as if I was going to reach the point of no return when she stopped what she was doing and squeezed the head of my cock as hard as she could, “No cumming for you yet… you’re not done.’ I couldn’t say anything; my mind was locked in the need and desire to cum. She squeezed for a few more moments until the need stood aside, then climbed up on the bed, shimming out of her pants, yet leaving the heels on, and pulled her bra straps down. Her tits overflowed the cups on her bra and before she could say anything, I was on the attack. I nibbled and bit at her neck as she simply moaned and stroked my hair. I continued to nibble and lick over her collarbone and down to her breasts. I cupped both of them and pressed them together. I made a figure eight over both of her areola and took time to tug at both of her nipple rings on each nipple, bringing gasps and moans of pleasure as her hips lifted up to reach mine.

”Fuck me, just fuck me Carl,” she said. Her hand reached down and grabbed my cock and pulled it toward her waiting wetness and I slid in easy. I hit her with slow and hard thrusts, pushing her up the bed. She arched back hit me with the same motion. Her arms reached above her head and stopped her progress toward the headboard as her legs locked around my ass, pulling me in harder as our thighs started to grind and thrust harder and faster. She was no longer quiet as her body convulsed in an orgasm locking my cock tightly in her wet vice.

“Fuck me harder you sonofabitch!” she growled, “Stick that fucking flagpole in me harder.”

“Harder?” I growled back as I pulled out and slammed it all the way back in.

”That’s the fucking way, oh god yes! Break me you asshole!” she responded with slamming herself up at me harder, “Show me that you need this fuck more then I need it.”

I lifted myself up briefly and pressed her shoulders down on the bed as I slammed into her, trying to compact her down on my cock as I fucked her and she just wailed in pleasure. I was at this point going as fast as I could, feeling my balls slap against her, I knew I was close.

”I’m going to shoot!” I yelled and went to go and pull out.

She wrapped her legs around my waist tighter and pulled me down with her arms, and started to cum again, when she did this she proceeded to bite my neck, hard. I swore in pain but the pain caused me to shoot off deeply inside of her. Sensasion of the bite on my neck seemed to double the pain in my balls as it coated load after load inside of her, feeling her hips grind against mine trying to keep me snugly inside of her as our juices came together. Finally after it was over, my weight fell on her, and she rolled over on top of me, kissing around the place where she bit, licking over it gently, and slid down my body to suck and clean my cock, causing me to twitch as she cleaned her juices and whatever bit of jizz that was left. She crawled up the bed and took my arms and put them around her.

”I’m sorry about that,” I said.

”About what?” She replied, “Cumming inside of me? I said this was a pure booty call. Besides I have the morning after pill, everything will be fine,” she said as she licked where shit bit again.

”You never did that before,” I said.

”Bite? I never had you for a pure booty call before. Sure, I had sex with you before, but I had an agenda about that. You wouldn’t want me to go off and bite your cock would you?”

“No, that would be bad,” I responded.

”Take up Roxy,” she said, “I told you that what will be offered will be better then just what I had planned to offer, so you’ll see what happens if you do. Set it after you officially leave the company.”

”Why do you need more people in your little clique?” I said with a smirk on my face.

”Oh don’t you know our goal is to kill you by blowing your mind away, since curiosity killed the cat” she said laughing, “Actually, that’s our business, not yours. Are you complaining?”

“Not really,” I responded.

“Talk to Tracy tomorrow, she’ll give you what type of guidelines to follow.”


I would like to say that Hanna and I proceeded to go and bang like bunnies for the rest of the night and we fell asleep in each other’s arms, but it was just a pure booty call. I put back on my clothes and she groped me at the front door before I left to go home. The next day Tracy invited me for lunch and we sat down at a nearby steakhouse, where she proceeded to order more food then I did, and finished it off with a gusto.

”So, about Roxy,” I started after dessert was served.

“I met her at a club and I’m taking her under my wing a bit, for guidance,” Tracy said, “The girl has always been in control, and should know what it’s like to not have it.”

“How do I fit in? Seeing that I’m the one that says how high whenever one of you guys say jump.”

“Not always,” she smirked, “You did say no when I asked you to eat me under my desk.”

“That’s besides the point…”

”No, you can say no when you want. Just because you don’t say no to us, with other girls that you’ve dated you have said no to. Roxy isn’t one of us, and may never be. She’s more of one of mine then any of the other girls. She’s going to think that she’s going to walk in and take control. You do it, and remember, this is a Church thing, make sure she swallows.”

”So what you want me to be an evil prick and have my way with her?”

”Yes, and if she brings anything into the game, make sure you turn it around on her,” Tracy replied, “I want her to get a mindset on how others may feel with her ways, to teach her. Sort of a Tribulation equals Enlightenment thing.”

”Is there anything I should know about her? Maybe something that causes her to want control?”

”Nope. Just cause when she was younger she never got off unless she was in control. You know how boys are caring more about there own needs.”

”Nope, wouldn’t know that,” I said causing her to laugh.

“In the end, it will be worth your while,” Tracy winked, “Trust me on that one.”

We finished our dessert and paid the tab and she handed me the keys to her Escalade and told me to drive. I got in and started it up, and her head immediately went down to my lap.

”Hey I’m going to crash the car here if you do that!” I said.

”See, you can hint at no at least, but I’m insured, but you might want to drive carefully so you don’t lose anything,” she said as her lips wrapped around my cock and she started to bring my cock to life. It was a slow drive to work as she proceeded to bob her head up and down on my cock. I couldn’t do anything but put my hand on the top of her head as she slurped and swallowed. I wanted to free out her breasts or reach over to play with her pussy, but the seatbelt stopped that from happening. In a way, she was in total control of the situation. I felt her squeeze the head of my cock with her throat, not to milk my cock, but to delay the explosion that should have gone directly into her gullet. She pulled her head off my cock for a moment and stroked me, giving a lick with every word for emphasis.

”I should have gotten my dessert to go, I could have put a little bit of cheesecake or whipped cream on it, you’re going to give me some cream so I don’t have to whip you right?”

”If you keep doing that, I might go blind and crash us headlong into a semi truck on accident.”

She continued to talk and lick, “We wouldn’t want that now would we,” before she effortlessly slid her lips, mouth, tongue down my cock and took me in the back. She let out a small burp as she worked licking the underside of the shaft as she bobbed up and down, massaging my balls in her hand.

I pulled into the parking lot at work and hit the curb, causing the whole truck to bump, at the same time she squeezed my balls in her hand and my cock shot it’s load directly down her throat and into her stomach. She drank every drop that was firing through as I almost crashed into a parking pole as I came.

She lifted her head out from my lap and wiped the edge of her lips, nothing was there, but she wiped anyway, “I suggest that until you see Roxy, that’s the last time you get your rocks off…I’ll give her the meeting information, a week from now, 8 pm. Monte Carlo Hotel. I’ll have you a reservation.” she undid my seat belt and took the keys out of the ignition. I quickly reset myself in my pants and exited. The alarm clicked on and I shook my head. All I could do was shake my head in disbelief. Still, death by too much sex would be a fun thing to put on an autopsy report.

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