Cindy Ch. 02

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Although I was officially retired I accepted a contract to design and oversee the construction of a home for a wealthy fashion designer. He had seen my work and just absolutely had to have me and he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. It meant spending almost four months in Milan and since I had never been to Italy, I accepted. My wife joined me for the last month and although we were travelling back together she would go on to Edmonton to help her mother make the transition from the family home to a nursing home and was expected to be there for at least a month.

I pumped my cock into Cindy’s mouth with increasing speed as I neared ejaculation. The first spurt hit the back of her throat following quickly by several more that sprayed all over her face. The bedroom door opened suddenly and there stood my wife and her mother. I jolted awake and looked out the window at the fluffy white carpet of clouds beneath the aircraft. I don’t usually remember my dreams but my heart still raced with a mixture of sexual excitement and shock.

‘You scared me,’ my wife said, ‘were you having a bad dream?’

‘No…no,’ I replied, ‘it was okay until the very end.’

‘We’ll be touching down in just under an hour so there will be no problem with catching my connecting flight to Edmonton.’

‘Good! There’s nothing worse than hanging around in an airport for hours.’

After landing I took one of my wife’s suitcases and saw that everything was okay for her connection then we parted and I called the limo service to pick me up. I called Cindy from the back of the limo and she was excited that I was home again. I said I would see her in a couple of hours and by the time I put the cell back into my pocket my erection throbbed in my pants. I hadn’t had a chance to take up Phil’s offer of inviting Marcus and several of his friends to join Laurie and Cindy for group sex before I left but it had occupied a lot of my thoughts these past four months.

I emptied the suitcases then called Phil. It was Monday and we agreed that I would come over on my regular Friday night. He would have more information on the gangbang then. I was just about to hang up when he said, ‘Oh, by the way, I’m building something in the workshop that I think you will find interesting, it should be ready by Friday.’

‘What is it?’ I asked.

‘You’ll see on Friday, it will be a nice surprise,’ Phil replied.

I hung up wondering what he was up to then showered and drove over to Cindy’s with a tremendous hard-on. Within ten seconds of Cindy closing her front door we were tearing at one another’s clothes frantically.

‘I’ve thought about fucking you and having your tits all over me ever since I’ve been away. I have four months of cum for you and I plan on pounding your pussy without mercy.’

‘Ooh, you make me so horny,’ she said and gave my cock a few hard jerks.

I freed her gigantic tits that I had missed so much and mauled them roughly, I pinched the already hard nipples the licked and bit them and traced my tongue around her large, dark aureoles. She jerked my cock frantically and as we kissed I rubbed her clit and finger-fucked her sopping wet, hot cunt.

I knelt in front of her and she rubbed her gigantic tits over my head and face while I rammed fingers into her hot, wet box and rubbed her very erect clit.

‘Fuck me, fuck me now,’ she moaned and I pushed her down on the couch and she spread her legs and played with her tits in a lewd display of sexual arousal. I sank into her pink warmth and pounded her relentlessly until I erupted with a huge load that spilled from her pussy and on to the leather couch.

‘I needed that bad, your cock feels so good inside me,’ Cindy panted as I stood up.

‘You’ll get more really soon, now lick my dick clean,’ I said.

She leaned forward and did a thorough job on my cock and balls. When she had finished she sat on my lap and, while I played with her lovely tits and fondled her cum-filled pussy, I told her about my trip. We stayed naked all afternoon and evening and enjoyed each over and over until I shot a second load of semen deep into her as we fucked doggy-style around midnight. After the flight home and several hours of sexual activity I was exhausted and fell into a deep sleep with my cock between Cindy’s legs and an arm around her with my hand on her tits.

I awoke with the delicious feeling of Cindy’s lips on my dick. She crawled up my body with a big smile on her face and directed my erection into her wet pussy. Her tits smothered my face as she moved slowly up and down at an angle that stimulated her clit with every motion. She climaxed and I felt the hot rush all over my dick. I rolled her onto her back and knelt between her legs. I spread them wide and looked down at her neat mound of pubic hair, clitoris, swollen labia and the wet, pink hole in between that seemed to beg for my fingers, my tongue, my cock and other cocks, big, black dicks fucking her one after the other. I gazed at her huge tits with large, dark aureoles and bullet-like nipples and imagined black hands urfa escort mauling and squeezing them, black cocks pumping between them and spewing their hot loads all over them. I dove down to her open twat and feasted on it furiously. Cindy held my head tight to her pussy and her legs opened wide as she shuddered through another orgasm.

We showered together and revelled in the very erotic nature of fondling our soapy bodies then I bent her over and fucked her savagely as I stared at my cock ramming into her and thought of several black dicks doing the same and ejaculated once more inside her.

I spent the rest of Tuesday and all day Wednesday at Cindy’s. I stayed naked for hours and Cindy teased me dressed in several erotic outfits that she knew turned me on. After breakfast on Thursday I left for home and said I would see her on Sunday morning.

Laurie was super horny on Friday and afterwards, while she showered, Phil told me that the gangbang was on for the following Friday if Cindy and I could make it. Marcus could bring five friends and had promised the gals would be well and truly fucked. Phil had not told Laurie and I planned on not telling Cindy, it would be a surprise for both of them. We plotted to send Laurie and Cindy out together to buy new erotic outfits. The men would arrive while they were out and settle in the family room. When the gals came back we would insist they change into their new outfits and display them for us in the family room. Phil would have his video camera and SLR ready and we would record what followed. Cindy had told me in detail of fantasies she had of a gangbang with black men and I intended to make sure they came true for her.

‘Remember you told me that Cindy said she fantasized about being teased sexually to the point that she begged to be fucked?’ I nodded and Phil continued, ‘Well, I have made something that may do the job, let’s go to the workshop and I’ll show you.’

We went to the back of the garden and into his workshop. Phil pulled a blanket off something in a corner and I was staring at what looked like a sawhorse on wheels. It sloped up from front to back and was heavily padded. Straps with buckles dangled from the sides and Phil smiled when he saw the puzzlement on my face.

‘Let me explain,’ he said, ‘Cindy straddles this and we strap her arms and legs down. The angle and contour of it forces her ass in the air, spreads her legs wide and should cause her pussy and ass to be deliciously exposed and ready to accept tongue, cock, dildo. . .whatever. Marcus and the boys will fuck Laurie and Cindy; we will watch and take photos. From time to time 2 or 3 of the men will approach Cindy and she’ll think she is about to get a cock in her mouth or pussy but they will only tease her with their cocks. It’ll drive her crazy and watching Laurie with all those black dicks I’ll bet she be begging in no time but we’ll let her wait and suffer a while before we send the boys over to fuck her.’

‘You have an evil mind, my friend, I like it,’ I responded with a laugh. I spent Sunday with Cindy and asked her about going to Phil and Laurie’s on Friday. She was excited to be asked again and I told her we would be going for lunch and spending the rest of the afternoon and evening there.

‘You naughty boy,’ she said with a smile, ‘fucking all afternoon and evening?’

‘Maybe we will, maybe we wont,’ I replied mischievously.

‘What do you mean?’

‘Well, after lunch we will probably indulge in a little sex but Phil and I want you and Laurie to go and buy new outfits for the evening.’

‘Umm, sounds sexy, do you have anything in mind?’

‘Yeah, something really slutty, something you’d like to be wearing if you were meeting several black guys.’

‘I can do slutty but it’s hard to find anything to cover my tits so it may just be a nice blouse but I will find something slutty for the rest of body and be thinking about those black cocks fucking me in it.’

‘You make me horny whatever you’re wearing…or not wearing,’ I said and stood behind her with a wicked smile on my face, my hard cock pushing against her ass and my hands mauling her tits.

‘Oh, fuck me from behind,’ she moaned as she unbuttoned her top and freed her giant tits. I pulled down her jeans and she kicked them away. I walked her over to a chair, bent her over it and pulled her tiny thong to one side. I spread her legs and looked at her huge, pendulous breasts hanging over the back of the chair and resting on the seat. I caressed her ass, fondled her wet pussy and tweaked her sensitive clit.

‘Spank me before you fuck me, I’ve been a naughty girl,’ she said and looked back at me with a finger in the corner of her mouth.

‘Well, in that case you certainly deserve to be spanked before you’re fucked. Now spread those legs and stick your ass out,’ I ordered.

She did as she was told and I gave her six of the best on each cheek with a generous amount of pussy-mauling between each smack. I held her hips and drove my cock all the way in and balıkesir escort fucked her hard until unleashing my seed deep inside her lovely hot and very wet cunt.

We went out for Sunday dinner then went to the movies. Many men ogled Cindy and I asked her how it felt that almost every man that saw her wanted to see her massive tits, feel them, stick their cocks in between them and fuck her. She replied that it didn’t bother her anymore; it turned her on in fact to know that they all wanted her. As we watched the movie her hand rubbed my cock and I slipped a hand under her short skirt and caressed her inner thigh above her stocking tops. There were several empty seats on either side of us but a young man at the end of the row kept looking down at Cindy. He had his cock out and was masturbating as he eyed Cindy’s tits. I whispered in Cindy’s ear and she glanced down at him. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse and took her tits out and caressed them. The guy at the end couldn’t take his eyes off her and he jerked furiously. Suddenly he grunted and sighed then adjusted his clothing and quickly left. Cindy re-buttoned her blouse and sat watching the movie with a slight smile on her face.

‘You are naughty, I think you need another spanking,’ I said.

‘That’ll teach him to stare at my tits, besides I’ve always found sexual activity in theatres to be very horny. I guess it was all my boyfriends groping me in the back row when I was in high school,’ Cindy replied with a self-satisfied air. She then took my hand and guided it between her legs. ‘Feel how wet it made me,’ she whispered and I rubbed her soaked panties. I gave me an idea…an idea about a place I hadn’t thought of in years.

I stayed over on Sunday night and left Monday morning saying I would pick her up at 11:30 on Friday morning. I checked that the place I thought of in the theatre was still in operation and was pleased to discover that it was. I would take Cindy there before my wife got back from Edmonton. I was busy with one thing and another for the rest of the week and Friday came quickly.

I picked up Cindy as arranged and she looked great in tight jeans and an oversize t-shirt. She had a lovely ass and the jeans displayed it very well. A bra contained her mammoth breasts but they were still obvious in their enormity for all to see.

Phil and Laurie welcomed us in and we enjoyed a delicious lunch on the patio in the back yard. Phil took a few pictures of us around the table and when Laurie got my cock out things started to get interesting. Phil photographed her jerking my dick then sucking it and then she encouraged Cindy to join in. Both gals worked on my dick as Phil clicked away.

‘Get your tits out, Cindy, wrap them over his cock,” Laurie said and Cindy pulled off her t-shirt and unhooked her bra. Her huge tits fell out and she knelt in front of me and smothered my erection. Laurie kneaded them then began mouthing the nipples. Cindy stroked Laurie’s head as her mouth and tongue roved all over the giant mounds of flesh. In no time the gals were kissing and Cindy was undoing Laurie’s top. Next to Cindy, Laurie’s tits appeared small even though they are considerably more than a handful. I stripped off and came up behind Laurie who was bending over the seated Cindy and remove her jeans. I pulled her thong tight until it disappeared between her labia and pushed it into her pussy. Phil had gathered the cushions from the chaise lounges and placed them on the patio.

‘It will be more comfortable here,’ he said as he picked up his camera.

I removed Laurie’s thong and she lay on the cushions. Cindy stood and I helped her out of her remaining clothes. I fondled her tits and ass as we looked down at Laurie who had spread her legs and was playing with herself. Cindy reached for my cock and I slid fingers between her ass cheeks and into her pussy. She was really turned on by Laurie’s attentions. Phil moved about taking photos and I said to Cindy, ‘Get on top of her.’

She spread herself over Laurie and, as Phil photographed, I watched the gals eating one another. I parted Cindy’s labia and followed Laurie’s tongue as it darted in and out the wet, pink hole then onto the clit. It looked inviting and I knelt down and entered Cindy. Laurie licked my balls as I pumped in and out and after a few minutes I asked them to change places. With Laurie now on top, I pumped her pussy as Cindy mouthed my nuts. Phil glanced at his watch and announced, ‘Hey, it’s time the gals were off shopping.’

Reluctantly, I pulled out and the ladies went to get ready for their shopping excursion. After they had gone Phil and I went to the workshop and carried the contraption he had built with Cindy in mind back to the family room.

‘Marcus and the rest will be here about six and I expect the gals won’t be back before 6:30,’ Phil said. ‘I told Laurie that she and Cindy should grab a bite to eat while they are out. We can go down to the pub at the plaza up the street and grab a beer and a meal.’

We arrived back trabzon escort at the house at 6:15 and Marcus and his five friends pulled into the driveway just as we approached the front door. ‘Good timing!’ Phil exclaimed as hands were shook all around, ‘but Marcus, park your car down the street so the gals don’t suspect anything.’

We gathered in the family room and Phil explained ‘Cindy’s horse’ as we now called it and what he wanted them to do. He put on a video depicting several of our Friday night sessions and the men were soon rubbing the bulges in their crotches. They were amazed by the size and pendulous nature of Cindy’s mammoth tits and Laurie’s obvious desire and joy to be fucked. They were two very horny and erotic mature women that any man would want to fuck and I realized what a lucky guy I was to be screwing both of them. The men stripped off and sat about the furniture stroking their huge erections. We heard Laurie and Cindy come through the front door, Phil turned the sound off on the TV and he and I went upstairs. The gals were loaded down with shopping bags and were excited to model what they had purchased. It was agreed that they would shower, put on slutty make-up and their new outfits and meet us in the family room. My cock was already hard thinking about what awaited them there. Phil and I went back to the family room and got the got some drinks and turned the sound up on the TV.

It was a good forty-five minutes before we heard the gals coming down the stairs and when they entered the family room they both stopped suddenly, surprised at what they saw. Once they had taken in the huge cocks the men were stroking they smiled. Laurie turned to Phil and said, ‘You devil, but it is a wonderful surprise.’

Cindy could only stare at the men and gasp, ‘Oh my, look at how big they are!’ She must have thought her desire to be fucked by big, black cocks was merely a couple of minutes away, how wrong she was.

Laurie looked so sexy in a one piece, lacy, red outfit; it was a dress that barely covered her ass and had garters and stockings attached. Her tits strained at the flimsy material and her erect nipples were clearly visible. Her red stilettos had very high heels and accentuated her shapely legs and lovely ass. My cock was rock hard at the sight of her and the thought that soon she would fucked by hard, black cocks.

Cindy was wearing almost nothing at all; it was a series of black straps that wound around her body leaving her ass and pussy fully exposed. Her gigantic tits were encased by the straps but were visible and hung down to her waist. Her high heels and massive breasts gave the impression that she would topple over at any second but she didn’t and looked eminently erotic and ready to be fucked.

The men stood and Laurie joined them. They gathered around her and mauled her body as she fondled their erections. Cindy went to join them but Phil and I stopped her. ‘Not yet,’ I said, ‘we have something different planned for you.’

I stood by Cindy and fondled her as we watched Laurie with the men and Phil manoeuvred the ‘horse’ into position.

‘What’s this?’ she said.

‘You’ll see,’ I replied as Phil and I helped her onto it. We strapped her arms and legs and I noticed how the angle of horse did force her ass in the air while spreading her legs, causing her anus and pussy to be lewdly exposed as Phil had predicted. I noticed her labia were already puffy and spread open in arousal and her pussy looked wet and very inviting. Her tits hung down on either side of the horse, almost touching the floor. ‘Great job, Phil,’ I said, ‘her ass and pussy are just in the right position to get fucked hard.’

‘Yes, it worked out really well,’ he replied and touched her pussy lightly with his fingers, ‘I’ll get the cameras, we’ll need to record all of this tonight.’

‘She does look very erotic,’ I observed and sucked my index finger before slipping it into her asshole and another into her pussy. ‘You’d like big black cocks in these holes wouldn’t you, you horny slut?’

She moaned her approval as she watched Laurie who was now on her knees with cocks in her hands and mouth. Phil and I pushed the horse closer and watched along with Cindy as we took photos. Presently Marcus lifted Laurie up, brought her in front of Cindy and pushed her to her knees again. The men gathered around and jerked their huge erections just inches from Cindy’s face and fed them into Laurie’s mouth in turn. Cindy’s mouth was open and her tongue circled her lips with envy and lust. ‘You want those big cocks in your mouth, don’t you?’ I whispered into her ear.

‘Oh yes, please, please,’ she whimpered.

‘Maybe you should taste a black cock,’ I said and looked at Marcus who understood. He came towards Cindy holding his erection as if to stick it into her mouth but pulled away at the last possible. She moaned when her prize was denied her and another man did the same thing and then another. One brushed her cheek ever so lightly and moved towards her mouth. Laurie sensed what was going on and began to lick and suck the cocks and balls in an exaggerated manner, showing how good it was and how she was enjoying what was being denied to Cindy. Cindy’s pleas now came out more as sobs, ‘Please, please, let me, please, oh yes, please.’ Saliva dripped from her mouth and as I caressed her ass I saw that her pussy was gaping open in her excitement.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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