Cindy’s Revenge

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Amber was waiting for Cindy thinking about her last slave. The runt had died two weeks ago. Three years of service without any problems. None that could not be solved with a little bit more discipline applied to him anyway. He was a good cook and his tongue was very talented. She had brought his body to the bayou were the crocodiles had taken care of him.

She wondered if his replacement would be as good in time. Cindy had told her that her ex co-worker wanted to be a slave but she wondered how much he wanted to be one.

Cindy had reached her limits with the little bastard always trying to squeeze her ass. His snide remarks that he tried to pass as humor were irritating her more and more.

So when Tom had been surfing on female domination sites after work she had waited for him to leave. She had cracked his password and downloaded the addresses on her flash drive before reporting him to their boss. He had been terminated the next day not knowing how they had found out about the forbidden sites.

She was very surprised on Thursday afternoon when she picked up her phone.

“Hello.” Cindy said in the receiver.

“Hi, it’s me Tom. Would you have a drink with me after work?” He asked her.

“Yeah, sure. How about tomorrow? I will meet you at the bar down the street from the office. Around 5.” She said.

“Great! See you tomorrow.” He answered before hanging up.

He was seated at a table watching the door when Cindy walked in the bar looking gorgeous in her bright red dress showing her hourglass figure and long legs. She saw him and smiled walking to his table. Once her drink was served she asked him;

“I thought you were doing a good job, why were you fired?”

“I have been stupid. I surfed on some porno sites with the office computer. I knew better.” He answered shaking his head.

“The rumor is that you surfed on female domination sites.” She said before taking a sip.

” I am embarrassed to admit it. I kind of did.” He said looking in his glass.

“You did or you did not?” She asked smiling at him.

“I did.” He said.

“What did your girlfriend said about you losing your job?” She asked taking another sip.

” I do not have anybody in my life right now.” He said.

“You did not tell your folks?” She asked.

“My parents died five years ago in a car crash. I am all alone.” He said looking in her green eyes.

“Sorry about your parents. You must have someone to turn to? ” Cindy asked.

“No, nobody.” He answered

“Why domination sites?” She asked him sustaining his stare.

” I went to see what it was like and I liked it. I am too shy to ask a woman directly for that. Through the internet I can remain anonymous and get some satisfaction which is better than none.” He said the beer damping his inhibitions.

“Do you like to be dominated by a woman?” She asked taking a sip.

“I never been with a dominant woman. Why do you know someone that would be interested in a small guy like me?” He asked laughing.

“Maybe, let me ask you; would you submit to the will of a women? Obey to all her orders without questions?” She asked with a mischievous smile.

“I would be willing to try it.” He answered.

“Do you have a job lined up?” She asked.

“No I have not. As a matter of fact I am I a dire situation.” He answered.

“What do you mean?” She asked looking in his eyes.

“I will have to find a shelter by next week and I am broke. Why do you ask?” He said ordering another beer.

“Well, maybe I can help you by helping a girlfriend of mine. She lost her slave two weeks ago and she needs help with her house. You would have to cook, clean the floors, do the laundry you know house chores.” She told him.

“I only have to help her with keeping up her house and she would pay me?” He asked not believing his luck.

“You would have to behave as a slave. You said you wished to try it. So there would be no pay but you would have free room and board.” She informed him.

“What does she look like?” He asked.

Cindy got her phone and showed him the photo of another gorgeous woman wearing a bikini. Her appetizing breast looked like they wanted to escape from her swimsuit. She had long perfect legs going up to a flat tummy. Her long brown hairs were framing the prettiest face he had ever seen.

“I accept. When do I start?” He asked smiling.

“You will give me your phone number and I will give you her answer. I have to ask her if she wants you.” She said getting up.

With that she took his picture pretending it was to help her friend evaluate him and said good bye. Little did he know that he had walk right into Cindy’s trap. She had arranged everything with Amber last night. She would go home take a shower and call him back. They would be at Amber’s house a half hour later, right on time for dinner.

He could not believe it. His rotten luck was changing. At least he would get a taste of female domination. Amber was a dream girl; his prick had stiffened just looking at Nevşehir Escort the photo. He was overjoyed when Cindy, that red hair angel, had told him she would pick him up. He had ten minutes to pack his travel bag. He stacked his meager possession in his bag and gave his notice for his room.

He was pacing the sidewalk when saw a little red sport car pull to the curb with Cindy in the driver’s seat.

“Hello stranger, need a lift?” She asked.

“Yes I do.” He answered getting in the car.

Twenty minutes later they were at the gate of Amber’s home.

Cindy was getting out and she ordered him;

“Tom get out of the car and get naked.”

“I cannot present myself naked to your friend.” He answered his complexion turning red as a beet.

“Come on. Do not be shy you are not the first man I see. Also it will be easier for her to evaluate you. Would you rather go home? Wherever that might be.” Cindy asked him.

“You know that all my possessions are in my travel bag and that I have nowhere to go.” He answered pulling his t-shirt over his head.

“That’s better. Once naked get in the trunk; it is only a short ride and it will prove that you are willing to be her slave. I will let you out when she will be ready to start your evaluation.” She told him opening the trunk of her small car.

Cindy had not mentioned that Amber was 5’10” when she had showed the photo. That she was looking for a full toilet slave would surprise the jerk.

“Get in Tom.” She ordered as she was opening a small bag.

He got in. It was a tight fit. He was checking where his head would rest when Cindy cuffed his hands behind his back.

“Hey what are you doing?” He asked.

“Preparing you for your introduction to Amber. I will also attach your feet. You have to look humble and behave as a slave.” Cindy answered digging in her little bag again.

“I will do my best.” He said a little thrill by the restraints.

Once she was done she smiled at him and closed the trunk. She went to the intercom and pressed the speaker button.

“Hi Amber, your new toilet slave-to-be has arrived” She said in the microphone.

“Hi Cindy, drive in the garage it is open.” Amber said opening the gate with the remote.

He was in the dark, a little scared. He heard muted voices. He could not understand a word. He was wondering that maybe he was getting into something bigger than he thought. He felt the suspension respond to Cindy climbing in her seat and drive off.

He could pretend to be a slave for a few weeks, doing housework and surprise Amber with gourmet cooking. He would ask to use the computer to find a job in his free time. The fact that he would not be paid was compensated by the free room and board.

Still he felt uneasy about being introduce naked to his new boss. When the car stopped and he heard Cindy’s door open he was ready to get out of the cramp space he did not know that he would have to wait a few hours.

Cindy went to meet Amber. She found her near the pool.

“Hi” Cindy called to her smiling.

“Hi, how are you?” Amber asked Cindy.

“A lot better now that the bastard is locked naked in the trunk of my car. He will not be able to make fun of me anymore and no more insinuation to make me look bad at the office. Three years enduring his snide remarks. Most of all no more squezzing of my ass. Revenge feels so good.” Cindy answered pouring herself a glass of lemonade.

” Wait, it will get a lot better, for us I mean. How much did you tell him about his new role?” Amber asked smiling.

“Not much. He will have to do the chores generated by a house and cooking the meals. When I handcuffed him I told him that he had to look and behave as a slave. He is still under the impression that it is a temporary position. He is expecting to be evaluated by you and he hopes that you will accept him.” Cindy answered laughing.

“Good! It will be fun to train him.” Amber said also laughing.

“Do you mind if I use your pool?” Cindy asked.

“Not at all I will start dinner. How about pasta?” Amber asked.

“That would be great. I brought Chianti which should be perfect with pasta.” Cindy answered.

Cindy changed in her bikini and jumped in the pool. She got out ten minutes later feeling refreshed. She was in great shape at 5’7″, long legs topped by a firm ass, a nice sexy tummy under perky breasts. Her large green eyes were enhance by her red hair flowing to her shoulders.

After their coffee and digestive they decided to explore the sites that had him fired. Cindy uploaded the addresses’ from her flash drive. They found a few story sites mostly about dominant women sitting on their slave face to receive cunnilingus. Not many stories about ass worship until they got to the chat room he seem to prefer.

They had logged in under his name and revisited his favorite threads where he was discussing the gorgeous red hair he worked with and what he would be willing to do just to kiss her beautiful ass.

“Cindy Nevşehir Escort Bayan you have a secret admirer!” Amber said laughing.

“Well he will be put to the test. He wishes to kiss my ass I will grant him his wish and more.” Cindy answered laughing.

“Let’s go and get him. He will think that I am a mean bitch.” Amber said still laughing.

“He would be right, wouldn’t he?” Cindy said laughing as she was standing up.

Tom was panicking in the trunk of her car. He could not make a noise by hitting the fenders restrained like he was. He had called out for help but now his voice was gone and all he could utter were weak rasp. He was thirsty and needed to use the restroom. He was sure that his angelic Cindy had forgotten him. They would find him dead in the trunk. He was sure of it. Alone in the dark what a sad way to go he thought. Then he heard the sound of high heels approaching.

All of a sudden he was blinded by the strong white light of the garage as Cindy opened the trunk.

“Get out of there slave.” Cindy ordered him in a harsh voice.

He was blinking is eyes trying to move his numbed limbs. His legs got out of the trunk and then he had to bend forward to fall out of the trunk. At last he was on his knees on the floor. He tried to get up when the most sensuous voice he ever heard ordered;

“Stay on your knees slave.” Amber was checking him out slowly walking around him.

“He did not damaged anything in my car.” Cindy said after a cursory inspection of the trunk.

“Slave, you are to address me as Mistress or Madam. You should extend the same courtesy to Cindy. You will find a list of your chores in the kitchen by the sink. You are not to eat or drink anything. I will decide what and when you eat or drink. You are to speak only when spoken to. If you do not obey a command immediately you will be punished. I am quite expert with a whip. Do you understand, slave?”

“Yes, Mistress Amber.” He answered.

His eyes had adjusted and she was more beautiful than her photo. He guessed that she must be 6’3″ in her stiletto heels. Her blouse was showing her superb cleavage. When she turned around to leave he saw her firm buttock strain against her mini skirt. He was getting a hard on despite of his uneasiness.

“Slave, you are to follow me to the kitchen.” Cindy told him.

“Yes Cindy, you could have…” Whack! She slapped him hard on the right cheek making him lose his balance and fall down.

“It is Mistress Cindy to you, slave. Get up and follow me.” She ordered him.

The right side of his face was on fire. He had a few questions. He would have to find a way to ask Cindy, no Mistress Cindy he said to himself. Maybe if I ask for the permission to speak?

“Permission to speak Mistress Cindy?” He asked expecting to be hit again.

Cindy stopped turned around and said;

“Hurry up! What do you have to say?” She asked frowning at him.

“Mistress Cindy I respectfully would like to know why you kept me in the trunk so long? And what is the safe word to stop this?” He asked looking down.

“Look at me, slave.

“First I do not have to justify any of my actions to a slave. Second there is no safe word. You are to do everything you are commanded to do or you will be punished. Remember you agreed to it. Believe me Amber and I will enjoy your suffering if you balk at anything. You are not familiar with the premises yet but I can assure you that the dungeon is very well equipped. So behave yourself.” She said laughing at is surprised face.

“But. ” Whack! She slapped him hard on the right cheek again decking him again. He got back up on his feet and tried to keep up with her fast pace.

“Remember the rule slave; you are not to speak unless spoken to. I answered your questions and you are not to speak again.” Cindy said walking away.

He was looking at her hair flowing down to her shoulders, leading to the swaying of her firm ass. He had fantasized often about her. He did not imagine that she could be that mean. She was not that tall at 5’7″. Mind you it was 5 inches taller than him. Even if his hands and feet were still bound he kept up with her pace.

Amber was seated on a stool beside the counter she watched him trot behind Cindy. Noticing that he was staring at her ass and that his prick was bouncing up and down with each crooked step.

“Cindy your admirer is staring at your ass. He is all happy about it.” Amber said.

“Really! I will deal with him later.” She answered smiling.

“Slave this is a list of the duties I expect you to fulfill with eagerness. Read it. You can ask questions about what you do not understand.” Amber told him.

He approached the counter and started reading. It was what he had expected regular house chores except for the last item.

“Mistress Amber. What is toilet service?” He asked his face pale dreading the answer.

“Slave I or anybody I tell you to serve, will use your mouth as a toilet. You will have to keep everything down Escort Nevşehir or else. Remember you will have to thank your user after.” She answered him with a smile.

“But Mistress this is disgusting. I can’t be use as a toilet.” He said.

Whack! She hit him on the left cheek and her punch was stronger than Cindy’s.

“You will obey or be punished until you obey. The choice is simple pain or no pain.” She told him.

He was picking himself up from the floor when he felt her foot pushing him down on his back.

“Stay there slave I want you to show me your talent at cunnilingus.” She ordered him as she was straddling his head.

She sat on his chest and moved her dripping cunt to his mouth.

“Eat me” She ordered him.

He opened his mouth and started licking her she tasted so good. It did not help him with his raging hard on.

“Oh yes “she said to herself, “he his talented. It feels so good.” She was feeling the first waves of pleasure when he moved his tongue to her clitoris and started whipping it pushing her over the threshold of her orgasm.

Her juices where flowing in his mouth when she squirted a little bit of pee. He swallowed and glued his lips to hers waiting for the rest of it. She let go of her bladder and on a second thought slowed her flow a little to help him keep up. Once she was done she sat back on his chest and congratulated him.

“That is what I want from you slave. You swallowed my pee without hesitation. I have been gentle and helped you by slowing down my flow. It was a one time opportunity next time it will be business as usual. Now remember what you are to do?” She said looking in his eyes.

“Thank you for letting me be your toilet Mistress Amber.” He remembered to say just in time.

“You did well for the first time. Stay there slave I think Cindy has a treat for you.” Amber said as she was standing up.

Cindy straddled him giving him a great sight of her perfect ass that she was lowering toward his face. She stopped a few inches from his mouth. He felt her hand on his belly. Then she grabbed his prick and started to masturbate him. She moved her ass to his mouth and said;

“Kiss it.”

As soon that she was in reach of his mouth he had started to kiss her ass cheeks. Nibbling them a little then licking them.

“Go in my crack. Dig into it. Kiss me.” She said enjoying his caresses.

She was moving her ass from left to right to help him get his mouth on her asshole. Once she felt his lips on it she said;

“Kiss my asshole gently a few times.”

He did kiss her asshole tenderly. He had dreamed of doing this since he had first met her. Then he tongued all around it before licking it thoroughly.

“Push your tongue in slave.” She ordered as she was sitting more heavily on his face.

He did and licked the walls of her rectum. He was so excited he could barely hold back from ejaculating. He could not close his mouth because of her weight on his jaw. He had to make a seal with his lips around her asshole to be able to swallow his extra saliva. His stomach rumbled and he heard them laugh.

“Remember what you wrote in the thread on that site forum about what you would be willing to do for the privilege of kissing the ass of the hot red hair you worked with? “She asked him.

The words sank in and he realized that she was the one who had him fired. He had written that he would be willing to eat her shit for the privilege. That was after one beer too many and out of bravado.

“Well you kissed my ass. Now you have to assume the consequences. Keep your tongue in me.” She told him in a straining voice.

He tried to do as he was told. He pushed his tongue in as far as it would go and he felt a mass like a torpedo moving toward his mouth pushing his tongue out. He had read that he should open his throat to facilitate the passage of her stool.

He took a deep breath because he felt her asshole was opening to let the first stool move into his mouth. It pushed to the back of his mouth and he started to swallow whole as fast as he could.

She expected him to gag on it and stop her stool in his mouth. He surprised her by his easiness at eating her shit. She pushed another one in his mouth still incredulous about his performance. He kept his lips sealed around her asshole waiting for her to finish shitting.

He was so humiliated to be use as a toilet in front of a stranger but strangely excited by it also.

“Lick me clean slave.” Cindy ordered him.

“It went well from what I could see.” Amber said to Cindy pointing to his sperm on his belly.

“Very well, he is a natural for this.” Cindy said smiling scooping up his ejaculation in her hand.

“I have a special treat for you.” Cindy told him as she was turning around to sit on his chest.

“Here lick my hands clean.” She ordered putting her fingers in his mouth.

When Cindy stood up Amber said;

“Get up slave I will take off your hand cuffs. You will go downstairs in the bathroom you will find a toothbrush and some mouthwash. Come back after you have cleaned your mouth. You may use the toilet but do not throw up.”

Cindy could see in his eyes that he felt betrayed.

“Yes slave. I got you fired. Look at it on the bright side I got you a new job for life.” She told him laughing.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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