Claire Gets Punished Ch. 03

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Public Sex

Claire reluctantly got in the back of the car. Mark reached over her to buckle her in and then got in the front seat and started the car. He drove them to their favorite diner and they got out of the car. Everything was going fine until Claire needed to go again. Mark had slipped something into her water when she wasn’t looking to make her need to go right away. “Can I please go to the restroom?” she whispered.

“No. Go in your diaper then I will change you in the family restroom.”

She looked at him pleadingly. “Please”

He starred at her, “okay two choices, you go in your diaper and I change you or you can go to the restroom but you will be diapered until Saturday morning, then after that potty training will start.”

“That’s ridiculous, this is so fuc**** stupid,” she went on for 45 seconds, she really needed to go.”

Mark leaned in, “after that little outburst you will go in your diaper, then I am going to take you to the family restroom, spank you, change you and you will be diapered until Saturday afternoon. Use your diaper right now or I will take you to the car for your spanking and your bottom will be bare for everyone to see.” Claire wanted to cry, but the waitress came back and asked if they were ready to order. “I apologize but we will need a few minutes. This little brat here has earned herself a spanking and I need to take care of that right away.”

The waitress blushed, said “take your time” and walked away.

His attention turned back to Claire, who was trying her hardest not to use her diaper. “You will go in your diaper now, or get your spanking out in the parking lot, you pick.” Claire looked down in shame as she relieved her bladder. “Good girl, now get a diaper and the paddle out of your purse and let’s go get this done.”

“Can’t I do that in the bathroom?” she asked.

“No, you will carry your purse in one hand and the diaper and paddle in the other. This is part of your punishment so you better Ataşehir Escort not complain,” he scolded.

“Do I have to get the paddle?”

“Yes,” he remarked “and for every minute you stall I will paddle your bare bottom with 4 extra strokes.” He meant business and Claire was going to submit to him. She took the diaper and paddle out of her purse and sulked to the bathroom. Mark locked the door then looked at his defeated wife. He instructed her to take the small fleece out of her purse that he packed and put it on the floor. “I need to undress you to get this wet diaper off. Come lay down on this blanket,” he instructed as he spread it out on the floor.

“Little girl was bad wasn’t she?” he asked in a condescending tone as he undid and pulled down her pants. Claire didn’t respond, just laid there trying her best not to respond in a way that would get her a harder spanking. He took her wet diaper off and wiped her clean. “If you are a good girl and answer my questions then you will only get a light spanking, I am going to give you a paddling now and after I am done every sassy response you make will get you more swats, if you answer my questions like a good girl you won’t get any more swats. Your outburst lasted a minutes and 30 seconds, so I will paddle you for that long,” he informed.

He sat down on the stole and told her to get over his knee. He set the timer on his phone and started giving her fast swats with the paddle. After a minute and 30 seconds he stopped and instructed her to lie back down on the blanket. Time for some humiliation and submission, he thought to himself. “First question, what happens when baby complains about her punishment?”

He knew Claire would not want to say that she gets sent to timeout, which is why he asked the question. His wife looked at him, starring pleadingly. “You have 5 more seconds to answer or someone’s little bottom is going to get spanked.” She couldn’t make herself say it, Kadıköy Escort and after the promised 5 seconds she felt her legs go in the air as she got six swats with the paddle. “You get spankings and put in timeout, when we get home I have other punishments to introduce as well,” he said stroking her red bottom.

“What happens when Claire has to go potty?” he asked. This was so humiliating. Her legs in the air getting her bottom paddled.

“I have to use my diaper,” she mumbled.

He gave her two swats, “louder please”.

“I have to use my diaper,” she said a little more clear.

“Good girl, now I have 3 more questions and then we will go eat our lunch,” he instructed. “Where do you go for timeout?”

“A chair”

“Where is the chair?”

“In, in the bedroom,” she mumbled.

“Where in the bedroom?” he wanted her to say the corner. She however was refusing. “Do you want some spankins or do you want to answer my question?” She looked away, she was not going to say she got sent to the corner for timeout. He signed and lifted her legs, he gave her 6 stingingly hard swats with the paddle.

“Where do you sit in the car to make sure you are safe?” he asked.

Claire did not want to cooperate but those last 6 swats stung and she was so humiliated. “The back seat.”

“Good girl,” he said stroking her sore bottom. “Who spanks this bottom, changes your diaper, gives you timeout, dresses you and takes care of you?”

“You” said Claire defeated.

“Good girl, now let’s get back and eat our lunch so we can get you home for naptime”.

“I will not have nap time,” she protested.

“We do not have time to punish you here for that argument, we need to get back to the table, but you wait and see what the punishment will be for what you just did.” He diapered her, dressed her and they went back to the table. The waitress came back and they ordered their lunch.

They were Bostancı Escort both hungry and when the food came Claire almost attacked her sandwich, Chicken Club, her favorite. Also, since Mark was not going to make her eat baby food she got to eat what she wanted. He leaned in, “before we eat you are going to answer my questions that you did not answer.”

“Where is timeout?”

She did not wanted to answer but she was starving, “the chair in the corner of the bedroom,”

“What happens when baby complains about her punishment?” he smirked, knowing she hated every moment of this.

“Timeout and spankings,” she said, with her eyes down.

“Good girl, now you seem hungry let’s eat.” They ate their food and discussed her mother’s birthday party they were throwing next weekend. Mark paid the check once they finished eating and they went back to the car. Claire almost forgot about getting in the back because for the last 20 minutes he had treated her like his wife, not the immature brat she was getting punished for acting like.

Mark opened the car door and Claire climbed in and sat down waiting for him to buckle her, he was pleased at the submission of her waiting. They drove home and once they got there went inside the house. “Now, we have to take care of your punishment for arguing about nap time before I put you in bed for your nap. You being so argumentative makes me wonder if you are sick,” he said smirking.

Claire was afraid she knew where this was going but was too scared to admit it. “Go to your punishment bedroom, I will be up in a few minutes. I want you to sit in timeout facing the corner.” Mark went to his car to retrieve more bags, the contents included a rectal thermometer with some lube, more diapers, some pull-ups, a trainer toilet, a wooden spoon that says “For Claire’s bare bottom” on the handle, more baby clothes, a step stool and a few other things he was going to need.

Meanwhile, Claire had a different thought, she wasn’t going to listen instead she was going to sit on the bed and watch TV. She also had taken off her diaper and put on some panties underneath her jeans. Little did she know how badly she would regret her behavior later…

To be continued in part 4.

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