Club Paradiso Ch. 2

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The day after our orgy on Valentine’s Day my wife, Lorraine and I slept for a few hours before we had brunch with other nudists/swingers next to the large crystal clear pool. Although everyone was naked, no one had enough energy left to fuck or even engage someone in serious conversation. We ate in silence.

After our hearty meal of cold meats and various salads some life returned to my weary brain and flaccid penis. I looked around our table and introduced myself to Lee-Ann, a beautiful twenty-something woman, with long blond hair, pointed breasts and protruding pussy lips. Her muscled boyfriend, John, was also blond with an eight-inch penis. When I turned to the woman next to John I had to do a double take. She was the exact duplicate of Lee-Ann.

The woman pushed her hand in my direction. “Hi, I’m Jo-Ann, Lee-Ann’s almost identical twin.” She opened her legs to show me her shaved pussy. Her cunt lips were neatly folded in a small slit, hiding most of her shy clitoris. John had a self-satisfying grin on his tanned face. Lucky bastard, I thought. Getting two for the price of one. Jo-Ann leaned over and kissed Lorraine on her open lips. I saw her insert her tongue in Lorraine’s mouth. My wife sucked it and fondled Jo-Ann’s breasts.

I had to tear my gaze away from the unfolding sexy scene because I heard a soft moan on my right. Next to me sat Fred, a fit-looking fifty-year-old with his much younger brunette wife Karien masturbating his thick seven-inch cock. Fred’s eyes were closed in throws of ecstasy. Karen took my hand and put it on Fred’s warm dick to continue giving him pleasure. She bent over Fred to kiss me. When her large breasts swung past his face, he immediately started to lick and suck on her nipples.

John suggested we all go for a swim in the pool before we get better acquainted. Fred wasn’t too happy when I let go of his stiff cock to join the others in the water. We splashed around for a short while before my wife and Jo-Ann continued where they left off.

Jo-Ann had Lorraine sat on the side of the pool with her legs spread wide open. She dropped her head to my wife’s pussy and started to lick her clit. My cock responded to this erotic sight, by coming to attention, announcing to the world that his life had been fully restored and that he also needed attention. I got behind Jo-Ann and caressed her slit from her clit to her anus. She wasn’t even aware of my attention because she climbed out of the pool, led my wife to a deckchair and started finger-fucking Lorraine’s cunt.

Lee-Ann joined her sister and planted small kisses on my wife’s face and her neck, sucked on her nipples, and drew a wet trail with her tongue over Lorraine’s flat stomach to her bald pussy. Jo-Ann in the meantime twirled her tongue in Lorraine’s vagina, lapping up her pussy cream. The two sisters’ mouths met at Lorraine’s clit. They exchanged my wife’s nectar and continued to fuck my wife and each other.

Fred joined the threesome and stuck his cock in Lorraine’s empty mouth. She grabbed it with both hands, caressed his balls and lapped his dickhead like a lolly. My wife is a master when it comes to giving head and soon Fred was happily moaning away in sexual pleasure.

My own cock was bursting with pride and arousal. Before I knew it both Karien and John had their mouths around my sensitive prick. They had different techniques but the result was sensational. Karien twirled her tongue around my cockhead and played with the slit. John sucked on my balls and inserted a finger in my anus. My body quivered with pleasure and I had to muster all my control not to come. I didn’t want to spill my seed without first inserting my pleasure pole in a woman’s cunt. I gently pushed their bobbing heads away and took Karien to a large towel on the grass. We positioned ourselves into a 69 with her lying on top. I quickly played with her protruding clit and spread her pussy lips apart to reach her pink inner sanctum with my tongue. Karien was giving me a wonderful blowjob, slurping up my precum.

The sun seemed to disappear when John stood above us. He got down on his knees between Karien’s legs, just above my head. His intentions were obvious; he wanted to fuck Karien from behind. He first pointed his enormous cock at my face, indicating that I must lubricate it. There is nothing as erotic as a cock and a cunt waiting for me to pleasure them. I am not gay or bi, just a horny man who likes the combination of cock and pussy. Dropping my head backwards I took his manhood down my throat without gagging. My jaw worked overtime sucking on John’s dick.

I felt betrayed when he pulled it out and inserted it in Karien’s soppy cunt. The feeling quickly disappeared when John’s hairless balls hit my head while I flicked my tongue over Karien’s engorged clit. Their sex juices flowed sex hikayeleri freely into my mouth. I even managed to taste Karien’s juices by licking off John’s cock.

“I want you both inside me,” said Karien and maneuvered around so that she could be on top of John, who was still fucking her hot love canal. I got the message and used their sex juices to prepare my cock. Spreading her asscheeks I slowly pushed my dickhead into her backdoor. She was tight at first but John’s continued fucking loosened her a little and I could push all the way in. We worked her orifices like two pistons, rubbing our cocks against each other inside her.

I glanced around to see what Lorraine has been up to. The twins had a double dildo in their pussies, fucking each other. Lorraine was astride Fred riding his pole so hard her tits bobbed up and down. I knew it wouldn’t be long before someone had to let go.

Banging their pussies together, the twins were enjoying each other so much that they came first, and then the rest of us came in quick succession. We all collapsed on the grass under the scorching African sun.’

The hour before sunset was magical. The rays of the sun spread its golden arrows across the sky, turning the green world into a hazy blue. Lorraine and I spent those moments alone on a hilltop, overlooking the resort. She sat naked between my legs, resting her back on my bare chest. I lazily caressed her clit, whispering sweet love words in her ear. We had to take a rest from all the fucking. My poor dick was red from all the attention and Lorraine’s pussy was very sensitive.

It wasn’t long before her juices lubricated her vulva again. Her soft moaning and her naked asscheeks against my penis reinvigorated my willingness for another round of lovemaking. The natural beauty around us and our own nudity made me feel vulnerable. From that moment on I felt at peace and one with nature. A small cry from Lorraine brought me back to the present. She was having an orgasm. Maybe she also experienced that precious moment.

She turned around and we kissed, without haste, just tender loving care.

“Are you happy, darling?” she asked, swinging her legs over mine to sit on my lap, facing me. My penis head touched her wet slit and I could feel her nectar dripping onto my cock.

“Afterwards, when the twins lapped Fred’s cum from your pussy, I thought I would come again. It was so beautiful.” My dickhead was already at the entrance of her vagina, asking permission to enter. She opened the door by lowering herself onto my manhood and started to massage me with her pussy muscles. We didn’t move. It was just her interior working, squeezing and releasing, squeezing and releasing. It drove me insane with desire and pleasure. I shot my load into her as the sun set behind the mountains.

The next morning we went for a game walk. Piet and Marie, the owners of the resort, divided the twenty or so couples into eight groups. The partners were split so that we could experience other people. I joined Marie’s group with Lee-Ann, Gerald, a tall Englishman and Joy, a beautiful redhead. We had to wear hats and shoes. The first ten minutes of the walk was a chaotic affair. We didn’t know where to step, in what order to walk or what to look for. Marie was patient and had Gerald walk behind her, followed by Lee-Ann, then Joy with me bringing up the rear. I didn’t mind watching Joy’s rear end. Her asscheeks were firm and inviting, and as she walked I had glimpses of her pussy slit.

I walked around with a hard-on the whole morning and missed seeing a kudu, a large buck darting across our path. I did get a fleeting look at giraffe disappearing behind tall trees. But when the group suddenly stopped for a small herd of elephants I walked straight into Joy with my cock slipping between her asscheeks over her wet cunt to bump against her clitoris.

My first embarrassed thought was to withdraw and pray for her forgiveness, but she didn’t turn around to slap me. She just moved her hips backwards, took my cock in her hand and inserted it into her pussy. I slowly fucked her while everyone’s attention was on the elephants. I snaked my arm around her waist and played with her clit while I pumped away. The elephants were grazing on a Mopani tree they pushed over less than an hour ago, or so Marie whispered to the group without taking her eyes off the animals.

I didn’t care if they had lunch in Central Park. I was enjoying fucking Joy and judging from her soft moans and shaking body, she felt the same way. I could feel her orgasm starting in her abdomen, rushing through her torso to whip back to her pussy. I was also on the verge of shooting my load when she turned around, dropped to her knees in time to close her mouth on my cock. She swallowed every drop of my cum.

The porno hikayeleri group gave soft whispers of approval for what I thought were for the elephants. When I opened my eyes they were staring at us. Gerald’s cock was stiff as a rod and the women had naughty smiles on their faces.

“Before you scare away all the animals with your fucking, we better find a spot we can enjoy each other in peace,” said Marie and led us to a secluded picnic spot they must have prepared earlier that morning. Large blankets were spread out under a huge tree with cushions scattered around. Marie removed a basket from behind the tree and took out light meals, drinks and fresh fruit for us to feast on.

Lee-Ann came up to me, sat back on a cushion and spread her legs wide open and smeared her pussy with the flesh of a banana, before she pushed the rest inside her fuck hole. I didn’t need another invitation and dropped between her legs and proceeded to eat my meal from her cunt. I scooped every morsel from between her protruding pussy lips and sucked on her clitoris. I fucked her with my tongue, extracting the last piece of banana from her love canal.

I saw Marie sat on Lee-Ann’s face to get a similar treatment I was giving Lee-Ann. Joy sucked on Gerald’s cock while he poured fresh juice on his dick. I moved my face from between Lee-Ann’s legs over her slim body to her face and Marie’s asshole. I inserted my cock in Lee-Ann’s wet pussy and started to fuck her. Then I gently pushed Marie on all fours for better access to her sex. Lee-Ann’s and my tongue met at the base of Marie’s vulva. We lapped the nectar dripping from her pink pussy, tasting her sweetness. I increased the speed of my fucking and I could feel Lee-Ann tightening her pussy muscles to increase the friction for both of us.

I became a sensitive cock, my tongue and nose giving pleasure to Marie while my dick and hands pleasured Lee-Ann. I received exquisite pleasure throughout my whole body. We even swapped around with me on my back, Marie riding my manhood and Lee-Ann sitting on my face.

Again I realized how much I love sex. I love the sweet taste of pussy juice, the softness of a woman’s breasts, the firmness of her thighs, the roundness of her buttocks and the velvety warmness of her pussy. I also love to feel someone’s tongue on my cock just before I explode. Being in nature enhanced these feelings and when I looked around me at the mini-orgy, I was happy. I hoped that Lorraine was enjoying herself as much as I did, and from what she told me later, she also had a blast.

When we changed positions again Joy and Gerald had joined us.

“Why don’t you two men show us how to suck cock,” said Lee-Ann.

“I think there is nothing wrong with any of your techniques,” said I, still lapping Lee-Ann’s pussy.

“Come on, Gerald,” insisted Joy. “Let’s see if he can make you come.”

Gerald, with his dick in his hands, reluctantly moved to where I was between Lee-Ann’s legs. The women made a circle around us. I got on my knees before Gerald and slowly took his long, thick penis in my hand. I pulled back the foreskin over his glands and slowly moved my hand up and down his shaft. I did the tongue tip test and tasted Joy’s pussy on his dickhead. I first licked off all the evidence of her juice and kissed his head, pushing the tip of my pointed tongue into his cock’s eye.

“How come you English and South African men are not afraid to play with another man’s dick,” I heard Joy asked Gerald.

“What do you think we do after games?” came the breathless answer from Gerald. I took his erection in my mouth and started to suck on it before he could finish the rest of his answer. I took his balls in my hand and pushed a finger in his bum hole. He shook like a palm tree in the wind when he came. The women pushed me back to catch his cum on the titties.

After Gerald collapsed they licked the cum of each other. I stood up waving my stiff rod around. “What about him?” I asked. They smiled and after showing me their techniques, I had to admit that they all passed the oral exam with flying colors.

All eight groups got back to the resort with wonderful erotic stories to tell. We were all smiles. I saw my wife walking hand in hand with another woman. Lorraine introduced her tall pale lover with long raven black hair and dark eyes, as Jade. I was smitten with this goddess but also very apprehensive. Darkness lay buried beneath the surface of this beauty. The two nipple rings and the ring in her clitoris must have had something to do with my assessment of this dark beauty. Our orgy holiday took a turn into an unknown world.

Marie welcomed everyone back and prompted us to clean up, get a bit of rest and put on the items we would find on our beds. On the way to our room Lorraine told me about seks hikayeleri their sexcapades in the bush.

“Jade loves playing dominating games with her lovers,” whispered Lorraine in my ear, as if afraid Jade might hear. “She wants you to be her slave tonight.”

“You’re kidding, right?” I could see that Lorraine wasn’t joking and felt an exciting dread creeping up my naked spine. Our sex up to that point could’ve been described as vanilla orgies, nothing serious, just fucking. We were in for a major attitude adjustment and change in definition of what sex is.

The stuff on our bed was something I would never have considered as part of my sexual toys. There were two full leather masks that could be turned into blindfolds. There were also openings for our mouths. A strange device with a small dildo and a cockring waited for me on my side of the bed. Larraine had a black spandex bodysuit, boots and leather gloves waiting for her. There was also a set of leather handcuffs on my bed.

We quickly showered and prepared for the evening. I covered Lorraine’s naked body with talcum powder and then helped her to get her into the suit. Next came her boots and her long gloves. She presented an image of a perverse erotic slut. Her breasts stuck through two wholes in the suit and her naked pussy was pushed out, spreading her pink cunt open like a gaping fish. The suit’s leggings ended midway down her thighs.

My own device was something different. I had to insert the dildo in my anus and when my penis was erect I had to pull the cockring over my shaft and balls. It fastened around my waist. A silver chain attached the contraption to my mask and because it wasn’t long enough I had to walk with my head bent down. Lorraine cuffed my hands behind my back and pulled me behind her on another chain attached to the cockring. What a pair we made!

We arrived promptly at nine at the venue for the evening’s festivities. Only ten couples were invited to participate in the evening’s debauchery. Jade dominated the area with her presence. She was dressed in a long black cape, a facemask and boots. Drum music built to a crescendo and when it reached its peak, Jade threw open her cape to reveal her nakedness underneath.

A silver chain attached her two nipple rings to the ring through her clit. Every time she stretched or moved her torso, the chain pulled on her clit, exposing the soft pinkness of her pussy. Her nipples and her outer pussy lips were painted black. The dark red pouting lips of her mouth resembled blood.

All the participants were made to kneel before the Dark Goddess. I looked around and saw the other couples standing around. Were they to be the audience or what? We were never given a choice, but maybe Piet and Marie knew we would like new sexual adventures.

When Jade took her seat on the ‘throne’, I was to be the first ‘sacrifice’ on the altar of love. A hooded man, and judging from the size of his penis, must have been Piet, led me by my chain to the center. He unhooked my chains and pushed me down before Jade who had her legs wide open. I could see her pink vulva winking at me from between the blackness of her outer lips.

Piet removed my butt plug and replaced it with his cock. He pushed my face closer to Jade’s pussy.

“Pleasure me, slave,” came a voice from behind the mask. I flattened my tongue and licked the full length of her slit till her nectar mixed with my saliva. With utmost care, I let my tongue play with her clit ring, using it as friction on her shaft. Meanwhile Piet has filled my backdoor with his beautiful cock and pumped away. He gripped my mask to prevent me from bumping into Jade’s pussy. With each thrust, Piet smacked my bare bottom with a strap. Pain and pleasure flooded my sex-filled senses. With my hands still cuffed behind my back I couldn’t touch my cock. I longed for release.

Through my own painful/pleasure filled haze, I became aware that the male members of the audience were fucking Lorraine.

Then every leather-clad swinger had a turn to fuck my ass. The women with their strap-on dildos pounded my behind the hardest. Then Lorraine stepped in front of me. Her pussy was dripping with cum. I had to clean her out with my tongue. I swallowed every drop of the cum.

What seemed like an eternity, and being fucked by the whole of South Africa, I had my release when I was given permission to enter Jade’s cunt. After every thrust Lorraine smacked my asscheeks with the leather strap as punishment for fucking the goddess. The pleasure of being inside the contracting velvet cunt coupled with the exquisite pain of the strap caused a sensation I’ve never experienced before. A blinding light flashed before my eyes before I convulsed in an uncontrollable spasm. I shot my load, wave after wave, into Jade, the Goddess.

For the rest of the evening and I was in a kind of surreal dream world. Since being back in the good old USA, Lorraine and I had time to reminisce about our experiences in South Africa. We were also looking forward to new sexual adventures.

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