Club Temptation

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Club Temptation

It was my first night in Club Temptation; a big deal members club for the upper end of the strip market. I’d taken my turn in the small money bars around town, but I’d got the looks and the moves to get asked for a try-out at a classy gig in no time. And now I was up on stage, going through my first stage routine of the night in front of guys so rich and so sex-starved at home you could smell the money and desperation from the pole. 

My first tune was slow and I’d decided on a simple sensual dance to begin the night – saving the big moves for later on when the nerves had gone. That gave me time to look around to see which fat wallet looked interested and might respond to some attention. I couldn’t help notice a balcony to the side of the main room, a drawn curtain where a lone figure stood in near darkness. I’d been told this was the VIP area and that’s where the best girls made the big money. I would need to earn my shot at that, I was told, but giving the VIP guy the best views and the dirty looks during the routine couldn’t hurt.

At the end of my dance, the announcer asked the crowd to give it up for “Candy”, and the applause told me all I needed to know about whether I could make it here. I made sure they had some extra time by stalling on stage to pick up my outfit and slowly dress with my back to them. Then I sauntered back to the girls’ area at the far end of the room where we could pose, flirting with each other and the punters looking for private dances. I made sure to make eye contact and flash a tempting smile at my targets on my way over. 

A few of the other girls said ‘well done’, some genuine, some maybe jealous, but I smiled and thanked them either way. I sat back at a tall stool where I’d left my cocktail and checked my phone for texts. My first outfit that night was aimed at looking as virginal as I could pull off. I had gone for a long-sleeved white chemise which was so see-through you could barely tell it was white. It had frilled cuffs and around the hem which fell to just below my hips. Underneath I wore a matching bra and panties set, satin black with pin stripes in white and lace frills on the cleavage and on the legs. The panties were broad panelled at the front, but reduced to string around the hips and between my cheeks with a gold heart on small chains where the three strands met. My hold-ups were broad white fishnets with a strong seam line and elaborate frills and a ribbon at the tops. Black high heels matched the shoulder length jet of my silky hair. Thick scarlet lips pursed around the straw into my cocktail. Dark blue lids and heavy black mascara framed my eyes as the scanned the room for custom.

I’d barely opened a text when a short guy in a suit stuttered over. He must have been late forties and barely able to maintain eye contact without being drawn to my squeezed cleavage. He was clearly drunk but harmless, and simply desperate to part with a small fortune to have some private attention. This would be easy money. But before he could utter a word to make a proposal, Cindy, the manageress stood between us leaving the man open-mouthed. “Come with me please, dear”. I offered the guy a sympathetic smile as she led me away arm in arm. I’ll find him later, I thought. He’ll keep.

At the top of the stairs, a huge bouncer was holding open the drapes to the darkened VIP area. The manageress left me just outside saying “You be a good girl”. She rested a palm on my cheek. “This is one of my best customers, dear. You know how to be a good girl, don’t you?” I nodded. Sure I understood.

Once through the drapes, it took a moment to adjust to the low light. There was another girl there I recognised as a worker. Her name was Helena. I recognised her as one of the top girls at the club, experienced, beautiful and you could be sure, real expensive. She looked me up and down over her shoulder and gave a minimal smile of acceptance. She was the same height as me, tall with almost the same style hair. I guessed our punter had a favourite type of girl and we fitted the description. Her black leather boots reached half way up her shins where sheer black hold-ups took my eyes up to red panties; lace over a perfectly sculpted ass. Red lace bra, thick material hinting at large breasts but her I was behind her. Her eyes were heavily made-up but sparkled with glitter and her full lips were a deep blood scarlet, pouting and intense.

A light in the ceiling flickered into life and created a pool on the floor with Helena at its centre. A gentle light, once my eyes had adjusted and one which allowed us to make out the figure of a man at the edge. He was seated and wearing a suit, but the light revealed nothing above his waist to give any clues as to who he was or his age. But he could see us perfectly. Sound emerged from somewhere, a gentle orchestral piece, strings – not what I was used to, but Helena led the way. Her hands reached up behind her neck as she spread out her hair and slowly turned around to face me. She moved across me stroking my stomach with her fingers as she went. “Move for him, bitch” she whispered, as she slowly glided around the pool of light, dramatic swaying gölcük escort of the hips showing that perfect butt at its best. She was elegant and perfectly in control. 

I enjoyed the realisation that my breasts looked larger than hers and decided to play on that. I struck a pose with legs apart, weight slightly more on one hip, arms folded under my breasts, leaning forward with my tongue running along my upper lip as I glared wantonly into the darkness where unseen eyes were staring back. I slowly paced towards him, breasts pushed together, hips thrust in exaggeration with every step, then when I felt close enough I sunk smoothly to my knees. I smiled my raunchiest smile as I casually popped the buttons on my chemise and glided the flimsy material off my shoulders. I wrapped the open front tightly under my breasts as if there was some way of pushing them together more firmly. I then let a finger slip into the wetness of my mouth then ran it down the length of my tight cleavage, eyes fixed into the darkness all the time. Holding the heels of both shoes I let the chemise slip fully down my arms then raised my hands through leaving the top on the floor, and with a smooth well rehearsed motion I quickly popped my bra strap. The release allowed my breasts to separate slightly so he could begin to understand how truly impressive they were. Then I swept both bra straps in turn over the curve of my shoulders so that only the deep overhang of my breasts against the underwire of my bra was the only thing still holding it place. Carefully I leant forward, planting both hands on the floor in front of me. I was ready now to let the bra slide down my arms and truly let loose my breasts to swing unsupported, but something distracted me.

Unsuspected, I felt Helena’s soft warm hands touch my hips as I crouched there on all fours. I tried not to show surprise and had no choice but to go with it. I felt her fingers play underneath the thin straps of my panties, stretching them out slowly then wrapping fingers around them to ease the gently down over my ass. A hand then stroked gently up my back and played through my hair before slowly gathering a clump and using the grip to pull my head up and back so that I raised to my knees. Then her other hand landed gently on my stomach and moved steadily upwards in small circular motions. With a helpless gasp I felt her hand slide underneath my bra pushing it away from under my breasts. They now bounced low, their huge arc hanging below the bra; I could feel the kiss of them touching further down over my ribs. Her hand slid upwards between them, over my chest, up my neck and then a finger ran from one coroner of my mouth to other. I played my eager tongue around it before she dipped it fully into my wet mouth. Her other hand fell from my hair to ease a bra strap all the way down my arm causing the strap to fall from he other arm too. Then it moved to my breasts, playing slowly across both  before resting underneath the cup of one, softly lifting it up and letting it fall again. Her finger left my mouth for both of her hands to be cupping breasts, and then she began to gently squeeze, to separate and then push together, then drift round the bulging cups to play over my thick bullet nipples. 

I then felt her stand up behind me, hands reaching over to rest on my chest. Moving elegantly round my side I felt her hand clutch a handful of my hair again while a finger played gently over my lower lip, parting, and opening my mouth. She stood side on to our watcher whilst I faced him full on, breasts hanging in full spread. With her free hand, she began to manoeuvre the top of her lace knickers lower and lower. I saw the the gentle folds of skin between legs and stomach gradually narrow and a sparse well trimmed wedge of pubic hair peak from above. My hands moved slowly up the fronts of her thighs to reach underneath her panties. Once my fingers were above, I carefully stretched them out and manoeuvred them delicately down until they reached the tops of her boots. Her finger turned and hooked into the roof of my mouth, where she began to lure me by pulling my head towards her. My open eager parted lips soon found themselves coming up against the end of her penis. I found it already moist, clear juice oozing from the slit showing me how turned on she was. I washed my tongue over my lips to moisten them and made the underside of it glide round her tip at the same time. Then I brought the beautiful smooth roundness of her end inside my mouth, lips closing underneath the rim moving wetly around it to her delight. Her fingers tightened around the knot of my hair she held, and I felt her begin to bring my head further onto her with a gentle force. I opened my mouth wide and loose so that her stiffening cock could move effortlessly in and out without resistance. I rolled my tongue around it rhythmically and let it push deeply into my cheek, bulging it time after time. 

I worked my fingers around her balls, they were tightening and feeling cool and potently full. I wrapped a forefinger and thumb above her balls and gently tightened the grip. She pulled me forcefully down her shaft in response, gebze escort until I felt it at the back of my throat and began to struggle. She gave me a moment’s respite for air before insisting I go deep again, and again. I adapted gradually and soon enough felt the fuzz of her hair against my nose and my fingers around her balls against my chin. I savoured the fragrance of her skin as I worked my lips time and time again down the impressive hard length of her cock, sensing every veined bulge and deep rim.

She moved around so that her back was to our punter, her legs spread as far apart as the panties below her knees would allow, and through triangle of her legs, he could take a great view of my breasts and watch her cock sinking into my mouth; balls pressing against my chin. Her hands moved to her ass cheeks and held them apart for them to see her pussy. I pushed a finger into my mouth alongside her insistent cock to moisten it. Then reached up between her legs to feel for her hole. I found it and gently spread my saliva around it. Her cheeks parted, her pussy gaped and it was so easy to slip my forefinger inside right up to the knuckle. She starting driving her cock forcefully into my mouth as I pushed my finger deep into her when she pulled back. I heard her breathing deepen and knew she was getting overheated, so it was time leave her to cool down.

I let her cock slip wetly from my mouth, glistening with moisture and trailing a strand of saliva. Then ran my mouth down the inside of her thighs, alternating between licking at her smooth skin and nibbling softly with my teeth. Soon I was on all fours between her legs, crouched, smiling wickedly at the watcher as my tongue played along the lace panties stretched between her knees. I licked from leg to leg along the top elastic, then from front to back I lapped along the gusset, savouring the hinted taste of her balls, ending the motion licking my lips. I then held the elastic between my teeth and artfully she slipped her boots through to step out, leaving the panties hanging from my mouth.

Then I felt her behind me, hands pulling my panties further down to mid-thigh. I felt warm moisture hit the small of my back and ooze down. Her saliva reached down between my ass cheeks and her fingers moved it towards my pussy. That felt exciting enough, but soon enough I felt a finger push against my tight hole, gently pushing inside. I felt a pressure when each finger joint reached my entrance, and a release between as she went deeper. As she moved it in and out she began to make a widening circular motion, slackening and relaxing my tense muscles. I began to move my butt with the motion causing my heaving breasts to sway rhythmically. Then her finger came and there was a pause as I felt both her hands on my hip, and soon enough the tip of her cock pressed against my hole. 

She pulled me towards her as she drove her cock against me and a pressure built up against my entrance.   I pushed my muscles out and a tight ring opened smoothly allowing the head to move some way inside. As she moved firmly deeper, I winced. It felt like my ass was being gaped wider than it could possibly go. I braced myself as the pressure built and I went light-headed until a flush of blood rushed through me as my ass shut tight round her shaft as her tip went fully inside. She allowed me a brief moment to settle and get used to the size inside me. Then more saliva oozed over my stretched pussy hole and she began to slowly push and pull, ever so softly at first, but then firmer and I heard myself groaning and blowing with the girth moving in and out. I felt my hair being pulled up again as he thrusting went as deep as it could. I was filled. She tugged my hair and pumped deeper, treating me like her big-titted bitch. A sharp slap glanced off my butt cheek making me start. And another, harder, rippling my ass. 

Whatever I felt about Helena being in charge, it was clear our man was very happy about it. I hadn’t noticed it happening, but now his trousers were open and his hand was softly strumming his shaft. His cock dwarfed either of ours, so I counted my blessings in just having to deal with Helena’s tool.

Next I felt her move me back onto her as she slid under me to lie on her back while I sat on her. I took my weight onto my heels until our only contact was cock and ass pussy. I stroked my tits softly as I made small up and down movements on her cock; hands playing down over my chest, over hard tiny nipples and round under the full curve of the cups. I slapped up against them from underneath, sending ripples upwards and a deep heavy bounce. Squeezed them together with the inside of my upper arms and folded underneath to hoist them upwards.

Then my hands drifted over my stomach, down over my hard cock and throbbing nuts, fingertips stroking down her wet shaft and settled on her balls, kneading them, cupping them and then drifting further down to play a finger over her still wet ass pussy. I felt her moan again, struggling to cope with the building enough to shoot her juice. Now I was in charge, and she would be my bitch. I lifted myself away off her cock, darıca escort bayan so comfortable with the girth now that it caused no pain. I inched backwards and as I reached to take her cock in my mouth, I felt her hands settle around my own and guided it towards her wet eager mouth. My hands slid underneath her legs and emerged on her inner thighs, spreading her smooth legs apart. I flushed the tip of her cock with luscious warm saliva, rolling my tongue expertly around it. Instantly she was tense with the struggle to stay in control. She sucked hard on my cock hoping to get me to unload first, but I was the mistress, and just to press the message home, I carefully ran my teeth up her shaft and over her throbbing rim and tip to see her squirm. She did not disappoint. But if she was going to unload now in my hot willing mouth, I thought our mutual friend was not going to get his money’s worth. So I lifted myself away from her cock, trailing a gleaming strand of saliva from my lips to her tip, sat back gently on to her face with her eager tongue lapping against my pussy hole. I reached forward to take hold of her cock with both my hands; fingers locked together. I squeezed tightly on the shaft and then began to pump it. It was wet and slick and in spite of squeezing hard, it ran easily through my fists so I could go hard up and down the length of it. 

Her pelvis began pushing into each downstroke, her toes curled in her boots, legs thrashing in loss of control, and then when her hands shot up to my tits and squeezed them with a desperate vigour, I knew he moment had come. Soon enough, I was watching in triumph as my bitch helplessly shot a stream of pure white juice a few feet into the air, collapsing into drops over her stomach. As she convulsed a second weaker bolt arced upwards and fell back over her stomach and tip and my clenched fists. A third over her stomach, and then an oozing stream forced out over her tip, flowing slowly down over my hands and fingers. I squeezed upwards half a dozen times to bring out every last drop, then brought my hands up to my face where I licked the sharp tang of her juice from the backs of my hands, between my fingers and from my fingertips, all the while looking intently in the direction of our man’s masturbation.

A moment of victory subsided. She seemed spent and drained, but sadly for her there were two of us in the room who still wanted our moment of ecstasy. So I stood up and reached down for a handful of her hair then brought her upwards. Her legs were struggling to support her, trembling slightly with the depth of her orgasm, but I showed her no mercy; bringing her over to our friend and my other hand squeezing the cheeks of her face, forced her mouth down on to his cock as his hands moved away. I stepped back a moment and observed her tight ass swaying from side to side as she struggled to breath round his giant cock end, legs buckling and needing to hold the seat of his chair to support herself.

I moved forward and took her butt cheeks in either hand, gently spreading them apart to widen her pussy hole. I brought my hard cock end up against it and stared in amazement as it gave way softly, spreading wetly as my head went inside. The pleasure of feeling it return around my shaft after the rim had passed inside shot through my balls. I felt them tighten and felt the pull of juice beginning and knew I wouldn’t last long. So I hit her deep with hard thrusts, her legs still shaking struggled against the vigour. My hands pulled her hips back onto my cock, our skin slapping together in a building frenzy. I heard a deep male groan amongst the breathy sighs of Helena’s struggle: he was coming now, I knew. There was nothing now to hold me back, and as soon as his juddering squirms on the seat had subsided, I pulled her away by her hair, forced her to her knees and tilted her head back opening her mouth. His cum was pooled on the floor of her mouth, her tongue an island in the middle of it. His juice streaked down from the corner of her mouth down under her chin. And then, after a frantic blur of hand action on my spasming cock, his cum was joined by mine. The first blow hit her cheek, the second her upper lip and her mouth, the third her chin and throat, and then I let the stream of juice still oozing from my shuddering balls dribble down over her chest.

I then held her hair tight as I pushed my face into hers, tongues and lips in a mess of saliva and oozing cum. I knelt in front of her as we kissed, cum dripping from our mouths, down our chins and over our breasts, moistening them and allowing us to rub them together, over nipple against nipple and slipping them up and down through each other’s. Dripping cocks rubbing against each other, hands resting on each other’s butts, holding us together in a slimy embrace.

As the passion ebbed, our tongues gently rolled around each other, the cum now congealing, our chins and cheeks a glossy mess of moisture. The light then dimmed into darkness and we held each other still, sensing our watcher get up and walk out, surely very satisfied. When the lights came back on, sure enough he had gone and looked at the state of each other and giggled. Helena leant forward and gently kissed me closed mouthed on the lips and smiled. “I think we’ve earned a shower and a drink” she whispered. We helped each other up and straightened what little clothes we had, then walked away arm in arm after a job well done.

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