Codie’s Rough Year Ch. 03

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Chapter 3 Daddy Issues

It was still early when i got home. In an attempt not to wake anyone up i snuck quietly into the house and up stairs to my bedroom. I shut the door behind me quietly. I gather up some clean clothes and head into the bathroom down the hall. I pull off my top and bra and toss them into the corner. My shorts were soaked through from the load that noah left in me. I slowly tug my shorts and thong down to the floor and step out of them admiring the puddle of his cum that had leaked out of my pussy on the way home.

“God damn i can’t wait to see him again,” I whispered to myself as i traced a finger down my slit.

I turn on the shower and throw my shorts into the corner with the rest of my clothes. I jump in and start to wash myself all over. I enjoy the hot water running all over my body. I closed my eyes and run through the last few hours in my mind. I start to rub my pussy slowly enjoying the time to myself when i hear the bathroom door open.

“Who’s there?” I ask hoping they hadn’t seen anything.

“Ohh sorry princess i didn’t know you were home.” My dad said from the door after closing it quickly so it was just open a crack.

“Yea i just got back. Sorry i didn’t say anything, i didn’t want to wake you up.” I respond poking my head out of the shower.

Looking around the bathroom I see that my cum stained panties are in clear view of where he was standing. I feel my heart drop. “Shit I hope he won’t see those.” But too late i look up at him and see him staring at them though he quickly looks up

“Eventful night?” He asks his face turning a bit red either in embarrassment or anger.

“No not really, can i finish up here?” I ask trying to hurry up the conversation “I’ll come down and have some breakfast with you.”

“Yea that sounds good I’ll see you in a bit.” With that he shuts the door.

I finish up my shower, quickly wrap myself in a towel, and run across the Gaziantep Sınırsız Escort hall to my room with my clothes in hand. I throw on a clean pair of panties and a big t-shirt and head downstairs to grab some food.

I walk into the kitchen and see my dad standing there waiting for me.

“Hey is josh up yet?” I ask trying to delay the conversation i know is coming. “He’s supposed to take me shopping later.”

“Nope he’ll be out for a while, he drank a little too much last night.” My dad said not making eye contact with me.

“Ohh okay as long as he’s still taking me.” I respond jumping up onto the counter.

“You know i saw something weird when i popped my head into the bathroom.” I swallowed hard “it looked like you had some weird stains on your underwear. Is everything okay? Are you sure nothing happened last night?”

I sigh, “I’m positive nothing happened last night daddy.”

“I’m just checking, you are becoming quite the young woman now and all the boys at school have to be coming after you at this point, i want to make sure you aren’t making any rash decisions.” he looked at me, “I just want to make sure you’re safe.”

I smiled at him “You know i’m not the type for relationships daddy i turn all the boys down now a days.”

“You’re daddy’s little heartbreaker.” He smiles at me and walks over to kiss me on the cheek.

All of the sudden i get this urge and turn my head at the last minute to kiss him on the lips. I push in deeply and he does to for a second and pulls back quickly in shock “Im daddys little heartbreaker.” I say winking at him before he can respond.

Then all of the sudden to my surprise he comes back in for another kiss this time he takes charge and im left at his mercy. I reach up and run my hand through his hair fighting to regain dominance in the situation. I open my mouth and slide my tongue into his swirling it around fighting with his. I let out a little moan as he pushes his tongue into my mouth. I feel him place his hand on the small of my back pulling me closer to him. I wrap my legs around his waist locking him close to me. It feels like an hour before we come up for air.

“We shouldn’t be doing this, youre my daughter for god’s sake.” He said looking into my eyes.

“I don’t care who i am to you, no one has ever kissed me like that before.”

I lean back in and continue to kiss him. I feel his other hand slowly make its way up my thigh. I grab the hem of his shirt and pull it up over his head and toss it onto the floor. I then run my hand down his chest slowly making my way to his crotch where i can feel his growing manhood in my hand.

“We…can’t…do..this.” He says between kisses.

But his hands said otherwise as they grasped the bottom of my shirt and pulled it off. Revealing my breasts which he quickly took one into his hand and began to massage it. Another moan escaped my lips and i fumbled with his pants desperately trying to free his bulge. I heard it slap the counter once it escaped and quickly grabbed it with one hand and began to stroke it quickly not wanting to wait any longer to feel him inside me.

“Its huge daddy.” I whispered into his ear.

With a grunt in response he pushed my panties to the side and thrust two of his fingers into my already dripping pussy. Fingering me with a speed i couldn’t imagine my legs began to shake uncontrollably “youre so tight baby girl” i felt his pace slow to a stop. He slowly pulled his fingers from my slit and brought them up to my mouth where i excitedly sucked my juices from them. Removing his cock from my hand he lined it up with my pussy and started to slide it in to me. I felt myself stretching to accepted such a wide package. Then with one final thrust he had his entire length inside of me.

With a grunt he started pumping in and out of me, slow at first but ever so slightly faster until it took everything in me not to yell out in pure ecstasy.

I leaned into him “Fuck me harder daddy.” And that short phrase broke both of us. He picked my up grabbing both of my ass cheeks and slammed me into the fridge lifting me up and dropping me back down onto his cock. The only thing i could think of or say was “Fuck me harder daddy” And every time i said it he would. I clenched my legs around him trying to push myself deeper on to his cock “Im gonna cum” I felt my whole body begin to shake and my pussy clamped down tight around his cock as waves of pleasure ran over me. I didn’t even get time to recover when I started to cum again. The third orgasm was the strongest ever i felt my pussy clamp so tight around daddy’s cock he came instantly pumping me with load after load of his incestual seen but he didn’t pull out. He waited until every last drop was inside me. Then he walked back over to the corner and sat me down. He slid his cock out and kissed me deeply.

“Holy shit princess look what you made me do.” He said

I looked down at the massive creampie that was now flowing out onto the counter. I looked back up at him with my most innocent face, “Oops.”

I jumped down and quickly pulled back on my panties and shirt.

“I guess i really am daddy’s little girl” I walked over to him and kissed his cheek as he was putting his clothes back on.

A few moments later Josh walked into the kitchen, “What was all that noise?”

“Oh nothing i was just helping daddy relieve some stress.” I laughed, “So we still going to the mall or what.”

“Yeah Yeah whatever,” Josh replied dismissively, “Hey it looks like you’ve got some icing on your leg there.”

I look down and see the cum making its way down my leg “Yea sorry i must have spilt some.” I swipe it up with my finger and turn to look at daddy. “Mmmm that’s the stuff.” I lick the cum from my finger and give him a wink.

“Well i’m gonna go get ready i’ll see you in a few.” I run upstairs making sure daddy gets a good look at my ass as i go.

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