College Days Pt. 03

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That evening Kip showered and rested on his bed with just a towel around his waist. He was sipping a large Laphroaig and flicking through a sailing magazine when, just after nine the phone Fatema had given him earlier rang. Kip stared at it nervously. Was this a honey trap? Would that be her brother, her father, a whole tribe of hairy-arsed locals seeking revenge?

‘Hello!’ said a sexy voice as soon as he keyed the response.

‘Hello,’ Kip replied with a croak, and for the second time that day his cock twitched to life.

‘Are you alone Kip?’

‘Yes, of course why?’

‘You don’t have a girlfriend with you?’

‘No, not today. It’s her night off,’ he joked.

‘You do have a girlfriend, don’t you, Kip? Ashia thinks is it Miss Nancy in the library.’

‘No! She’s too fat.’

‘You don’t like fat girls?’

‘No, I like thin, cute girls, with black hair, brown eyes and who bite their bottom lip.’

She laughed and they chatted for a while making small talk before she suddenly said,

‘My sister is getting married.’

‘Oh, ok, that’s nice,’ he said, thrown by the sudden change of tack. ‘Er, ok. How old is she?’

‘She older than me, Gaziantep Fetiş Escort she is my half-sister from my dad’s first wife, my aunt.’

‘How many wives does your dad have?’

‘Only two now because my older sister’s mum died, so now my mum is the first wife but my dad took another younger wife and she and my sister make me angry, they tease me.’

‘Who do? Why?’ I had started to lose the plot but Fatema pushed on with a childish hurt tone in her voice.

‘They tease me about sex; they talk about it all the time. My aunt is always telling my sister what she will need to do, you know, on her wedding night. It makes me so angry.’

Kip figured out what she really wanted to say was frustrated not angry.

‘They talk about, you know, fucking.’ She paused a second to allow the word to sink in.

‘Ok, Well, that’s normal really.’ Kip offered in a dry croaky voice, while wondering where this was heading.

‘And my aunt says she is sucking my dad every morning and my sister will need to do that to stop her husband wanting another wife.’

‘But sweetheart.’ Kip interrupted, playing along with her hurt little girl act and ignoring her rare grammar fault.

‘You’ll just have to wait until you get married too.’

‘But I don’t want to get married just yet, not for a few years. I want work in a bank, but I want to have sex now.’

‘You want to be… fucked?’

‘Yes, and suck cock. I want to suck your cock, Kip. The cock I saw today.’

‘I want you to suck me Fatema, and I’d love to be the first man to fuck you, my cock is hard now thinking about you.’

Kips cock was now a solid rod as he caressed the shaft listening to Fatema’s talk sex.

‘I’m touching it now, Fatema. I’m naked on my bed wanting you here.’

‘I’m naked too, Kip. I locked my bedroom door. Shall I will send you a photo?’

Moments later three grainy photos came through with each with a beep that made Kips heart race. The first showed her face and cleavage, Kip stroked his cock. The next was of her breasts, beautiful olive brown with small dark nipples, he rubbed a little firmer, and a third photo taken at a strange angle but clearly showing her legs apart, a single long labia lip peeking out of a lovely light brown pussy mound, Kip shot his load all over his towel.

‘I’ve just cum looking at your photos Fatema.’

‘Really, I made you do that?’

‘Yes, of course. You’re so beautiful, so sexy. Tell me kitten, do you play with your pussy?’

‘Yes, but only in the shower because I get so wet and I don’t want the maid to see sheet stains and gossip to my family.’

‘Play with your pussy now Fatema. Can you make yourself cum?’

She said her couldn’t but she wanted to cum soon with his help over the phone.

Over the next few weeks they chatted most nights and always ended with him coming all over his belly and her having to take another shower. She did everything but slide her fingers deep inside her, not daring to break her hymen and leave blood on the sheets. She explored her clit as Kip revealed the things he wants to do to her, where he would touch her, where he would put his mouth and tongue. At her request he half-filled a small film canister with cum and then the next day gave it to her in school. She immediately took it into the ladies and tasted it with her finger. That evening she smeared it over her breasts and as they made love over the phone he brought her to her first full climax as she rapidly rubbed one wet palm against her pussy lips and clit while sucking on the cum soaked fingers of her other hand.

Kip thought that would be all. Fatema had other plans.

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