College Daze

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Nineteen year old Jeremiah Nelson, or Jeri, as everyone called him, was enjoying his college life. He was a high achiever, one of the top students in his Business Classes, and first quarterback of the junior football team. Add to that, he was dating Stacy, one of the hottest girl’s on Campus.

Jeri was a tall, muscular guy, with a handsome hunk next door face. He had short brown hair, and cobalt blue eyes. He was from New York State, and had polite manners. Everyone liked him.

Life could not have been finer for Jeri. And then Dee came into his life like his darkest nightmare. Dee, an African American from South Central, LA, transferred to Jeri’s college on a sports scholarship.

Dee shared Jeri’s room, soon took his position as quarterback, and was giving him tough competition in Business Class.

Dee was a twenty year old, black male of medium height. His face was dark and handsome, his nose big, his lips thick and full. He had a friendly face. His hair was short cropped. Dee had a lean, athletic body. His torso was like a sculpture, well defined and muscular.

Dee was an ambitious, driven black man, who wanted to win. His Motto of life was, work hard and play hard.

Jeri felt very threatened by the black man. Although he was a head taller, and more muscular, he felt dominated by him. Dee liked walking around the room dressed in nothing but tiny boxers that outlined his thick cock. He moved lightly on his feet, like a dark, graceful predator from the African jungle.

Dee oozed sexual energy, and had an animal attraction. The girls loved him. And he had an easy, smooth way of getting them. He was a notorious womaniser with an insatiable lust for sex. Jeri was surprised at how white chicks, even seniors, just seemed to throw it in the African’s face.

“Yeah, just because he is black, and a wanna be college sports star,” Jeri thought bitterly.

To make matters worse, when Jeri introduced his girlfriend, Stacy, to Dee, she was absolutely fascinated with the black man. Stacy came from a small southern town where there were no blacks. She beamed at Dee like a kid in a Zoo. When she came to visit Jeri, she and Dee would chat away and laugh together.

However, as time went on, Jeri could not help warming up to him. Dee was a good natured guy, who faced life with a smile. He just couldn’t be bothered about the chip on Jeri’s shoulder. He did not feel threatened by his white room mate. He kept being cordial to him till Jeri became embarrassed with his own stupidity.

Chapter 1

It was a hot, sunny, humid summer day in Boston. They walked hand in hand across the campus green lawns, a young, handsome college couple, deeply besotted with each other. He was Jeremiah Nelson, or Jeri, as everyone called him, and his girlfriend was Stacy.

Jeri the tall, muscular 20 year old, with short, brown hair and a handsome hunk next door face was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, which was glued to his impressive muscles.

Stacy, 19, was a good natured Southern Belle. Her face was sweet, and ever smiling. Long lashes framed big, green grey eyes. Her lips were full, pouting, and heart shaped. Her hair was dark brown, long and curly.

Stacy was a tall, busty, bootylicious, corn fed young lady of the south. Her bust was awesome, the big, firm, pride of the south. When she laughed heartily, which was quite often, it set them jiggling beautifully. Her belly was toned, and she had curvy hips, and a thick, heart shaped bubble butt. She played lots of sport, but it never got smaller. Once, it had caused her pain, but now she loved it. It was taut and ripe, it did not droop or sag. And men loved it, the way they always leered after her, looking like they wanted to dive in there. Since J-Lo and Beyonce, all men were suddenly into big butts. She laughed when she read about people even reaching out for silicon, just to get a thick butt. Hers was real, with a certificate of authentication from the dirty South.

Stacy was dressed for the heat, in a thin, short, white top with spaghetti shoulder straps. It was hugging her generous cleavage, and her thick nipples were poking against the material. A short jeans skirt was glued to her curvy hips.

The two lovebirds had met each other at a party on Campus. A friend had introduced them. The hot Southern Belle had instantly fallen in love with the handsome, muscular, football playing hunk. Being a tall, busty, curvaceous woman, Stacy always liked her man tall and muscular. She was a wild, energetic Bronco that needed a strong man of the range.

Jeri adored Stacy. She was a happy, uncomplicated person. She lived life lustfully, and she was such pleasant fun to be with. Jeri loved spending all his free time with her. She knew how to make a man feel loved and appreciated.

“So, what are we going to do on this hot, humid day?” Stacy asked in her sweet, southern accent.

“Lets go to my room and relax, and have a cold beer and a smoke,” Jeri responded in his clean cut New York accent.

“Is Dee there. I haven’t seen him for so long. How is he doing?”

“Oh he is fine…”

“Is gaziantep escort he still womanising?” Stacy giggled.

“No, he is dating a girl from Venezuela now. He swears he is in love, but I wonder how long that will last.”

“He is a real rogue isn’t he?” “But you like him all the same, don’t you?”

“Yeah, he is cool. And anyway, if those girls keep throwing themselves at his feet just because he is the quarterback, then its their fault.”

“They throw themselves at any guy on the team, those sluts!”

“Well, you better keep away from them, coz if I catch you cheating on me, I will show you how mean a Southern Belle can get…”

They laughed. Jeri squeezed Stacy’s butt cheek fondly. She wiggled her bubble butt.

“Lets go to your room darling. And if Dee is there, you need to get rid of him fast,” Stacy said, in her come fuck me voice.

Chapter 2

Dee was sitting in front of his computer in the Hostel room he shared with Jeri. He had just returned from a long day of lectures and sports practice and was enjoying a cold beer, and a computer game. A couple of his college mates were meeting for a beer, but he was too lethargic for that.

Dee stood up yawning, wiping sweat from his brow. He pulled off his t-shirt. His chest was muscular and defined, his abs a perfect six pack. He eased his long shorts down his hips. A pair of tight black boxers were glued to his hips, outlining a thick bundle. Dee sat back in his chair and continued with his computer game.

The door opened, and Jeri walked in, followed by Stacy.

“Hi there buddy,” Jeri greeted his roommate happily.

“Wassup, wassup?” Dee greeted him, getting up and taking his hand. Jeri was almost a head taller. The two boys bumped shoulders.

“Hi there Stacy,” Dee moved in to the busty, tall brunette and hugged her. He pressed her soft, curvy body to his taut, warm torso and kissed her cheeks. His hands slid down her curvaceous hips, lingering.

“Hi there,” the sweet, adorable, busty southern belle said warmly. She wiped back a strand of long, dark curls from her face, a twinkle in her big, green-grey eyes.

“You feeling hot, huh!” she teased, looking at the semi naked, black athlete, obviously liking what she saw.

“Yeah man, its hot as hell in Boston. And so humid,” Dee stretched his body languidly, making a show of it. Stacy could not take her eyes away from his gorgeous dark body. Even Jeri was watching. “Want me to put some clothes on.”

“Never mind. I am enjoying the view…” she giggled, patting his six pack.

“Hey, don’t be catching jungle fever here…” Jeri joked, pinching a pliant buttock.

“Yeah you are scared that once she goes black, she is never coming back?” Dee teased, punching his shoulder lightly.

“Mmmm. Maybe I will come back for more…” Stacy joked and they all laughed. “Here, you love birds?” Jeri took out a six pack of cold beer. He passed one each to Dee and Stacy. They twisted the tops and all took a deep gulp. Dee burped loudly.

“You pig!” Jeri laughed. “Lemme roll a fat joint. I just got a bag of some kick ass grass,” Jeri said walking across the room to his bed.

“Now that’s the best thing I have heard all day. And thanks for that ice cold beer.” He took another long sip and burped again. “Take a seat Stacy,” he said, rising from the chair.

He perched on the edge of his desk as Stacy planted her gorgeous bubble butt into his chair. She sat back, thighs parted slightly, her skirt riding high, just covering her crotch. Dee gazed at her juicy, smooth, tanned thighs.

He licked his lips thinking, “Damn! Stacy is such a hot southern belle for sure!”

Dee took his cold bottle and slowly rolled it all over his dark muscular chest. Stacy gazed at his dark muscles, seeing them glisten from a light sweat. Her eyes roved down to his gorgeous abs, and then down to the thick bundle in his boxers. Dee looked up and caught her ogling. Stacy blushed and giggled.

Jeri walked up with a big joint. He fired it up, took two deep tokes and passed it to Dee.

“Ladies first,” Dee responded, and passed it on to Stacy.

“Thanks. At least someone here knows how to treat a lady!”

“I didn’t notice there were any here, sorry…” Jeri responded, and smacked her generous ass cheek.

The three of them smoked several joints. When Stacy went to the bathroom, Jeri asked Dee if he could leave for a couple of hours, so that he and Stacy could get naked and cosy. Jeri was feeling real horny from the grass. And so was Dee.

“Shit man, I am feeling so horny from that grass. It is like a fucking aphrodisiac. You gotta take a hike buddy, so that Stacy can take good care of me,” Jeri said, swivelling in Dee’s chair. Dee was perching on the desk, in front of Jeri.

“Come on man, what kind of a friend are you? You get me all horny with that grass and now you wanna kick a brother out on the street, with a big, hard dick. How am I supposed to walk with that?” Dee indicated the now very prominent bulge in his boxers. It was like he had konya escort stuffed a thick sponge in there. Jeri’s eyes were glued to it.

“So what should I do about that big black cock?” he teased.

“Let your girlfriend see about it man. We are roomies and good friends, aren’t we? Share and share alike, man.”

“Yeah, so now you wanna make her go black and never come back, right? Hell no! I don’t want that black cock anywhere near my girlfriend.”

“Then you will have to see about it,” Dee teased. “On your knees white boy! Suck my big black cock!”

“Is that all you want, a nice wet blow job, or do you wanna stick it up my lily white ass as well?” Jeri teased in a slimy, faggot like voice.

“Hell yeah! Take that! That’s anal, right there!”

Dee hit Jeri’s shoulder and they both fell over with laughter as Stacy came back in. Her face had a blissful look and her eyes were drooping. She staggered slightly and giggled.

“What you guys laughing about?” she asked, leaning against Jeri.

“Nothing, just a silly boy joke..” Dee responded. “Not for a lady’s ear.”

“Come on, you guys are so mean. You were probably laughing at me coz I am so stoned.” She pouted playfully.

“No. You are the last thing we would laugh about.” Dee said, bending over to pull his shorts on. Jeri and Stacy both gazed at his firm black ass, cupped in the tiny undies. Without noticing it, both of them licked their lips.

“You are getting dressed. And I thought the party was just about to begin…” Stacy pouted playfully.

“Your boyfriend wants me to go so the two of you can party.”

“No, Dee. You don’t have to leave just because of us,”

“Its alright. Where’s my money boy?” Dee reached out and Jeri passed him ten dollars. It was the house rules. If one of them wanted to get laid and they paid the other one 10 bucks to go and get pissed. “Nice doing business with you.” He laughed.

“Bye Dee!” Stacy slid her arms around him and hugged him warmly, tightly.

“Mmmmm!” Dee groaned in her hair, and kissed her cheeks, lingering.

“Get your hands off my girlfriend, you rogue. I told you she doesn’t like black men.”

“That’s not true,” Stacy giggled, and they all laughed as she let Dee go. “Have fun Dee,” she patted his ass. Dee wiggled his ass.

As the door closed behind Dee, Stacy slid into Dee’s chair. She wrapped her arms around Jeri’s hips and rested her head against his crotch. Jeri stroked her hair and she purred like a cat, nuzzling his crotch.

“Is that your cell phone or is that you?” she giggled, feeling a hardness against her cheek. She opened his zipper and pulled out his erect manhood. Jeri had a nice, long thick cock.

“Mmm. Just what I need, a tasty Vanilla loly!” she purred and started licking her boyfriend’s dick like a lolly.

“Oh yes baby. Thats it,” Jeri groaned, dropping his pants to pool around his feet. “Oh yeah! Yeah!” was all he could groan as Stacy gobbled him up into her mouth.

Jeri liked Stacy when she was drunk and stoned. When she was sober, she was rather shy. She would kiss his cock a few times, but would not suck it . However, when she was stoned, as present, she turned into a wanton, filthy dirty slut. Stacy was the first girl who had gone down on him and let him cumm in her mouth. She handled his dick like a real bitch, throwing her lips to the shit, sucking and chewing him into ecstasy.

“Oh yes. Oh darling. Yes, suck my dick baby. Chew it nice and good…” Jeri moaned, his hips dancing.

“Oh yes baby, I love sucking you…” Stacy purred, taking him deep down her throat. He groaned and grunted, as he watched Stacy’s lips ride up and down his cock, as she sucked him like she was sucking the meat off a chicken bone.

“Mmmm” she moaned, licking and slurping away. She sucked him long and good, enjoying it just as much as he was.

“Oh yes! Oh baby! Yeah!” Jeri groaned, huffing for breath, his pace quickening. Suddenly he jammed it deep down her throat and his face contorted and his body shuddered mightily.

His first shot hit her right at the back of her throat. She stifled her instincts to gag and felt his cumm seep into her belly. As Jeri’s balls leapt and spurted their thick load into her mouth, she sucked and milked his cock, drinking down his cumm. Finally, his flopping cock slid out of her mouth.

“Oh damn you Jeri. You get me so turned on and then just leave me with an unsatisfied itch! That’s no way to treat a lady,” Stacy pouted…

“How can I help it when you suck me so wonderfully? That was like heaven baby!” Jeri lit another joint.

“Shit! Maybe I should call Dee and ask him to help out!”

“Oh, he doesn’t like white women…” Jeri teased and laughed.

“Yeah right, with the way he is always ogling my butt!”

“He isn’t the only one who likes your bubble butt, you know…”

So saying, he slid to his knees right before her. He handed her the joint, and started stroking her gorgeous, silky thighs, easing her skirt up. He kissed the insides of both thighs, licking and nibbling kayseri escort here and there. He left wet, blazing trails up to the thick pussy mound that nestled between her thighs. It was cupped in a semi transparent, tight white gusset. The thick lips of her shaved cunt were plastered to the material.

“I think I have just found heaven…” Jeri sighed, and sweetly kissed her mound, licking all over her gusset.

“Oh yes baby, that’s it,” Stacy groaned leaning back in the chair and hooking her legs over the arms rests, spreading her thighs wide apart. “Oh, this is wonderful darling. You do that so well…” she groaned, as he eased her gusset to the side, sliding a thick finger up between her dripping lips.

She pushed her crotch up at him. He fingered her exquisitely, both of them gazing at his finger sliding in and out of her pink, shaved glory. He groaned with lust, feeling his dangling, spent cock coming back to life.

He dipped his face between her thighs. He kissed her pussy, made love to it with his lips. He sucked on her clit and flicked it with his tongue. Stacy writhed and moaned, making the chair creak. Jeri slid a second digit into her. His fingers were sucked up into her slimy, hungry hole.

“Oh yes. Suck my pussy. Suck my fucking cunt!” she growled, grabbing his hair and jamming her cunt into his face. Jeri finger fucked her hard and fast, torturing her clit!

“Fuck yeah! I am fucking cumming all over your face!” Stacy growled at the ceiling, locking her thighs tightly around his face. She came gasping and writhing and twisting her body like she was possessed.

Finally, she flopped back in her chair, gasping for breath, huge bust heaving. Her face and chest were flushed a deep red.

“Oh thanks darling….”

Chapter 3

The two lovebirds lay in bed, on top of the covers. Jeri lay on his back, naked, his muscular body propped up on two pillows. Stacy, who had stripped down to her tiny white thongs, was lying on her side, a thigh thrown over his. Her palm was wrapped around his cock, and she stroked him gently, as they passed a joint back and forth. Jeri had a hand on her bubble butt, and he was stroking and fondling her.

“So, you like Dee’s dark muscles huh? Don’t lie. I saw you ogling him shamelessly.” He teased his girlfriend, his dick resting in her warm palm.

“Come on, I wasn’t ogling, I was just looking. And you were looking too.”

“He is just so sexy, isn’t he?”

“Hey, keep your hands away from that black man. This belongs to me, alright?” she teased and squeezed his cock, wanking it so tantalisingly.

“You know why we were laughing? He said the grass made him so horny, and he could not possibly walk with such a log.

“And you chased him away, you dumb fool.” Stacy teased, slapping his chest playfully.

“Well, first he said I should let him fuck you. When I said no, he said I should suck him off fast, before you came back from the bathroom…”

“Did you do it?”

“Are you crazy!!!” they both laughed.

“Oh, that would be something funky. You on your knees, sucking on his big black cock! I bet you would look beautiful, with his thick, dark penis in your mouth!” Stacy giggled. But the thought excited her, thrilled her, made her skin prickly. “Have you ever gone down on another guy?”

“No! I aint no fag!” he said, but he realised that the idea of going down on Dee was not entirely unappetizing for him. In fact, the white guy felt thrilled and excited. His skin was all prickly, just like his girlfriends.

Have you ever done it, I mean, go down on a black guy?”

“No. I told you I never had a black guy. There weren’t any in my town.”

“Would you like to do it? I know that Dee wants you. He is always ogling your ass.”

“He is your friend. Besides, I am not a cheating slut!”

“What if I said it was o.k?”

“Whats this Jeri? You want me to sleep with your room mate or what?”

“No, I just wanted to know if you have ever thought about it.”

“Maybe…” Stacy teased. “But all I am thinking of now is that big cock of yours…” Stacy slid on top of Jeri, trapping his cock between their bellies.

“Maybe you can pretend that you are having his big, black cock, yunno…” Jeri suggested.

“You want me to pretend that I am fucking Dee. Alright. But I hope you can take it,” Stacy teased.

“Of course I can. Now rub that white pussy all over my black cock!” Jeri giggled, his heart leaping as he said those words.

The two of them liked experimenting around when they were high. These types of dirty fantasies were just up their street.

“Mmmm. Darling, your big black cock feels so good against my pussy,” Stacy moaned, as she kissed her boyfriend’s pink lips.

She started rubbing her cunt against his stem, bathing it in her wetness. Jeri groaned and reached for her big tits. He kneaded and fondled them, tweaking on her nipples.

“Yeah, that’s it. Pull those large black hands all over my tits,” she groaned, shuddering. Then she reached for his cock, positioned it at her opening and sank her hips down it. Jeri slid up to the hilt in her hot, tight pussy. Stacy started riding him like a good old cowgirl. She planted her hands on his chest, grabbing a handful of muscle and started whipping up and down. Her tits were bouncing all around in his face. Jeri grabbed one, and sucked on it, chewing and nibbling the pink, excited nipple.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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