College Friend

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This is a true story. I was a freshman in college. I lived in an all male dorm; all the guys in our hall were very close. It was about the midway through the first semester when one of the guys from across the hall called me over and told me he had something to tell me. Steve said that he considered me a good friend and wanted to be truthful to me. He told me he was gay. I was secretly pleased and excited to find out this information. Although I had not ever had any type of sexual relations with another man, I had plenty of experience with women, and was very open minded about sex exploration. I told Steve that his sexual preference didn’t matter to me and we would always be friends.

That night after having several beers I decided that I should pay a visit to Steve. I crept into his room, careful not to wake his straight roommate who was on the top bunk. I kneeled next to Steve and as he slept gently began to caress his chest and nipples. His nipples got hard and I began to kiss them. Steve woke up a little disoriented but I told him that I had always wanted to be with another man. He let out a soft groan when he heard this. I moved up to face him and kissed him for the first time. He tasted good, like a man, our stubbled faces rubbed against each other making me hornier and hornier. I told Steve I wanted to suck his cock. “Oh yeah” he moaned. I kissed andlicked my way down his body. Stopping to suck his nipples again. Steve’s hands were on my head forcing me down toward his semi hard penis. I flipped my thumbs under the top of his boxer shorts and he raised his ass off the bead. As I slipped his plaid boxer’s down around his ankles his plump cock flopped against his belly. I just had to have that cock in my mouth. I lowered my head down and took as much as I could in my mouth and just let it lie there on my tongue savoring the feeling and taste. His dick grew in my mouth and I began to swirl by tongue around his shaft and head. Never having done this before, I was a little apprehensive but I figured I would do exactly what doeda I would want to be done to me. Steve’s cock was rock hard and my head was bobbing up and down coating his prick with my saliva. I moved down and licked his balls while my hand grasped his shaft like only another man knows how to do. After playing with his nuts my mouth returned to his cock head. I sucked hard on his head and my hand pumped up and down on his shaft. Steve moaned and said he was going to come. I sucked harder on his dick and was rewarded with a mouth full of cum. I swallowed as much as I could but some dribbled out of my mouth, which I quickly pushed back into my mouth. After Steve finished cumming I moved back up to his mouth and gave him a long deep kiss with our tongues swirling all around each other’s mouths. Steve wanted to return the blowjob but I said I was scared we would wake his roommate.

The next day Steve and I were alone and he came up to me and gave me a deep kiss, which I returned passionately. Steve said that last night was great and he wanted to do it again. I agreed with him but told him I wasn’t sure if I could be open about it, yet. He understood and said it would be our secret.

About two weeks later Steve, myself, and two other guys left to go on a ski weekend. This had been planned before Steve and I had gotten together. The other two guys didn’t know about our situation. Well the skiing was OK but we were more interested in getting some bourbon and beers that evening. Well we partied pretty hard that night, lots of beer, some shots and joint or two and everyone was feeling pretty good. Things were winding down and it was time to decide the sleeping arrangements. The condo belonged to friends of Steve’s parents so he naturally took king size bed in the master bedroom. The two others called the beds in the second bedroom, two singles. That left either the hide a bed or share the big bed with Steve. I played it off like it was too much of a pain to get the hide bed out and made up so I would just eş değiştirmeli porno pass out in big master bed. I could see the look of anticipation in Steve’s eyes when I said this. I was getting hard just thinking about what was to come.

I went on to the bedroom and began to get undressed. I got into the bed with my underwear on. After a while Steve came in and said he’d had enough of the partying out there and wanted to party some in here. I got out of the bed and went to the big bathroom to take a quick leak. When I got back Steve was standing there naked his beautiful cock hung down between his legs. ” What are you doing with your drawers still on boy?” he asked me. “Why don’t you come here and take them off?” I challenged him. He came over to me and we embraced with a hot wet kiss, our tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths. I could feel his cock stiffening against my already hard cock. Steve dropped down to his knees and peeled down my underwear and my cock sprang out to his lips. I love blowjobs, and Steve was an expert.

He swallowed my entire shaft; I could feel the head of my prick scraping the back of his throat. We moved to the bed and laid down next to each other and began to kiss again. Our hands roamed all over each other. Steve had a nice ass that I squeezed and caressed. His hands played over my buns as well, his fingers flirting with my puckered hole. Steve tongued my ear and told me that he wanted me inside of him. Well that just about set me off right there, but I controlled myself. We had never done this before. Steve laid down on his back and I decided I wanted to suck his cock some. I went down on him eagerly, licking his cock and balls. I went down below his balls to that spot between the nuts and the asshole. I licked him there and he went wild. My mouth was all over him. Sucking his cock, licking his balls going lower and my tongue hit his brown eye.

This really got him going his hands were running through my hair pushing me genç porno down. He let go of my hair and grabbed his legs pulling his knees towards his head. This gave me total access to his asshole and I licked it uncontrollably. I tongued it good, getting nice and slick for what was to come. Steve got up quickly and put my cock in his mouth and really slobbered all over it. He got back into his position and told me to fuck his ass. My prick rested and the entrance of his ass and I slowly began to slide it in. When I got all the way in, I found myself in the tightest, hottest spot I had ever been in. I slowly began to thrust my cock in and out of him. Steve’s hands were around my neck pulling me into him. His hands went from my neck to my ass, pinching my nipples urging me on to come in his ass. My cock didn’t last long in his sweet hole. I thrust one last time and told Steve I was going to come. He told me to shoot my hot load into his ass. My sperm seemed to shoot out of my cock forever, it was a really big load.

When I was done I withdrew my cock and held Steve closely. Steve had yet to come and I wasn’t going to let him down. I went down on his cock and sucked at it like there was no tomorrow. I went back down to his ass and tongued it good as my own juice leaked from it. I licked my sperm up and held it in my mouth and went back to Steve’s mouth. Once there I kissed him and let my sperm run into his mouth, which he accepted gladly. I got on all fours and offered my ass to Steve. He got behind me and began to tongue my ass. He lubed my hole up with my own sperm that was in his mouth. I felt Steve’s hand on my hips and his cock resting between my ass cheeks. Steve’s cock split my virgin asshole. It hurt a little at first, but once it was buried into my ass it drove me wild. Steve pumped me for a while and I could feel his cock getting bigger and bigger, he said he was close to exploding. He pulled his cock out and I turned over so I could get some of that delicious sperm in my mouth.

Steve couldn’t hold back long enough for me to get my mouth around his cock and thick ropes of jizz shot out onto my face and neck. When he was done, I cleaned his cock off and sucked it dry. Steve pulled me up and began to lick his sperm off my face and put it in my mouth. We laid down together and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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