College Success Strategies

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Jada woke up to the loud beeping sound of her alarm. She pulled her hand out of her panties and switched off the button to stop the annoying sound.

“Damn,” she thought. “That was a really hot dream that she was in the middle of.” She reached over to the drawer of her night stand and pulled out Big Ike, her eight inch dildo, to finish the job.

This was going to be a long and stressful day with college classes and finding her classrooms, and she did not want the added frustration of being super horny on top of it. What in the hell was she thinking, she is always horny. She even carried a mini dildo in her purse when the need hit her.

She turned on the vibrating; battery operated; love machine, and ran it across her taunt nipples. She brought it up to her mouth and sucked on it to get it well lubricated. She used her fingers of her left hand to spread apart the lips of her wet pussy and placed the head of the phony cock against her clit. Her eyes rolled back and a moan came out of her opened mouth. Jada slid the cock down and entered the head into the opening of her wanting pussy.

“Oh, yes. That’s it,” she moaned.

Jada pushed the long play cock deep into her hot and wet pussy. She pulled it out and shoved it hard back in again. She continued this while her left hand was pinching, twisting, and pulling on her nipples. Jada tortured first one nipple and then the other. She continued to rapidly and roughly shove the dildo in and out of her cunt. Each stroke brought her closer and closer to cumming.

“Shit, oh shit. Yes fuck that cock, bitch, fuck it hard. Yes, yes, yes, I’m cumming, fuck yeah, I’m cumming.”

Her pussy tightened around the artificial cock and started spasming around her favorite play toy. It was a powerful sensation, one that shook her whole body. “God, I love it rough,” she thought.

It’s been along time since a guy took her rough. She loves fucking and everything about it. However, guys seem to be more afraid to let their animal instinct come out and play with her. At least lately, and at least the guys that she has been with recently. Hopefully her luck will soon change, and she will find a guy or guys to ravish her like she likes.

After her body gained control again, she got up out of her bed, and pulled a T-shirt over her head. She wanted to go into the kitchen and get herself a cup of coffee before she jumped into the shower.

Jada walked into the kitchen and saw her roommate Jenny’s boyfriend, Mike, sitting at the counter drinking a cup of coffee.

“Good morning Mike, how are you this morning?” She asked happily.

He turned and smiled. Then realize she was wearing almost nothing. His breath caught in his throat. “Oh fine, and you,” he finally said and then cleared his throat.

Jada loves to make guys speechless with her pert body. She does it on purpose.

Mike could not take his eyes off her. He has always thought she was absolutely gorgeous, and she always walked around half naked, or partially naked. She had long wavy brown hair with blonde highlights. Her hair swept down to the middle of her back. She was slender with a tight stomach, and ass. Her legs were well shaped and they went all the way up to her beautiful ass. Jada’s breast was the perfect size, not huge, and definitely not to small. Perfect for squeezing and licking.

As Jada turned around to face him he realized that she did not have any panties on. Her pussy was neatly trimmed and he could see the light reflecting off her clit ring. He put his hand on his dick and knew he had to go get some from Jenny before she leaves for school.

“Hello, Mike? Did you hear me?” Jada said, smiling sexily.

“W-What?” Mike stumbled.

“Where is Jenny?” She asked, again.

“Oh, getting ready for school. I need to go talk to her. See ya,” he said as he stood and quickly walked into Jenny’s room.

“Yeah, Jenny’s going to get fucked before she goes to school. I just wish I could too right now.” She took her coffee back into her room so she can get ready for school herself.


Jada hardly ever wore panties, and she was still so horny that she decided not to wear a pair today, so that she could have easy access for her pocket dildo she carried in her purse. She put on a short yellow pleated mini skirt that flared out. She put on a white button blouse with no bra. She left it unbuttoned so that she showed a lot of cleavage and just enough of her breast. Her breast showed through the white material just enough to see the darker area of her nipples. It seems that her nipples were always standing at attention, trying to get the guys to notice them, which usually always happens.

Jada was determined to impress the guys in school. Right now I do not care if they took me in the fucking janitors closet, just as long as they fucked the shit out of her, rough and hard!

Jenny asked Jada what went on in the kitchen while she was in the kitchen. Jada never hides anything Betturkey from her best friend and told her. Jenny laughed and told her that Mike came in and fucked the hell out of her. Jada told Jenny that she hoped to meet someone this term that would do the same to her and soon. Big Ike just was not getting the job done that she wanted it to. They both laughed and walked into the college.

The first class that Jada and Jenny had was English Composition 2. Mr. Marcello. Jada heard that he was a handsome Italian teacher. God did she hope so!

Jada and Jenny walked into class and there was already several people waiting for the class to begin. One guy that sat in a cluster of three others, nudged the other’s arms. They looked up at Jada and Jenny as they walked into the class. This brought a smile to Jada.

Jada sat in front of the class. Right across from the teacher’s desk. The rest of the class started to dribble in, one right after another. Finally, a gorgeous man with dark hair, and dark eyes strolled in. He set his bag on the teacher’s desk. “This must be Mr. Marcello,” Jada thought smiling. “Oh yeah, her friends were not exaggerating about the beautiful Mr. Marcello.”

He looked up from the desk and said “Good Morning class, this is English Composition 2. If you are in the wrong class, well, I guess you need to get to the right one, right.” He had a slight little accent, but not a severe one. His accent was just enough to turn Jada on even more. She opened her legs slightly to give him a view, if he chooses to take it.

Mr. Marcello made eye contact with Jada, and for a second he just stood there looking. She shifted in her seat a little, opening her legs a little farther. Mr. Marcello glanced down and got a peek of her pussy. He just stood there thinking to himself, “Oh have mercy!” He licked his lips and finally tore his gaze from her hot pussy and back to her eyes.

Jada knew she got his attention. She could see the lust and hunger in Mr. Marcello’s eyes. He is hooked, and she hopes he could not resist her. This knowledge got her even more wet and hot.

The classroom door opened and in walked another hot guy. He was also tall with dark brown hair, but he had blue eyes. Jada knew she was going to enjoy this class.

“Sorry I am late, I couldn’t find this damn room,” he said as he looked at the teacher.

“That’s OK, I just got here myself. Take a seat,” Mr. Marcello answered. Jada just could not resist. As the new comer approached her desk, she pushed against her books and knocked her pen and highlighter off into the floor. The guy stopped and bent down in front of her desk to retrieve her writing utensils for Jada. Jada moved her feet apart just a little to get his attention, and he looked up under her desk. He noticed her little clit ring glistening. He slowly looked up and found Jada staring back at him. Jada leaned forward in her desk and asked, “Do you like what you see?”

He smiled a lazy but sexy smile, and handed her pen and highlighter to her. Jada opened her hand as he placed the objects into it. He leaned in and said, “What man in his right mind wouldn’t like seeing something that inviting? It seems you may have a slight problem!”

She tilted her head and replied, “Oh? Would you be willing to help me with my problem?”

The guy heard Mr. Marcello clear his throat, and quickly stood up and sat in the seat behind her. With Jada’s back still to him, he leaned close to her ear and whipered sexily, “Just tell me when and where baby, and I’ll help you with your problem.”

Jada never turned around and started to smile. “God how she wanted to shove her little pocket toy into her wet hot pussy right then and there,” she thought to herself.

The class continued. Mr. Marcello could not help but to snick peeks at her pretty pussy. Jada could tell that Mr. Marcello was having problems paying attention. He gave them several short, in class, activities to do, so he could just sit and watch Jada.

Finally, the class was over. Jada put her stuff back into her book bag. Mr. Marcello was talking about a poem earlier and said if anyone wanted a copy of it, he would make sure they got one. She decided that the poem gave her an opportunity to stop and talk to Mr. Marcello.

Most of the people were clearing out of the classroom, but there were a few stragglers left in the room. One of them was the other hot guy, which she found out that his name was Blake.

Jada approached Mr. Marcello and said, “Mr. Marcello, I would like to have one of those poems.”

“Certainly, Miss Trenton, but you can call me Tony. I would bring it in on Wednesday, to our class,” he softly answered, not taking his eyes off hers.

“You can call me Jada. Is Tony short for Antonio?” She asked interestingly.

“Yes, it is,” he answered inquisitively.

“Then can I call you Antonio? I like that much better,” Jada said. “If you would like, that is fine,” he answered.

“Well, Antonio, I am hear until late this afternoon. I could meet with you Betturkey Giriş later and pick it up,” she responded. Giving him a look of the promise she was implying.

“Well, where will you be in about fifteen minutes?” Mr. Marcello asked.

“Well, I usually study in the closed off section of the college. You know, where they are remodeling? It’s quite there and I go there when the workers aren’t there,” she answered seductively.

“OK, I will bring it to you in about fifteen minutes,” he responded.

Jada walked toward the door, and glanced over to Blake then back to Antonio. “See you in fifteen then,” she sad smiling and turned and walked out the door.

Mr. Marcello did not waste any time and quickly left the room. Blake looked over to his friends and smiled. “I’ll meet up with you guys later. I have something to do first.”

His friends smiled and one said, “You mean someone, don’t you?”

A slow, wicked smile spread across Blake’s lips. “Well, what ever.”


Jada could not wait until Antonio and Blake showed up. She had to get her party started without them. She opened her purse and pulled out her carry along play toy. She then went over to the plastic covered couch and pulled back the plastic and sat down with her legs spread wide. Jada lifted up her skirt to give her easier access to her wet, hot pussy. She reached down to spread her cunt lips apart and started to rub her clit.

God she was so fucking hot and horny. Where in the hell was Antonio? She knew he understood her offer. She turned on her little vibrator and rubbed it against her hard nipples while she pulled against the ring in her clit. She then lowered her buzzing toy down to her pussy and rubbed it against her aching clit. Jada was really getting into the vibration when she heard Antonio softly calling her name.

“Jada, where are you at?” He repeated.

Jada did not answer. She knew he would find her, so she continued her assault on her clit.

When she opened her eyes she saw Antonio standing there watching her. A slow, sensuous smile came across Jada’s lips. “What took you so long? I had to start without you.”

“I had trouble finding the poem in my rush,” he answered.

“I don’t even like that poem, I just used it as an excuse,” she confessed.

Antonio dropped the poem and walked toward Jada. Jada lowered the dildo and inserted it into her throbbing pussy. The sight of her masturbating set Antonio on fire. He lowered himself to his knees and ran his hand across her smoldering hot pussy.

“Yes, oh yes. Antonio would you like to taste me?” She asked.

He did not reply; he just lowered his mouth to her clit, and started to lick the harden tip. Jada threw her head back and moaned a little louder. She grabbed the back of his head and lifted her ass up to press her pussy harder against his tongue. The last of Antonio’s control started to slip away. He started to bite the nub more aggressively. Jada really liked that so he got rougher with her.

“Yes, eat my pussy. Don’t worry, I won’t break,” she demanded.

Antonio reached up and pulled the dildo out of her pussy. He inserted two fingers and started to thrust them deep into her pussy, fast and hard. Each thrust he made, she met with her own upward thrust. “Finally,” she thought. “Finally, someone was going to fuck her with authority. Someone who will take control of her body and make her beg for more.”

While Jada was being devoured by Antonio, Blake was standing behind the plastic that shielded the area, watching the action. His cock was already trying to bust out of his pants. He rubbed against his jeans as he watched Jada get her pussy licked and probed.

Jada suddenly opened her eyes and made eye contact with Blake. She gave him an inviting smile as she unfastened the buttons on her shirt. She pulled her shirt apart to expose her breast and rock hard nipples for Blake to see.

Blake walks out from behind the plastic and walked toward the horny couple on the couch. As he came to the couch, he started undoing his pants. He placed one knee on the couch and Jada reached up and started to rub against his cock through his jeans. Antonio looked up and noticed that Blake has joined the party.

Jada started to pull Blake’s pants down over his hips. Finally, his cock sprang loose from their confined prison. Jada’s eyes widened at the size of Blake’s cock. He put Big Ike to shame. Blake’s 9 ½ inch cock twitched against Jada’s touch. Her touch set his cock on fire. He threw his head back as she placed his dick into her mouth. “Oh yeah, that’s it baby. Suck my cock!”

As the words came out of Blake’s mouth, Antonio sent her over the top. She started cumming, and hard. She pulled Blake out of her mouth, but did not release her grip on the monster. “Oh shit, I’m cumming. I’m cumming,” she moaned loudly. This made Antonio speed up the thrusting he was doing with his fingers, and made him start sucking and licking Betturkey Güncel Giriş like a starved man.

Blake grabbed a handful of Jada’s hair and pulls her mouth back to his cock. He placed his cock in her mouth and started to fuck her sexy mouth. She did not choke on his enormous size. Blake felt her throat open up and take each thrust, and felt her tongue stroking the underside of his cock. “Oh yeah, this bitch knows how to suck dick,” he thought to himself.

Antonio saw how good Jada was sucking Blake’s cock and knew he wanted her to do a suck job on his hard cock. He stood up and unfastened his pants and pulled them off. He then took of his shirt and threw it into the same pile with his pants.

Jada looked at Antonio’s hard cock. It was not as long as Blake’s, but like Blake’s it was a thick piece of fuck meat. It still put Big Ike to shame, and this was definitely a good thing. The thought of both of these beautiful large cocks pumping in and out of her made her suck more hungrily on Blake’s rock hard cock.

Blake pulled his cock out of Jada’s mouth and stood up to take off his clothes the rest of the way.

Jada pulled off her blouse the rest of the way and slid her skirt down her hips and kicked it aside. She now laid completely naked for both guys to see all of her beautiful body, and to use her body to do their will.

Antonio then stood on the couch on the other side and Jada started fucking him with her mouth.

Blake got on his knees, and placed his body between Jada’s spread legs. He bent over her and took the hard right nipple into his mouth and started to suck and bite on it roughly. Blake then reached up and grabbed her other breast and started squeezing the mound with his hand. He pinched and rolled the peek with his thumb and finger.

Jada had one hand wrapped around Antonio’s cock, and the other was laced through Blake’s hair as she held him to her breast and pushed against his mouth. She was rubbing her hot pussy against Blake’s cock, urging him to fuck her.

Blake took his hand off her breast. He grabbed his cock and started rubbing it against her clit. He then placed his cock at the entry of her smoking pussy. She moaned against Antonio’s cock, sending a chill all the way to his asshole. Blake thrusted deep and hard into Jada’s pussy, and was fully in her with the one smooth stroke. This made Jada suck harder and faster on Antonio’s cock.

“Yeah, suck it baby, suck it like a bitch in heat. Fuck my cock with your mouth like a naughty, nasty bitch,” Antonio demanded.

Yes, this is what she liked. Jada wanted to be controlled, punished, and fucked as if by wild animals. It has been a long time since anybody took control of her body, and she would do anything they wanted!

Blake was pounding in and out of her pussy. He pounded so hard that she felt his balls slap against her asshole.

Here she was, leaning back against the couch while Antonio stood in front of her on the couch fucking her mouth, and Blake ramming her wet pussy with his enormous cock.

Antonio pulled his cock out of her mouth and stepped off the couch. Blake lifted Jada up off the couch and sat down with her sitting on top of him. Antonio got behind Jada and slowly inserted his cock into her pussy along with Blake. Jada was being fucked by both men in her wet pussy. It was a tight fit, but Jada was not complaining. Blake was playing havoc on her nipples as he shoved his cock into her pussy. Antonio had a handful of hair, and he had her head pulled back playing havoc on her mouth with his. At the same time, he also was fucking the hell out of her pussy.

Antonio reached down with his left hand and started to force his finger into her asshole. This instantly made Jada cum. “Oh fuck yeah. Fuck me, fuck me, stick your finger in my ass. I’m cumming. Shit, oh shit,” she growled, as she started to grind her pussy against Blake’s and Antonio’s cocks and pushing her asshole further onto Antonio’s finger.

“Yeah, you like that don’t ya, bitch? Do you want me to fuck your asshole, baby? Tell me bitch, do you want me to fuck you hard up your ass?” He asked demandingly.

“YEEESSS! Fuck me in my ass, while Blake fucks my pussy. Fuck me hard and fuck me deep. Abuse me in anyway you want, I am yours,” Jada pleaded. “Please, fuck me.”

Antonio pulled his hard cock out of her pussy, and pushed it deep into her ass. Both men rammed her hard and deep. Jada moaned, and thrusted just as hard as the guys were. Antonio’s fingers bit into her shoulders as he rammed her hard in the ass. Blake’s hand was squeezing, and pinching at her breast and nipples causing them to start bruising.

However, Jada loved it. She loved to be man handled, even abused while being fucked. They continued their abuse on her body. They continued to ram their cocks over and over, deeper and deeper, harder and harder into both her pussy and asshole.

“God,” Jada thought to herself. “These guys are natural fucking machines. They were like a pair of fucking energizer bunnies. They kept going and going and going. They had fucking stamina.”

Antonio’s cock started to swell inside her ass as he got closer to cumming. He got faster and faster as each stroke brought him closer. All of a sudden, he pulled against Jada’s hair as he started to cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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