Collette in Jeremy’s Hobby Room

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We ate at the breakfast bar and chatted. His blue black hair shone in the natural light of his exquisite kitchen. “Jeremy, there is something I prefer you do for me,” I put my hand on his and he looked up at me. I could have happily stared into his sea blue eyes for days, but I had work to do. “I need to get back in the swing of things, before this weekend. I know it’s been a while since we’ve done a hard scene, but I need it.”

He took a long, slow breath. “Why before this weekend?”

I swallowed hard. “Sebastian is going to be at the party, and he wants to do an exhibition scene in the blue room, and I need to have my head together beforehand. I can’t think of anyone else better suited for the job.”

“I’m honored you’d trust me for this, C. Does Sebastian know about what happened?”

“I don’t think so. I’d prefer he didn’t. I don’t want it to be a factor in anything he does; I don’t want him to hold back.”

He smirked briefly, then said, “And what about me? Do you want me to hold back?”

“No. But, I want to go slow.”

He nodded, and we finished breakfast in silence. I undressed in his bedroom, and he changed into his capris and lost his shirt. He turned the heat warmer for the whole house, then took my hand. I looked at him oddly; we hadn’t worked a hard scene there before and I didn’t know why we’d leave the bedroom for it. He smiled, “What do you think my hobby room is?”

I raised an eye brow and smirked, then giggled. “Leave it to you to perv up the phrase, ‘hobby room.'”

Jeremy led me down the hall, opened the door, and said, “Step up.” It was just one stair, but it as soon as the door opened, so I would have stumbled without the warning. I walked in first, with him close behind. He wrapped his arms around my waist from behind, “What do you think?” My brain hadn’t the time to form an opinion, but my pussy did, and she liked the room.

The flooring had a hint of bounce to it, like the cork planks in my condo, but was black square tiles. Three walls were a dark taupe, the fourth one on my right was mirrored. The taupe walls had all equipment mounted: whips, manacles, paddles, and other assorted fun. The windows were 6″ by 4′ and near the ceiling, which was 12′ high, like the rest of the place. I saw the tops of pines sway in the cold breeze. In front of the mirrored wall was a black padded X-cross, like the ones at Dalia’s and Janice’s. There was a dark red paisley patterned sofa angled in the far left corner. Aftercare couch, in a pattern to hide stains, I thought. There was an armless chair next to it, in the same pattern. A breathy, “It’s perfect,” escaped my lips.

“Ready to begin?”


“If things aren’t working for you in any aspect, we end it. If I think that’s the case, I end it. I know you’d like to go deep today, and I am very much up for that, but don’t think for a second that you have to push past where you’re at in your head.”

“I know all that. I’m ready.”

He took a calming breath, and in his Nevşehir Escort deep Dom voice said, “Let’s begin.”

I nodded.

He walked to the armless chair, then said, “Come here.” I did. “Sit on the chair, face backward with your legs on either side.” I did that, too. There were handles on the back of the chair. “Grip the handles and stay there.” He walked away, and I looked at the equipment on the exterior wall. The windows were high above my head, so I examined the paddles in front of me. Standard issue stuff, mostly.

He combed my copper hair, then French braided it, with the end curled around my left shoulder, to leave my back vulnerable. He ran the sharp teeth of the comb down my back, and I breathed deeply. He walked away again, and I noticed one of the black leather paddles had silver spikes on one side. He trailed something soft all over my back and my ass. The fleece tendrils of a warm up flogger. He whacked me a few dozen times with it, just to say hello. It was nice.

Then, he switched to a hide flogger, and there was a hint of a thud with each stroke. The effect was nearly like a good, light massage, so I relaxed some more. Soon as I was peaceful, he turned it up with the next one.

It felt as though he used one in each hand, and I moaned quietly. They stung with a hint of thud, and I assumed they were suede. The strikes were constant; I couldn’t time my breaths, but they were light enough that I didn’t have to, not yet. Then, abruptly they stopped. “Walk to the cross.”

I’d been strapped to Saint Andrew’s crosses several times, but they were large and imposing, and my breathing always sped up when I approached one. He buckled my ankles onto the little steps on the bottom, and my wrists to the top. “Again.”

I watched him in the mirror as he worked me over. He used two large black bull floggers. He twirled them around his arms for more force as he brought them down, and I wanted to learn the technique. It caught my eye and kept my attention more than the beating, because he still didn’t go hard.

After a few minutes, he switched to an elephant braid flogger and slowed down considerably. It was like being whacked with 5 soft canes on my ass at once. I gasped loudly with the first hit. He waited 10 long seconds. Then, again. I didn’t gasp on the second one. 10 more seconds, I counted them. Again. 5 second wait. I swallowed hard, and the next hit came. 5 seconds. Another, and I gasped. It couldn’t be helped. My pelvic floor twitched. Another, then another. He changed it to two at a time, and my eyes rolled back. My wetness poured down my thighs, as sweat did the same to my back. I moaned constantly. Left side, right side, breath. Left side right side, breath. Lefside riside gasp. I fell into myself, where breath and time were nothing. I heard the hits more than I felt them. And then they stopped.

He palmed my back, from my neck to my ankles. The heat of his hands made me suck air in faster I thought possible. When he touched Nevşehir Escort Bayan where he’d struck, I groaned. “Good Girl.” Part of my brain was proud of my work, but most of my brain was no longer with me. He swatted the underside of my right cheek, then the left. My thighs shook, but I stayed as present as I could. “Now, we’re going to shift gears.”

He unbuckled my limbs and caught me, as I crumbled to the floor. He laid me down on the black squares and gave me a minute to collect myself. As I began to prop up on my hands and knees, he put his foot on my back and pinned me there. “Stay.”

I didn’t know what he was doing, but I stayed.

“Who do you belong to?”


“Who am I?”

“My Master.”

“Damn straight.” He stepped off, but I stayed where he left me. He walked away. “Come here.” I looked up, and saw he sat on the armless chair. I started to get up, but he said, “On your hands and knees. Crawl here.”

I was confused. We’d never played quite like this before.

“Did I stutter?” I crawled toward him. “Slower.” I slowed down. I got to him and didn’t know what to do. “Over my lap.” I stretched myself across his lap, and he petted my ass. It felt nice, but my head stewed in questions. He swatted my ass, and my questions vanished with my scream. It was much harder than how he’d whipped me and caught me off guard. “Shh, that’s my Good Girl,” he whispered as he rubbed my ass. Another, but this time I gasped only. “Yes.” Again, and the smack echoed in the room. I whimpered. “Hold still.” Then, he inserted something small and wet into my ass, followed by something larger. I tried not to squirm. This continued for a minute, and each next thing was a bit larger, till he got to the end of it. I realized it was a set of connected anal beads. “Are you sore from last night, Good Girl?”

“A little,” a quiet voice escaped me.

“Then, I have your attention. Crawl back to the X-cross, and don’t lose the beads.”

I climbed off his lap and began my journey. But, on my way there, he swatted my back and ass with another flogger. This one stung with each strike, and there were many strikes. My whole body shook, but I completed the 20 foot crawl. I stayed on my hands and knees, as he whipped at my body. “Spread your legs.” I did, and he struck me there. I screamed, then glared at him. “Oh? Is that so?” he did it again, and I didn’t look away as I snarled at him. He flung the flogger, then grabbed the back of my neck and pinned me to the floor. My hands were on either side of my head, and I was face down, ass up. “I will whip that sweet cunt of yours until I am satisfied,” he slowly pulled the beads from my ass, “and I will violate you in whatever way I see fit because it amuses me.” He shoved a finger into my ass and another one in my pussy and fucked me with them, and I whined. “What is it that you want?”

“Fuck…me,” I panted.

He laughed, “You think if I fuck you, I’ll be done torturing you? If I lose my hard Escort Nevşehir on, you’ll be safe?” He leaned down to my ear and whispered, “You’ll never be safe. All you can do, all you can ever do, is be strong enough.” His hips lined up behind mine and just as he was about to penetrate me, I heard his message. Be strong enough.

I got my right hand under me, then brought my right foot to the floor, and sprang up from that side. He fell from me, and I started to get up. He pulled me back down. I fought him hard. We wrestled for several minutes. He was stronger than me, and knew how to actually wrestle, but it was like chess. I knew chess. Moves and countermoves.

I avoided his grasp and used his weight against him. I held my own for the first couple of bouts, but he was talented. Finally, he had me pinned with my arms underneath my low back, his left knee on my right inner thigh. I bit my lip as I gazed into him, and he kissed me ardently. I wrapped my left leg around his hips and grinded against him over his capris. He let go of my arms, and it was all I needed. I lifted up with my left side, and flipped him onto his back, then I pinned his arms at his sides with my knees and tightly grasped his throat with my right hand. I bent forward and glared into his eyes, “Strong enough for you?”

He rasped, “Fuck, I love you,” and I kissed him passionately as I released his throat. I pulled the waistband of his capris down and slid onto his cock. I screamed delighted nonsense, as he filled me up and growled in ecstasy. His back arched under us, his hips bucked, and he held onto my thighs. I kissed his mouth, then licked his neck, and I wanted his everything.

The black tile made his skin glow, and I thought of Vaughn. I was distracted for only a moment, and he knew it. He rolled me onto my back before I recovered. Jeremy took my hands over my head. He bent down to kiss me, and I wrapped my legs around him, while I rocked underneath. I came, as I stared into his eyes. My legs dropped my feet to the floor, and my hips shoved me down his cock again and again, while I shrieked. He scooped his hands under my shoulders to pull me up his body, as he sat back. The throbs between my legs made the angle change much more interesting. He held my back to keep me upright, as I writhed on his cock. I held onto his shoulders, and as my orgasm subsided, I fell into his gaze. Time stopped, and my breath was his breath. Then, the wave crashed into us again, and I wasn’t sure who moved first, but we grinded slowly into each other.

I panted, “I love you, too,” then pushed him onto his back and straddled his body once more. I twisted my hips around his hardness, and his breath quickened.

“Come here,” he murmured, and I leaned down to him. He held me closely, and I listened to his heartbeat as he fucked me from below. It banged his chest as hard as he usually banged me. “Kiss me,” he begged, and I did. His perfect mouth gave me plump lips to play with, and his strong arms held me. He screamed into my mouth as he came. His body jerked and thrashed under me, and I came again. Didn’t know it was there, but he found it. My hands were on his chest when we broke the kiss. I watched his beautiful soul through his skin, and I knew what he knew. I was strong enough.

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