Collette Watches Vaughn’s 1st PNV

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I found myself sucked in by Vaughn’s beauty. Our bodies were the same proportions: 5’7″, B cups, and great asses, but that’s where our physical similarities ended. My copper hair and olive eyes and paperwhite skin could not have contrasted more to her jet black skin, dark hair, and obsidian eyes. She stared till she had my attention, then she glanced at Gino, back at me, and made a slight head gesture, as if to say, “Let’s go. Now.”

I made an abbreviated nod and said to Jeremy, “I think it’s time for me to go,” as I looked at Vaughn. I stood, and she and Gino did, too. I announced, “Gentlemen, if you excuse us, we have business to attend.” Simon, Sydney, and Jeremy politely stood as we got up to leave.

Vaughn quietly asked, “Would you mind awfully if we used your apartment, Jeremy?”

My boyfriend knew this was a significant night for her. Vaughn had never been with a man, and my other boyfriend, Gino, was her grateful selection. Jeremy smiled kindly, “Not at all. You kids have fun.”

She put her hand on his lapel, then looked up into his eyes and said, “I’m indebted, thank you. But, one more thing…”


“Would you join us? I’d hate for us to be preoccupied, and Collette to become bored.”

Jeremy was stunned, but managed to say, “I’d be delighted.” As soon as we entered his apartment at the south wing of Dalia’s mansion, he ordered, “Lights, dim, music, lounge.” His vocal wishes were granted, and the space came to life. The sunken living room on our left had an oversized U-shaped couch with a low back, the middle of which was taken up by an equally oversized coffee table. A breakfast bar with seating for two separated the living room and kitchen, and beyond the kitchen was a set of spiral stairs which led up to the loft-style bedroom. “Everybody good with apple pie punch?”

“Sure,” she said, a little nervous. Vaughn sat on one of the barstools and watched Jeremy get to work.

“May I take your hat?” I asked.

“Forgot I still had it on. Thanks,” she handed it over, and I put it on the table near the front door.

I walked back to her, and for the second time in an hour, caught a whiff of cinnamon. Jeremy poured four glasses, and I discovered the source of the scent.

“To the New Year!” he toasted. We all clinked and drank. The physical contrast between my boyfriends was highlighted in their Gatsby-wear. Jeremy’s retro tuxedo skimmed his dancer’s body and was as dark as his blue-black hair. The pairing made his skin glow as white as my own. But, Gino’s Italian American coloring and larger build was flattered by the news-boy garb. Each was suited to the party’s theme, in entirely different ways. I caught Gino’s chocolate brown eyes, and he looked nervous, too. It was priceless. I sat on the stool to her right and sipped away.

Vaughn said, “This is really good, Jeremy. What’s in it?”

“Sydney’s moonshine, flavored with fresh apples and cinnamon sticks. I added some apple cider and ginger ale. I’m glad you like it. Gino, can I see you for a minute?”

“Um, sure,” Gino hadn’t expected that, but followed him upstairs.

I rotated Vaughn’s chair, so she faced me. “What?” she smiled.

“I’m done waiting,” I leaned over and kissed her soft lips flavored by the apple pie punch. We somehow ended up on our feet, so that we could kiss without leaning. She sighed into my mouth, as her hands rounded my hips to land on my ass. She pulled my body tighter to hers, and my hands went to work on the pins in her hair.

“Hang on,” she stopped me, pulled out two more, then kissed me again as her natural curls fell around her shoulders. “Damn, I’ve been dying to kiss you all night,” she panted an inch from my face. Fuck, I was so wet, and I was pretty sure she was, too.

“I know what you mean.” I kissed her again, but I had make sure everything was as I thought. “You know they’re waiting for us up there, right?”

She nodded, “Yeah, just had to kiss you first. Come on.” She took my hand, and we went up the spiral stairs. The guys were still dressed, which I thought showed restraint on İstanbul Escort their part. They were seated on the bed. Candles were lit on the dresser, and the music was at a softer volume in Jeremy’s bedroom. “Gino?”

His chest heaved slightly with his breath, “Yes, Vaughn?”

“Come here?”

He walked to her, unsure of what to do next. She simplified things for him when she kissed him. As they stood there, I slid her tuxedo jacket from her shoulders, and draped it on a chair. Her lavender button down turned out to be sleeveless and backless, with only a button on the back of the halter neck to keep it in place. I licked up from the base of her spine to her neck, and she moaned. Her body tasted like its scent: caramel. She turned her head and kissed me, then turned back to him and slid the suspenders from his shoulders. I trailed my fingertips up and down her back, as she unbuttoned his shirt. She shivered at my touch. Then, Jeremy’s hands caressed my shoulders and he whispered, “Vaughn?”

“Yes?” her voice was breathy and heavy with lust.

“Tell us what you want.”

She purred, “I want all of you.”

And with that, Gino took her in his arms and kissed her passionately. Jeremy’s fingers unzipped my dress as I took my hairpin out. I faced him, and we got his clothes off as fast as we could. When I looked, Vaughn was naked, and Gino stepped from his shoes, as they still kissed.

I tapped her shoulder, and she turned to me. “Dibs.” I pushed her onto the bed, and she giggled as she bounced on her back. God, she was so adorable. I dove on top of her, between her knees. I kissed her lips and her precious B cups, then her navel, as I made my way down. Her giggles turned into moans as I got closer to the good stuff. Then, I wrapped my arms around her hips, spread her open, and licked into her pussy.

“Oh God, yes,” she moaned as she pressed my face into her. Her sweetness drove me crazy, and I went after every drop, but that only made her wetter. Her clit begged to be bitten, and I did so carefully. Hands separated my legs, and I knew one of my guys was about to fuck me. I didn’t care which one. But, when he inserted himself, I knew it was Jeremy. My boyfriends were the same girth, but he was longer. I growled into her pussy, as he got all the way in. “Fuck, oh fuck,” she moaned. Gino was on her tits. He kissed her mouth, then licked her chest, and kissed her again. Jeremy pulled out, and I laid on my back, next to her panting form.

I kissed Vaughn, as Gino slid down her body, and Jeremy took his place between my legs. I glanced down, and saw Gino get on his knees between her legs, too. I looked into her eyes, and there was nothing left in there, but desire and ache. “Vaughn, I need to hear it,” Gino was condomed up.

“Gino,” she panted, “Fuck me.”

His eyes went completely sex drunk, and she laced her right-hand fingers with my left, as he gradually worked the head of his cock inside her. “Oh, Fuck!” she grunted. Jeremy went slowly, too, as he entered me. I rocked my hips under him to get more of his length, but he tortured me with his pace. In the faded candlelight, I saw her legs tremble, as Gino slid all the way into her. “Jesus, fuck,” she whispered.

“You okay?” he gasped, as his face got much closer to hers.

She panted, “Yes,” then her hips worked up toward him, and he took the hint. Gino slowly thrust in and out a couple of times, and she growled, “Oh GOD!”

I was utterly intoxicated on the moment her technical virginity evaporated, and then Jeremy thrust all the way into me, and my attention was no longer divided. “FUCK!” I shouted.

“There’s our girl,” he grunted at me. Jeremy slipped his hands under my shoulders, then hooked them over, and I was pinned by his body. His hips drove into my G spot from that angle, and I shook at each thrust. My right hand held onto his neck and I rode him from underneath as much as I could. “Don’t cum yet, C,” he groaned.

“What?!” I whined.

He shook his head no.

“Can’t…hold…back,” I panted.

He pulled out, Bayan Escort turned me onto my hands and knees, and thrust straight back in. I watched her and Gino, as Jeremy fucked me. He kissed her sweetly as their bodies writhed at each other. I growled as the wave started, then Jeremy pulled out again. I whimpered and looked back at him. “On your back again,” he waited. I rolled back over, then he scooted down between my legs. Two of his fingers entered me and I bucked at them, as his full lips played with my clit.

“Oh God, tell me I can cum,” I moaned.

“C,” he looked up at me, “I want you to cum in my mouth.” Then, Jeremy launched his tongue at my button, while his fingers twisted inside me.

“OH FUCK!” He turned them like that again and again, and I felt that magic muscle inside release. My inner thighs shook hard, and I squirted into his mouth as I came. I screamed without words, but he didn’t let up. He slid his cock into me again, and the sudden fullness made me cum again.

“Baby, cum on me, oh fuck yes!” he loved when I squirted, and this time, his cock made me do it. My glutes and other back muscles clenched tight, which arched my back. I roared, as Jeremy banged into me. His eyes rolled back, he growled, and his body jerked hard inside me, but he pulled out to cum on my thigh. He rolled away, jumped up, and fetched a towel to clean me, while I turned onto my left side and watched Vaughn and Gino.

They were backlit by the candles and the scene was beautiful: she kissed him sweetly while he slowly and carefully thrust into her. Jeremy returned, cleaned my right thigh, and spooned me. He whispered, “I’m so glad she invited me.”

I smiled and whispered back, “Me too, Baby.” He was hard again, or still, I wasn’t sure which. When I squirted, his cock was incorrigible. He licked my neck, and I shivered, then wriggled against him.

“Don’t tease.”

“Not teasing.”

He slid into my wet hole, and we groaned at the sensation. I rocked back onto him and it felt so good, I slapped the bed. I disturbed the attached couple two feet away. I played her nipples, and she yelped. I reached behind me and tapped Jeremy’s shoulder twice.

“You kay?” he gasped.

“On your back,” I panted. He pulled out, rolled away, and I climbed on top of him.

Vaughn’s hand grabbed my thigh for leverage.

“Wanna try,” she grunted to Gino, who was happy to. Next thing I knew, she cautiously sat on top of my boyfriend and guided him into her. The angle was odd for her, of course, but her anatomy let her know what worked and what didn’t, and soon, she found her own rhythm. “God!” she growled. Gino held her hands, and I knew that look on her face. She was close.

Jeremy’s hands grabbed my ass, and he bucked into me rapidly. “Oh fuck,” I panted as my attention returned to the man inside me. My pussy pulsed in time with his efforts, “I’m gonna-

“Cum, now,” he growled, and I did. My head tossed back as I shrieked like a horror movie’s last girl. Vaughn popped off Gino to kiss me, while Jeremy writhed under my hips. Her wet lips brought me back, and as it faded, my head came back to her face. We panted together for moment, she kissed me again, then smiled. She went back to Gino, and I climbed off Jeremy. I played with her clit and kissed her.

She moaned louder and louder, and I pulled my lips away, then moved my hand. Vaughn leaned down to Gino and kissed him, as she came. He held her close to him, and I watched as she jerked and trembled in his arms. Jeremy watched, too. Gino pulled her from him and laid her on her back. I took my chance and as soon as she was off, I sucked his caramel-flavored condom-covered cock into my mouth. I was on my hands and knees over Vaughn’s shaking body. I slipped my left fingers into her slit, while I tipped my head side to side down his shaft. She yelped and laughed, and I knew she needed a break. Fuck that. I tickled her G spot with my fingertips, and heard her gasp, “No, no, no, no.” I pulled out of her, and went at Gino’s dick wholeheartedly.

“Fuck, Baby, oh my God,” Eskort he grunted. His big hands found the back of my head and gave the slightest shove. I loved that and moaned my approval. Mine were not the only happy sounds. Vaughn kissed Jeremy and they made happy sounds in each other’s mouths. His right hand trailed around her twitching body. He skipped her tits, bypassed her pussy, and rubbed anywhere a bikini wouldn’t touch her. He was the best torturer I knew.

“Baby, I need you on me,” Gino let my head go, and pulled at my shoulders. I crawled up his body and slid down his cock. I leaned back, propped my hands on his thighs, and rolled my stomach to anchor him against my good spot. “FUCK, Baby, yes,” his words were louder at the start than the finish. I was close again, and looked at Vaughn and Jeremy. She sat on him, and he retrieved a condom. I was impressed by her ambitions: two on her first guy night, and Jeremy’s size. Gino noticed too, and dimpled at her. Then, he looked up at me, and I was sunk.

My orgasm ripped through me, G spot first. It felt like hot and cold tendrils of pleasure shot through me from there. My vision went white, and gravity didn’t seem to matter. The friction of his skin on mine was the first thing, like I felt all the tiny hairs on his arms. They tickled my lower back, and as my vision cleared, I saw he’d sat up. His voice chanted, “I got you, Baby, I got you.”


He grinned, “You almost fell.” I looked around. I was still on his cock, but his knees were raised to help catch me, and Vaughn stared her concern. She was too sex drunk to coherently ask if I was okay.

Jeremy asked, “You good?”

“Yeah, we’re good,” Gino told Jeremy.

“Come here, Vaughn,” he groaned, as she rolled her hips down onto him.

Her back arched as she shouted, “Oh fuck!”

I smiled and wiggled on Gino.

“You want to keep going?” he grinned.

“Not like this,” I got off him, and bent over the side of the bed.

He grunted joyously, then got behind me. “Knees on the bed, Baby.” I climbed up the bed. He thrust into me with the beat of the song, which I noticed was Chet Faker’s Gold, one of my favorites. Gino pressed my shoulders down, so my face was on the bed. His hands then held onto my tired hips and spread me wide open.

“Fuck, Baby, oh God,” I moaned. Even like this, his cock toyed with my good bit.

He leaned onto my sweaty back and growled, “Gonna cum so hard.”

“Yes, oh fuck, yes,” I grunted. I needed him to cum. Then, he reached under me, and used two fingers to play with my clit, and realized he was talking about me. After the night I’d had, that was all it took. I gasped happy, and screeched as I came. I bunched the sheets in my fists while my legs clasped back around him.

“Holy shit,” he grunted, pulled out, tore off his condom, and came up my back. He fell to his knees behind me. I wanted to check on him, but couldn’t move.

Thankfully, Vaughn and Jeremy had watched our last minute, and he must have waved them off, because she said, “He’s good,” then went back to riding Jeremy. I noticed she still wasn’t all the way down his cock, and I couldn’t tell if that was because he was too long for her, or if that was the angle she needed him to hit.

Once he could walk, Gino cleaned my back and helped me lay down on the bed. He spooned me, as we watched Jeremy and Vaughn. Her body shook, and I knew she was close, but this time I was incapable of helping out. Jeremy reached down for her clit, and she gasped when it hit her. Her scream sounded like it came from her toes. Her back arched with it, and Jeremy’s hips jumped up into her. He rolled her onto her back, stayed inside her pussy the whole time, and fucked her missionary. “FUCK YES!” she shouted as he took control. She bucked at him, and he pounded her hard. Her screams were wordless on her next one. Only vowels or consonants, none mixed.

“FUCK, Vaughn, I’m gonna cum,” he warned.

“YES!” she gasped. Jeremy pulled out, flung the condom away, and came on her thigh.

The bed moved behind me, and a towel flew in the air to Jeremy’s waiting hand.

“Thanks, man.” He cleaned her thigh, tossed the towel, and spooned her. I snuggled my face into her slick, sweaty boobs, my ass against Gino’s relaxed dick, and fell the fuck asleep.

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