Conquest of Seed and Knot Ch. 03

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Vrak, as it turned out, didn’t have to wait long.

Her sister became increasingly feverish in the days that followed, her fur becoming matted with sweat and heavy production of her skin oils. She bathed regularly to hide it, she conditioned, treated and styled her fur so that no one could tell what she was going through.

But at the end of the day, she would finish her day with her hair, her skin and even her face in disarray.

“Honey,” Vic asked her a few days after his experience with…his wife prostituting herself to him.

He should be at work, but Vrak was actually happy that her father had found something at home that interested him enough to put it off- “you look a little bit pale, are you alright?”

“I-I am fine dad,” Vika replied as she tried to not let her hand shake too much.

She was sitting meters away from Vrak, at the opposite end of the table, but even that distance was enough for Vrak’s sexual pheromones to affect her it seemed.

Vika would try to peer at her from the corner of her eyes from time to time and Vrak, like the older sister she was, would just brazenly smile at her. She had not spoken to Vrak since that first night of pimping their mother out to their father, but that was fine with Vrak; Siblings fought all the time after all.

And her sister would soon be hers anyway~

“Really? You don’t seem to be doing too well,” Vic responded with a grunt. He was actually sitting a distance from Hina, and was looking at her from time to time like he never had in all the years that he had been married to her, “Point in fact, you’ve been looking bad for a while and you just seem to be getting worse.”

“I am doing fine, dad!” Vika growled as she grabbed her shaky hand with her other hand, and forced herself to scoop up her food into her mouth, “So just stop asking already. Please!”

Vic actually raised an eyebrow at Hina, who pointed a thumb at her stomach and then pointed at her head, indicating “heat”.

Vic wordlessly gasped in understanding.

“Are you taking any pills for it hon?” He asked, making Vika glare at him, “I mean, if you are going into your he-“

“-I AM NOT GOING INTO HEAT!” Vika yelled as she half got up from her table.

Her parents recoiled back and even Vrak was surprised by that. Was Vika…in denial?

“I know what I am doing,” Vika spat her words out as she settled into her chair again.

“…honey,” Vic tried again, “Have you talked to your mother about this?”

Vika, for the first time, actually looked at Hina for the first time as she tried hard to not let her contempt show.

“I am good,” She replied simply as her attention went back to her food.

If she had been acting as if she were ignoring Vrak…then it would be apt to say that her ignorance of their mother was no act.


“Well,” Their father lamely said in the aftermath of that, “If you are sure.”

Vika only grunted her affirmation as Vic sighed…and then pulled out a few bills from his pocket.

He slid them down the table to Hina, and the fox gave Vrak a questioning shake of her head.

Mistaking it for being directed at him, Vic gestured towards the seat next to him, and Vrak gave her stepmother and bitch an approving smile before she nodded behind her father’s back.

Hina took the money and put it between her tits as the patriarch of the house breathlessly watched, before she sauntered over to his side.

They had been like this for days, with Vrak doing anything to encourage it. Sometimes they would charge a lot of money for the most meaningless of things.

Sometimes they would charge a pittance for the most extreme.

It was all part of the game, with the main point being that Vic paid.

Vika gave a hiss of scorn at the display as she put her spoon down and, without a word, departed for her room.

“What got into her?” Vic wondered as his wife put a hand on his shoulder as she sat down next to him.

“Who knows,” Hina said with a worried frown that gave away her knowledge.

“Oh, little sis is just going through her rebellious phase,” Vrak confidently replied, “Just give her space.”

“I’ll pull her out of it soon enough,” She assured them.

“I can always count on you hon,” Vic replied and even Hina seemed to be eased.

What could Vrak say? She was just doing what any loving Alpha bitch would for her family.

“Oh little sis, what are you doing?” Vrak asked herself as she sat on her computer in her room.

The scent of her mother’s heat wasn’t as strong in the room as it was before, as the game that they were playing with her father required her to be out of it. But oh, just to add spice there were nights where no amount of money would make Hina stay, and she would come here so that Vrak could make up for selling her.

She was keeping her bitch well fed and fucked even as they slowly worked on giving her father a spot on her future vision of her family.

But today she was checking up on her sister’s computer from her own console.

As in denial as she was, and porno videolar as nearly incapable of actually working in society as her heat had rendered her, she had been hard at work to, as far as Vrak could determine, stop Vrak..

There were cameras in the house now, arranged so that they would be “hidden” even as Vrak had fun with their mom. Point in fact, Vrak went out of her way to pose and make the sex look as good as she could for her sister!

There were also microphones in strategic places, near where Vrak made sure to loudly talk about her adulterous plans for her stepmother with their father. She would incriminate herself in ways both subtle and obvious. And she did it knowing full well that she was probably filling a library of records heavy enough to fully destroy their family.

About the only thing that worried her was that she had not heard Vika masturbate.

Not even once.

Her eyes were going red at the edges and her pussy was so swollen that Vrak could see the outline of her triangular lips if she didn’t wear loose enough pants or skirts.

It was worrying, really.

But the fact that she now had so much incriminating evidence on her? Well, what was a little risk for getting what you really wanted?

“You really should use a better system, sis,” Vrak sighed as she earmarked all videos, audio files and even pictures that Vika had on her. She would work on this with her later, because, who knows, maybe a career of incestual porn laid on their futures? As it was, they were ready to be uploaded to a cloud system.

But they actually weren’t. That is to say, if something happened to her computer, all this hard work would go to waste.

Sloppy, sloppy.

And that was when her phone rang.

A simple vibration that indicated that someone had sent her a text message made Vrak pull out her cellphone.

And when she looked at it she smiled.

“We need to talk,” it said, by the sender that Vrak had nicknamed “Loving sis” in her phone.

Was it finally time?

Vrak rapidly went to her contacts and called the only other person necessary to turn all this hard work into the necessary last steps that she needed to fulfill her goals.

Things had not gone to her plans. Obstacles had shown themselves. But would she be her father’s daughter if she couldn’t roll with the punches? At the end of the day, she would widen her scope.

And she would make her problems into open doors.

“Hina,” Vrak purred into her phone.

“Y-yes hon?” Hina asked and Vrak could practically hear her shivering over the phone.

“It’s time,” She told her bitch and stepmother.

“You mean-” Hina gasped.

“Yes, tell father to bring a lot of money today,” Vrak ordered her, “Tell him that he is going to need it.”

“O-ok,” Hina swallowed the saliva on her throat.

And then Vrak hung up on her.

It was a little rude, but then, Vrak knew that Hina loved how she abused her authority over her. At any rate, she went to her contacts and clicked on “Loving sis”.

“Alright,” Vrak typed, “I’ll be coming over tonight.”

“Come in,” Vika coughed, almost as if she had a sore throat.

It was 7 and dinner hadn’t even happened; Vika had actually not gone to school today, hadn’t even left her room, while Hina had cajoled her father into going straight to her room after he came in.

The stage was set, the audience was ready and so, after having knocked and received permission…Vrak came into the room.

The first thing that struck her was the smell.

She had allowed her stepmom to go into her heat enough to seduce and fuck her. And her body had released enough sex hormones to make Vrak go into a rut.

Vika? With her refusal to take her Heat-relieving medication, or just her refusal to even admit that she was in a heat because of her sister, hadn’t had that mercy.

Her room reeked with fertility.

Vrak was pretty sure she had already knocked up their mother because of how much they had fucked. Vika? Almost without knowing HOW, the most primal, the most instinctual part of her brain told her that all it would take to swell the stomach of her sister with their incestious children would be to spurt one single load into her womb.

It raised the hackles of Vrak’s hair and fur. It instantly made her cock swell with blood and heat as her testicles hurt from how much they were starting to over produce sperm. It made her own nipples hard and made saliva want to drool out of her mouth.

Hell, it almost made Vrak go into a female heat of her own!

That’s how strong Vika’s heat was!

“Y-you are here,” Vika said with a rough voice as she got up from her bed.

She was dressed in a long skirt but her hard heat had made her pussy lips swell so much that Vrak could see them pressing against her skirt. Was she even wearing any panties?

Could she even?

“You said you wanted to talk,” Vrak coolly said, but her voice came out in a husk. Despite what her plans were, she really wasn’t trying to porno video izle sound seductive but she couldn’t help but feel extremely aroused!

The way her sister flushed and got visibly angry at doing so, proved that it might have been a “happy accident” all the same.

“Yes,” Vika said with a clipped tone, “Talk.”

“And just that?” Vrak groused with a raised eyebrow. The way that Vika dangerously growled made Vrak chuckled. It was so much fun to mess with her.

“Here!” Vika said as she angled her computer screen at her sister, displaying a folder that she had already seen many times, “Do you know what this is?”

“Videos?” Vrak replied, letting her amusement bleed through.

“Yes, of you f-fucking mom!” Vika angrily said, clicking on one of them.

“Oh, you chose one of my favorite ones,” Vrak replied as she got closer.

“What?” Vika asked, confusion replacing some of her anger.

“I almost got my knot stuck inside her jaw,” Vrak proudly replied. And, indeed, her mother seemed like a jizz starved succubus in the video, who was still sucking her cock despite already having made Vrak cum.

In reality, she was just trying to pull her genitalia out of her mouth and throat.

And failing.

“Whatever!” Vika said as she threw her hands up, “You are going to stop.”

“Oh?” Vrak casually said as she put her hands on her hips and looked down at her sister.

Gosh, had she always been this small?

“Yeah, you’re gonna do that.” Vika assured her, “A-and not only that, but also…you are going to leave the house.”

“Where will I go?” Vrak asked her out of curiosity.

“I don’t give a rat’s ass!” Her sister replied, “Just not here where you guys can cheat on dad!”

And now came the time to shine.

“Or what?” Vrak finally asked, making Vika growled again as she pulled out of the video to maximize the window where all her folder of evidence was.

“I s-show this to dad,” Vika replied, her voice lowering almost to the point that she was whispering, “And not only that, I upload this online so that everyone can see what you did to us!”

“To us?” Vrak casually asked. Vika’s eyes went wide when she realized her verbal slip.

“No, no, no, I meant mom, mom,” Vika replied.

“No, no, I agree actually,” Vrak disagreed, “Us. You guys.”

And as she did…she started taking her shirt off.

“W-wat are you doing!” Vika shrieked as Vrak’s shirt came off and her own tits swung freely in the air.

“Are the cameras on?” Vrak asked.

“What?” Vika replied.

“You were hoping to get my admission too, weren’t you?” Vrak elaborated as she unbuckled her belt.

“A-and I got it too!” Vika bravely said.

“No, you just got implications and, dare I say it, hearsay?” Vrak chuckled as she let her pants…drop.

“I have videos of you fucking mom!” Vika replied. She tried to glare at her scum of a sister but…it was hard to do so when her eye were glued to the panties barely holding her bestial cock back.

“Well, here is a confession,” Vika said as she slid her panties down.

And let her cock bob in the air.

“I am going to make mom my bitch,” She assured her sister, “I am going to own her like father has refused to do in all the years that he’s been married to her. I am going to enjoy every single one of her heats and make her push out puppies for me year after year…after year.”

“Y-you are insane,” Vika replied as she flushed, her eyes still not being able to look away from that huge turgid cock!

“And,” Vrack’s added, “I am going to do the same…to you.”

The sheer danger in her voice, the sheer threat, finally allowed Vika to look into her sister’s eyes.

Just in time to see her change.

Many generations removed from the bestial monsters that they once were in ancient times, Anthro wolves still had dormant blood in them that allowed to call back to then.

Not everyone could of course. But Vrak was special in many ways.

Not only was she amazing. Only was she smart. Not only did she have the sexual genitalia of both sexes…she could also transform into the bestial form of her ancestors.

A “war form” that Gray Wolves like her no longer needed in modern times.

But that she still had.

By the time she had expanded to almost 7 feet in height from paw to shoulder, haunching over as her mouth extended into a full length wolf snout, her sister had backed into her bed and was looking at her with panic.

“V-Vrack, w-what is this?” Vika could only say as Vrak looked at her with fully lupine eyes.

Werewolves was what they were called, and highly prized for violent work. In this form Vrak was stronger than any other anthro, and far more dangerous beside. Vika could only stare with fear…and arousal as her sister advanced on her.

“W-what are you doing?” She asked as Vrak made her crawl back the length of her bed into a wall. She drew her knees to herself as Vrak reached out with her snout.

And clamped down on her skirt.

“N-no!” porno video Vika cried as her sister dragged back into the middle of the bed and flipped her on her belly. She started to crawl back towards the wall again but something stopped her.

Vrak growled.

It was the growl of an Alpha. An infinitely superior mating partner that her body instinctively recognized. She had been responding to her sexual musk for weeks at this point, if not months.

Vika had not been willing to admit it. The fact that she was attracted to her sister, and had been ever since she had hit puberty, was an old shame that she hid underneath many layers of guilt.

But that growl.

That growl.

It brought forward the fact that she had always known and did not want to act on.

That she wanted to be bred by her sister!

“Oh, look at your pussy,” Vrak tried to coo, but in her war form her voice came out like rocks grinding together, “Doesn’t it hurt Vika? It’s so big that I wouldn’t be able to close my hand around it!”

“S-shut up!” Vika huffed as she felt her pussy juices start to leak into her bed sheets. This…this was how her dreams began.

The worst of her nightmares and the best of her dreams.

“Well, let me help you out,” Vrak gravelly said and stuck her snout into Vika’s triangular pussy.

“Oh shit,” Vika moaned as her sister huffed the chemical cocktail of hormones and pheromones coming out of her reproductive system.

“Gods, you need to be FUCKED!” Vrak moaned, her nose still wet with her sister’s juices, as she clamped her jaw around her skirt again.

And lifted it all the way over her head.

“W-what are you doing?” Vika asked again, though she had a good idea.

“Now mom!” Vrak yelled out and Vika’s breath stopped.

“Ok honey, I’ve kept you waiting, but the show…is about to begin,” The voice of their mother sounded out from Vika’s computer screen.

And before Vika could gasp, before she could even say a thing, Vrak’s jaw opened around the skirt that was on top of her head. And closed around her neck through the cloth.

“It’s been hours honey,” The sound of their father sounded out, “So the show better be…oh, is that a werewolf doing a young girl? I’ll admit, this is hot, but I can see porn any time I like.”

“Oh, but this isn’t porn,” Their mother corrected him, “This is a show.”

“Here, let me show you,” Hina offered and then spoke louder, “Do you mind splitting that doggy pussy wide my dear?”

And then Vika felt it.

The tip of Vrak’s huge dong pressing against her triangular cunt, threatening to spear it. But that was it, she didn’t go all the way.

“See? This is happening now?” Hina said.

“I-is he-” Vic tried to replay.

“-She honey. The girl is a futanari,” Vrak’s stepmother and bitch replied.

“Oh, I can see that in the other screens,” Vic hummed, “But, um, is she raping that young woman?”

“I don’t know, what do you think dear?” Hina asked the microphone and, by way of reply, Vrak growled.

Vika hated it. Vika hated it.

But it made her hot.

“Holy shit,” The sound of their father came out.

“…so, um,” He began to ask but his wife cut him off.

“One hundred dollars dear,” Hina automatically said.

The sound of paper being exchange followed and Hina breathed in, “Alright, Vic just paid to have this bitch fucked.”

No, Vika tried to say through the jaw keeping her throat from making a sound..

Her father wouldn’t do that!

And then the futa doggy cock spread her triangular pussy wide and went directly into her cunt.

“HNG!” Despite the jaws around her neck, Vika moaned as the cock pushed past her swollen pussy and past her birthing canal. It met her hymen and didn’t stop for even a second as she was fully made into a woman.

“Oh fuck, this is so hot,” Her father replied as Vrak’s cock went all the way through her pussy.

And stopped at her womb.

“And now, for five hundred,” Hina began to say as the sound of their father’s gasp echoed through the computer, “She’ll breach her womb.”

No, please don’t!- Vika tried to beg.

“Oh, sh-Done!” Vic groaned and, not even waiting for their mother’s go ahead, Vrak pushed in with all the strength of her hips.

And collapsed Vika’s cervix inward.

“FFFFFFFUUUUCK!” Vika managed to scream out, her body convulsing from pain that didn’t feel like pain.

She was conquered.

She was undone.

She was bitch~

“M-moooree,” She managed to choke out past the jaws in her throat, sounding more like an animal than a person. She had to have more!

“I-is that bitch enjoying it?” Vic wondered as Vrak pulled out of Vika’s cunt only to slam into her pussy, hips clashing and knot almost breaching her slit.

And it was true, every time Vrak did so, Vika moaned out loud, her Heat being thoroughly satisfied as her sister came into and out of her womb.

“Oh no one can resist V for long,” Hina proudly said and there was a tense paused and Vrak continued to rasp away the inside of her sister’s pussy with her rod.

“V-is that Vrak?” Vic asked and Vrak stopped.

Was the game up?

“W-wha of it?” Her bitch and stepmother bravely asked, “One thousand dollars to have her push her knot inside that bitch’s cunt. Yes or no?”

The moment dragged on for a moment before her father spoke up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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