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Can you imagine us in a large bathtub – the water is very warm – the water is scented with oils – smelling so good and feeling so soft – the only light is from several candles throughout the bathroom. Your body is up against mine – your back against my chest – my hands sliding over your arms – your shoulders – your wonderful breast – over your nipples – while kissing your neck – nibbling on your ears. I can just reach the top of your bush – I can’t reach further to get inside of you – but just enough to running the tips of my fingers through that curly hair that tops your sweet love nest.

I reach over to the side of the bath and get a black blind fold – that I pull over your eyes and tie behind your head — now all you can do is feel – and smell the hot water and me siding behind you – hear my whispers in your ears my kisses on you skin – It makes everything more intense.

You sit up – and I get up from the bath – I take your hand and lead you out of the bathtub — all you can do is trust me be cause you istanbul escort are sill blindfolded. You feel the rich texture of the cotton towel as I just pat you dry – your skin still has the oil on it and your skin is soooo smooth. I lead you out into the bedroom and lay you down on the bed. You feel the coolness of the air on your oil covered body – your nibbles are hard and begging to be sucked – but not yet – I don’t say anything but I turn on the CD player – something soft and jazzy – you were alone on the bed while I was turning on the music – blindfolded and completely naked on the bed.

Totally exposed to me – you call out my name – but I don’t say anything – I just put my finger over your lips – hushing you – urging you to be quit I whisper so softly in your ear “one more word and I’ll gag you” as I pull one of your hands over your head. You feel me slip something around your wrist the I grab for the other wrist and again I put something over that one too – both of your arms are over escort bayan your head – and you try to pull them down – I gives a little but they are quite secure – I kiss your cheek then your neck – you turn your head to kiss me – but I go out of your reach.

For a second again you are alone – you wonder what is coming next – you know I am moving around the run – you can feel the air currents move across your skin. Suddenly I grab an ankle and side your foot into one of your high heels – then the other – I know how you like to wear them while we are making love. – – – – I crawl over you – not touching but you feel the bed move – I’m on my knees between your legs and my arms on either side of you — I am bending down licking your skin – all you feel is the point of my tongue over your skin – your breathing is short – I can tell you are trembling. I work my way down – I kiss the insides of your legs – you want to tell me how much you want me to eat your pussy – but your afraid that I will stop if you say Maltepe escort anything – so all you do is let a soft moan escape your lips – which urges me on more.

Now you feel my shoulders under your thighs – my tongue parting your lips then flicking over your clit – My hands reach up and squeeze your tits – then back down to your legs —- one hand comes down under my mouth so that my fingers start dipping into your wetness – my finger – just one – then two going inside you – exploring you while my tongue is nudging and flicking over your clit – your clit is hard and loves all the attention that it’s getting from me – I can feel your legs trembling now more – your breathing betrays you.

I know you are about to cum for me so I lick faster and move my fingers in deeper – I feel the inside of your pussy stretching to suck me in, then flooding me with your juices. But that’s not it – I make you cum like this over and over again – I am holding down your legs – your moans have turned into screams of pleasure – – I undo your arms now and you pull off your blindfold – we kiss – I can see just a bit of a tear in your eyes as you are pulling me close and kissing me. I guide myself inside you now – reaching new depths in you – touching you deeply – my hands around you…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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