Controlled by a Much Younger Man

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How did it happen? Up until recently, I considered myself an upstanding citizen. I was an upper level manager in an interstate transportation agency. Mine was a success story, having risen in the ranks from an entry level position to the position I now held. Essentially it was approximately 30 years of hard work. Unfortunately my marriage fell apart and I found myself a divorced man with two grown children.

So here I am thinking about my life and the decisions I made. I never thought of myself as gay and yet all I could think about was the next blowjob. Before I continue, I should preface my story with exactly when I began to suck cocks. Six months ago I was feeling down. Since the divorce, I was now living alone. It was Saturday and the weekend was in full swing. Rather than sulking alone in my apartment, I hopped in my car and travelled to the mall. I found myself walking the mall but after about an hour, I sat on a bench located on the second floor. All sorts of people passed me by including men, women, and children. I was so focused on people watching that I did not notice the young man sitting next to me. I moved over a bit to allow him more elbow room and he thanked me. He was handsome and seemed much younger than me.

“I hope you don’t mind me sitting next to you. I was tired of walking and needed a break. By the way, my name is Les.” He held out his hand and I quickly shook it.

“Nice to meet you Les. My name is Jules. Like you, I was tired of walking and decided to sit for a spell.” I observed him looking at me very closely but I paid no attention and in fact I welcomed the company. We spoke of mutual interests and for some odd reason, I opened up to him concerning my personal life. Apparently we had much in common. For the first time, I also looked closely at him and crazy as it seemed at the time, there was a sexual tension building up.

“Jules, I need to go the men’s room. Why don’t you meet me inside?” With that said, he got up and slowly walked to the men’s room located at the end of the walkway. I followed him and entered the men’s room. He apparently must have entered one of the stalls and so I casually looked under each stall until I noticed that he was in the last stall at the end of the bathroom. I got up the courage and lightly tapped on the door of the stall to which he unlatched the door and quietly told me to enter and close the door. The area was tight so he allowed me to enter and asked me to sit down on the bowl. As I did so, he stood directly in front of me. I was now eye level with his crotch. He dropped his pants and underwear and I became face to face with his cock and balls.

“Okay baby, I know you want me so flick out your tongue and lick my cock head.” It was like being in a dream. I was hypnotized and my tongue seemed to act on its own. I leaned forward and began to lick his cock. He pulled away just then and proceeded to slap my face. I was in shock and knew not what to expect next.

“I need to make it clear that you belong to me now and I can use you any way I see fit. Is that clear cocksucker?” At this point, I could have most likely got up and left but I didn’t. I just looked up at him and nodded in the affirmative. He smiled and pushed his cock deep into my throat.

“Very good faggot but be very careful not to brush your teeth on istanbul escort my cock. If I feel teeth, you will be punished.” I was careful and did my best not to have my teeth touch his cock. I slowly learned how to suck cock properly. My left hand played with his balls. He began to increase the speed of his thrust and I knew he was ready to cum. He pulled my head tight so much so that my nose brushed against his stomach. He came in buckets as I did my best to swallow every drop. He pulled out of my mouth and ordered me to clean him up using my tongue. Finally he zipped up but before he left the stall, he pulled out a business card with his home address and personal phone number and spoke.

“You did good queer boy. Call me tomorrow at exactly 11:00am. I’ll give you your instructions.” And with that, he left. I was stunned since I had never been treated like this before. The next morning I was fixated on the time and as the hour approached 11:00am, I considered my options. If I called, it meant that I was his property but if I did not, I would be giving up the opportunity to be wanted or so I imagined. In any event, for good or bad, I made the call.

“Glad you called, faggot. I want you to come over to my apartment dressed in a pair of gym shorts and a tee shirt, sneakers but no socks. Be here within the hour and don’t keep me waiting. Oh yes and from now on you will address me as Sir.” He hung up on me and I was left wondering what I had got myself into. But I was fascinated by what he said and so I quickly changed and headed over to his place which turned out to be very close to mine. It was with some trepidation that I entered his apartment. He greeted me at the door totally naked.

“Close the door behind you cocksucker, get naked, and on your knees.” I did as he asked and within seconds I was also totally naked. I was on my knees in a submissive position, looking up at him.

“Now worship my body from bottom to top by kissing and licking every inch.” I lay at his feet and began to kiss and lick each foot. As I did so, he raised each foot allowing me to focus on his toes and the bottom of each foot. As I was about to move up to his legs, he slapped me several times on the back of my head and then he continued to slap my face. He held my chin and proceeded to enter my mouth with each of his fingers. When he finished abusing my face, he pushed me back and ordered me to continue the body worship. I reached his crotch and my tongue flicked out to lick and lather his cock and balls. He turned around so I could reach his ass. My tongue snaked deeply into his ass. I continued my task and reached his tits and abs. He seemed satisfied. He guided me to his bed and had me lay on my back. He lifted my legs over his shoulders and began to enter my man pussy with his cock. His thrusts became steady as his cock went deeper and deeper. He moved with more speed and finally reached a climax. His cum flowed into my body for what seemed forever. Finally he pulled out and I collapsed in ecstasy.

“Okay pops. Get dressed and get your ass out of my apartment. I have plans for you so stay by your phone.” What could I say! I was totally humiliated and yet I was excited at the prospect of this new way of life. After I dressed and before I left, he turned me around and spoke.

“I’m istanbul escort bayan sure you know what a pimp is because from now on I am your pimp. You work for me. Is that a problem?”

“No sir, not a problem.” I looked at him with awe. I couldn’t help myself. And so I left and waited by the phone for his call. It had been two weeks since I saw him last and I began to worry that he wasn’t interested in me anymore. Just when I was beginning to lose hope, he called!

“Meet me at the box office of the Hope Cinema downtown tonight at 8:00pm and don’t be late. Also dress in your sluttiest outfit.”

I did not know what to expect but I was sure that he had it all planned. I arrived a few minutes early and was waiting when he arrived. He paid for our tickets and we entered the theater heading upstairs to the balcony. Did I mention that this was a gay venue and the movie being shown featured a guy being gang banged by several other men. Anyway I followed him to one end of the balcony where a dark alcove seemed to invite us into the shadows.

“Now get naked on your knees by the far wall and wait. I’ve made arrangements for you to service men.” I positioned myself as Sir ordered, rested and waited on my knees. Quietly, one by one, anonymous men positioned themselves so that their crotches were even with my face. The first man, who looked like he was about my age, dropped his pants and underwear and moved forward so that my mouth opened and took in his cock. Apparently I wasn’t sucking hard enough because he pulled his cock out of my mouth.

“Listen up cocksucker. You better do better because I paid good money for this blowjob so get to work.” But before I could go back to sucking his cock, he slapped me several times to show who was in charge. He really scared me so I just took it without any resistance on my part. After slapping me, he hit me on the side of my head.

“Now get back on my cock. Watch your teeth because if I feel any teeth on my cock, you’ll pay dearly.” And so I really paid attention and to make him happy, I caressed his balls and then wrapped my hands around his waist so I could use my fingers to reach in his asshole. He seemed pleased and began to furiously move his cock in and out of my mouth. Finally, he erupted in my throat. I swallowed as much as possible but some cum leaked onto my chin. I used my tongue to clean his cock and balls. When finished, he actually thanked me, zipped up and left. Thus began what seemed like an endless number of men of all ages. I was as horny as hell sucking and swallowing load after load of creamy cum. They must have sensed my submissiveness because it seemed that every man decided to get rough and slap me just before I began sucking.

Toward the end of the evening, one man entered the alcove and with dread, I realized that he was one of my employees. He smiled as he walked up to face my mouth.

“Well if it isn’t the boss man.” He lifted my chin and slapped me hard.

“I always knew you were a faggot so get your dirty mouth on my cock and start sucking.” I was humiliated but I didn’t care. It just so happened that this particular guy had a grudge against me and now he seemed to take pleasure in fucking my mouth. In a way it was a relief being exposed as a cum loving faggot. When he came in my throat, escort istanbul he pulled out and to further humiliate me, he slapped me on the side of the head.

“If I were you scumbag, I wouldn’t show up on Monday. I am going to tell everyone that I saw you sucking cocks.” He pulled a phone from his pocket and showed me the pics he took of me sucking his cock. He laughed as he was leaving. At that moment, Sir stepped into the alcove and ordered me to get dressed. We were leaving.

“By the way faggot, I was the man who arranged the visit of your worker. You see now you will need to resign and work for me permanently.” I accepted my fate. In fact I was relieved that I could now be my true self. Being a submissive cum slut had its advantages. I no longer had to fool myself into believing that I was a real man. I was in fact a dirty whore who enjoyed being slapped around. I paid attention to my master.

“Let’s get your faggot ass out of here. You made me a bundle of money so for the time being, you will be living with me as my sex slave.” Here’s to a new life! We returned to his apartment and he ordered me to get naked, jump into the shower, clean up, and then return to him naked and on my knees. I did so and I looked up at him and waited for him to speak.

“Listen up cocksucker. Now that you have proven to be a cum slut whore, I want you to sleep for a few hours because I have a full day planned for you. First suck my cock and then you will sleep on the floor because I don’t want a dirty little faggot to sleep next to me.” I now knew my place and I realized that submission was not humiliating but rather it was very pleasurable. So I sucked sir and swallowed his cum and then lay on the floor like a puppy thoroughly exhausted. When I woke in the morning, sir was sleeping on the bed. He woke up and headed to the bathroom. I followed him and he told me to lay in the tub while he pissed on my body.

“Open your mouth faggot and drink my piss. Then clean that faggot body and get dressed.” Of course I did as I was told and soon found myself dressed and ready for action. I followed Sir to his car and off we went. After about a half hour of travel, we pulled up to a private home on a quiet street. I followed him to the door and waited until it opened and an older black man led us into his home. As we entered, he left me with the home owner.

“I understand that you are being trained to be a real cum slut whore. Let’s see how good you are. Get your ass naked and stand in the middle of the room.” He led me into a large open room where a number of naked black men seemed to be waiting for me. I disrobed and stood in the middle of the room. I felt like a deer in the headlights. All the men took off their clothes and surrounded me. They were all huge and I mean huge in every sense of the word. Hands were on my ass and on my cock. My arms were lifted and I was carried to a mattress that was haphazardly placed on the floor. Somehow I knew what to expect and therefore I was not disappointed. I was fucked in every hole continually until I lost track of time.

“This cracker knows how to fuck. Boys, let’s make him happy.” And so I continued to get fucked every which way in every hole. I finally realized that this is what I was born to do. From that evening on, I became a willing cum slut whore. Sir picked me up after a few hours and I returned with him to his apartment.

“You worked hard for me so now you can rest. This is just the beginning cocksucker and yes that is the name you will be using from now on.”

“Thank you sir for the honor of serving you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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