Conversations with Manny Ch. 07

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The waitress came to the table, and Manny ordered another couple of drinks. He sat back and looked at me, and a veil of regret seemed to descend upon him. “Avril left some time during the afternoon.” He smiled sadly, “I had really fallen for her, big time.” The drinks arrived and Manny tipped the girl. “Anyway, I decided to relax for a while.”

The sound of laughter snapped Manny out of his daydream. Avril had left about an hour ago and now his sister, cousin and his aunt had returned.

‘Shit’ He thought. ‘How the hell do I break the news to them?’ He sat up and stretched ‘I should have gone with Avril’.

“Here he is sitting on the porch” Susan called, walking onto the porch. She glanced back at the driveway before conspiratorially sitting down beside him. “Listen”, she glanced around. “Just go along with me tonight.” She reached over and rubbed his penis through his shorts. “I have plans for little Manny” she smiled. “Just drink the grape juice, leave the wine to the ladies O.K?” She looked back at the driveway.

“I didn’t think there was any more wine left” He whispered.

“Got a couple of bottles of red, and a few other things” She smiled and winked. “Maria said that red usually makes Jean, well, shall we say mellow?”

“Mellow”? He squinted in his sister’s direction.

“Yes” Susan chuckled “Very, very mellow”

Manny looked at his sister strangely. “How does she know?”

“It affects her the same way” She kissed his ear. “She gets as horny bunny on Viagra.”

“Hey, watch it!” Manny glanced at the driveway.

“Trust me” She elbowed him in the ribs “Oh, and I do need you good and sober, so like I said. Drink the fucking grape juice.”

“We brought food” Maria almost sang as she reached the corner of the porch. “Do you need a hand with the rest of it Mum?”

“Oop’s, that would mean me, I’m up” Susan jumped to her feet “Coming Aunt Jean”

Manny held the door and saluted as the three ladies, arms loaded with packages trooped past him.

“Thank you kind sir” Jean beamed on the way past.

“What smells so delicious?” Manny’s mouth was watering “You brought take out?” The aroma of Chinese food reminding him he was famished.

“Yes we did” Jean smiled “Now go and wash up, all of you. I’ll get things going.”

Susan glanced at Manny and rolled her eyes. “Yes, c’mon Manny” She smiled then whispered “Bring little Manny too.”

Manny entered the bathroom followed by the two girls.

“No, no!” Maria hissed as Susan went to close the door, “she’s been acting a bit strangely.” She turned on the taps so as to drown out their whispering. “It could be the breakup, but I think there is something else too.” She reached for the soap.

Susan back heeled Manny in the shin. “Jeeze, I wonder what that could be?”

“Fuck”! Manny grabbed for his shin and danced around the room on one leg.

“What was that?” Maria turned to face him.

“Cramps” Manny rubbed his leg. “It’s been happening a lot lately.”

“You should let Mom rub it, she gives a great massage” Maria smiled.

Susan rolled her eyes and abruptly turned away. “What can I do Auntie Jean?” She left Manny and Maria in the bathroom.

Manny reached for the soap as Maria stuck her head out of the door, glancing down the hallway.

She turned around quickly and kissed Manny on the cheek. “Remember what I promised earlier?” She whispered “Just wait ’til Mom goes to bed.” Then she turned and left the room.

The Chinese food was spread out on the table making Manny’s mouth water. Susan went to the counter and opened a bottle of wine. “Why don’t I just pour the wine here?” She chirped “Not much room on the table.” She carefully carried the wine glasses over to the table and placed one in front of Manny.

“Well, cheers everyone”! Manny picked up his glass and sipped. “You weren’t kidding, this is a nice wine” He swallowed the grape juice. ‘Oh fuck’ he thought. ‘Chinese and grape juice, wonderful, just fucking wonderful’

Reading his mind Susan shot him an angry glare as she raised her glass to her lips.

“Yes” Jean beamed “that is good wine isn’t it.”

Maria gulped some down without a word, and then reached for the food.

“So ladies”! Manny helped himself to food “What did you buy today?” “We had a good time, didn’t we girls?” Jean laughed.

“We went lingerie shopping” Susan winked seductively at Manny.

“Succeeded in killing Dad’s credit card in the process” Maria smiled.

“So, what did you get?” Manny grinned. “Besides revenge I mean.”

“Stuff” Maria smiled.

“What sort of stuff?” Manny took another sip of grape juice wishing it was wine.

“Just stuff” Maria beamed. “Victoria’s secret stuff” She reached for the fried rice. “Mom got the most stuff though. She got sexy stuff. Go get ’em grrrrl stuff.”

“Really” Manny smiled at Jean and slowly licked his lips. Her face flushed slightly as she tried to avoid his gaze by gulping some wine and inspecting the table.

“So what did Gaziantep Eve Gelen Escort you do while we were gone?” Susan quickly changed the subject, shooting Manny a dangerous glance in the process.

“Just hung around, talked to Avril for a while” Manny said thoughtfully.

“Avril left before we did” Susan said picking her glass up.

“She came back” Manny smiled “She wanted to talk to me about something.”

“Yea?”, Susan reached for the Soy sauce. “I just bet she did.” She looked at him as she popped some food into her mouth. “What exactly?.” His sister studied him carefully, levelly.

“Nothing important” Manny said.’Chickenshit’ he thought ‘I’m a fucking chickenshit’.

“More wine anyone?” Susan’s eyes never left Manny as she stood up.

“Thank you dear that would be nice” Jean handed her glass over.

“Mnn”……”Me too” Maria finished her glass then passed it to Susan.

Manny sat quietly and watched his sister pour the wine. She poured a healthy glass each for Maria and Jean. Then she turned to the counter and surreptitiously reached for the grape juice. ‘She’s drinking grape juice too’ He smiled to himself. ‘What the hell is she up too?’

They sat and talked during supper, mostly reminiscing about the cottage and summers past. There was lots of laughter as the meal progressed. Susan was paying careful attention to the wine situation; the other two ladies never had an empty glass.

Soon Jean and Maria seemed to be downright giddy at times. Susan’s attentiveness was beginning to produce the desired effect.

Susan winked at Manny. “So Manny, would you like to see what I bought today” She smiled sweetly.

“Wha..?” Manny looked at her.

“I’m going to show you what I bought today” She stood up and headed to the bedroom. “Pour some more wine for the ladies Manny” She called over her shoulder.

“Oh dear” Jean giggled. “Do you think that’s wise?” She passed Manny the glass. “I’m feeling quite light headed already”

“Live a little Mom!” Maria giggled “You’re a single girl again, let your hair down.”

Manny poured the two glasses of wine. “I’m getting myself some water” He said “Do you ladies want some too?” He poured three glasses of water then carried the drinks to the table. “I’m going to put my feet up” He headed to the couch just as someone turned on the CD player.

“Wow!” He looked up.

Susan was dressed in a very skimpy yellow bikini. Manny and the ladies sat open mouthed and gazed. She strutted around the room. Then she reached up and loosened her hair. The black mane tumbled over her tanned shoulder and she flicked it, just like a model on a catwalk. Susan was stunningly beautiful.

“Holy Shit Susan” Manny was mesmerized as she strolled over and stood in front of him.

She moved close to him, inches in fact. Then she turned slowly, hips moving sensually with the music. The bikini bottoms were very tight, almost painted on. Manny could see the seam pressed into her pussy lips. She was so close now he could smell her excitement as she gyrated even closer. His sister thrust her crotch to within a half an inch of his nose. ‘Fuck me’ He groaned. His penis began to stir into life as she turned around, almost sticking her ass in his face.

‘Fuck’ Manny thought to him self again ‘I’m gonna friggin’ pop’. The other two women were watching intently. He groaned as his cock started growing rapidly inside his shorts.

Suddenly Susan turned on her heels and strutted seductively over to Maria. Her cousin’s mouth dropped open as she started swaying in front of her too. She raised her hands to the tiny swimsuit top and pushed her breasts together. Then she bent over so that her cousin’s nose was positioned right in the centre of the cleavage. In one deft movement she forced one of her breasts out of the bra top. With agonising slowness it approached Maria’s mouth.

Maria instinctively licked her lips as Susan pushed her upright in the chair then straddled her hips. She slowly moved her hips to the music. Then she took Maria’s face between her hands and kissed her cousin, softly, gently. Then Susan guided her stiff nipple into her cousin’s waiting lips.

Jean’s glass was frozen in time on its way to her mouth. She seemed stunned by the scene before her, but she sat and watched intently.

‘Shit Susan’ Manny worried ‘you just threw the fucking shit in the fan.’

Jean didn’t move a muscle as Susan pulled Maria’s head towards her stiff nipple. Maria’s hands reflexively went to Susan’s ass, cupping it, kneading each cheek as she sucked the nipple into her mouth. Then she thrust her mound up into Susan’s crotch. Then Susan kissed her on the forehead and whispered something to her as she slowly rose from Maria’s lap. Maria smiled broadly then jumped up and ran to the bedroom.

Susan danced sleazily over to Manny and turned her back on him. Very slowly she bent forward and touched the floor with her fingertips. As she moved her ass sensually in front of his nose he noticed the crotch of her panties was damp. This put his penis over the top; it almost burst out of his shorts. He groaned inwardly the odour of her arousal making him even harder. She reached between her legs and moved the gusset of her panties to one side. Her very moist pussy lips now inches away. ‘Fuck’ he moved uncomfortably on the couch.

He caught a movement out of the corner of his eye. Jean had finally put the glass down and was now leaning head in hands on the table. She was totally engrossed in the little show that Susan was putting on. He also noticed that her thighs were pressed tightly together. Undulating visibly as she squirmed in her seat.

Suddenly the music changed as Maria appeared at the doorway wearing very tiny white lace bra and panties. Susan sat on the floor next to Manny as Maria sauntered gracefully, seductively, across the room. Hips moving erotically in a slow figure eight, the music seemed to transport her to another plane.

Like some ethereal belly dancer, her movements seemed to be in slow motion. Hand movements painting an invisible landscape of hidden promise. Totally abandoned to the music, Maria danced and twirled.

Manny swallowed hard, the sheer eroticism of her catlike movements raising the temperature in the room. “Shit, can she ever move”? Manny’s boner was getting more uncomfortable. ‘Fuck, this thing is going to rip a hole in my shorts’.

“Fuck, Manny!” Susan leaned in and whispered “When she dances like this she can peel the paint off of the walls.” She put her hand on his right thigh, moving it up slowly under the leg of his shorts. “I am soaking.”

Manny jumped as his sister’s finger tips grazed, and then caressed the head of his penis. “Mnnm,” She whispered “Manny juice.” She withdrew her hand and sucked her finger suggestively. Then, she slid her hand back up under the leg of his shorts.

“You’re a pretty fucking incredible dancer yourself” Manny whispered.

Maria danced closer to the pair then slowly squatted in front of them. They watched in fascination as she reached down slowly and caressed her crotch. Fingers tracing the line of her pussy lips as they puckered the flimsy white material.

Susan’s finger tips caressed his scrotum sending his heart into his mouth. He glanced nervously over at his Aunt. She was too absorbed in her daughter’s sensual movements to even notice Susan’s hand.

Jean seemed to shiver slightly as she silently picked up her wineglass and sipped.

Maria turned over onto her knees and shuffled backwards. Ass almost in Susan’s face, she reached down and pulled up on the sides of the white lace panties. Her labia slowly appeared as the thin material vanished between the wet glistening lips.

Susan leaned forward and smelled the aroma emanating from her cousins vagina. “Oh Sweetie”, she whispered. “I want to stick my head in there and lick every tiny part of your pussy.” Her fingers encircled Manny’s penis as she breathed deeply then licked her lips.

Movement from the table suddenly captured Manny’s attention as Jean rose slowly to her feet. Wine bottle in one hand and her glass in the other, she weaved slowly, carefully towards the couch.

“Whatever happens, happens, O.K?” Susan whispered. “Here goes nothing”

Susan’s hand froze on Manny’s penis as Jean plonked her ass on the couch next to Manny. Then she placed the wine bottle on the floor next to her.

“So”? Her look was serious as she reached out and handed Manny her glass.

Manny’s eyes almost bugged out of his head as she then deftly slid her hand up under the other leg of his shorts. “What does a girl have to do to be included in around here”? Her hand joined Susan’s on Manny’s penis.

Maria continued to gyrate sensually in her own erotic dance totally oblivious to what was happening behind her on the couch.

Manny’s heart was pounding almost audibly as Susan and Jean’s thumbs seemed to duel over the head of his cock. He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply trying to control himself, pre-cum oozing out and being immediately fought over.

“Fuck, take it easy ladies, don’t fucking break it.” His groan seemed to get the attention of his sister and his aunt. They both relaxed and reluctantly let go of his penis.

“Hey, earth calling Maria”! Susan patted Maria on the ass.

“Wha’, Maria opened her eyes and looked behind her at Susan. Her cousin just rolled her eyes and inclined her head in Jean’s direction.

“Mom”! Maria exclaimed.

“Mother”! She gasped as she noticed Jean’s hand up the leg of Manny’s shorts.

“Well now”, Jean chuckled as she let go of Manny’s penis and licked the pre-cum from her thumb. “Aaah” She beamed. “My favourite Chinese food” She winked at Manny “Cream of Sum Yung Guy.” She took the glass out of Manny’s hand. “Thank you dear.”

The three young people’s mouths hung open in surprise as Jean made herself more comfortable.

“O.K” Jean smiled. “I know what’s been going on with you three.” She took a sip of wine. “If it wasn’t obvious before then it’s definitely obvious now.”

Susan and Maria looked at each other.

“Susan, if this evening was your attempt to bring me into the fold.” Jean looked from one to the other. “It was unnecessary” She closed her eyes and shook her head. “You were busted a long time ago. “Oh, how do I explain”?

“All of those nights you came to visit us I knew what you girls were up too” She opened her eyes and focused on her glass. “Not at first of course, but, the odd noise now and then coming from your bedroom gave me a heads up.” She looked at Maria. “Then one night you left your door open, not much mind you, but enough for me to quietly observe your shenanigans.” She smiled wryly at Susan and Maria.

“Oh, I was shocked at first. I almost sent you packing Susan. My hand was on the doorknob and I was ready to pounce on you both.” She closed her eyes and leaned her head back against the couch. “My mind was made up, I was going to phone your Mum and have her come over and take you home.”

“Why didn’t you”? Susan asked quietly.

“It was something I heard” Jean whispered. “I heard you both professing your love and devotion for each other.” She smiled to herself. “There was so much sincerity and tenderness in what you both said. It was incredibly touching. I couldn’t bring myself to destroy something like that. I think I was jealous actually.”

She took another swallow of wine. “Oh for a love like that” She murmured wistfully.

“Your father wasn’t paying me much attention” Jean continued. “None at all in fact, of course now we know why………….” She stared off at some sad, distant memory. “I was so desperately lonely. My days were spent yearning for a touch, a soft caress. To be held. Oh how I ached to be held.”

“It became a ritual”, She whispered. “Actually every weekend when you visited, I would peek. I would sneak along to your room and quietly watch and listen. Listen to the words of love. Watching you experience the passion that was no longer a part of my life.”

Maria’s face was a study in shades of red as Jean reached forward and gently caressed her cheek. “I so looked forward to the weekends.”

“I lived vicariously through you both. I was usually very, very wet. Sometimes I could feel it trickling down my leg. My God, There were times when I climaxed right along with you. I fainted once, my orgasm was so strong.” Jean chuckled. “When I came to my senses I was slumped against the wall outside of your door. You know, there were times that I desperately wanted to strip my clothes off and come and dive into bed with you.”

“Mum”? Maria whispered “We had no idea that you even knew. Why didn’t you say anything”? Tears appeared at the corners of her eyes. “Dear”, Jean reached over and gently touched her daughter’s cheek again, brushing it softly with her finger tips. “That would have been an awful thing to do. You had each other. I would never have interfered with that, no matter how much I was compelled too. The love you two had for each other was just so pure. Well………” She sighed. “Then when I arrived here…….” She paused for a moment before continuing. “I immediately knew what was going on, I could smell it.”

“What could you smell?” Susan asked enthralled.

“You” Jean answered levelly. “And you and you” She smiled first at Maria then at Manny. “I could smell your vaginas. I could smell your semen.” She shook her head and chuckled. “I could smell the sex, hell all I had to do was check your laundry to confirm it. I figured Avril was the other female that was here, but I wasn’t sure where she fit in.”

“So, you checked her things too did you”? Susan asked incredulously.

Jean just silently nodded her head.

“Wow” Susan gasped. “Holy shit”

“I didn’t know if it was a trio or a quartet, so to speak.” Jean shrugged.

“Then I saw her racing into Manny’s room in the middle of that storm” She looked knowingly at Manny. “I was so jealous.”

“But you made it all better the next morning, didn’t you my dear sweet boy” She patted Manny on the knee.

Maria’s mouth dropped open. “What do you mean”? She looked at Jean then at Manny. “What?” The realization suddenly dawned on her. “You and ……?”

“Yes dear” Jean interjected. “But let’s not do it in the bathroom again Manny, my butt was sore.”

“You fucked my mother?” Maria glared at Manny.

Manny felt his face going crimson.

“Don’t be crude dear” Jean snapped “Yes he did, and it was lovely. I’m glad we did it. It made me feel part of this little group.”

“So?” she took a sip from her glass. “Are we a quartet or a quintet?”

“We’re nothing”!! Maria rose unsteadily to her feet glaring angrily at Manny. “I can’t believe it, aren’t two women good enough for you?” Maria growled. “You’re a fucking prick Manny.”

“Oh sit down dear, don’t be so melodramatic” Jean chided.

“Fuck you” Maria turned towards Jean.

“Don’t talk to me like that” Jean fixed Maria with a steady stare. “I’m still your mother and I can still spank your ass young lady.”

“Maria” Susan reached out for her. “Sit down, please.”

“You shut the fuck up too”! Maria shot at Susan.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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