Corey and Noah Ch. 03

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My eyelids were heavy, heavier perhaps than they had ever been. My ribs still hurt when I moved, even shuddered, so I stayed as still as possible. The breeze was soothing. I could only just feel it, ruffling my hair. The sun was also gone, I could tell from the lack of light behind my eyelids. How long had I been knocked out? A few hours?

It wouldn’t be the first time…

There was something cool dripping onto my forehead, something beyond a breeze. Water I supposed. I didn’t even consider where it might be coming from until –

‘Corey, you’re so -‘

I jumped and my eyes flung open. After a few seconds of confusion though, I found the owner of the voice kneeling above me.


‘Corey, just lay still.’ Noah said, sounding deeply concerned, ‘Far out, you took a few. What happened?’

I didn’t answer immediately. I was still trying to get over the fact that Noah was kneeling over me in my backyard.

‘Yeh, I’m fine.’ I lied, wincing from the returning pain in my ribs, ‘What are you doing here.’

Noah hesitated.

‘I just came over to see if you wanted to kick the ball around or something but I found you like this. What happened?’ Before I could even begin to wonder just how Noah knew where I lived, he continued, ‘Where are your parents? They’re not home.’

‘I dunno.’ I said, admittedly relieved that they weren’t around.

After a few moments silence, I decided to try to sit up. I locked my elbows down and slowly lifted myself from the ground, wincing in pain. When he realised what I was doing, Noah placed his arm around my back and pulled me up. Something slid from my forehead as I finally managed to sit upright. Looking down, I saw that it was a white, soaking wet tee-shirt.

‘Wha -?’

‘I just thought you might need a bit of cooling down, it was pretty hot earlier.’

It was then that I realised that Noah wasn’t wearing a shirt but instead sat only in his flared jeans and converse shoes. The way Noah was kneeling, I could make out clearly the fine V-line that disappeared down into Noah’s pants, as well as the light, sparse hairs around his nipples which I never would have noticed unless I was that close.

A silence passed before Noah spoke again, ‘What happened?’

‘I – nothing, I just kind of – fell over.’ I said, looking away from Noah quickly before I stared too long at his naked chest.

‘Get out, how could you have bruised your cheek like that? You look terrible!’

I didn’t answer straight away but instead looked towards the ball that rested inches to my right. ‘I was trying to catch the ball and I fell -‘ I glanced to my left, ‘- on the sprinkler.’

Noah glared at the large mettle sprinkler which conveniently sat close by.

‘Are you sure you’re okay?’

‘Yeh I’m fine.’ I said to my knees.

Noah looked unconvinced but thankfully didn’t press the subject.

‘What are you doing this weekend anyway?’

‘Um nothing, why?’ I responded curiously.

‘Because – because it’s my birthday and I’m allowed to have a friend stay over. Mum doesn’t like guests usually, I mainly go to other people’s houses. Would you want to?’ Noah Casibom said this all rather quickly.

The immediate answer should have been YES at the top of my lungs, but before I could (and luckily too perhaps) another word came to mind.



‘Why would you invite me?’ I spoke slowly.

‘Why not?’ Noah asked, but after a few seconds of looking at my blank face, he sighed, ‘Well, to be honest, er, some of my other fiends can be well – kind of – dick heads sometimes and I know that you’re – you’re not one.’

I wasn’t really sure what to make of this. Was Noah saying that his friends weren’t really his friends? Or was he just trying to justify his behaviour towards me at school? Either way, something like euphoria was filling me even to the extent of outstripping the pain. Eventually, realising that I hadn’t answered, I nodded slowly.

‘Great. It’s this weekend!’ Noah said, standing and smiling down at me, ‘I’ll talk to you at school.’

I nodded again and said, ‘Okay, see you then.’

Noah grabbed his wet shirt, threw it over his shoulder, gave a final wave and then left.


I hesitated a little. I seriously considered running away for a moment but knew that I couldn’t. Drawing up all the courage I had (which seemed limited at that moment) I extended my hand and knocked on the polished wood of the front door. There was a small movement from within and moments later, a woman appeared.

‘Hello Mrs Bennet, I’m Corey.’ I said nervously.

The woman held a kind facet, with thick glasses and poorly dyed hair which failed to cover the grey streaks.

‘Hello dear, Noah’s told me all about you. Come in, come in.’

I followed Mrs Bennet into the neat house and down a hall.

‘Noah, Corey’s here.’

My heard did a summersault when I caught sight of Noah. He looked up from a comic he was reading on his bed. He was shirtless again.

‘Hey Corey.’

‘Ha-happy birthday.’ I breathed, holding out the poorly-wrapped gift.

‘Epic, thanks heaps!’ Noah said, putting the comic down and taking the present.

‘I’ll leave you two to it.’ Mrs Bennett said before walking off towards the living room.

Noah’s room was far larger than mine yet oddly more crowded as well. Sci-fi posters hung across most of the walls, with the rest of the space being taken up by posters of famous rugby players.

‘So what do you want to do?’ Noah asked, placing his present down on his bed-side table with the obvious intention of opening it later.

‘I don’t know.’

After a series of un-resolving retorts, we finally decided to grab our skateboards and head out to the park where we spent most of the afternoon riding around the footpaths and walkways and, most notably, down a daringly steep hill.

I had always been too afraid of that hill, indeed, most people were. There were rumours that someone had died going down the hill on a bike once, but I’m was pretty sure that that was just an schoolyard myth.

Or I hoped so anyway as I had a go at tackling it. It was a wobbly ride, but I was met with a short cheer by Noah when I reached the bottom which made Casibom Giriş me feel like supreme ruler of the universe! As Noah headed up the hill, I remained at the bottom to watch; my mind racing.

This surely had to be a dream. Things were simply going too well. Noah and I were talking as if we had known each other since kindergarten. In actual fact, I had never warmed to a person as quickly as I did to Noah Bennet.

When Noah began flying down the hill, I knew something was wrong. He had a panicked look on his face. I knew he must have been completely out of control and it wasn’t long before Noah bailed off, into a particularly dense patch of bushes near the base of the hill. I ran over to meet him, only to find myself crashing to the ground.

‘You tripped me!’ I panted with a mixture of annoyance and laughter.

Noah was laughing now. He hadn’t move from the ground so neither did I. We just laid there and laughed.

The laughter turned to silence as we lay and watched the sky get darker and darker. Some stars had appeared in the sea of blue.

‘Hey Corey?’ Noah said suddenly after a few minutes.


‘Have you ever had sex before?’

I froze. It was as if someone had sat on my chest and was trying to squeeze the air out of me. It was a sickly feeling, yet I knew instantly that it was unmistakably the feeling of pure excitement. I considered right there and then to lie, yet I knew that nothing would really come of it. The truth was probably better.

‘Uh no, have you?’ I said, thinking I already knew the answer.

‘No.’ Noah said simply.

I was legitimately shocked. I couldn’t believe that there was a girl alive who wouldn’t want to have it on with Noah. Already, in the few weeks that I knew Noah, I had half wished that I was born a girl, if only to stand a chance at becoming his boyfriend.

‘Really?’ I said without really thinking, ‘Why do you ask?’

‘Oh, it’s just – well I don’t know, it’s stupid. Forget it.’ Noah said weakly, though apparently oblivious to my shock.

‘Come on, what is it?’ I pushed, trying to place confidence behind my voice.

‘Well it’s just that – er – I was wondering how big yours got, that’s all.’ Noah said, now sounding extremely nervous.

‘My what?’ I asked uncertainly.

‘Your dick.’ Noah said quickly as if he had planned to pass over that word without using it, ‘Because, well, I don’t think that mine gets that big. I’ve never seen another guy hard before.’

I was staring at Noah, hardly believing my ears.

‘I don’t think your dicks small Noah.’ I said very truthfully, ‘If there’s a small dick here, it’s mine.’

‘Nah, I think mines small.’ Noah mumbled.

There was silence again, interrupted only by the low rumble of cars from the highway beyond the park.

‘Well there’s one way to solve this.’ Noah said, and I knew that he had reached the true subject of his inquiries, ‘Flop it out and we’ll compare.’

I felt as if my heart were beating faster than it ever had before. My mouth had become very dry, and a boner in my shorts was at near bursting point.

‘Okay.’ I said, feeling that if Casibom Güncel Giriş I ever objected to that question, I would have to try the steep hill in a shopping trolley.

Noah sprang to his knees almost straight away and fumbled for the waistband of his shorts. I watched in awe as Noah pushed his hand down and began moving it around.

‘I’ll get it hard.’ Noah said, ‘I’m not worried about the size when it’s soft.’

I nodded and said faintly, ‘Yeh.’

It took me a moment to realise that I had better copy Noah. I reached down into my jeans and felt my warm cock inside. It was of course already hard as a rock but I knew that I would have to at least pretend to get a boner.

‘Ready?’ Noah asked, his cheeks noticeably red, ‘I’ll go first.’

I stared as Noah undid his button, then unzipped his fly, and pulled his shorts to the ground when his knees sat in the cool grass. I saw the boner blazing in Noah’s undies as Noah took a deep breath and pulled them down as well.

Noah’s penis flew up straight away. It was average thickness and uncut yet his foreskin didn’t completely cover the head; a bit of pink, sensitive knob was poking out. His balls hung low, his right dangling lower than the left. His shaft was perfectly straight, with a few blonde tufts of hair at the base. It was otherwise, mostly hairless.

I, if possible, got even harder at the sight I had been longing to see. Not wanting to have Noah catching me staring though I, most unwillingly, tore my eyes away to look down at my own jeans.

Because I was kneeling and wearing long pants, I thought it better to take my jeans of completely. Throwing them aside, I got on my knees once more and looked down at my undies. I could feel his eyes watching me as I rubbed my penis twice before stopping quickly. Slowly, I lowered my undies to the ground.

My own dick flew upwards and slapped my lower stomach. The first thing I realised was that mine had more hair than Noahs. It was also uncut yet my foreskin covered the knob. Before I had much time to dwell on the differences however, Noah had shuffled forward until we were very close together. My breath was rugged and my body shivering slightly as Noah reached out his hand.

And then Noah did it, he wrapped his hand around the shaft on my dick.

It was all I could do to not orgasm on the spot as Noah pulled his own dick forward and pressed his warm, long shaft beside mine. I felt his cock against my cock, felt his knob grazing my pubic hair.

Looking down, I noticed that I was only about half an inch shorter than Noah, even so, I knew that my dick was nearly seven inches long.

‘There we go Noah,’ I said, struggling to keep my voice steady, ‘yours is bigger than mine.’

Instead of pleased though, Noah looked even more embarrassed now than he had before as if he had beaten him at something terrible.

‘Not by much, like, a couple of centimetres.’ Noah muttered.

I laughed shakily as Noah continued to hold our dicks together, rubbing them gently, whether on purpose or not, I couldn’t tell.

Then, abruptly, Noah let go of my dick and pulled his undies up.

‘There we go then.’ Noah said, winking, ‘I’m ready for some pussy.’

I laughed weakly as I pulled my own undies up and reached for my jeans, wondering in what situation I would ever be able to forget what had just happened.

I couldn’t think of one.

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