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There I stood, just staring him down in second hour honors algebra class. He had short brown hair, tan skin, and these gorgeous brown eyes that would always catch me off guard when I saw him. During math lectures all I could do was turn my head to the left and wish I was seats over under his desk. Rubbing his unique abs while sucking his delicate dick.
His name was David and I think he was the most beautiful guy in school. We were both about 5’9” at the time. I had short brown hair and baby blue eyes. There was only one time I spoke to him and that was when we were forced to be partners for an assignment. He was so beautiful, he turned me on everyday. I sat in first hour dreaming about what came second hour with him in it. Then came the magical moment when the bell rang and everyone scattered to class, this would be the moment I got to sneak a peak behind him.
Being only fourteen, at the time I didn’t really know what was to come and how to deal with the fact that I was actually gay. I never was really in a serious relationship with a girl and didn’t know how to be in one with a guy. Today was just as ordinary, besides the fact the teacher was calling us up for grades. I always thought of the little things that made us meant to be, like the fact our last names we close. Both started with M. Because of this coincidence I was after him on grades.
He kept a steady A and I knew this from other times we found out our grades. My turn. “Joe, you are at a 84%, B,” she said. “The only thing keeping you down is test scores, you failed two tests in a row,” she added. “Okay thanks,” I replied. Then I looked over at him. When we got our assignments I quickly şişli escort tried to do mine so I didn’t have any homework, but I knew I still would. There he stood standing at my desk, “was it a dream?,” I asked myself.
“Hey Joe,” he said with his delicate voice. “Hey,” I said in nervousness still trying to get over the fact his penis was right by my face. “I noticed the teacher said your test scores were keeping you down,” he said. “Yeah, I never study that’s why,” I admitted to him. “Well I was wondering if you wanted to study this weekend for the next test on FOIL?,” he asked. “Uh sure, but I need your address,” I told him. He wrote it down and I blushed the whole time we talked praying that he doesn’t notice it.
“Saturday, 12:00 noon, my place,” he said. He handed the piece of paper with his phone number and address. “See you soon,” I said hoping I didn’t sound gay. He went back to his desk and since today was only Thursday I had to wait two days minute by minute. I tried to think of ways to calm myself down when next to him. I had to tell my parents I was going to correctives at school so that they wouldn’t want to meet his parents and all that stuff.
The unique day came awful fast as to my opinion. I rode my bike over to his house as soon as I got up, which was 11:00am. I had slept in because I sat up all night dreaming of his body on top of mine. I knocked on the door until his mother answered. “Hi is David home?,” I asked. “Are you Joe?,” she asked. “Yes,” I replied. Right there he stood standing before her. “Hey Joe,” he said looking at me. I fell in love with the sight of him in that white tank top and black jean shorts.
We went up to his room and I brought my backpack up with us. “Man I hate carrying around this ten pound book everywhere,” I joked. “Yeah me too,” he said seriously. We opened our books and started studying. “Hey Joe,” he said. “Yeah?,” I asked as he caught me off guard. “Do you ever wonder if your gay?,” he asked. “All the time,” I said blushing. “Well, I think I am,” he said. My stomach churned with butterflies. “To be honest with you,” I said. “I think about guys naked all the time,” I added. “I do too,” he said blushing. “I dream of you in math class,” I said laughing and blushing at the same time.
He put his face towards mine and at that unique moment our lips locked like paper to glue. While loving this pleasure of making out with him, he began to rub my cock. Since he was doing it to me, I did the same to him. I felt his rock hard cock fill in my hand and I asked him if he wanted to go further. He accepted and we began to go further. I pulled his shirt off and started to lay my face down on his six pack. I kissed as I went down.
I unbuttoned his shorts, pulled them down and loved what I saw. His white underwear had a large penis dying to stick out of it, even the tip was out of a hole a little bit. I pulled them off and began to put my mouth around his cock. I sucked his cock going up and down, while rubbing his abs just like I dreamed in school. I kept going and even swallowed the pre-cum he had oozing out. I continued and I could feel his muscles tighten up just before he released his load right in my mouth.
Sorry, but I could not swallow it and I had to spit it out onto my shirt. “Did you enjoy that?,” I asked. “Oh so very much,” he replied. He pulled my shirt off, and started to rub me. I didn’t have a six pack but I did have abs. He pulled off my pants and began to suck very hard and deep. I wondered if he had done this before, he did it so good. All I could do was sit there in amusement that I was actually getting sucked by the love of my life. It wasn’t very long before I released into his mouth, and as I did, he spit it out. We both were still hard.
He turned me around and got on top of me. He stuck his shaft right into my tight hole that had never had anything in it before. It was my first time and I couldn’t help but absolutely love it. After he had kept going, he never came again but I could feel his penis shrink down in my ass. After this we both got our clothes back on before his mother came back asking how we were doing.
He let me barrow a shirt since mine had cum on it. This was the most beautiful time of my life and I didn’t think I would ever let it down. In school we got to know each other and blinked and gave each other beautiful looks. I still dreamed of being under his desk, but knew that would never happen. When I went home that day I took a shower hoping my mother didn’t notice me having a different shirt on. This was a wonderful day. For just about the whole school year I went to correctives every Saturday, passing every class.
I was officially his boyfriend and he was mine. But we couldn’t tell anyone or anything. I wondered if I could marry him, but knew the state law wouldn’t allow us. For then on, I knew I would move to Nevada when I grew up. And trust me, I planned on it.

The End.

Thanks for reading! If you think a sequel is in order just leave it in the comment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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