Corrupted Juices Ch. 08

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Chapter 8 — Chased

They spend the first few minutes walking in complete silence, looking around nervously at every moving shadow. The truth it that they were all pretty freaked out from what Darnell and Shanice had told them about people running around in the street, chasing each other. It had almost sounded like a scene from some cheesy horror movie Brandon had seen a couple of weeks earlier.

“Goddammit, Tyler! You and your parking paranoia. That guy Darnell’s story’s got me freaked out of my mind right now,” Alyssa scolds her brother. “I swear to God, if we get chased and killed, I’m going to rip you a new one.”

“Chill, Alyssa,” Tyler says, holding up his hands defensively. “You never know if the cops are staking out the place, ready to jump on anyone that leaves.”

“It’s not like they couldn’t just follow us to your car on foot, you know,” Alyssa huffs.

“Look, we’re almost there,” Tyler says, sounding slightly annoyed. “It’s just over there around the corner. You don’t have to…”

As they round the corner, the parked car comes into view a couple of yards down the street. Tyler swallows his words when he sees a number of shadowy figures surrounding his car. In the dim streetlight, Brandon can see their bodies are slightly twitching and jerking. The way they were moving almost seemed… unnatural.

One of them is only wearing briefs, and Brandon’s eyes grow wide as he sees the state this man’s body is in. The entire left side of his back is one bloody mess. Parts of his flesh just seem to be torn off somehow. One leg is also missing a large chunk of flesh. There are two others who do have clothes on. But Brandon can tell they weren’t in any better condition. The clothes are ripped and covered in dark stains in several places.

The three of them just stand there for a few moments, not sure how to react to this scene. Brandon can hear gasps coming from his companions, which draw him out of his stupor. “Hey, let’s just turn around and head back to Darnell’s place.” Brandon whispers, while motioning for them to follow him back the way they came. He already sees Alyssa starting to whimper and hopes she can keep it together until they’re out of sight.

Suddenly, another dude walks out from the alley that was right by his car. As he walks into the dim streetlight, Brandon’s jaw drops, and he freezes in his tracks. The new dude’s completely naked. His tall body was really pale. The skin seems like it’s shimmering in the streetlight somehow. What has Brandon’s frozen in place, though, is the sight of the guy’s enormously raging cock and the huge balls hanging a good 10 inches below. Brandon can hardly grasp what he’s seeing. What’s protruding from the man’s lower abdomen is possibly the largest cock he has ever seen. An unnaturally pale shaft with a dark and extremely swollen mushroom was glistening brightly in the streetlight.

While turning around, Tyler steps on a can that was laying by his feet, and the sound shatters the street’s silence. All the figures that are standing by his car suddenly freeze and turn their heads towards them simultaneously. Low grunting noises can be heard coming from the group. The tall man slowly turns his head towards the trio and quickly narrows in on Brandon.

Alyssa gasps and Tyler starts pulling her back. They’re already three or four steps away when Brandon can finally tear away his eyes from the tall guy. He turns around and starts running to catch up with the others. As the guys surrounding the car start charging towards them, Brandon calls out to Alyssa and Tyler. “Run you guys, they’re coming!”

The group chase the trio through one street, but after cutting down an alley, they seem to have lost their pursuers. They come out into an empty street with dark houses on their side and low apartment buildings on the other. In their hurry to get away, Alyssa and Tyler had run the wrong way, and Brandon saw no other option except to follow them. Calling out again didn’t seem like a good idea at the time.

Brandon suddenly hears faint music and conversation coming from down the street and points toward it. The other two follow his gaze and nod when they hear it too. Slinking through the shadowy front yards of the houses along their side of the street, they make their way forward as quietly as they can. After walking through a couple of front yards, they spot a dim light shining out of an open window. It’s set in the first floor of one of the buildings on the other side of the street.

As they approach further, they hear music and lively banter coming from it. Someone is standing in the window, looking at their phone. Just as they get to the house across the street from the apartment building with the open window, they hear rushing footsteps coming from the backyard of the house.

Brandon istanbul travesti starts pulling the others toward the street and out of the shadows. Just as he’s about to yell for help, his group is tackled by a dark shadow, seemingly jumping from the house. They all fall onto the street and quickly 2 more guys jump on top of them.

Brandon is so shocked by this that he hardly offers up any resistance at first. Cold and slick hands grab hold of his arms and hold him in place. When he finally does try to break free, he’s pulled back with such force that his head smacks onto the hard pavement below him. Through blurred vision, Brandon sees the two others turn to Tyler. He tries to scream, but he can’t seem to find his voice.

One of the attackers bites the inside of Tyler’s thigh, causing blood to start rushing out. Tyler does scream, but the other guy straddling him goes for his neck and bites down hard. Tyler’s scream quickly turns into a gurgle. While this is happening, Brandon is frozen in place, his brain refusing to process what he’s seeing.

Alyssa was thrown a little further away and was able to crawl away from the tangle of bodies. In a blind panic, she gets her feet under her and breaks out in a wild sprint, screaming hysterically. The guys biting Tyler’s leg releases him and rushes after Alyssa.

Tyler’s empty eyes are staring at Brandon, who’s being held down by incredibly strong hands. Cold fingers are digging into his skin, but he still can’t react. The figure that’ still ravaging Tyler releases his now dead friend and turns to Brandon. In a blur, he rushes up to him and stops inches from his face. Brandon’s face was splattered with blood flying off his lips. A pale face with cloudy, white eyes is hovering before him. A large bite mark is clearly visible on the guy’s left cheek. In his panicked state, Brandon can make out every individual tooth mark in the wound.

Behind him, Brandon hears heavy footsteps on the pavement. A low grunting noise can be heard, and the face in front of him jerks away. He looks back and sees the tall naked dude he saw at Tyler’s car. The pale, bald head shimmers in the streetlight’s glow. His mouth is also covered in blood. Fresh blood by the look of it.

He was just standing there, swaying slightly, while the other two were twitching and jerking around like crazy. The pale eyes in his face staring down at Brandon while breathing heavily. Brandon had seen enough movies in his life to know that something is very wrong here. But his mind won’t let him believe it. “Zombies aren’t real, man!” it offers up desperately. His eyes flash back to Tyler, who’s now laying partly on the street, partly on the sidewalk. His eyes staring blankly into nothing. A small pool of blood was forming around him.

The third guy suddenly jumps back on Tyler’s body and bites down hard somewhere. Along the guy’s naked back, Brandon can see the bloody mess he saw before more clearly now. It’s made up of several overlapping bite marks. Tyler’s left leg twitches once, and then stays limp. The slurping sounds coming from over there cause Brandon to turn his head away. “Zombies!” he screams inside his head.

He tries to wriggle free, but the cold hands holding him have got a tight grip on his arms. He’s not going anywhere. “What…?” is all that he’s able to get out of his mouth as he looks back at the tall figure standing only a couple yards away from him.

His eyes focus on the swollen cock that’s sprouting from the man’s abdomen. A pair of enormous balls are hanging below it. At this sight, Brandon’s cock twitches slightly, but he barely even notices.

The tall zombie grunts angrily, and the two others start dragging Brandon towards him. Brandon finally starts screaming then, as he frantically tries to fight off the two twitching shapes dragging him. But it’s no use though, and only a few moments later, he’s laying at the feet of the big guy.

Looking up, Brandon’s staring directly at those large, tight balls. He can see dark veins below the pale skin. A strange, intoxicatingly sweet smell wafts off the body towering above him. He looks up a little further, to the swollen mushroom at the end of that pale shaft. He sees a large drop of pre-cum hanging from it. Slowly, it’s sinking down further and further. As more liquid flows down, it suddenly drops and lands on Brandon’s cheek, right below his eye.

Almost instantly, Brandon’s vision begins to blur, and his head feels like it’s swimming. The glob slowly runs down his cheek and before Brandon knows what he’s doing, he reaches for it with his tongue. He lobbed it up and swallowed it down before he was able to stop himself. A strangely pleasant tingling then starts growing in his throat, down to his stomach.

Brandon looks back up at the bloody istanbul travestileri face above him, and a blank stare is returned to him. Without warning, the zombies holding Brandon flip him over onto his stomach. The air is rushed out of his lungs when his body hits the pavement with a hard smack.

As he lays there, dazed, the zombie holding his legs grabs the back of his pants and rips it open in one forceful movement. His ass is exposed to the cold night air and his body shudders. He looks back to where the big zombie was standing, but it’s not there anymore. He hears heavy steps behind him and just as he’s starting to look back, his legs are forcibly pulled apart.

His firm butt cheeks part and his asshole is now also exposed to the night air. That sweet smell is still filling his nose and he breathes in deep. Brandon turns his head to look back and sees the tall, shadowy figure behind him. On its knees, it’s swaying slightly. He tries to move again, but suddenly, a cold hand slides up Brandon’s back, pushing him down to the pavement.

As the tall zombie behind him bends forward, Brandon sees a maddeningly gleeful sneer spread across its face. He gasps, and its cloudy, white eyes lock with his. Brandon freezes in place again. His mind is racing so fast now, that he’s unable to grasp any single thought. The only thing he can hold on to is the tingling sensation that’s spreading out from his throat. It feels soothing and is somehow relaxing his body, despite the panic he was feeling.

In a sudden, jerky motion, the zombie lurches forward on one knee, pushing Brandon’s legs open further. Then on the other knee, now spreading both his legs so far apart that he automatically lifts his ass up off the ground. Something slick and cold roughly slides between his butt cheeks, over his asshole and then part of his lower back. Brandon feels a thick liquid running further down his back and between his ass crack.

This snaps Brandon out of his daze, and he tries to struggle again. But the hand is still solidly on his back. The two other zombies still have a firm grip on him too, so he can’t get away. The big zombie behind him sinks down on top of Brandon, pushing him down to the pavement even more.

The hard, fleshy protrusion is now being pushed against Brandon’s sphincter, and he can feel a fast-paced throbbing in it. The zombie above him starts jerkily moving its hips back and forward, rubbing its meat against Brandon. On the end of it, he feels the swollen mushroom dragging over his skin. On the third push, the zombie hits Brandon’s hole dead center, and it slides its head in halfway.

Brandon screams as pain bursts from his ass and up his spine. Above him, he can hear clattering teeth and a heavy, whistling breath. Brandon feels a heavy pulsing in his hole, followed by an increasing pressure further inside him.

The hard meat poking in his ass is pulled back, and he can feel a stream of thick liquid slowly running out his ass and down over his balls. The pain goes away almost instantly, and Brandon breathes out loudly. A second later, the zombie thrusts its hips forward again and plunges into Brandon’s ass, right up to his second sphincter. The pain coming from his insides causes Brandon to scream again, trying again to desperately to move his body away.

The zombie on top of him grabs him by the shoulders and holds him firmly in place. It twists its lower legs around Brandon’s, holding them into place as well. Inside him, he can feel a low pulsating feeling quickly picking up pace. The increased pressure he was already feeling inside starts to grow in intensity. The insane nature of the pain he was feeling seems to have dissipated. Instead, it’s replaced with a low vibration that feels strangely pleasing. That’s when he recognizes the pulsating feeling for what it is. This thing is filling his ass up with its juices.

After a few moments of just laying on top of Brandon, the zombie above him starts thrusting into him with a such a sudden force that it slides through his second sphincter without Brandon even realizing it. The completely alien nature of this feeling causes Brandon to scream again. The zombie’s now slamming its full length into him, far past the point where any stranger in the City Park has ever gone.

Suddenly, it stops and lifts its upper body to seemingly turn around. Brandon tries to turn his head to get a look at what’s going on. But he can’t see anything more than an empty street. After a making a few low, agitated sounds, the zombie turns back and grunts deeply at the other two. They immediately start pulling Brandon away from the street, toward the house and into the shadows.

As Brandon is being pulled up some stairs, through a door and into the dark house, the zombie on top of him is still travesti istanbul deep inside him. It starts pumping itself into him again, its hands digging into Brandon’s skin as it tightens its grip on his shoulders even more. Finally, he’s dropped on a thick, dusty smelling rug in a dark room.

The two others holding Brandon down let him go, and he hears them shuffling away from him. Opening his eyes for a moment, he can see their shadows disappearing through a doorway. He doesn’t try to get away. Instead, he submits himself completely.

The pressure inside his ass is steadily growing. This is a kind of fullness is like nothing he’s ever felt before. The hard thrusts into his guts are making a loud, sloshing noise. The rhythmic nature of the sound is fueling the strong haze that’s already got a strong hold over his mind. He knows this situation is completely fucked up. But the pressing nature of this realization is quickly fading.

The tingling feeling radiating from inside his ass is growing into a steady pulse of pleasure. As it grows in intensity, so does Brandon’s resistance shrink away. He relaxes his body and lays his head down onto the rug, while pushing his ass up into the air. Above him, the zombie grunts loudly. It tightens its grip on Brandon’s shoulders again and pushes into him with one last heavy thrust.

“Gggwwweeeeehgaaaaheeeggggg,” comes as the first real verbal sound from behind Brandon. The wild nature of it stirs something deep within his body, causing him to arch his back into the thrusts.

The zombie holds itself firmly against Brandon’s ass. Inside him, he feels the thing’s cock spasming heavily. Moments of clarity make him aware of what’s happening to him right now. A small part of his mind is screaming for him to try and get away. But it’s quickly drowned out by the overwhelming cloud of lust Brandon’s swimming in. Above him, the zombie suddenly starts breathing even more heavily and then makes a low guttural sound.

“Grrrruuuhhwaaaaaarrrggwuuuuaaahh,” it breathes out.

Even though the zombie’s hips are now planted firmly against his ass cheeks, Brandon feels its cock slide in him even further. Slowly, inch after inch of zombie cock is going up his ass. As the pressure in his abdomen is increasing even further now, he’s finding it harder and harder to breathe. Brandon weakly starts wiggling his body in a feeble effort to catch his breath. The zombie suddenly starts sliding off him, while pulling Brandon to his side and up against its body. The pressure inside his body is immediately relieved, and he’s able to breathe comfortably again.

This seems to be exactly what the zombie was trying to do. As it pulls Brandon closer, its meat slides back into him. He lets out another moan, even louder this time. Not in discomfort, but in pure pleasure. As the two bodies connect, the zombie releases his shoulders and crosses its arms across Brandon’s chest. Its embrace is tight, but not so tight that Brandon can’t breathe or is otherwise uncomfortable. Inside him, the pulsating sensation keeps feeding into the steadily increasing pressure. His stomach is visibly extending now, but he feels no pain or even discomfort. His mind is drifting through a haze and his body is surfing on a wave of ecstasy. Sporadically, he can feel the zombie shudder behind him.

He sinks into the body behind him and opens his eyes. The room Brandon’s in is dark. He can make out some shadowy shapes, which he suspects are pieces of furniture. But there’s not enough light to see anything clearly. Although he can’t see them, Brandon hears the two other zombies making noise somewhere in the house. The thick and strangely comforting smell of the dusty carpet under him brings a small part of his mind back to reality for a few moments. Brandon closes his eyes and lets his mind drift away again.

Behind him, he hears a gurgling sigh and suddenly there’s the feeling of cold, slick flesh on his upper left shoulder, right where it meets his neck. It feels like a tongue, almost. The sight of the blood spattered mouth of the big zombie flashes through Brandon’s mind again, but it doesn’t scare him. He feels calm and content.

The soft flesh is replaced with something hard. Brandon can feel teeth slowly sliding over his skin. Gradually, the pressure on his skin increases as the teeth sink in deeper. He feels his skin being pierced and blood starts flowing from his neck. So far, Brandon doesn’t feel any pain. There’s only the vibration he feels in his stomach and the waves of ecstasy it’s sending through his body. The teeth sink in further and blood starts running down Brandon’s chest. Cold lips close around the bite and the blood stops.

Brandon opens his eyes again, but now the room is completely dark and all he sees is black. A soft sucking sensation on his shoulder has him turning his head into it. He shuts his eyes again and lets his mind float away completely. The feeling of the carpet under him is replaced by a feeling of weightlessness, and soon he’s in a state of blissful unconsciousness.

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