Corruption Pt. 03

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The few weeks after Beki gave herself sexually to her brother had been very wild.

They had talked to Jane’s boyfriend George and shared about Beki catching Jane fucking her dad. George was actually pretty relaxed about hearing about Jane cheating on him. It turned out that they had both agreed to see other people, although George didn’t know that “other people” include Jane’s dad. Still, he was very happy when Beki said that part of her getting back at Jane involved banging him. He was a 22-year-old apprentice plumber and had been good friends with Tim since the start of senior school and had fantasied more than once about fucking Beki growing up as a horny teenager. Of course, he would never have voiced this to Tim, and he could never have imagined that she would be give him a green light to go for it WITH her brother. They had fucked a few times already, just the two of them and a hot double penetration scene with him and Tim sandwiching Beki between them.

Beki was now 18 and just finishing up at 6th form, so George revelled in the feel of pushing himself into her tight teenage cunt. When she said about wanting to do him, Tim and Jane’s dad on film he almost died and went to heaven. Gangbangs had been one of George’s go to porn categories, but the thought of doing it with this blonde, big titted sister of his best friend nearly made him cum in his pants just thinking about it. It also got him hot to think about involving Jane’s dad. Although he was fairly friendly with Jane’s dad, there were times he could be a bit ‘holier than thou’ and George couldn’t wait to see if Bill could resist this 5’5 teen bombshell that Beki had become. Jane might get upset but screw her! In fact, George was happy to fuck Jane and Beki for as long as they would let him!

Beki and Tim had also decided to be open and honest with Tim’s girlfriend Gill. Tim reassured Beki that this would work well, and indeed Gill thought it was rather hot and confessed that, although she had never tried it, she was really turned on by the whole incest thing. Gill was so turned on in fact that Beki found herself involved in another threesome, this time with Tim and his 20-year-old brunette girlfriend. Gill and Tim had been dating for about five years, but in the last couple of years they had discovered that they were both sexual freaks who loved all sorts of role plays and different forms of sex. They had only a few times introduced other people into their sex lives, but both of them were more than happy to include Tim’s 18-year-old sister in their games. Beki was realising she loved hard cock, but she also enjoyed the way Gill made love to her as she found herself in between Gill and Tim for another evening of debauchery.

Beki remembered coming to Gill’s flat escort bursa a couple of days after Tim had taken her virginity in a bit of trepidation about the plan to confess all. She let Tim tell the story to Gill and waited nervously as at first Gill didn’t say anything. Gill looked at her boyfriend and then at Beki at first in shock, but she felt lust rising up in her as well. She turned to Beki, sweet Beki who she had been a couple of years above in school, and shocked her by kissing her full on the lips. Now it was Beki’s turn to be shocked, but she quickly felt her body responding to Gill’s as Gill pressed her body into her. Gill had a slim build with firm tits, although not as big as Beki’s. “That’s so hot” said Gill, coming up for air and turning to her boyfriend and Beki’s brother and pulling him into a passionate kiss. As she turned back to Beki, Tim reached around to squeeze his girlfriend’s tits as she resumed swapping saliva with his sister. She didn’t stop him as he began unbuttoning her white blouse and removing her bra to free up her mammary glands. Gill pushed Beki’s head lower, encouraging her to suck on her soft breasts and she moaned as Beki switched from one to another and poured kisses on Gill’s gorgeous tits.

Tim meanwhile had stripped off and moved behind Beki to remove her clothes as she was smothered by his girlfriend’s bosom. Gill raised Beki’s head and kissed her again, and Tim removed her panties and thrust one then two fingers into his sister’s dripping cunt. Beki went into sensory overload as Tim slowly finger fucked her whilst Gill lowered her head to Beki’s tits and loving sucked at them. Gill took one of Beki’s nipples into her mouth and gently bite it as Tim inserted a third finger into Beki’s dripping snatch, sending Beki over the edge into her first orgasm of the night. As she was in the throws of passion, Gill kissed her way down Beki’s body, down her stomach paying special attention to her belly button before lowering her head to Beki’s sex. “God” thought Beki “this is incredible.”

Gill kissed the top of Beki’s pussy, her tongue seeking out Beki’s sensitive spots before locating her clit and latching on. Beki screamed as Tim continued to finger fuck her, but now introduced a finger to her arse while continuing to pump in and out of her hot box whilst Gill lapped at her opening and thrust her tongue into her hot pussy.

Tim then moved up and got Beki onto all fours with her arse facing Gill and fed his stiff prick into her warm mouth. Gill continued to lap at Beki’s cunt as Tim just let the tip of his penis rest between Beki’s lips, luxuriating in the way she was straining to get more of his cock into her mouth. Slowly but surely, he began to pump more of his hard dick into her willing bursa merkez eskort mouth until finally he felt his balls slapping against her chin. Beki was lost in a world of pleasure as Tim and his girlfriend serviced her from both ends and she felt another wave of pleasure building up inside her as she now was just allowing her brother to face fuck her.

Gill moved around to Tim, and Beki allowed Tim’s cock to plop out of her and slide into Gill’s hungry mouth. Both girls took turns trying to jam as much of his dick into their mouths, first one then the other each gagging on his meat as Tim watched on in bliss. “I’m coming” he warned, his cock currently lodged in Gill’s throat. She pulled back and aimed his dick at Beki’s face before aiming it at her own and he fired several ropes of cum over each of them.

Gill knew how to press Tim’s buttons, so was not surprised to see Tim’s cock quickly regain rigidity as she leaned in to lick the cum off Beki’s face and encouraged Beki to do the same. She pulled Beki into another kiss, their lips locked together as they exchanged cum and pulled apart leaving a trail of spit and come between them. Gill smiled thinking back to the days they had been at the same North Wales comprehensive school before she went off to the local college in Chester. If only the boys who’d pestered her and Beki growing up could see them now, they would cum in their pants.

Gill looked at her boyfriend, who seemed fully hard and ready to go again. She had missed him whilst he had been away studying engineering in York. They had of course had lots of weekends and holidays together where they had fucked like rabbits, but now she wanted to watch him screw his sister. “Go on, fuck your sister” she encouraged Tim, not that he needed much encouragement anymore. Tim got Beki on all fours and began sliding his cock along her dripping crack. Gill grabbed hold of him and guided his fuck stick into Beki’s sex. Beki purred; this was a feeling she had come to love these last few weeks and doing it in front of Gill only made it hotter. For her part, Gill loved watching her boyfriend thrusting his throbbing member into his sister and leant down to lick his balls and the lower part of his cock as he slowly pumped in and out.

Beki felt another organism rising up as Tim slowly fucked her. “Fuck me, darling big brother” she screamed as she squirted copious amounts of her love juice over her brother’s pistoning cock and over Gill’s face. Gill came around and kissed Beki again, allowing her to lick her own pussy juice from Gill’s face and mouth. Tim was still hard and ready, so he pulled himself out of his sister and moved around to where Gill was bent over kissing Beki and thrust bursa sınırsız escort himself fully into Gill’s cunt and started to slam in and out of her roughly. Beki could only watch in wonder as Tim slammed his stiff prick in and out of Gill’s pussy. She had never been so close to watching a cock pump into someone before, and the view was stunning. The two of them rapidly built up pace, as Gill couldn’t stifle a scream as she came to an earth-shattering climax and Tim pumped his seed into his girlfriend’s sweet cavern.

Gill, Tim and Beki snuggled together on the bed, all coming down from what Gill hoped was the first of many fuck fests. She had loved Tim for quite a while, he was tall (about 6’1) broad and handsome in her opinion, with a smile to die for and a charm that made everyone like him. However, she had always had a secret thing for Beki as well, and although Tim had never realised it had often found herself staring at Beki’s boobs when she had been round at his house. Tim and his family had been so welcoming, and Gill hoped that this time with Tim and Beki was the start of a new sexual adventure.

“So, Beki” ventured Gill, coming down from her high, “how come you have so quickly changed from being a wholesome virgin little sister to a rampant slut?”

“I don’t know,” replied Beki, “I guess I have always had these repressed urges these last few years, especially after I discovered porn. My brother wasn’t very discreet about what he watched, nor in properly clearing out his history before passing the laptop to me when he went to York University and getting himself a new one. I have had many sessions on hardcore sites, looking at some pretty extreme stuff. And of course, sex story sites like fuelled many fantasies to masturbate to. I always thought they would remain in my head, and I behaved like a good girl to anyone who cared to look. But then, when I caught my dad fucking Jane something just broke, and then Tim and I connected and the rest is history.”

“So what other fantasies do you have? Not that any cold top having sex with Tim and me!” joked Gill.

“Well, one of my favourite things to watch is gangbang porn, so I’d really love to try that,” confessed Beki. “In fact, Tim is trying to fix something up so I can try out three cocks at once and get back at Jane.”

Gill looked expectantly at Tim. “So how is that going?” she asked

“Well, if Beki is willing to add another person, I have a friend who is studying media and knows Jane’s dad through a drama club he used to attend. I was thinking we could arrange something where Stu wants to do a film for his course (supposedly) that would involve George, Jane’s dad Bill, Beki and I and then try and make something happen.”

“I want to be involved,” pleaded Gill.

“OK, you could maybe help as a camera assistant, or maybe a fluffer if we manage to make our own porno like we hope.”

Gill turned to Beki and kissed her full on the lips. “This is going to be so hot,” she whispered as they snaked their tongues into each other’s mouths.

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