Cougar on the Prowl

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Big Tits


Patricia stretched lazily, gazing at her latest conquest as the young, muscular guy continued to sleep off his exhaustion. He’d certainly earned a bit of rest after his hard work the previous night, having managed not one or two or even three, but full four rounds or hot, steamy sex. Which, incidentally, was the reason why Patricia always went after younger men – what they might lack in experience, they usually more than made up for in youthful stamina and enthusiasm.

At 48, Patricia Mills was no longer in her prime. Sure, her large, heavy breasts still got plenty of attention from men of all ages, and while her ass and thighs were quite a bit bigger than they used to be, many guys actually preferred these more voluptuous curves. You couldn’t really call her torso slim or toned, but it wasn’t flabby either, having just the smallest hint of love handles and little to no stomach paunch. Patricia had also taken to keeping her curly, strawberry blonde hair in a ponytail once again, and it did give her a slightly younger appearance. All in all, as one charmingly awestruck 19-year-old lover had told her while catching his breath beside her, she was “one seriously hot mama”. But even so, Patricia knew that as good as she might look today, she’d looked even better before.

It had been some years since she’d divorced her drunkard of a husband, Richard, managing to get a comfortable settlement in the process. Of course getting caught red-handed banging a twenty-something secretary on his office table hadn’t done the guy any favors. But as badly as Patricia’s lawyer had fleeced the bastard, no amount of money could bring back all those years she’d wasted on that cheating pile of shit.

She hadn’t even really minded all the affairs with women half his age. At least not in the last few years. She was mostly angry at herself, to be honest, for having put up with that useless sleaze for so long. Patricia had given him her best years. In the beginning, he’d shown her – and her figure – all the appropriate appreciation, but as years went by, his interest had waned. Or turned to younger women, more like.

The first one – that she knew of – had been a perky, blonde intern with an annoying nasal voice and shit for brains. But it wasn’t like he’d picked her for intelligent company, was it, Patricia snorted to herself. She felt like an idiot for not dumping her husband sooner, but there was little that could be done about it now.

Patricia felt her newest lay begin to stir. Joe, was it? Whatever his name was, the young, muscular man made a grunt, mumbling something unintelligible before he turned over and drifted back to sleep again. As Patricia drank in his naked form, she couldn’t help but to grin. While no one could turn back time, she’d certainly done a good job of making up for lost time.

Ever since her divorce, Patricia had made a habit of picking up young, handsome college guys and, in a way, reliving her lost years with the exact same kind of bed partners she’d missed out on when she was younger. Sure, judging by the limited conversation they’d had last night, this particular sample wasn’t very bright, but his physical qualities sure were attractive. The guy’s shoulders were wide, his back toned, and his strong jaw had that chiseled look that Patricia loved in her men. He’d been pretty good in bed, too, making her come several times before he finally passed out. Definitely worth taking out for a second date. Or home for a second fuck, the mature blonde smiled to herself.

A muffled buzz brought Patricia out of her musings. As she looked over the edge of the bed, she could see a lit phone peeking out of the pocket of Joe’s jeans, vibrating with a quiet hum. Giving her piece of college man-meat an amused glance, Patricia carefully rolled off the bed and got up, crouching down to pick up the phone. Someone called “Gloria” was trying to ring him, apparently. Had he not worked so hard to please her the night before, Patricia might’ve been tempted to answer. Who knows, it might even be his girlfriend. Joe, predictably, had claimed to be single when Patricia began to chat him up at the night club, but anyone with half a brain could tell he was lying. Not that she cared either way, of course.

After all those little sluts good ol’ Dickie had fooled around with, Patricia reckoned she could return the favor. And that she did. She’d lost count how many furious girlfriends had confronted her for stealing their guy, though most of them had been so shocked to find out that she was in her late forties that their infantile tirades had fizzled out before they’d even gotten started properly. More than one had actually fled shortly afterwards, unable to cope with the embarrassment of losing a boyfriend to an “old broad” like her. Oh, how Patricia loved making those prissy little teenagers cry.

It also felt good to know that while some of those younger girls might turn heads and raise pulses wherever they went, she was still hot enough to compete with – and even beat – them in the looks department. She could still recall the sheer humiliation on the face taksim esc of one tall, slender brunette when she realized that her guy had chosen Patricia instead of her. Upon pressing the unfaithful college jock to name one thing “the granny” had on her, the girl had gotten her wish.

“She’s… pretty mind blowing in bed. And her body looks great. I’d say her boobs are actually even better than yours,” the young stud had managed to squeak out, looking sheepish but also unable to keep his eyes off Patricia’s ample cleavage.

The girlfriend had been furious, and for a moment, Patricia had been certain she was going to challenge her into a titfight. Many girls at the college had been into it in her time, and the brunette’s set, while visibly smaller than Patricia’s own Double D rack, had looked impressive enough. Full, round and no doubt pretty firm to boot.

But the girl had walked off without saying a word, leaving her now ex-boyfriend with the cougar that’d so successfully seduced him. Patricia had of course rewarded the young stud for his flattering words, riding him to more than one violent explosion and leaving no doubts as to whether the part about her skills in bed had been accurate. And given how much he’d loved playing with Patricia’s big tits, the guy had been quite honest about the bit about whose boobs were better as well. She’d given him the fuck of his life, leaving both the hunk and his thick cock completely drained, clearly thoroughly satisfied and very much happy with the choice he’d made. She’d kept him around for a while, but eventually dumped the guy for a tall, well-built football player. Now that stud had been truly hung…

Anyway, looking back, Patricia couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed that the younger woman had given up without a fight. Yes, she’d clearly lost the guy already, but the brunette could’ve still decided to defend her, and her tits’, honor. It’d been several years since Patricia had fought anyone, and while she’d been very dangerous in her day, she doubted her tits were as good as they were back then. They’d grown in size as years went by, but also lost their youthful firmness. They still stood reasonably high on her chest, having limited sag and maintaining a nice, rounded shape that’d no doubt make most women her age jealous, but they weren’t the perky, rock-hard orbs Patricia remembered from her school days. A part of her would’ve liked the chance to see just how well they’d measure up against a younger pair. Maybe the brunette simply wasn’t privy to those particular circles? She’d certainly looked young enough to be a teenager, and might’ve even been still in high school.

The phone that Patricia was still holding in her hand gave another short buzz, catching her attention. A text. From that Gloria again.

[Where the FUCK are you?! Pick me up at my place in 15min or you’re not getting any tonight!]

“Charming,” Patricia murmured, shaking her head. These little bitches sure were making things easy for her. College boys were horny enough on a good day, but starving them for sex… Like taking candy from a baby, the mature blonde guffawed to herself.

It was that sound which finally woke the sleeping stud from his slumber. He groaned softly, craning his neck as he took his bearings. Joe’s sleepy eyes eventually found Patricia’s nude, unmistakably feminine figure, and he blinked in confusion. The older woman replied with a wide grin, getting up and giving him a good look at her voluptuous curves.

“Surprised at your good luck, are you?” she cooed, cupping her jugs gently and giving them a bounce. The young jock, for his part, looked like a deer caught in headlights, unable to drag his eyes away from the arousing sight. Almost like a predator, the mature woman began to slowly stalk closer, swaying her hips seductively and causing an obvious tent to appear in the duvet just where the boy’s crotch was located.

Joe, who was still staring at Patricia’s naked body, began to get up. Just as he moved up to a sitting position, the bed covers fell off, freeing his impressive erection from their confines. The mature blonde licked her lips as the engorged member sprang out, lolling up and down for a while before it settled down, pointing directly at the mature blonde. The jock finally glanced down, his face flushing bright red.

“Ooh, looks like someone’s ready for another round…” Patricia laughed, smiling approvingly at her young lover. This was exactly why she loved fucking college guys. Always eager.


Later that same Friday, Patricia was heading for yet another night out. Joe was busy trying to get back in his irritated girlfriend’s good graces and had agreed to placate the girl by taking her out for dinner. He’d initally been planning to make up some lousy excuse about a sick relative, prompting Patricia to come to the dim muscle jock’s rescue and suggest a more plausible story for ignoring his girl.

In the end, Gloria hadn’t been too happy to hear that Joe had missed her calls because he’d gotten royally wasted with his friends, but at least the girl hadn’t kağıthane esc suspected anything. She probably knew her boyfriend could’ve never come up with a lie as convincing as that. After all, his idea had been a sick aunt, Patricia sighed patronizingly. It was really just a matter of time before the poor meat-head would get caught.

As expected given her snug, low cut top, Patricia had little trouble gaining entrance to the club. The place was absolutely packed, and it being the Spring break week, there were plenty of college kids around. While some younger women there seemed to have opted to go braless, Patricia had chosen a black lace push-up bra, the tiniest bit of which peeked out of her thin burgundy V-neck top. The blonde knew she didn’t really need the extra help, but there was no denying that it did serve to make her substantial chest even more pronounced than usual, giving the mature beauty a truly eye-popping cleavage that seemed to draw in hungry looks from pretty much every male in the establishment. Most people there were in their twenties, and Patricia was quite possibly the oldest partygoer by a good ten years. Not that she looked it of course, at least neck down.

Patricia slowly sauntered towards the bar, her black leather pants hugging her rounded hips and full ass, and the blonde made sure to catch as many stares as she could. Thinking about the brunette’s almost-challenge some months earlier had made her eager for a confrontation, and Patricia wasn’t ashamed to admit to herself that she was looking forward to stealing away some floozy’s boyfriend tonight.

She spent her time between the bar and the dance floor, with several guys coming to try and chat her up. Their eyes kept flickering to the main attraction, her generous and very much exposed bust, and a few were even good-looking enough that she was tempted to take them home. Still, they all seemed to have come alone. And what Patricia was really after tonight was someone who was already taken. Someone she could seduce and snatch away from a lesser woman.

She kept scanning the crowd around her, and spotted a toned, attractive Asian woman grinding her nicely-sized bust into what had to be her boyfriend, a muscular guy that seemed very much Patricia’s type. The only problem was that he looked about 30. Too old.

The mature blonde allowed herself a small smile, appreciating just how ridiculous it sounded. A guy almost twenty years her junior was “too old”. But ever since her divorce, Patricia had followed a strict diet of young men only. Boys, if you wanted to put it that way. And she wasn’t about to branch out, at least not right now. So the fit Asian girl could rest easy, her guy was safe for the time being.

Just as the cougar was about to head back to the dance floor, her eyes found an attractive pair arguing near the entrance. One was a tall, obviously well-built guy with dark hair and an absolutely gorgeous face. Probably a model, if looks were any indication. Next to him was a blonde with the body type of a cheerleader – thick, muscled legs and a solid torso, topped by a sizable pair of round breasts. She seemed pretty enough, though not pretty enough for the guy.

Starting to discreetly make her way closer, Patricia did her best to listen in on the two. Both looked to be about 20 years old.

“Hey, I really don’t know what you’re so mad about, Samantha,” the dark, handsome stranger said, touching the blonde’s shoulders in an attempt to calm her down. There was something odd about his accent, but given the noise levels at the club, Patricia had little hope of telling what it was. Definitely not British, though. His teeth looked way too good.

“Don’t give me that! I know you’ve been talking with that bitch. She’s only after your dick, Kristian!” the blonde cheerleader-type screeched. Interesting. Someone had apparently already beaten Patricia to the punch. Not that she minded, a grade A stud like him could have as many girls on the side as he wanted. As long as he knew who was the hottest one in the pack. Her.

“Relax, she just goes to the same courses I do!” The handsome hunk of a man shouted with a huff, clearly annoyed by his girlfriend’s jealous ranting. “We’ve helped each other with some essays, that’s all.”

“Well that may be all you’ve done for now, but it’s definitely not all she has on her mind!” the blonde snapped, shaking her head. “I can’t believe you don’t see her for what she is, Kristian. A man-stealing slut. She’s one of those Beta O bimbos, flaunting their big tits at every guy they meet.” That bit definitely caught Patricia’s attention. She knew several alumni of that illustrious sorority, and had actually fought more than one of them back in the day. With varying results. If the girl was flaunting her tits, she probably had good reason to be proud of them.

“Hmm, just like you and your friends, then?” the dark-haired hunk replied with a cold, even tone. The blonde actually froze, though her face looked if anything even more angry than before. “I’ve told you I’m okay with your job at Hooters, Samantha. But please çapa esc don’t judge other girls if they choose to show as much skin as you do,” the tall guy continued with a slightly softer voice. “And she’s not a bimbo. She’s actually pretty smart, and I think you might even like her if you’d just talk to her.” Oh no. That definitely wasn’t the right thing to say.

“What, you’re defending her now, are you?” the girl shrieked, bringing her right fist up to punch her boyfriend in the shoulder. “I’m telling you, Kristian, either you delete that bitch’s number from your phone and stop replying to her flirty messages, or we’re done!”

The guy simply stared at the blonde for a moment, neither one breaking eye contact, or as far as Patricia could see, even blinking. Finally, the dark-haired boy took a deep breath.

“Fine,” he said quietly. If she didn’t have a good visual of his lips (which looked oh so kissable, it had to be added), Patricia would probably have missed his reply. The relief on the blonde’s face was obvious, and she immediately began to lean in, smiling prettily. Only to be stopped by her boyfriend’s strong arms as the guy grabbed her shoulders and brought the blonde’s movement to a halt.

“No. I meant fine, we’re done.”

And with that, the dark, handsome guy walked off, leaving the bitchy blonde to gawp at his departing back. The girl’s look really was priceless, and Patricia had to stifle a laugh in order to avoid getting caught eavesdropping. Good for you, stud! The mature woman gave his beautiful ass one last, longing look before she made up her mind. No way was she going to let this one get away! So what if he was single.

As she hurried after the tall stranger, Patricia barely noticed the dumped blonde’s howl of rage as she realized just how badly the ultimatum had ended up backfiring. Still, with a bit of luck, the mature man-eater could at least make sure that the Beta O bimbo wouldn’t get him, either.

She quickly ran out, looking around to see which direction the handsome young hunk had gone. Just as she was starting to get desperate, Patricia noticed a familiar-looking set of dark hair disappear into the back seat of a car. A car that was pulling out into the main road. Fuck! The cougar could do little else than watch as the dreamy-eyed teenage dream was whisked away, robbing her of a truly delicious piece of young meat. Why did this have to always happen to her?

As Patricia sullenly made her way back, she briefly wondered if she should try convincing the blonde ex-girlfriend to give her the guy’s number. She doubted the bitch would part with that information willingly, but maybe she could be bribed… If the blonde really was a Hooter girl – and she certainly looked the part – twenty bucks ought to go a long way in making her forget all about her dignity.

Unfortunately for the older woman, the blonde was already surrounded by a couple of bimbos. One was a redhead with a toned body similar to her friend’s, while the second girl looked less sporty, having very dark, almost black hair and pale skin. She appeared to have slightly more luxurious curves than the other two, but in terms of bust size, looked to be about dead even with the blonde. The redhead on the other hand, Patricia estimated, was just a hint behind her friends, having a set of what looked like large C cup breasts.

“Dammit, Sam, that was so dumb!” the ginger one was yelling at the forlorn blonde. “You do realize you’ve just handed him to that sorority girl on a silver platter, right?!”

Through watery eyes, the recently dumped floozy stared daggers at the redhead, but didn’t try to contradict her, shrugging a bit. She allowed herself to be dragged away to the the ladies’ room, taking a handkerchief offered by the raven-haired girl and starting to wipe her eyes.

The mature woman realized she wouldn’t be getting anything out of the hunk’s ex-girlfriend that night, and was beginning to resign herself to her fate. But even if she was going home alone tonight, there was still one potential way to get her hands on that gorgeous stud. Patricia knew there was only one Hooters joint nearby, and she happened to know the manager, Susan…


Patricia had barely had time to kick off her heels, having just gotten back home, when she heard a knock against the door. Two short ones, followed by three long ones. Marcus? But it was Friday, he usually only came by at the beginning of the week. She’d even jokingly called him her “Tuesday Special” once, much to the guy’s chagrin. Patricia grinned. It seemed like she wouldn’t have to go to bed alone, after all.

The busty mature quickly walked back to the door, yanking it open and giving the young man waiting outside a knowing smile. Marcus was a bit more lanky than the guys she normally went for, but he was tall, athletic and boyishly cute. With that messy blond hair and big blue eyes, Patricia knew he had to get a lot of attention from girls. Still, something about his posture seemed to be off tonight. Looking at his face more closely, Patricia noticed he was avoiding eye contact, nervously switching his gaze from one thing to the next. And unlike usually, those things weren’t her boobs. She was just about to open her mouth to ask what was up, when a shapely redhead stepped into her line of sight from the left.

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