Cousin, Sister, Who Cares?

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Becky and I were biological cousins, but real life siblings. Her mom and my mom are sisters. Her mom, Kate, has always been a bit wild, got pregnant from a jerk that deserted her, and about the time Becky was born she fell under the influence of a moron that talked her into dumping Becky on my mom while the two of them took off for a life of getting high. My parents were newly married and were about to move to a new town, so they took Becky as their own infant. Two years later I arrived.

Becky was always the prettiest girl I’d ever known. By the time she and I were both in college I had jerked off thousands of times with mental images of what I thought her naked body looked like, though I’d never seen her fully nude. I’d seen her in bra and panties often, and got a peak down her nightgown a few times to catch a glimpse of a nipple, and those images carried me well into college and beyond. Even after I had girlfriends I often fantasied about Becky.

Becky and I both went through marriages, had children that grew up and away into their own lives and kept in reasonably close contact considering we had moved some distance apart from each other. My life went a tad easier, me losing my spouse years ago in a mutual separation, but Becky had a tougher row to hoe. She’d had three husbands, the last being the worst, and the stress was wearing hard on her.

Mark, her husband, is 8 years older than Becky and has a terrible drinking problem. Several years ago he lost interest in her, passion wise, but never had a problem asking her for money to go play poker with his buddies. And he had wine bottles stashed all over the place. Between him staying in some stage of drunkenness, her concern for his safety when he ventured out, and the loneliness, she had opened up to me more than once to vent.

She and I had never had any conversations that were “out of bounds” so to speak, and I was quite certain that my lustful and desirous feelings about her were absolutely one way, and I never hinted any of those thoughts to her. That’s why it was so shocking one night reading an email from Becky when she confided that she’d been easing her sexual frustrations with the aid of “a little friend” and that as long as she had batteries she was OK. “After all, I’m just human” was how she ended that topic. Wow.

A while back I planned a trip up into the high mountains in quest of photographing waterfalls and mountain streams. I’d scoured the topographical maps and planned to camp in a central area. As it turns out, the area where I’d be camping isn’t but about an hour from where Becky and her husband now reside. I sent her a message about my plans, just in conversation, and she had replied back that she might be able to slip away for a day to do some hiking with me. That was a bit of a surprise but I like the idea, knowing that the chances of it actually happening were very slim.

As the date approached I sent another email reminding Becky of my plans, telling her where I’d be camping and suggesting that if she wanted to meet up for some hiking we could perhaps rendezvous at some local landmark. I didn’t get a reply, which didn’t surprise me, and I went ahead as planned.

The first night in camp I walked up to an open meadow where there was a cell phone signal from somewhere afar, just to check for any messages of emergency, etc. To my surprise there was a text message awaiting from Becky, telling me she’d be up around 8am the next morning and that she knew the area where I was camped and would come straight there. I texted back my delight then let my mind run wild with all sorts of fantasy about the two of us having a sex filled rendezvous, knowing all the time it would be none of the sort.

The next morning was crisp, being a typical early October morning and high up in the mountains. I rose early, stoked the fire up and got görükle escort bayan a pot of coffee going. I washed myself up a bit, put on clean clothes, and made ready to cook some breakfast. I was in a campground, but to my relief there were very few other campers there and I was in a section virtually alone. About 20 minutes before 8 I heard a car approaching and sure enough it was Becky. She never was one to tolerate being late, something else I liked about her.

After greetings and hugs I offered her a cup of coffee and asked if she wanted something to eat. We sat and enjoyed a bit of breakfast, me having a hard time keeping my eyes off of her. She looked fantastic. Becky has always been a good looking woman, and lately she’d been going to a gym to work out. She still had all the right curves in all the right places, and in proportions that really got my motor running, and she had started wearing her hair a bit longer. That morning she had it pulled back in a ponytail, which has always been sexy to me, and was wearing tight jeans, hiking shoes, a t-shirt and flannel shirt. It was still a bit chilly though and her nipples were visible even under those layers.

I cleaned up the cooking mess while Becky went to find the camp bathroom, then when she got back she told me she wanted to take me to a special place that wasn’t on any maps or guides. I was game, it wasn’t far away, and within minutes we were hiking up a trail that wasn’t any more than a deer run. I obviously followed Becky, enjoying the view of her ass as she hiked the incline. The trail grew less and less visible and we eventually came to where we were picking our way through the thickets and brush seemingly without reason. Then, almost on cue, I could hear the rush of water over falls, the terrain began to decline, the air cool and grow more humid.

In minutes we came to a shear drop waterfalls that was beautiful. There was a pool at the base of the falls, then the stream cascaded very steeply down the side of the mountain. There were large boulders near the base of the falls and after I’d set up my tripod and camera to record a number of images of the falls from various angles, Becky told me to set my gear on a flat rock and follow her. She led me towards those boulders, but as we approach an opening revealed an access behind the falls. We clambered back there, without getting too wet, and there was just enough room for us to stand behind the falls. The curtain of water created a roar loud enough that we had to practically shout to hear each other, but the experience was awesome.

After standing there for several minutes staring out at the majesty of the scene, I turned to look at Becky. She was looking directly at me, eye to eye, and without words she leaned into me and kissed me lightly on the lips. As she withdrew her eyes opened, she grinned a bit, then threw her arms around my neck and pulled me to her. We engaged in a deep, long, passionate kiss that was so powerful that I completely lost all awareness of the surroundings. Kissing her was more powerful than the forces of nature around us.

After the kiss we smiled at each other then made our way out of the cavern. Nothing was spoken as I gathered my gear and we began our trek back out of there. Back at the car Becky resumed normal conversation as if nothing had ever happened, so I just went along with her lead. She knew the kiss had had an effect on me though, because I’d seen her eying my obvious erection back at the waterfall. I usually tried to hide those moments but in that instance I’d not done so.

We hit another smaller, documented waterfall on the way back to camp and by the time we got there it was almost lunchtime. I was more thirsty than hungry, was hornier than ever, and was actually a little relieved when Becky mentioned that she wasn’t too hungry yet but wanted altıparmak eskort something to drink and to rest a little. She’d arisen earlier than me, with the hour drive up from her place, and I don’t think she was too accustomed to that much hiking in that short a period.

We shared something to drink and I mentioned that I might go gather some firewood for that evening, and Becky asked if I minded if she laid down in the tent while I got up firewood. No problem. I’d brought along a queen sized inflatable mattress and a double sleeping bag. Hey, just because I was camping didn’t mean I had to rough it too much. I figured I’d earned some comforts, at least when camped in a campground. So, I showed her the accommodations and as she climbed into the tent I left to get up wood. Well, firewood, because just thinking about Becky being in my bed had given me a slight woody.

I wasn’t gone too long but did manage to get a little heated up carrying the wood and cutting up the wood into fireplace length. By then a slight breeze was cooling the mountain, an approaching front sure to bring rain sometime in the night. I looked into the tent to check on Becky and she promptly invited me to join her. I wasn’t too tired, but since I wasn’t in a schedule and relished the time with her, it seemed like a wonderful idea. Especially the two of us on the same mattress.

“Tom, your shirt is dirty and looks sweaty. Why don’t you take it off before laying down.” She was right, but I’ll admit it felt odd to be partially disrobing in front of her like that. Still, the horny demon in me prevailed and I removed my shirt. “Those jeans. Really. They’re filthy and you really don’t want the mess up your sleeping bag do you?” Looking down at my jeans, she was right but I was hesitant. “Oh, come on Tom, you can’t be all that timid. It isn’t like I’ve never seen you in your underwear before.” She was right, but of course that was decades ago. Still, the horny devil in me made me do it. So, I shucked my jeans and leaned down to the mattress.

Becky was inside the double sleeping back, which was queen size bed width. As I was about to lie down atop the bag she turned down the corner of the top layer. As it was getting cooler I took the cue and pulled down the cover a bit further and slid inside, making sure to keep to my side and not alarm Becky by getting too close. Then came the shock.

I’d settled down, on my back, and Becky slid her leg across, lifted it and laid her leg across mine. Her bare leg. My head snapped over to look at her, finding her looking at me with a slight grin on her face. “Something bothering you, Tom?”

“Nope, not a thing at all.” I lied. My erection was in growth mode now and I feared that if she lifted her knee any higher she’d discover it. Well, to be truthful it was part fear but mostly hope.

“Good.” That’s all she said, and I surely wasn’t going to take the lead in the conversation. But things didn’t stay at ease long. She moved her arm over and laid her hand on my chest, then began rubbing across my chest and shoulders. Then I felt her shift her weight and slide towards me. She moved close enough that I felt one of her breasts come to rest against my right arm. A bare breast. My head again snapped towards her, again she had that damn sexy, come-to-me grin on her face. I couldn’t withhold any longer. I turned on my right side to face her, snuggled against her body and began to kiss her lips with a passion I’d held for years.

We melded together. Our bodies were in full synchronicity. No words were spoken, none needed. We kissed, we held, we stroked, and then we made love. There wasn’t the hard, fast, furiousness of raw, powerful sex, but the slow, sweetness of love making.

Becky first reached down to stroke my erection. I massaged the cheeks of her ass, nilüfer escort then moved to caress the inner folds of her pussy, finding it’s warmth and wetness the equal to my fully hard erection. Without awareness our underwear was removed, and I was atop Becky. Her legs wrapped around my waist, and as my arms embraced her my cock found the warm comfort of her pussy as if guided by invisible fingers. We matched energies, rhythms and passions. The climax of our intimacy was intentionally delayed by both of us until late in the afternoon.

As we laid there, relaxing after being spent in the moment, our hands found each other. In silence we held hands, exchanging feelings fully aware of each other. After a long, restful pause Becky turned back onto her side to face me.

“Tom, why don’t you take me someplace where we can watch the sun set, then bring me back here to spend the night?

“There isn’t anything that I’d rather do, Becky.”

“Well, wouldn’t you like to make love to me again?” We both broke out in laughter and I gave her a big hug.

We drove to a place I knew where there was an overlook alongside the roadway, with a spectacular view towards the west. We parked the car, I spread out a blanket and we settled in for the sunset. As the chill of the evening settled down around us we shared a warm drink I’d brought, shared some laughs, tickled each other now and then, and grabbed a kiss here and there. I set up a camera and got a few good shots as the sun ducked down below the horizon of mountain ridge folds. The moon was already rising and it looked to be nearly a full moon.

Back at camp I made a fire while Becky started making some supper. I asked if she wanted some wine or a beer, but her reply was, “no, because I don’t want anything to cloud my ability to enjoy what I hope you’re going to do to me tonight.” Another woody began right then and there.

After supper we sat in front of the cozy campfire letting our meal settle when Becky gazed up at the full moon beaming down. “Tom, have you ever ran naked and howled at the moon?”

“Nope, can’t say that I have. Course, there’ve been some nights when I had more than my fair share of tequila shots that I might have, but I don’t remember any.”

“Well, there’s a big meadow out there across the road that is just begging. How about it?” By then she was already unbuttoning her shirt and I knew she was going whether I went or not. To be honest, it sounded pretty good so I too began stripping my clothes off. We kept on our running shoes, but nothing else, and headed out of the campground on foot, and out into the big meadow running and laughing and waving our arms like a couple of little kids.

The moon was really bright, enough so that you could practically read a newspaper by the light, so anyone looking out at the commotion was sure to get an eyeful. I kept my eyes on Becky as much as possible, loving the way her full breasts bounded up and down as she frolicked around, her firm ass having just enough movement to it to make things interesting, and seeing the huge smile on her face as she laughed and ran around.

We both howled at the moon, showed our moons to the moon, then realized it really was fairly chilly out so we decided to get back to the campfire. Instead of running we walked back, arm in arm, with my hand down on her ass most of the time. We never saw anyone openly, but twice I thought I noticed some other camper behind a bush watching as we walked by. The thing about it is that I felt really proud to be seen with Becky.

I thought she’d want to put on clothes back at camp, but instead she just sat down next to the fire and warmed up. I brought her one of my flannel shirts to use as a cover, and we sat there talking for a spell. Becky stood up, told me she had to pee, then she stepped over to the edge of the campsite, squatted down and peed right there in front of me. That’s the first time I’d ever seen a girl pee outdoors, and for some reason even that was sexy to me.

As she came back towards the fire Becky stopped beside me, held out her hand and said, “Take me to bed, Tom.” She didn’t have to say it twice.

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