Cousins Celebrate Christmas Pt. 01

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Female Ejaculation

Hey guys, this series has five parts in it, just as a head’s up. It’s all gay and it’s all incest. You’ve been warned.


It’s December 19th, and my parents and I are off to my Aunt and Uncle’s for dinner. It’s kind of a celebratory thing. Today was my last day of high school. I took some extra courses throughout the summer, instead of working, and I finished up early. My cousin Colton says that I try too hard to be smart. But it’s not really that I’m smart, I’m just good at time management.

Colton’s the smart one. He graduated last year, but he started working in the summer before grade eleven at an auto shop. He’s been working there for three years, and he makes a pretty decent amount of cash, from what he’s told me. And he actually has a dependable source of income for the foreseeable future. Me? I’m totally strapped.

To be honest though, he doesn’t really need to work. His parents are rich. I mean, filthy rich. My uncle, Uncle John, works for a pretty big law firm and he makes wicked money. My aunt works like, three days a week as a part-time receptionist for a doctor’s office or something. I don’t pay much attention when she talks about work.

When we pulled into the driveway at my uncle’s house, I was pretty excited to see my cousin Colton outside. He was sitting on the front step smoking a cigarette. He smiled at us and waved as we parked.

“Looks like your brother hasn’t gotten him to quit smoking yet.” My mother remarked to my dad. I rolled my eyes. The women in my family were always dissatisfied with something. Especially when it came to Colton. They thought he was a bad influence on me.

He was tall, as were all of the men in my family. And he had some muscle too, but most of it came from working on the cars. I don’t know how he did it; I could go to the gym for hours and still come out looking like a piece of celery.

Colton looked like he’d stepped straight out of The Outsiders. He always wore a plain white t-shirt, tight black jeans and work boots. He also almost always had a bandana hanging from his back pocket, that he’d use to wipe his hands if they got dirty. He even greased his black hair back.

The only more modern thing about him was his piercings. He’d stretched his ears out, I think to gauge 00, about the width of a pencil. He also got his left nostril pierced, and he wore a ring in it. I thought it was pretty cool, but I’d never get it myself. I couldn’t pull it off.

I`m tall, not as tall as Colton, but still, I have some height. What I lack is…well, everything else. Colton always said that I looked like Clark Kent, before he turned into Superman.

It’s unfair; all the men in my family are just naturally attractive. Colton looks like he stepped right off the fucking cover of Rolling Stones magazine. Uncle John looks like he belongs on Moore’s commercials, and hell, even my dad looks like he belongs on TV. But me, what do I look like? A lamer version of the alter-ego of a superhero from the ’70s. If that isn’t the definition of “tragic backstory” then I don’t know what is.

“Leave it alone, Margret.” My father warned, climbing out of the car. I followed my parents to the front steps. My mom walked right past Colton and into the house. My dad said hi, patted Colton on the back and then headed in. I sat next to him on the steps while he finished his smoke.

“How’s it going, kid?” He asked, looking at me. His eyes were blue, the kind of blue that you could fall right into if you weren’t careful.

“Eh, same old, same old.” I shivered. It was snowing lightly outside, and I was getting goose bumps. I was wearing jeans, a t-shirt and a light jacket, and I was freezing. Colton was in just his plain, V-neck and jeans, but he looked completely unbothered by the sub-zero temperature.

“What’s it like to be free, Aaron?” He asked, taking another long drag from his cigarette. I shrugged. He stood and dropped his cigarette into the snow. I stood too.

“It’s alright, I guess.”

“Alright, you guess? That’s it? You’re out of school! You’re done! You’re free! Free!” He said, grabbing my shoulders and shaking me playfully. His hands were warm, as they gently squeezed my shoulders. His face was maybe two inches from mine, and my breath hitched.

That happened sometimes around Colton, and I don’t know why.

His blue eyes stared deeply into my hazel eyes. His hands moved up from my shoulders to my neck, his thumbs gently stroked my cheeks. When he exhaled I could smell is cigarette, Malboro Red, and a mixture of something else, cinnamon maybe. I placed my hands on his chest, the warmth of his body travelled into my fingers up my arms. My face moved closer to his.

“What now?” He asked quietly, his hot breath brushed against my lips.

“I don’t know.” I murmured.

His nose moved beside mine, the cold metal ring sliding against my skin. My eyes fluttered closed, my lips parted.

“Boys! Get inside, dinner’s ready.”

My eyes flew open, Colton’s face drew away from mine. The weird spell that porno indir had been cast on us was lifted.

Colton smiled playfully at me. He leaned in, pressed a wet kiss to my cheek, then sauntered towards the house.

“Ew, gross!” I said, wiping my cheek with my sleeve.

“C’mon inside, kid, dinner’s ready!” He said. And it was as if nothing happened at all.


After dinner, Colton told my Aunt Gemma that he wanted to show me his new bass guitar. He’d bought it with his own money, and was quite proud of it.

So we headed down to his room. I knew that it was a cheap excuse for us to sneak away, he’d shown me his bass last time I came over, but I was just glad we didn’t have to sit upstairs and listen to the adults talk anymore. It was way more fun to just hang out with Colton.

His room’s in the basement. My uncle’s house is huge, and Colton gets the entire downstairs all to himself. He has his own room, a bathroom, a kitchen and a living room, it’s like his own suite. Aunt Gemma had started charging Colton rent money to “teach him the value of a dollar”, but when he told her that he was saving up for university, she cut that crap.

When we got to his room, I plopped down on the bed, face down.

“Tired?” Colton asked, spreading out next to me. It was a king-sized bed, but he laid pretty close to me. I didn’t mind though. The warmth from his body seemed to be radiating off of him in waves, and I inched closer to him.

“I’m not tired, I’m just done listening to both our moms yammer on about useless crap.” I muttered into the blankets. “I thought this was supposed to be a celebratory thing for me, not a ‘complain about your work’ dinner.”

“Aww muffin.” He said sarcastically, petting my brown hair.

“Shut up.” I groaned, hitting his hand away.

“Aw, don’t be like that. You know you love me.” I didn’t need to look at him to tell that he was smirking.

“Yeah, I do.” To say that I loved my cousin would be kind of an understatement. I adored him. We were close, closer than most siblings, I thought. We shared almost everything. He’d told me about when he lost his virginity, and I told him about when I lost mine. I knew that he was terrified of bumble bees, and he knew that cabbage made my stomach turn. We talked about everything from TV shows to sports to girls and everything in between.

“So, speaking of celebrating things, you’re eighteen now.” He said casually. I looked up at him. I had turned eighteen like two months ago. This was old news.

“Yeah, and…?”

“You can legally watch porn now.” He laughed. “Isn’t it a great new world?”

“I’ve been watching that for ages, dude.” I said, rolling onto my side to look at him. He knew that, when we went through that really bad phase of never-ending horniness, we talked about porn every time we hung out.

“I know, but it’s legal now. You know what that means? You can post on different sites, do the whole ‘my name is Aaron, I’m 6’1″ and hung like a horse’ shit.” He said, laughing again.

“Ha, right! I’ll end up on a date with a transsexual prostitute or something. No thanks.” I laughed, rolling my eyes at him. “But actually, I did see a pretty funny one last night.”

He rolled onto his side and propped his head up onto his hand.

“Oh? Do tell.” Colton urged, his eyebrow raising slightly.

“It was just this guy and he was wearing these ridiculous socks, and right in the middle of having sex with this chick, the camera guy just stops and says ‘hey, nice socks’. It was weird.” I said shrugging. Colton chuckled.

“Show me.” He said, straightening.

“What?” Did I hear him correctly?

“Show me the video.” Colton got up from the bed and walked towards his desk. He sat at the computer chair and logged on. I followed him and sat on the chair next to him.

“Really Colton, you’re really serious about this?” I asked, shocked. My cousin and I talked about porn together, but we’d never watched it together, like ever. This was new to me. And besides, it wasn’t even that great of a video. It was just some dude wearing weird socks.

“Yeah, it’s no big deal.” He said, pushing the keyboard towards me. I swallowed thickly. Alright, what could happen?

I found the video and Colton hit play. My face was flushed, I felt anxious. Colton had never judged me before, so it wasn’t rational for me to think he would start now, but it still worried me. We did talk about porn a lot, but I never told him what kind of porn I watched.

The girl was sitting on the bed, smiling at the camera when the first guy walked in. He was wearing grey socks with blue and pink flowers. Where does one even buy socks like that?

“Whoa, dude, his socks are ridiculous!” Colton said laughing. We kept watching.

A few more guys walked in, and they surrounded her on the bed, and she began blowing them.

“Whoa, kid, there’s a lot of guys here! You never told me you were into gangbangs.” Colton said nudging me with his elbow. I blushed, rokettube my stomach started churning uncomfortably. None of this was helped by the fact that my dick was steadily growing harder in my jeans.

We watched in silence as the guys began fucking her. She was impressive, taking a cock in her mouth and a cock in her pussy. The other guys sort of waited their turn to get blown, or to fuck her.

“This isn’t very good porn, cuz.” Colton said. My blush deepened. “If you want a video with lots of dicks and serious fucking, I know a good one.”

I looked at Colton to see if he was joking, but he seemed to be completely serious. His blue eyes were staring into me. His eyebrows were raised. I swallowed thickly once more.

“Sure, yeah, show me.” I said. Colton smiled at me.

“Sweet deal, kid.” He said, clicking off of the video. My cock was still pretty hard, and I squirmed in my chair. It was starting to get seriously uncomfortable. Colton clicked onto a new video, and pressed the play button. It was all guys. All guys. I could feel the colour drain from my face.

“Colton! This is gay porn!” I exclaimed, turning away from the screen. Colton started laughing again.

“Yeah, so? What’s the problem, Aaron?” He asked, through his laughter. I don’t know if he was playing a joke on me or what, but this was starting to get pretty weird.

“I don’t like gay porn.” I said, looking at him.

“Have you ever watched gay porn?”


“Then how do you know you don’t like it?” He asked, smirking evilly. He had me there. I had never watched gay porn before. But at the same time, I feel like I would know if I liked it or not without actually having to watch it. I turned back to the screen.

“If you still want to turn it off in thirty seconds, then we will.” Colton said. I nodded, fine. I watched the screen.

It actually was kind of hot. I mean, the guy that was sucking all the cocks looked really into it. I felt my cock grow harder in my pants. Most of the guys were pretty hot too, unlike most of the men in straight porn.

The man was surrounded by about seven guys. He was going between cocks, taking them all the way down his throat, bobbing his head up and down a few times before moving on to the next one. While he sucked, he jerked off guys on either side of him. My dick was practically aching. This was not like straight porn at all. It was so much better.

I sat, transfixed watching the screen. I didn’t even notice Colton’s hand moving towards me, until he was rubbing me through my jeans.

“Cuz, you’re totally hard.” Colton said, chuckling.

“Dude, what the hell? Stop it.” I said pushing him away. It was only the rational part of my mind pushing him away, what he was doing felt fucking amazing. But I felt if I didn’t push him away, whatever weird trance that had overcome us earlier, would surely overcome us again.

“I’ll stop when you tell me that I was right. Go on, say it.” He smirked, still massaging my cock through my jeans.

“Colton, you were-” He applied more pressure to my jeans and I moaned loudly, throwing my head back. It felt so fucking good. “R-right.” I groaned. He pulled his hand away. My dick was aching, I needed release. Colton was way too good at that. My blush deepened. My face felt hotter than it ever had before, I was probably the colour of a tomato.

“It’s okay, cuz, I’m hard too.” He said, he began rubbing himself through his jeans. He looked away from me, back to the computer.

“We probably have another forty-five minutes or so before you have to go. Do you mind?” He asked. I didn’t really know what he meant, so I just shook my head. Taking this as a sign of compliance, he unzipped his pants and lifted his hips, before pulling his jeans and boxers down to his thighs. He slowly started stroking himself. He was looking at me, I think for approval.

“I-I don’t mind.” I said, watching him. Colton was fucking hot. He smiled at me, and gently stroked my cheek.

“You won’t tell?” He asked.

“Of course not.” Tell on Colton? I’d be more likely to sell out my mother.

“You’re a good kid.” He mumbled, before he titled his head back, his eyes fluttering closed as he stroked himself, listening to the sounds of the computer.

I took the chance to look at him. Sure, we’d talked about our dicks before, but I’d never actually seen his. His dick was probably seven inches or so, bigger than mine, and cut. I felt the urge to reach over and start stroking his cock for him.

He’s my cousin, my cousin. I can’t touch his dick, that would be… kind of hot. No, weird, it would be weird.

But even as I thought about how weird it would be to touch him, how weird this entire situation was, my cock was growing. It was begging for attention like never before.

Colton licked his lips and moaned softly as he steadily increased the pace of his pumping. And that was enough for me to start rubbing myself over my pants, trying to imitate the way Colton’s hands had porno felt. I rested my other hand tentatively on Colton’s shoulder.

“Yeah, touch me. It’s alright, cuz.” He said quietly. I squeezed his shoulder as I jerked myself, and then my hand trailed down his arm and rested on his exposed thigh. His skin was smooth. I was paying far more attention to my cousin than what was happening on the computer screen. He had a thin sheen of sweat trailing down his forehead, and his eyes were closed. When he wasn’t moaning he was biting his lip.

He opened his eyes slightly.

“What’s the matter?” He asked me, slowing his movements. I didn’t really know what he was referring to.

“Why don’t you take your pants off? It’s way better, I swear.” He was looking down at my hand, as I rubbed my hard member through my jeans. Oh.

“Are you sure? That’s not weird?” I asked, looking to my older cousin for some sort of guidance. If it was okay with him, it was okay with me.

“It’s fine, kid, really. Go ahead.” He murmured softly. I didn’t need any further persuasion, I stood and pulled my jeans down to about my knees, my boxers followed. When I sat down, Colton watched me start to jerk myself. His deep blue eyes travelled across my body, hungrily taking me in.

As I moved my hand up and down my shaft, Colton leaned over me and reached behind me to grab something from one of the drawers. He had grabbed a bottle of lube. He squeezed some of it into his right hand.

“Here, let me.” He murmured, gently wrapping his hand around my cock. I moaned at immediately. His hand felt so fucking good, stroking my dick.

“Ever had a man stroke your cock before?” He asked quietly, as his hand moved expertly up and down my shaft. He had barely been stroking my dick for a minute, but already I could feel my orgasm slowly approaching. It was so different with Colton, all my other previous handjobs had come from inexperienced girls, but this, this was way, way better.

“No, never.” I managed to get out between moans. He chuckled in my ear. He began pumping me faster.

“Feels so much better, huh?” He inched closer to me, his leg pressed against mine. My hand gripped his hair, and I pulled his face closer to mine. He rested his forehead against my temple. His hot breath danced across my skin. He pressed a soft kiss against my cheek, his stubble grazing my skin.

“Feels so good, Colton.” I whimpered, gripping his hair more tightly as he brought me closer and closer to my climax. I was vaguely aware that the movie on the computer was over, but I didn’t care, I wasn’t really watching it anyway. This was so, so much better.

“Can you jerk me?” He asked. I nodded, moving my free hand to his unattended hard-on. It was thick and warm in my hand. I had never jerked off another man before. As I pumped up his shaft, some pre-cum dribbled from his head, and I used it to lubricate his dick. He moaned quietly, against my face, before pressing his lips to my cheek, in a hard, wet kiss.

God, I wanted him to kiss me. I wanted it hard and rough, and loving and gentle and I wanted all from Colton and I wanted it all right now.

I turned my face so that I could look at Colton. Our eyes met, and staring into my cousin’s eyes I was brought closer still to my climax.

“Fuck, Colton.” I moaned as he placed another rough kiss to the side of my mouth.

“Are you going to cum for me, kid? Cum for your cousin.” He said into my ear. His free hand gently cupped my balls as he rapidly stroked my cock. It had never, never felt this good before. I was right on the edge.

“Cum for me. Cum for me, Aaron.” He begged. My hand went from his cock to thigh, and I squeezed it as I went flying over the edge.

“Fuck! Fuck, Colton!” I cried, throwing my head back. My entire body convulsed as I came, my hot load coating the computer screen. Colton kept pumping as rope after rope of cum shot from my cock, every inch of my body tingled with pleasure as my cousin helped me ride out my orgasm. I was shaking with pleasure as Colton’s hot breath danced across my skin.

My body shuddered in delight as my orgasm slowly died down. Finally I turned to face him.

“Jesus, that was fucking hot.” Colton breathed, as we looked into each other’s eyes. I was still trying to catch my breath.

Colton’s hands moved from my body, back to his and he began stroking himself feverishly.

“Kiss me.” He said as he pumped his cock. I wasn’t in the frame of mind to think about what he was asking me to do, I just did it. I wanted to do it, needed to do it. My hands gripped his thick, black hair as my mouth pressed against his.

His kisses were rough, demanding, urgent. His tongue explored my mouth eagerly, as I held his face to mine. I could feel Colton jerking against me as we kissed, he moaned into my mouth. Finally, he broke away, and rested his face against mine.

“Fuck, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” He moaned. His body rocked against mine, I held his face to me as he came. His cum shot past me and onto the desk. His eyes rolled back into his skull. He slowly stopped shaking against me, as his orgasm died. His hands moved to my thighs, and he stroked my skin gently. He slumped against me, resting his head onto my shoulder. My fingers were still tangled in his hair.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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